How to increase the speed of video on the iPhone

Setting up slow motion video recording

Let’s find out what’s behind this kind of technology on Apple smartphones. The main indicator is FPS (frames per second, or in Russian: “number of frames per second”). For effective “braking” it is necessary to shoot the clip at a high frame rate per second, and then forcibly set in the playback mode of the clip to a reduced frequency. The base FPS for all new iPhone models is 15 fps, but technically the camera module is capable of shooting up to 240 FPS. It means the fast video is slowed down 16 times without any quality loss.

However, you should not resort to filming at a high number of frames per second because of the huge weight of such clips. The optimal slowdown is 2-3 times, respectively, 30-45 FPS.

Theoretically it seems quite complicated, but in practice the activation of functions is very simple:

  • From the main screen of the smartphone launch the “Camera” application by clicking on the appropriate icon. Inside the application choose the shooting.
  • At the bottom near the “Home” button there is a list of modes, you need to scroll through them until the desired “Slow” pops up. Make sure that it is active: both the dot and the inscription are lit in yellow:
  • It remains to press the red button, the device starts to take a slow motion clip.

Need to pay attention to the fact that you need to activate Slo-Mo recording strictly before you start shooting, otherwise later without special processing programs will not do.

The finished video is available to view later using the standard application “Gallery” or upload to a social networking site, such as Instagram.

Slow motion video quality options

In Apple smartphones, starting from the sixth model, because of the new camera module, the option to select the quality of slow motion video is available. The difference is achieved by changing the number of frames per second: from 120 to 240. To configure this option, you need to follow the instructions:

  • Go to the Home screen and go to the settings section (grey gear), then click on the “Camera” link.
  • Find the section on photo and camera settings, and inside. the submenu “Time Lapse Video”:
  • Here select the desired option. Note the difference in “weight” of these videos. At 720P it is 300 MB, and at 1080P it is 350 MB.

You need to apply the settings before you start shooting the video.

How to make video fast-forward on iPhone

Creating slow motion videos on Android / iOS phones is now easily available. But how to speed up video on mobile devices? To create interesting and dramatic videos with slow motion or acceleration effects, you need video acceleration applications that make it easy to control the speed of the video. Most video acceleration apps also support uploading videos directly to social media to facilitate sharing. Continue reading this article and learn more about the features, pros and cons of the recommended video acceleration applications.

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Previously, it was possible to slow down or speed up video clips only with the help of special equipment or in the “unfamiliar” to users at the time Sony Vegas. In addition, not everyone did it on their own, but, more often than not, they turned to editors for a handsome fee.

Now cell phone marketplaces are overflowing with different utilities to process the “movie” footage. Why it happens? The answer is obvious. high quality and creative video is trending and attracting more and more subscribers in social networks.

So let’s move on to the main thing: how to speed up video on iPhone for instagram. This is possible with popular applications:

Although their interface is similar in some respects, let’s look at how to use each of them.


iMovie for iPhone is a built-in video editor. That is, it is part of the original package of utilities that comes with the operating system. That’s why we give it a big plus. you don’t need to download anything additionally.

To use it to post an accelerated video to Instagram, you’ll need to:

  • Download IMovie from the App Store.
  • Launch the application on your smartphone.
  • Go to the “Video” tab and select the desired file from the gallery.
  • Click on the “Create movie” button.
  • Trim unnecessary fragments if necessary.
  • Apply filters and add text as desired.
  • Click the “speedometer” icon and set the playback speed.
  • Save the finished result and click “Share”. Instagram.

Now all you have to do is post the clip to your social network profile.

Good to know. IMovie has an option to add music tracks from your library to your video file.

Speed Pro

The program allows you to upload an interesting “short story” to the feed. The step-by-step instructions for working with it are as follows:

  • Install Speed pro on your smartphone through the AppStore and run it.
  • Choose a video from the library of your device and add it to the editor.
  • Click on the “Speed” button and set 1 of 4 modes: 1x. normal; 2x, 3x, 4x. accelerated.
  • Upload the resulting “movie” to the gallery and publish it on your Instagram page.


A service through which you can post a fast or slow motion video on your iPhone. It is similar in functionality to IMovie and allows:

speed, video, iphone

To create an extraordinary clip through Splice, you’ll need:

  • Download the utility on your smartphone and run it.
  • Click on “plus” and attach a clip from the gallery.
  • Swipe the bottom menu to the right and select the “Speed” icon.
  • Place the slider in the desired position.
  • See what happens.
  • Save the result by tapping the arrow in the upper corner of the screen.

