How to insert a SIM card into Honor 8a

How types of SIM cards there are?

In order for the gadget to function, you will need to insert a subscription card. It is necessary to receive the services of a mobile operator. Make calls, text and stay connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SIM cards also provide different numbers of megabytes and gigabytes to get the internet. Huawei works with Android operating system. Like other brands of phones, they support multiple SIM cards. This is convenient for users because there is no need to carry two phones. Packages from two cellular carriers can be connected on the same mobile. There are such cards:

  • standard with the usual size for older phone models;
  • micro is much smaller than the classic and is necessary for new devices
  • nano are designed for the latest versions of devices, look like a chip.

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The device is selected depending on the phone model. Owners of ultra devices exchange the old card for a new one in the cellular operator’s branch. Special adapters are also used for installing informal sizes.

How to insert a memory card in Huawei and Honor step by step instructions

How to insert a flash drive into Honor and Huawei? At first glance. a simple action. However, many inexperienced or new owners of smartphones do not even know where the slot is and whether it exists. If you have just purchased a device and want to put a flash drive in it, this step by step instruction for you.

Как вставить SIM-карту в Honor 8 (XDRV.RU)

SIM cards supported by Xiaomi

Most of the company’s devices support two SIM cards at the same time. Therefore, both Nano-SIM and Micro-SIM can be integrated into the device.

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Types of SIM cards

In the device it is also possible to insert the Nano-SIM, but then you can only use the memory card and Micro-SIM.

Card Tray

Mods on the network have come up with a method to use 2 SIM cards and a memory card. Reception is called “Sandwich”. It is not often possible to cut the Nano-SIM properly, it does not always fit.

Removable card tray

What types of SIM cards exist?

Honor is one of those devices running on the Android operating system and supporting two SIM cards. This feature is not very popular in Russia, but is in good demand in the rest of the world.

There are 3 types of SIM cards. Their main difference is the size. We can distinguish the following types:

  • Regular SIM: has a standard size.
  • Micro SIM: Smaller than the regular SIM.
  • Nano SIM: very small. its size almost corresponds to the size of the chip.

If you don’t have a SIM card for Honor, you can buy one at any communication store. And, if you have a regular SIM card, you can make a Micro SIM or Nano SIM out of it. Also, to solve problems with SIM card compatibility, there are various adapters.

In modern smartphones there are many different slots, that it can be difficult to determine which one of them the SIM card is inserted in. The lower slot (SIM 1) only supports regular SIM cards and micro-SIM. And the top slot (SIM 2) can be inserted nano-SIM. Next to it is also a slot for micro SD.

How to replace a standard key for opening the tray

Often the included paperclip to open the slot is lost because of its small size and inconspicuous appearance. In this case, you can replace it with any thin, sharp object, such as a paper clip, sewing needle or earring. You should consider the size of the key hole in the phone and not take too wide an object, it can get stuck. You also need to use only sturdy objects, otherwise they can break and clog the hole, blocking it. In this case it will be impossible to remove the object.

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If the smartphone refuses to see the SIM card, you need to check the correct installation: it must be placed in the compartment with the chip facing down, with the beveled corner at the top left. The card should fall into place smoothly and without tilting. Also the SIM-card can be not recognized if the chip is damaged. Then it must be replaced with a new one in any office of the cellular operator.

How to Insert SIM & SD in HUAWEI Honor 8. Install SIM Card

Many of us have Honor phones. Their assembly is of good quality, they are functional and modern. And not surprisingly, these gadgets are very popular around the world. When you get this phone, many users are often left wondering where the SIM card is. In our article we’ll take a closer look at this issue and tell you how to open the SIM card slot on your Honor smartphone. And also what we will need for this.

In previous models of Honor smartphones SIM-card and flash drive were inserted into the slot, which was located under the back cover of the phone. In order to insert a SIM card into the device, you had to first take off and put on the back cover of the smartphone. And in the Honor 10, the hybrid SIM card tray fits into a slot located on the end side of the smartphone, making it convenient and practical. Smartphone owners who are interested in the question whether it is possible to insert a flash drive into the Honor 10, we have to disappoint. In this model, the developers have refused to install a slot for memory cards, because according to the company’s monitoring less than 2% of phone owners use this function.

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However, owners of such smartphones often face a situation where the tray gets stuck and does not want to come out. And if you insert the SIM-card wrongly, it can fly out or the smartphone simply does not see it. To avoid such problems, let’s look at how to insert the SIM card into Honor 10 so that there are no problems with the smartphone.

  • Turn off the power of the smartphone.
  • Insert the tool (clasp wrench) to remove the SIM cards into the small hole on the left end of the device.
  • Gently press down on the tool.
  • Remove the holder.
  • Install the microSD card in the slot on the left edge, and insert 2 nanoSIMs in the other slots.

And, of course, Honor 20 got a card slot. Huawei has already been kicked out of the SD Association and banned microSD cards, but the company’s engineers started pushing their NM card format a year ago, and that’s what is used in the Honor 20.

Preparing to insert the SIM card of my Honor 8A

And, of course, the Honor 20 got a card slot. Huawei has already kicked out the SD Association and banned microSD cards, but the company’s engineers started promoting its NM card format a year ago and that’s what’s used in the Honor 20.

HONOR 8A How to Insert Nano SIM and Micro SD Card

  • Turn off the power of the smartphone.
  • Insert the SIM eject tool (clasp key) into the small hole on the left end of the device.
  • Press gently on the tool.
  • Remove the holder.
  • Insert the microSD card into the slot on the left side and put 2 nanoSIMs into the other slots.