How to go to the phone after resetting

How to get around the confirmation of the Google account after resetting the settings

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In order to increase safety, the Android telephone is tied to the Google account, which gives additional security to the device in case of theft. This system is called Factory Reset Protection (FRP).

Thanks to FRP, the owner can first protect his device; For its subsequent activation, it will be necessary to enter registration data from the Google account tied to a mobile device.

FRP bypass using a memory card

Let’s start with the most simple and harmless option, for which you will need only a memory card or an OTG cable with a flash drive. This FRP discharge takes place thanks to a pop.Up message about the connected memory card from which you can get into the system settings, act in order:

  • Insert a memory card into a working phone
  • In the notification, click OK, you will fall into the settings of the storage
  • Click on “Applications data”
  • Go to the “All” tab and find “Settings”, click “Launch”
  • Settings opened, select “Restoration and Reset”
  • Now click on the DRM reset and confirm the removal of the keys
  • Return to “Restoration and Reset” and discharge settings
  • Wait for the phone to turn on, now you are free from FRP Lock.

Prevent the problem with FRP

You can solve the problem by deleting the Google Account to Hard Reset. To do this, we perform the following steps:

The problem is solved, the device will not be blocked.

How to restore contacts

When using the synchronization function, the contacts are restored to several clicks. When opening the list, it is enough to put a checkplace opposite the data that should be returned. There is a multiple choice to accelerate the process.

If the device is synchronized with the Google account, then extract information easily from the saved archive:

  • They open a browser on PC, go to the contact page. Enter login and password.
  • In the window that opens, the data is noted. Press “restore”.
  • In the settings of the smartphone they enter the accounts, connect the account and synchronize information.

If the data is absent due to accidental removal, then squeeze the gear icon. Celebrate the time period of search (from 10 minutes to 30 days) and click on “return”. Contact book file can be copy and transferred by e-mail. After receiving the letter, the element is imported to the smartphone.

If the restoration is carried out by a third.Party application, the instruction depends on how the developers realized this function. As a rule, there are detailed instructions on the official website.

How to restore applications

So that after reset, not to look and install each program manually, Android has an automatic installation function. The mode is available for versions of operations from 6 and above. The sequence of user actions:

  • After a welcoming screensaver, they go into settings.
  • Choose a tongue, connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi.
  • Authorized in the Google account. Login and password are entered in the fields.
  • Go to the service menu. Near the “backup” mode, they put a checkmark.
  • In the window that opens, a device is noted whose data must be extracted from the archive.
  • Click the key “Restore everything”. If you need to edit the list of applications, then they click on the arrow next to the team.

The duration of the process depends on the volume and number of programs stored in the archive. During the procedure, the device quickly consumes a battery charge. So that the gadget does not turn off, we recommend connecting the device to the electric network to maintain a safe level.

Search for Google

To remove the request for confirmation of the account, without using programs for PC,, as the owner of the device is already known, go to system settings. Below are two more ways to do this without unnecessary effort. The first of them is at the stage of entering the attached account. The user will need:

phone, resetting

The second option of entering the “Settings” at the stage of confirmation of the account involves the following user actions:

  • Now the owner of the phone on Android will have the opportunity to go again to the list of running processes. And to act further exactly as it is written in the previous section.

How to reset Google account from the phone after resetting the settings

Setting up the settings is used when the user forgot the password or decided to transfer the smartphone to another person. To carry out the operation, it is necessary to do the following:

The setup rollback will lead to the complete deletion of files stored in the device memory. If you plan to continue to use a smartphone, first create a backup of the same menu “Restoration and reset” menu.

During the discharge, the system may ask to enter a password from the Google Account. If it is unknown, the operation will have to be carried out through the Recovery menu. This will need:

Now that the parameters of the device are reset, the person believes that he completely got rid of the Google account. However, this is not quite true. With a new turning on, the smartphone may again offer to enter the profile parameters that are unknown to the owner.

