How to install a second WhatsApp on Samsung

A simple dual-cell phone gives you the ability to connect only one number to messenger. Yes, the creators of the messenger did not provide the option of using two profiles on one gadget. For this reason, in the normal version of the application, the user must select the number with which he is most in contact with other subscribers. Only for many who use two “sim cards” at once, it gives a lot of inconvenience.

The properties of the messenger do not imply simultaneous communication in two chats. But it is not forbidden to install two profiles on one device. How to get two Vatsapa on the same phone. detailed recommendations are presented below.

two WhatsApp on Android

Technically, the messenger profile is tied to a separate mobile number. There is no question about how many cards are placed in the device. Therefore, this installation option for two numbers is considered more simple.

  • Smaton provided a stable wireless connection (wi-fi);
  • Mobile traffic was prepaid on both cards;
  • The user has the ability to manually switch between SIM cards.

Official (first) account on WhatsApp:

  • Go to the official store (Google Play).
  • Find WhatsApp and activate the download.
  • Start the messenger and enter personal data (location, number digits, name).
  • Verify via SMS message with a digital encryption.
  • Confirm the number and start the messenger.

Parallel (second) account:

  • Back to Google Play.
  • Find and download Parallel Space software.
  • Open the software and find the WhatsApp icon in it.
  • Activate download.
  • The messenger will be installed on devices with WhatsApp, WhatsApp Beta, etc.д.
  • Launch the clone and register (specify the number of the second SIM card).

Now you have two WhatsApp accounts on one phone. True, you can use them alternately.

Two WhatsApp on iPhone

How to install two WhatsApps on one phone if it’s an iOS device? This option is also possible. You will need a special TuTuHelper software.

It is installed similar to the Android system:

You can make a second account by following the algorithm:

How to Enable Dual Apps in Samsung Mobile & Works For All Samsung Devices

  • Launch the safari browser.
  • Type TuTuHelper in the search bar.
  • Agree to download developer certificate.
  • Change security settings: settings. basic Winner Media. trust.
  • Activate TooHelper, authorize notifications.
  • Find WhatsApp in the list of software.
  • Turn on the download to the device.
  • Provide access to the developer under JiaNaHaiWei beforehand.
  • Launch the app and register with number confirmation.
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Thanks to the developed instructions, how to install two Vatsapa on one phone. is not a troublesome task. You just need to follow the sequence of actions and use proven sources.

Use WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business. Is the business version of WhatsApp. It is not originally intended for home users, but for practical purposes it can be used as a client for a second phone number.

Download and install the WhatsApp Business APK file, you can do this by clicking the green button Download, which we offer here by following the usual steps.

After installation, set up and confirm your second account with a second phone number.

install, second, whatsapp, samsung

Start setting up WhatsApp Business

Keep in mind that using WhatsApp Business converts your second number account to a business account, and your contacts will be able to see this information. In addition, all your contacts from your personal account will be imported into your business account.

How to have two WhatsApp accounts on Samsung Galaxy A51?

You are certainly using less and less text messaging on your cell phone, have no fear, you are not the only one in this case. In fact, with the development of 4G, online messaging apps, most people use messengers like Messenger or WhatsApp. They are much more practical than our simple SMS, because they are instant and offer more features, such as sending small videos or lots of photos, as well as much more complicated things via MMS. However, some people who have a work and home phone number may find it helpful to link two accounts with these apps. It is in this article that we will explain to you how to have two WhatsApp accounts on the Samsung Galaxy A51?

You’ve certainly tried to realize this before you’re in this article, it’s not very intuitive. To help you in your search, we’ll first see if it’s possible to do this manipulation directly from the app, and then through a specific app.

How to get a virtual phone number?

WhatsApp has quickly become one of the most revolutionary advances in communication since the advent of SMS. Mobile network operators used to charge for text messages sent via SMS, but WhatsApp offers its users free text messaging services. All you need is:

WhatsApp, with more than a billion users, has outpaced traditional texting and continues to grow by the day.

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However, one of the main disadvantages of the app is that you can use one WhatsApp account at a time because your phone number can only be linked to one account.

Why you need a second WhatsApp account?

There may be several reasons why you might want to do this:

  • If you don’t want any or all of your contacts to contact you on your main phone number.
  • When you don’t have an additional number to create a second WhatsApp account.
  • If you don’t want to create an account with your phone number for privacy reasons.

Lucky for you, there are several apps that provide a temporary number with which you can set up an additional WhatsApp account. Such applications also eliminate the need to enter a one-time password, which is usually sent to a registered cell phone number. Instead, the app does it all.

How to use WhatsApp on Android with two numbers at once

Despite the fact that just a few years ago smartphones with two SIM cards were practically absent from the market, over time they have become the perfect norm. With the ability to use two numbers, millions of users have been able to separate private life from public life, using one SIM card for personal matters and another for work matters. But after all, the life of modern man is not limited to phone calls only. Many people communicate exclusively through messengers, but do not have the ability to use two accounts independent of each other. We tell you how to bypass this restriction.

Using two SIM cards and only one WhatsApp? It’s not an order

First, you’ll need to set up a second WhatsApp. Somewhere it is quite easy to do, and somewhere more complicated. Some manufacturers are adding to the firmware of their smartphones the ability to duplicate the same apps. If memory serves me correctly, it is Huawei, Honor, Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi and Asus. Perhaps if others, but I know nothing about them. We’ll look at cloning on the example of my Honor View 20, which supports this function.

install, second, whatsapp, samsung

How to make WhatsApp for two numbers on one phone

Some WhatsApp users want to have two accounts on their smartphone. For example, a work account is registered to one phone number and a personal account to another. But in WhatsApp, you can’t use more than 1 account on one phone. Questions arise: can you bypass the blocking, how to make WhatsApp for 2 numbers on the same phone.

In this article we’ll look at whether it’s possible to use WhatsApp with two accounts on the same smartphone, is it possible to link two SIM cards to one WhatsApp.

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This software is also successful in installing a copy of WhatsApp on Android. So far the program is not available in the official store, so to install it, you need to go into the settings of your smartphone and allow “Install applications from unknown sources” in the “Security” section.

After downloading OGWhatsApp you need to follow a certain algorithm of actions:

  • Activate the “Backup” function in the already functioning WhatsApp messenger
  • Change the name of the application to WhatsAppold in the file manager
  • In “Settings” go to the “Applications” section and clear the program cache
  • Delete WhatsApp from your mobile device
  • Next, rename WhatsAppold to OGWhatsApp and re-register for the number to which the previous account was linked.

After that, you need to go to Play Store and download the official WhatsApp application. It’s necessary to register an account for the second phone number.

Installing two instances of WhatsApp on one Android device

The first option to consider when stating the need to get two instances of WhatsApp messenger on one mobile device is to clone the software in the Android environment.

Note. It is advisable to clone WhatsApp only in those Android OS variants where the tools to create software duplicates are integrated by their creators (Huawei EMUI, Meizu Flyme OS, OnePlus OxygenOS and many others). If your smartphone does not have the system tools to clone applications, in order to solve the problem from the title of the article, it is better to use the following instruction “Method 2”!

Next, getting a second instance of messenger is demonstrated using the toolkit from Xiaomi’s MIUI package (in other modified Android OS variants the algorithm is essentially the same, but the specific actions may differ).

    In order to ensure cloning, the “first” WhatsApp client must be present on the Android device. But the factors of authorization in the service and the completed setting of the application do not affect the process of creating its duplicate. That is, if you ensure the functioning of two applications “from scratch”, you can simply install the messenger by any of the available methods and, without even opening it, proceed to the next step of this instruction.