How to install a program on LG Smart TV

How can I install Android OS on my LG Smart TV?

Is it possible to install third.Party applications on LG Smart TV? Is it possible to install third.Party applications on LG Smart TV? LG Smart TVs use LG Webos, which does not allow you to install third-party applications are not Android devices, so you cannot access the Google Play Store or upload APK files.

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Can you convert LG Smart TV in Android?

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LG Smart TV TVs as the operating system uses Webos. You can convert your LG Smart TV into a TV with Android, performing the following actions. Connecting external equipment to one of the HDMI ports.

Installation of widgets from an official application store

A large number of widgets have been collected in the LG Content Store store. Software has been tested for performance and safety, sorted by thematic categories, popularity and novelty. The best utilities are located at the beginning of the section. Part of the programs can be downloaded for free, others will need to be bought for the price indicated in the description.

Important! There are two main conditions for working with the official service-the presence of a stable Internet connection (via Ethernet or Wi-Fi) and confirmed registration.

How to start an account in the system

To create a personal profile in the system that opens access to the installation of applications, you must first enter the Smart TV menu (is carried out by pressing the button with the image of the house on the remote control). Then you should perform this procedure:

install, program, smart
  • Enter the SMART-TV settings by pressing the icon in the form of a gear in the upper right corner of the screen or the Settings button;
  • Select the item “General”, then. “Management of the account”;
  • Click “Create an account”;
  • Agree with the conditions of service;
  • Enter the login (valid e-mail), password and date of birth in the corresponding fields;
  • Confirm the actions by pressing the OK button;
  • Check e.Mail and, to confirm registration, click on the link in the letter received.

Then you will need to leave the section of registration, and then enter the account again, pressing the icon with the silhouette of a person and indicating the created login and password.

Advice! Registration is easier and faster to go to PC, and then go to the account on TV.

Menu installation

Now the user can run the LG Store, click on the arrow in the upper part of the screen, then. According to the inscription “Search”, print the keywords of the desired application in the line and press “Entering”. To display all the widgets found in the official store, you should choose the line “more” (“more” (“more”).

Then, from the search results, you will need to select the right application and go to its description. It is necessary to carefully read the information about the compatibility of the software with the TV model used. If the program is suitable according to the requirements, you can start the installation: Click on the “Install” and “OK” buttons sequentially. The process will end automatically, after which the label of the program will appear on the TV menu.

install, program, smart

Installation with a flash drive

If you do not work out the program from the store (due to a break in the connection or for other reasons), you can use the external carrier. For this, the flash card should be formatted in FAT32, and then downloaded software to copy in its root section. Next, the drive is inserted into the USB-connector on the SMART. When a new icon appears on the screen, you need to click on it to open the contents of the flash drive. To install the application on the TV receiver, you will need to click on the selected file, confirm the installation, accept the terms of the user agreement and wait for the process to end (it may take some time). After the installation is completed, the widget is launched in the same way as the rest of the applications.

Attention! If the Smart television receiver does not see a flash card, the reason may lie in its malfunction. In this case, the carrier needs to be replaced. In the absence of a USB-Gnezer, the flash drive can be connected to another integrator through the adapter.

Install applications and games on LG Smart TV

Attention! The list of applications depends on the region, which is set in the TV settings on the installation tab, in the item is strange to use Smart TV.

As I wrote above, you can install new games and programs in already installed LG Smart World and Game World programs.

You can find these programs by going into the Smart TV mode and where the list of programs is from below, you need to press the button yet.

If you want to install programs, then start the LG Smart World application.

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Choose the desired program. Left, they can be sorted, for example, only free.

Then you can read the description of the program, see the screenshots, and its size. For installation, just click the installation button.

A message will appear with the requirements that are necessary for the work of this application. Click OK.

install, program, smart

At the top there will appear the status of loading and installation of the program. After installation, the program can be found in the general list in Smart TV, or by pressing the My Apps button on the remote control panel.

We install games in the same way. Only in the Game World program. Although, LG Smart World also has games.

How to delete a program, or a game from a TV?

Everything is very simple. Go to Smart TV and go to the full list of applications. The top is a pencil button, click on it.

Then we select the right application and a menu will appear near it, click remove.

LG Smart TV is running Android?

Smart TV LG. These are not android TVs. LG Smart TV TVs as the operating system uses Webos.

I have a similar LG Smart TV, so it should support HDMI-CEC or Anynet. As LG calls it. Look for Android Box with HDMI-CEC, and you can control it using a regular remote control. It’s as close as you get.

How do I download the Google Play store?

The Play Store app is preinstalled on Android devices that support Google Play, and it can be downloaded to some ChromeBook.

Find the Google Play Store app

  • On your device, go to the application section.
  • Touch Google Play Store.
  • The application will open, and you can look for and view the content to download.

What are the applications for Smart TV?

Smart TV. Not simple TVs, but full.Fledged devices with the operating system and.

You can install any applications on smart TVs:

  • IPTV players. To view digital TV channels via the Internet. Most programs have flexible control over the ether: pause, archives in a few days, a television program, chosen and parental control. The most common players: OTTPlayer, Kodi and Lazy IPTV.
  • Watching movies or rollers. The most famous applications: YouTube, IVI, KinoPoisk and other online cinemas.
  • Browsers. Usually, on smart TVs there are standard preinstalled browsers, and the third.Party leads Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox are leading.
  • Clients of social networks. They can also be used to view VK, classmates, tick-current.
  • Games. On the big screen, any game looks more colorful! The most popular games work on TVs: Angry Birds, Plants VS. Zombies and others. The largest selection on Android TV.
  • Media players. For greater functionality, alternative players can be used: VLC Player or MX Player.

Top entertainment applications

Applications of an entertaining nature in the official store are also represented in large quantities and with different topics, because everyone will find something in their hobbies. Queries in the following programs of the below.

  • Sportbox is an application with sports broadcasts, news, analytics and fresh videos from recent matches and high.Profile sporting events.
  • Culinary Academy-In this program, everything is simple and clear: about cooking in video tutorials and instructions, step-by-step video receptives, cuisines of the peoples of the world. In addition, the prescribed recipes are possible to maintain.
  • Book regiment is a convenient reading application with a large library of books. It also reproduces audiobooks, providing thin settings for a comfortable perception.

Advice! The selection of entertainment applications is quite large. The search for thematic sections will help you choose the optimal set of software products.

How to Download and Install APP on LG Smart TV


The installation of standard widgets can be performed through the App Gallery application, which is located on the main page of Smart TV. If you want to put a widget from a third.Party developer, you need a flash drive.

Create a USERWIDGET folder fundamentally.

Transfer to the created folder the archives of widgets with installation files inside.

Launch Smart TV and connect a flash drive to the TV.

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Installation of widgets whose files are loaded into the root of the drive will begin automatically. After the installation is completed, you will find the application in the Smarttv menu.

Instead of a flash drive to install third.Party widgets, you can use Forkplayer. How to install this application on Samsung and LG, we have already told. Instructions for Philips:

Open the network connection settings on the TV.

Wait for the connection to establish. If there is no connection, restart the TV.

Open the MEGOGO program. For instead, FORKPLAYER will work, through which you can install third.Party widgets.

Some Philips TV models operate on Android OS, so there are no problems with the installation of applications, including third.Party ones. Widgets are added in the same way as on the phone or tablet.