How to increase the volume of the alarm clock on your iPhone

Setting the alarm clock

Set the volume of the alarm clock

Go to Settings Sounds, Tactile Signals. In the Rings and Alerts section, drag the slider to the left or right to change the volume. As you drag and drop, a beep will sound and you will hear the volume level. To adjust the volume of the alarm clock using the volume buttons on your device, you must enable the Change Buttons feature. Learn what to do if the alarm volume is set too low or too high.

The ability to change the alarm ringtone only appeared with the release of iOS 6. Until now, users had to put up with a small selection of default ringtones that quickly became boring. In all future versions of iOS, the ability to change the sound has been retained, so you can safely put your favorite song on your alarm clock.

If you use the paid iTunes Match service that lets you store all your music in iCloud, you’ll have the additional option to select a song from the cloud storage. But you shouldn’t do it: if there is no internet connection, the alarm clock will not ring, as the selected melody will be unavailable. Therefore, choose the songs that are stored in the memory of your smartphone.

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Most iPhone users prefer to wake up to a pleasant melody rather than be woken up by the rumble and harsh metallic sounds. Although the last description of the alarm clock successfully copes with its task.

The iPhone is provided with built-in melodies used as an alarm clock. It’s possible to put a song by your favorite artist, for example. When adjusting, you need to click on “Adjust” and then select the desired time from the list:

Opens the appropriate settings, where you click on the line “Tone”:

Select the desired tune in the “Songs” section. If the suggested ringtones are not enough, go to the “Store of sounds”:

In the iTunes store we buy the “music” (tunes and songs) we like.

How to set the iPhone alarm volume [Instruction]

How often have you woken up in the morning, bouncing from the loud sound of the alarm clock that you yourself set in the evening?? I wake up quite regularly and it usually happens just at the time when my wife has to get up for work.

For some reason, the volume of its alarm clock is always set to maximum, and a “tinnitus” melody is selected as the sound signal.

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In order not to get up every time in the morning out of fear, I had to show my wife how to adjust the volume of the alarm clock on the iPhone. If you do not know how to do it, now I’ll tell you

In fact, there is no special slider in the iPhone Settings to adjust the volume of the alarm clock. This is done by adjusting the main volume of the iPhone. To make it clearer, let’s break things down step by step.

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STEP 1. Set your desired time and ringtone (and other settings) for the Alarm Clock in the Clock app.

STEP 2. Now with the /- knob on the end of the iPhone we adjust the iPhone main volume, which not only affects the volume of the incoming call, but also the volume of the alarm clock.

In my line of work (I work for a gas and oil company) I sometimes have to get up at 4:20 am. In order not to oversleep this time, I set two alarms: one for 4:10, the other for 4:20. I usually fight off the first one, but the body is already half asleep.

The second one gets me out of bed. For both alarms, I personally choose a medium volume setting, and I set the sound to Timba.

Why The iPhone’s Snooze Is 9 Minutes

This ear-saving combination does NOT send my sleepy body into shock and I manage to take an hour more nap on the bus on the way to work.

Now that we’ve touched on the iPhone alarm clock, let’s understand a few more nuances. I’ve laid them out in the form of talking points below:

  • If you press the Home button when the alarm rings, the alarm goes off without further repeat
  • If you press the Power button when the alarm is ringing, the alarm will go off with an additional repeat after 9 minutes
  • The same two alarm functions can be selected from the iPhone screen (while the alarm is going off)
  • If you activate the silent mode switch, you can still hear the alarm

So there you go. I hope I explained clearly how to turn down the volume of the alarm clock on the iPhone. If you still have questions about any iOS features, be sure to write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. And do not forget to support our site by putting a “Like” in one of the social networks. networks.

How to change the alarm clock on your iPhone?

Now almost all users have abandoned traditional alarm clocks, and their function is performed by smartphones. The iPhone also has an alarm clock application, which is used by most of the users of this smartphone. However, not everyone knows how to change the alarm clock sound on iPhone.

I wrote this guide for users who do not know how to change the alarm clock on the iPhone. The instruction is also good for those who wonder how to set alarm clock on iPhone.

This feature appeared only with the release of firmware iOS 6 and in subsequent firmware iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 10 it has not been removed. Consequently, it will work for all versions of the operating system no lower than iOS 6.

  • And so we launch the Clock app and go to the Alarm Clock tab
  • Here we press the button at the top of the window or Edit.
  • Set the time you want the alarm clock to go off, and choose the interval and label
  • And here is the coveted Sound item, click on it for. You can use one of the ringtones or any song from your music for the alarm clock sound
  • All you have to do is click the Save button at the top of the screen, where the plus sign used to be.

From now on you can change the alarm ringtone on your iPhone by setting it from your own media library.

Help for using alarm clocks

Do not disturb” mode and the “Ring/Silent” switch do not affect the sound of the alarm clock. If the switch is set to “Silent” or the Do Not Disturb mode is on, the alarm will still sound.

Setting iPhone time manually in “Settings” to change the behavior of programs (such as timers in games) is not recommended and can affect alarm clocks.

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Check the volume before going to bed.


If you enable the “Change Buttons” function and change the ringtone volume (using buttons), the volume level of the alarm will also change.

  • Go to Library, Preferences tab. In the com file. Apple. celestial.
  • Then we edit the plist document. There you will see names of regions and sound value. For example, it can be 83%. You need to set it to 100% (number 1).
  • Restart your device. After that the smartphone should produce full sound.

