How to hide messages on the screen on iPhone

Messages on the blocked iPhone screen

If you are afraid for your confidentiality and do not want someone else to see your personal messages or vice versa, do not want to receive them from certain people, regardless of the reason, there is a method by which you can easily block or hide messages on the iPhone.

This does not need to download third.Party software and spend a large amount of time, but some methods have flaws that you need to find out about.

Setting Push notifications for iPhone

Setting notifications for each application is carried out separately, starting from the very inclusion of the reception of alert to the style. To do this, you need to go to the “Settings” menu and select “Notifications” item. There will be a list of applications for each of which information will be displayed, whether there is permission to display notification of messages received on the smartphone from applications.

Notification style. Sticker. A red counter with the number of coming from a specific application (in this case from the “mail”)

In order for the possibility of viewing Push messages on the lock screen, in the settings of the smartphone you need to select the “Notifications” item. Here you need to stop and transfer the switch to the right position on the line of the menu “Showing miniatures”, which on the iPhone means that the notifications will be displayed on the blocked screen.

The banner displayed on the lock screen can also be configured. To do this, everything in the same settings section must be selected “Banners”. By default, upon receipt of a notification from the application, a banner with notification of this is displayed on the upper part of the screen, after which it disappears automatically after a while. There is an opportunity that the banner does not disappear until the user performs certain actions with him. He looked or closed.

Note! The frequency of repeated appearance of notifications on the screen is also adjusted: they can appear up to ten times every two minutes.

If the user desired, the notification will not be shown on the blocked screen, but will be available for reading in the “Center for notifications”. To do this, just turn off the banners, sound signals and miniatures.

The notification of notifications can also be configured at will. To do this, click on the “notification” settings in the same section “Notifications”. Here is complete expanse for creative nature: you can turn on or disable the sound of incoming alerts, select stickers style and their view.

It is possible to include incoming software messages in groups, and the distribution can be carried out both manually and automatically, entrusting this procedure to the smartphone itself, or you can completely turn off this option. All these actions are made from the “Notifications” settings menu to the “Group” submenu.

In the settings, you can hide and disable notifications

How To HIDE Messages on iPhone? Try This…

Note! Perhaps the most interesting type of notification from the applications installed on a smartphone is a restriction on the location. That is, you can configure in advance, when you find it in what place will be a reminder from the program (for example, the iPhone will remind the child to call parents after he came home from school, or notify his spouse after leaving the working office that you need to go to the store or call home).

This in many ways useful function is included in the “Privacy” settings menu. In it you need to select the “Geolocation Service” item and note the application reminiscent of some business depending on the geozone in which the user will be located.

If the need for such an option has disappeared, then it can be turned off in exactly the same way that was turned on.

An important recommendation

Before blocking the anonymous calls to the iPhone, you need to think that in an emergency, relatives or friends will not be able to contact you who, for some reason, call from an unknown number (for example, they forgot the phone or money on the account). Try to bring all the backup numbers from which you may receive calls from loved ones in the address book. It is recommended not to put a lock in the case of a long departure of relatives to another settlement or country. Force-major circumstances may occur along the way, so it is better to stay in touch.

The choice of a method of how to block an unknown number on the iPhone depends on the version of the operating system. Each model of the gadget has its own functions and options, therefore, methods for solving the problem of unwanted incoming calls differ. Therefore, the first step is to determine the version of the operating system.

If you have an iPhone models from six and lower (3, 4, 4s, 5, 5s), then IOS 6-IOS 12 is installed on them. If you have a newer model of the gadget, starting with the sixth and including the new eleventh, then the version of your operating system has number thirteen.

Now consider the methods for various iOS versions.

How to hide the posts on the screen on the iPhone?

Developers took care of the security of the confidential data of users. They provided several ways to conceal notifications on the screen. We figured out how to hide on the iPhone messages on the screen. Use this knowledge and always remember information security.

How to hide the text of any notifications on the iPhone lock screen?

We go to “Settings” → “Notifications” → “Show of Miniatures”;

In the menu that opens, select the option “never”.

By default in the phone settings, the preliminary show of the notification text is activated “Always”. If there is no personal confidential information in your correspondence, and you are not afraid that third parties can see your messages, you can safely leave the function of connected.

In the “never” mode, the text of the messages on the blocked screen will not be displayed. It will only be seen how many messages were received and through which application.

hide, messages, screen, iphone

The option “without lock” will hide the contents of the notifications on the lock screen. But as soon as the phone is unlocked, the preview will become active.

What notifications cannot be missed

Immediately note that some notification should be left on to protect your data and money from cybercriminals. There are few of them:

  • Updating the operating system and applications. Developers regularly close in their products gaps in safety. And cybercriminals are specially looking for devices on which such patches are not installed. Update on time not to become a victim of an attack. Notification will help you with this.
  • Notifications from banking applications. It is better not to turn off the SMS-owners from the bank, and the fur notifications from banking applications can be filtered: for example, remove advertising mailings with offers of additional services and leave confirmation of payments, transfers and entry into your personal account.
  • Digital platform messages. To remember that in the black market game accounts with a good collection is a running product. The same applies to any accounts with bonuses from airlines, electronics stores and so on. As in the case of online banks, you need to monitor attempts to reset the password and other suspicious messages.

Other instant notifications usually do not require, they can be safely disconnected. We tell you how to do it on iPhone and iPad (you can find advice for other devices in our articles).

How to hide the text of all notifications on blocked iPhone

If you need to hide the text of all notifications that come to the iPhone, this can be done in the settings of the device. Open the “Settings” application and select the “Notifications” section.

Upper point. “Show of miniatures”. Click on it.

Select “never” so that the text of the notifications is not displayed upon receipt.

You can choose the option “without lock”. Then the notifications will be displayed when the iPhone is not blocked. Including when the lock screen is activated, but the blocking itself was removed (that is, the code is entered, if it is set).

Now that you will receive messages in messengers or social networks, instead of the text of the notifications, information about the number of these notifications will appear.

Enable and disconnect PUSH notifications

Not everyone knows how to disable or hide the contents of the fraud of notifications on the iPhone, against the background of the lock screen. About how to make communication on the iPhone is not visible, you can find out in the cellular intercourse or in the technical support service.

hide, messages, screen, iphone

Typically, to manage the Push notifications, users are recommended to download the free Headsoff application. The application is available to those who have a SE 5 operating system on the smartphone.0 and above.

After the application is opened, you should enter the “Access to the Notifications” menu, install the flag near the Headsoff inscription and click “OK”. To view the content of the notifications, you should go to the “Settings”, and then install the flag opposite the “Show Text” inscription.

It is not difficult to figure out the shows of the fur of the texts

If the user canceled pop.Up notifications, instead of the text of pre.Viewing the message, he will receive notifications without text, but with the logo of a particular application. It is very convenient and safe if Screen is in locking mode.

hide, messages, screen, iphone

If the XR notification came from an unknown application, you need to click on it and keep it about when the inscription App info pops up. After that, looking at the display, it will be possible to get detailed information about an unknown application. Now it is clear how to disable the fuss of notifications on the iPhone.

How to Hide Text Messages on an iPhone (iOS 15 Update): Hide iMessages or Use Secret Texting Apps

Disconnect notifications or leave them visible. The personal file of each user. Some like that all textual information (contained component) is available on the screen. Someone, on the contrary, is annoying the constant appearance of new texts. In any case, you should remember: if the iPhone falls into the hands of third parties, they can access confidential information.