Also, many users complain that they cannot drop any of the proposed methods due to the fact that they forgot the password from the account. The situation is not hopeless, and the owner of the device has several options for further development of events.

Wait 72 hours

If, after resetting the settings and repeated inclusion, the system does not allow entering the account even if you enter the correct data, you just need to wait 24-72 hours (depending on the Android version). This restriction works due to the fact that the owner of the phone has not changed the password not so long ago. If you get into exactly the same situation, perform the proposed actions.

After the expiration of the specified amount of time, information about the account is completely erased from the phone. Android should allow you to enter the parameters of a new or old account. As a rule, in this situation, any restrictions cease to make themselves felt. But in a situation, even after a long wait, the system continues to block the entrance, it is recommended to move on to alternative methods to reset the settings.

Introduce a combination of numbers

A great option for those cases when Android does not allow the system using the Google account. The user needs to drop the account using a combination of numbers. But where to enter it?

Everything is quite simple here. It is necessary to open the number of the number through which the subscriber is usually called. Of the available characters, you should dial the request “###”. As a final action, it remains to click the call button.

The functioning of this method became possible due to the error of developers. It is possible that on your version of Android the option will not work.

The specified combination will transfer the user to the expanded settings menu. Here you should choose the section “Restoration and reset” and confirm the implementation of the operation, which will lead to the complete removal of the account from the memory of the device.

Through the keyboard settings

Another way whose action was made due to the error of the developers of the Android operating system. It is necessary to act according to the following instructions:

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Remove the SIM card.
  • Run the device.
  • On the page selection page and input of authorization parameters, press the “Skip” button (you may have to do it several times).
  • When Android requests the entry of the number or email addresses for the Google account, open the keyboard and hold the finger on the@button.
  • Go to the “keyboard settings”.
  • Follow the “back”, and then call the main menu.
  • In the search bar, enter the request “Settings”.
  • Open the phone settings.
  • Go to the section “Restoration and reset” to carry out the plan.

Performing the operation according to the proposed instructions, it is important to perform each step exactly. Once again, carefully re.Read the actions from the algorithm, and repeat them with your smartphone. Most likely, you will be able to completely reset the settings and remove the account. But, as in any other way, there is a chance that such a chip does not work on the current version of the Android operating system. Then you have to refer to the next option.

Using a flash drive

There are still a pair of workarounds that allow you to perform the operation. In the first case, it is proposed to use a memory card. Turn to such a method in a situation where when you turn on the phone, the system does not allow the “Next” button and, as a result, pass authorization in a new account.

It is recommended to act according to the instructions:

The operation will transfer the user to the phone settings. Now he will be able to open the “Restoration and Reset” section to get rid of the Google account.

Using SP Flash Tool

Also, a SP Flash Tool is provided for bypassing Google accounting. It must be installed on a computer, and then connect the smartphone to PC. The method requires an attentive attitude from the user, so you should act strictly according to the instructions.

In order for this option to work, in the settings of the smartphone the function “Debugging by USB” must be pre.Activated. In some cases, it is possible to perform the operation and without it.

After loading the utility, act as follows:

If you have problems when performing the operation, it is recommended to revise the action algorithm once again on the video.

If everything is done, after the next turnover of the phone, the system will allow the parameters of the Google account and, if necessary, again reset the device settings.

How to reset the Google account from the phone after resetting the settings

After a complete reset of settings, it is quite difficult to reset the Google account. The company came up with a complex system in which only the user can know the password, that is, attackers will not be able to find out either the login or password, because there was a difficult system for entering.

This led to the fact that most simply does not know their login and password, drops the settings and forgets the account completely. What actions can be taken to reset the Google account from the phone?

Wait 72 hours

It is worth starting with the fact that the system sometimes can give an error itself. The user enters the correct data, and the system takes it for false. This case often provokes users to remove the account, but it is much easier to just repeat the action after 24 hours.

Time depends on the version of android. Some phones may not accept data after 24 hours. Time may change.