How to increase the volume on Android? You can increase the volume through the engineering menu. To enter it, you need to open the dialer and enter the following combination: ##3646633##. Then go to Audio, select Normal Mode and Type=Sph and then successively change the values from Level 0 to Level 6.May 17, 2019.

How to change iPhone alarm ringtone and volume. Repair in St. Petersburg

If you have a phone, you probably set an electronic alarm clock on it. A simple procedure, but for some iPhone owners it has a number of unexplained. The most common questions how to change the ringtone and adjust the volume of the alarm clock on your iPhone so it doesn’t scare you in the morning?

increase, volume, alarm, clock, your

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How to increase the volume of the alarm on the iPhone X

Sometimes it’s very hard to get up early in the morning, especially in the winter. The hardest part is getting out of your soft, warm blankets while the temperature is dropping there. Many of us keep the alarm on our iPhones for short periods of 5 or 10 minutes, just to make sure we wake up and get to work on time. But what if the alarm is too quiet to wake you up, or it won’t ring at all?

Many iPhone X users have recently reported that the volume of the alarm on their devices is not loud enough to wake them up. Others have noted that it’s so quiet that they can’t even hear it while awake. As important as it is, a silent alarm on your iPhone can lead to very unpleasant situations. If you run into this problem on your iPhone X or any other iOS device running iOS 11, you should definitely check out the rest of this article. Here you can find a solution to increase the volume of the alarm on your iDevice.

Quick tips for setting an alarm clock

First, check your iPhone’s mute switch. If it’s on, make sure you turn it off.

Delete any existing alarms in the Alarm app and create a new.

  • StartWatch app on your iDevice.
  • Touch theAlarm icon at the bottom, then, tap edit in the upper left corner.
  • Now, click on the red button to the left of any alarm clock.
  • When delete appears to the right, tap to erase the alarm clock.
  • Repeat the same process for all alarms.
  • After you clear all the alarms, restart your CD reader. (Press and hold the power button and slide the slider to shut off. Then press and hold the power button again to turn the unit on)
  • Once your device is turned on, open the Clock app.
  • Go to the alarm section and click on the Set New Alarm icon.
  • Set the alarm for a short time and save the alarm, and try.

If your alarm clock is loud enough to wake you up, Great! If it’s not, refer to the following section to adjust the volume for your alarms.

Turn off before bedtime

iOS 11 has a new feature in the Clock app called Bedtime. This feature helps you wake up and go to bed at the same time every day. However, some users have reported that it does not work to wake them. To solve this problem, simply disable the feature before you go to sleep and use your regular alarm clock.

  • openWatch
  • Tap on the snooze icon at the bottom.
  • The queuetumbler on top.
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Remove any third-party alarm apps

In addition to the native Alarm app for iOS, there are many Alarm apps in the Apple Store. If you are having problems with your own Alarm app, and you have several third-party Alarm apps installed on your iDevice, this could be causing the problem. So, I suggest uninstalling the third-party alarm apps and then check if your native alarm works well.

How to control the volume of the alarm on your iPhone X

If you’ve used iOS 10 or earlier on your iDevices, you know that you can use the side buttons to control the volume of the alarm. On the iPhone X and any other iDevice with iOS 11, this may not be the case if the settings are not set correctly. If you want to change the volume, you must do the following steps.

  • Go to settings and also click on soundtactile (Sounds if your device does not support 3D Touch).
  • In theRinga alsoAlert section, raise the slider to the higher level and you will hear your ringtone. This slider also controls the alarm volume for your iPhone X.
  • Adjust it to the level you want. (In my case, I keep it at the maximum level.)
  • To turn on the ringer and notification settings, including the alarm volume, using the volume buttons on your device, turn on the switchChange using the buttons.

Now set the alarm for a short period of time and check the result. If these methods didn’t work for you to increase your alarm volume on your iPhone X or any other iDevice with iOS 11, you should forcibly reboot your device. For more information about this process, see. In the Forced Restart section of the following article. Fixed: iPhone disabled. Do not turn on.


Having a reliable alarm clock on your iPhone is crucial to getting your daily tasks done on time. These methods have helped many of our readers to eliminate alarm problems and increase sound volume. Try them on your iDevice and let us know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section below which one helped you.

Open the Settings → Sounds, Haptic Signals app on your smartphone; Under Ringtone and Message Sound, move the slider to the right as far as it will go to turn the volume up; If you want to adjust the ringtone volume using the physical buttons, move the slider opposite the “Change Buttons” option.

To increase the volume on your Android smartphone you need to dial the command ##3646633## (in some individual phone models it may be different. use Google). In the engineering menu that opens, you need to scroll through the top menu, then go to Hardware Testing, and then to Audio.

How to change the alarm ringtone on your iPhone?

Besides built-in melodies you can also set a song to your iPhone alarm clock. To do this, at the stage of setting the alarm clock you need to go to the section “Sound ” and click on “Song selection “.

You will be taken to the “Music” application. Find a song you’d like to hear in the catalog and click on the “plus” button next to it.

If you want to change the alarm sound to one of the ringtones available in the Apple Store, in the “Sound ” select “Buy Sounds “.

Now buying ringtones for “apple” devices is not the most popular solution. There are plenty of simple tools to make your own iPhone alarm ringtone.