How to import photos from iPhone to computer

Ways to transfer large files from iPhone to a computer or other smartphone

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Our smartphones contain a large number of files and the necessary data. Sometimes photos, videos or documents must be sent to another device or transferred to any user. Any messenger will cope with the shipment of small files, but to transfer large volumetric files you will have to find another method.

Here are the most common chips, applications and services that will allow you to quickly organize data from the iPhone to any other device.

We transfer photos from iPhone to computer

Today we will talk about a variety of methods that allow you to transfer digital photographs from phone to computer. Each of the presented solutions is simple and allows you to quickly cope with the task.

First, let’s talk about the standard method of transferring pictures from phone to computer. An important condition: the ITUNES program should be installed on the computer (although it is not needed in this case), and the phone is associated with the computer (for this, on the requirements of the system, you will need to enter the code-paralle).

    Connect the iPhone to a computer using a USB cable. Wait for the connection and then start the Windows conductor. The list will be displayed in the list of connected devices.

How to transfer all photos from iPhone to Mac

Launch the iTunes application in old versions of MacOS or Finder at MacOS Catalina.

Connect the iPhone to Mac using a cable.

In the dialog box on the smartphone, click trust this computer and enter the unlocks code.

In the section with connected iPhone, select the photo tab.

Indicate the synchronization folder on the computer and transfer all the photos and videos from the iPhone to the computer.

This method is convenient when you need to transfer all the photos, and only then choose the necessary on the computer.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to an external hard drive using Windows Photos.

Did you know that you can also transfer images from iPhone to an external hard drive using the Windows Photos application or program? This is another way to convey your favorite photos from your iPhone. On computers running Windows 8 and Windows 10, built-in PhotoS software will allow you to control your photos and import photos from the folder or USB drive. Find out how you do it, in the next steps below.

Steps for transferring photos from iPhone to an external hard drive through the Windows Photos program:

Step 1 First of all, connect the external hard drive and iPhone to the computer. Make sure the outer memorial device is visible on your computer.

Step 2 Then, when a notification requiring your permission appears on your iPhone, just click.

Step 3 Then start the photo application. Then click “Import” and select “From a USB-drive” so that the “Photo” application finds elements on your iPhone.

Step 4 after you find all the photos and videos on your iOS device, a window will appear in the photo with a request to choose which of them you want to import. Select photos you want to convey.

Step 5 Then click the installation, then change the destination of the imports, select the place on the external hard drive, then click, finally, click the selected ones to start transferring images from the iPhone to the external hard drive.

Here’s how you can transfer photos from your iPhone device to an external hard drive that you have connected to your computer. Then find out how to do this using a reliable alternative tool.

Transferring photos from iPhone to computer

In order to transfer photos from iPhone to PC, just use the file manager built into the system. “conductor”. The very connection of the mobile device will be carried out through a complete USB cable or its high-quality analogue.

    Connect your iPhone to the computer and unlock it. If a window appears on the screen with the question “Trust this computer?”, Slip” trust “, and then enter the protective code-paralle.

  • 100apple. Photos and screenshots taken directly on the iPhone and are now stored in his memory;
  • 100cloud. Images loaded from the Internet, third.Party applications and cloud storages. If you have more than one Apple device and synchronization is included between them, even those graphic files that were uploaded from another device can be stored here;
  • 101cloud-synchronized images from other Apple devices, if you have those. For example, if you have an iPhone and iPad, the files contained in the 100Apple folder on the first will be in 101Cloud on the second, and vice versa.

Note: the first part of the name of the folders (numbers) may differ in the most way, but these are always serial numbers, starting from 100.

  • Open another “conductor” window and go to the location where you will transfer the files and place it next.
  • Select individual photos using a mouse and a clamped “Ctrl” (to indicate) or “Shift” (to highlight the range) or everything at once with a combination of “Ctrla”.
  • Move them to the next window of the file manager, opened at the first step of this point of the instruction, or click “Ctrlc” for copying, go to the destination folder and click “Ctrlv” to insert.

There are other methods of transferring photos from iPhone to PC, analogues of iTunes are especially effective with this task, including the ITOOLS program. If you do not want to connect devices to each other via a USB cable, the most simple and convenient solution will be the use of cloud storages-not only corporate iCloud, but also Dropbox, Google disk, OneDrive, etc. D. In more detail, all the options available by us were examined earlier in a separate article.

Despite the fact that iTunes does not provide the possibility of transferring photographs from iPhone to a computer, this problem is solved quite simply. It is enough to contact a “conductor” built.In in Windows.

How to transfer a photo from iPhone to Mac

Transferring photos from iPhone to Mac is quite simple. To do this, follow the simple instructions:

  • Connect the iPhone to the Mac computer via Lightning.
  • After that, open the photo application on Mac.

Unlock the iPhone to start importing photos.

4 Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC | How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC | Tutorial

Select the folder where all the photos will be uploaded.

Press the import button in the upper right corner.

Honestly, I don’t remember the last time I connected my iPhone to a computer using a wire. Perhaps this is the first time that the Lightning wire came in handy-USB-A. We have repeatedly recommended buying you this. Take it while the dollar allows.

Where are the photo files on Mac

After the import of the photo from the iPhone on the Mac will be completed, all the photos will be in the photo application. Throwing files on an external medium will not work.