As a rule, after a day, the phone lets the user into the system. If this does not happen, then you can wait for about 72 hours. This is the most faithful and proven option. If even after this period it did not go into the system, then you should contact the store where the device was purchased. You need to have a device passport and a license with you.

Introduce a combination of numbers

This lock on most phones can easily be circumvented using a simple combination of numbers. Such a bypass occurs due to a “hole” in the system. The developers found this mistake too late, and smart users introduced it for themselves. After using this method, you can enter the system or log in under a different account.

A SIM card is inserted into the smartphone, which will further be used in a regular routine. Next, you need to call any number that may constantly not pick up the phone. After that, click on the plus, that is, we try to add a new call, and drop the call.

With the correct conduct, the keyboard will open, in which you need to enter a combination of numbers “###”. This combination and instructions can be viewed in the picture below. After entering this combination, a transition to the window with information about the phone and extended settings will take place.

In fact, this combination is an operational effect in the system that is clogged from factory settings by developers.

You need to click on the arrow, which is located in the upper left corner and thereby go into ordinary settings. In it we find the “Restoration and Reset” section and turn off “Copying Data” with “Archives”. After these manipulations, a full system reset of settings (rebooting the phone) is performed and you can enter the account.

phone, resetting

Through the keyboard settings

The first step is to remove the SIM card from the phone, and then its inclusion. After the system will offer to choose the desired language and insert the card. We pass this step by the “Skip” button. Next, you need to enter either email or phone. The user needs to keep the@@@@until the moment until the settings button appear. After its appearance, we click on it and click on the “keyboard settings”. Next, press the back button and the menu call button.

How to Reset Android to Factory Default

After the appearance of the search window, you need to score the word “settings” and find a section with restoration and password discharges. Click on “automatic recovery” and “save backups”. Everything, the account of the account occurred.

Using a flash drive

First you need to restart the phone, after which there will be a message about the entrance to the account. In the case of blocking the system, the “Next” button will not be pressed. You need to skip this step, outwitting the system.

How to start android phone without Google account verification | How to Bypass Google account FRP

To make a maneuver and go around the system, you need to insert a flash drive into the phone on, or rather, the SD card. In many cases you will have to remove the battery. After a successful connection of the flash drive, a dialog box will appear. In it you need to click on OK.

As a result, a folder with storage settings will open on the phone. It must be moved to the “Data on Appendices” section and through them to “Settings”. Owing to the very end, the “Launching application” button will open. By clicking on it, the phone will open the settings of the Android, where you can discharge by clicking on the “Restoration and Reset” button.

It is necessary for the paragraph “DRM, removal of all license”. After that, you should go back and click on the confirmation of the settings. If the phone asks to reboot, then you need to do it. In this way, most returns factory settings.

Using SP Flash Tool

You can use the program designed to firm the phone. SP Flash Tool. You also need to install that Scatter. A file that is suitable for the current phone firmware, driver and the program itself.

This method is not suitable for beginners who have never used the programs for firmware. Inaccurate use can lead to damage to the phone.

  • After downloading all the necessary objects, you need to specify the desired Scatter in Scatter-Loading.
  • Next, go to the Format section and select “Manual Format Flash”.
  • After that, you must specify the link to the Google address in which FBP Lock is recorded.
  • To find this address, you can open a scatter and start the search.
  • After numerous manipulations with links, the Google account should have been quickly unlocked.

Detailed instructions can be viewed in this video

Google in the Android operating system has created a certain protection of devices from thefts. After all, reset the smartphone and sell in the secondary market is a trifle business for unclean hand. From the 5th version of the operating system, FRP protection is installed, which even after the reset requests the input of the data of the account that was tied to the device and is not deleted in the regular way.

But there is a reverse side of the medal in which this function interferes with the owners of gadgets who do not remember the initial data that were entered in the phone. Fortunately, there are loopholes that help to circumvent protection and return access to the device with factory settings.