Good to know. Splice. completely free software.

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It’s a special application created by Instagram developers. You can shoot up to 45 minutes of quality video with iMovie. built-in stabilization completely eliminates the “shaking hands” effect, so your reader won’t even realize the video was shot on an ordinary phone, not on a professional camera.

You can use the program’s tools to put your video in slow motion or in an accelerated mode (up to x12). You don’t need to register a new profile or sign in to your InstaNet account. So in a few taps on the screen, it is quite realistic to create a full-fledged “movie.

For your information. Hyperlapse is only available on the AppStore. For Android devices will have to look for a similar analogue.

speed, video, iphone

How to speed up or slow down video on iPhone with iMovie

You need to speed up or slow down video on your iPhone? Most third-party video editing apps have this feature. You can also slow down and speed up video in Apple’s iMovie app. The best part is that you can edit videos right on your iPhone.

The Photos app also has a basic video editor, but you can’t use it to change the speed of a video. Below we’ll tell you how to do it in the iMovie app.

What are the best video acceleration apps for Android and iPhone?? List 2020

Currently one of the fastest growing content in the online world. this video and it is thanks to the modernization in which technology lives day to day, the smartphones that have been released to the market have good camera features who can who, a connoisseur of their craft. Especially for users who like to record every moment of their life on their cell phone with video.

However, while the best mobile cameras may exist, people today are able to rely on other tools that allow them to optimize their videos and so make better presentations. By this we mean apps found on digital distribution platforms for mobile apps for both Android and iOS. These let you not only record content in slow motion or accelerated mode. but also add other features that give it more value.

In this sense, we would like to present you the best video acceleration apps for Android and iOS. Which also offer other perfect editing tools and even have the ability to include effects, emoticons, text, music, images, etc. д. For more information, read the list we present to you below. With their own features. And really, you can choose the one that best fits your preferences and gives you what you really want.

We’ve selected four of the best programs that handle video acceleration with flying colors. Three of them have additional features and are suitable as a mobile video editor.


First in the list we want to put the editor that has many different functions, and very well cope with the acceleration. You can also apply effects, crop and trim the video, and even slow down the video. The app has won first prizes in various web resources and contests several times. The utility is simple and user friendly. The whole interface is intuitive. It is enough after selecting the video, click on “Speed” in the bottom menu and adjust the tempo. Download the editor from your App Store.

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How To Speed Up A Video On iPhone

Quik Editor by GoPro

Speed up your iPhone video with the popular camera maker’s app. There are not many options here, but you can perform basic operations if necessary: add music, apply effects and transitions.


You can make an accelerated video and add music in a simple program. A significant disadvantage. in the free version of the video will be imposed a watermark. If it doesn’t bother you, install it without any doubts.

Hyperlapse from Instagram

From the name it is clear that the developers of the program are Instagram. The decision to make the video handling tool a separate application and make it available for iPhone is quite right. This is most likely done to prevent the official application from being overloaded with a lot of additional functions, but to single them out. If someone needs it, he can download it. The utility does a great job with its only purpose. speeding up the video. Once you shoot a video you get a finished, accelerated video

Download and test these four programs, use the one you find most convenient. Upload videos to Instagram and delight your fans.


When accelerating or slowing down the video, you can delete unwanted frames, rotate the image, use one of the available templates to create a retro movie or vice versa, add text, special effects, etc.д.

Become a true handheld operator and create true masterpieces. The app is easy to use and comes in a bundle of basic apps for iOS devices since 2013.


Multifunctional graphic platform with a stylish interface, predesigned templates that help not to waste time and immediately select the right colors, tools and actions, and special integration that provides for uploading the resulting content to social networks (, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo).

Efectum is distributed free of charge. the developers from Craigpark Limited do not offer, but occasionally make you view ads that appear in the form of short promos and pop-up notifications.

Of the pluses of the platform. clarity, support for popular formats (AVI, 3GP, MKV, MP4), the choice of quality, access to additional plugins that can be downloaded separately from the built-in store.

Perfect Video Editor

Little-known but intuitive and unusually functional editor, capable of working with videos in different formats: here’s automatic adjustment of color parameters, and work on detailing, and change the speed of playback, and even select the bitrate and format for instant uploading to the selected social networks. Of additional pluses. optimization. Even 4K videos weighing 2 to 3 gigabytes open instantly.