To find the files of the photo on the Mac, you will need:

  • Open Finder on Mac.
  • Next, click on the icon of your account on the right (house icon).
  • Then go to the image and find the Photos Library file.Photoslibry.
  • Click on it with the right mouse button and click show the contents of the bag.
  • Next, open the Originals (Masters) folder, in which your photos will be stored.

Click show the contents of the package and view folders with photos.

All files are sorted into folders, let it not bother you. There is another important nuance. All photos are in the original. If you used the built.In editor photo on the iPhone, the changes in the folder will not be displayed. Be careful.

How to Transfer Pictures from PC to iOS

Important: in no case do not change the name of folders and applications. Do not interfere in the structure and sequence of folders inside the Photos Library package.Photoslibry. This can negatively affect the application of the photo on the Mac. Thus, you risk losing all photos on your computer at all.

How to import photos or videos on Mac

To do this, use the photo “Photo” and a USB cable:

Connect any of the necessary devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) using the wire to your Mac;

Open on it the “Photo” application, where you will have an “import” window with all the photos and videos that are on the connected device. If the window does not appear automatically, click on the side panel in the name of the device;

import, photos, iphone, computer

When a request for access to data appears, enter the protective code and unlock the iOS device. If on its screen there is a warning with the question of “trust this computer?”, Click the” Trust “button to continue the process.

Indicate the place where you want to postpone photos. Next to the line “import in.»Select the album or create a new.

Select a photo for imports, click “only selected” or click the “import new photos” button.

The transfer process will take some time. At the end, turn off the device from the Mac computer.

How to import media files on Windows

Photos can be imported to a computer with Windows when you connect the device via a cable to it and use the Windows Photos application:

Check that your computer is installed on the latest version of iTunes: you must have itunes 12.5.1 or later;

Connect the iPhone to a computer with Windows OS using a cable;

When a request appears, unlock the iOS device by entering the corresponding password.

If a window appears on the device with the question “Trust this computer?”, To continue click” Trust “or” allow “.

Before postponing photos on Windows, use “icloud” to upload the source versions of personnel in full resolution to your iPhone.

After importing a video from one device to another, some media files in the Windows Photos Appendix may have an incorrect orientation. Add them to iTunes and play in the correct format.

If you have problems transferring photos to a computer with Windows 10 OS, you must do the following:

On the iOS device, open the “Settings” “Camera” application “Formats”.

Now the media files made on the camera will be saved on a computer in JPEG format for photo and h.264 for video.

Other methods of copying media files to the computer:

Airdrop wireless data transfer technology, which instantly sends photos and videos not only to the Mac computer, but also other iOS devices. 2. Transfer of media files from drives (hard drive or SD card) to the photo “Photo” for MacOS. 3. Transfer of photographs on the film using the scanner and the “Image capture” application. 4. Copying images to the folder on the MAC computer through the “image capture”. 5. Synchronization of music, documents and other materials on iOS devices using a computer. 6. Backup of all files from your phone to an external hard drive using Time Machine.

How to convert a Heic format

What is Heic?

Heic means a highly effective image file format. This is a new format for image of a container from MPEG developers. This makes your iPhone take photos in this new format, and not in JPEG format, as we are used to keep the registered 50% in the file size without loss of quality. Unfortunately, these new files.Heic will not be so easy to view on your computer with Windows.

So how can you convert iPhone photos in JPG?

There are three ways to transfer photos from iPhone to a computer: they use iTunes, iCloud and Transfer for iOS. The first and second methods require the synchronization of your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud for backup.

About backup with iTunes or iCloud, please check how to make a backup copy of your device using iTunes or iCloud if you do not want to synchronize your iPhone using any of them, go to the third method that Fonetrans uses to transmit photos from iPhone on PC.

In addition, you can get out of the Heic format if you want. Head to setup camera formats most compatible stages, it will use JPEG to images.

In some cases, you think that the Heic format is so good as to preserve the iPhone memory without loss of quality. So how can you convert these photos of Heic in JPG if you want to view the photos of the iPhone on PC?

There are several ways to change the photo format, change HEIC to JPG via Dropbox, free online image-converter, iCloud or email.

Option 1. Change Heic to JPG via Dropbox

Step 1 Open the application and tap the person icon.

Step 2 Press the gears and camera loading icon.

Step 3 Select Save the photos of Heic as well as jpg as a download format.

Option 2. Convert photos of the iPhone in JPG using iCloud

Step 2 upload your photo to your JPG account format.

Option 3. Using a free online image converter to save photos in JPG format

Step 1 Go to an official website that allows you to convert a photo format.

Step 2 drag the heic photos on the Inte Wee and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the procedure.

Step 3 wait until the online converter downloads original images of Heic and converts them into JPG.

Option 4. Convert HEIC into JPG by e.Mail

Step 1 Select Heic images and send them to the mailbox in the form of investment.

Step 2 Then you can soon get images in JPG format and save them on your computer.

Option 5. Convert HEIC to JPG using the Fonelab Heic converter

Step 1 download and install the heic converter on the computer, and then start it.

Step 2 then you can click Add a heic button and select elements.

Step 3 Finally, select the conversion format and click convert.

The aforementioned methods help converting heic images with iPhone into JPG format, but do not allow us to conveniently change them. Thus, you can choose an effective way to complete all the elements in a couple of clicks.