How to install a widget on LG Smart TV

Getstv app for LG Smart TVs on Webos

This version of the GetStV application is designed specifically for LG Smart TV TVs on the Webos operating system.

The largest base for every taste, updated daily, new items appear immediately after the premiere in the cinema. Are launched in the most accessible quality up to FHD.

Root права и сторонние приложения в одну кнопку для тв LG

Constant updates as new episodes exit. In VIP series, you can choose any voice acting from the series and the quality of the picture to FHD. The transition between VIP and SD by series by the channel switching button on the CH remote control.

When choosing low quality, the choice of channels will be blue, the middle one is green, VIP. Yellow. The same color is marked in the chosen one if you added channels of different categories. With repeated entrance, the quality was launched before the exit. In VIP TV shows more than 600! TV channels, more than 100! In HD, all channels are conveniently divided into categories.

Paid section, videos of 18 of any category and country. Entrance from the main menu by button in. The input password can be installed in the settings section.

Time correction. If time does not coincide with yours, it can be changed.

Automobiles of the next series. When watching the series, if it ended, then the walking series is automatically reproduced if it is.

Remove all tags. All marks from series in all series are removed.

Delete everything in the chosen one. Everything is clear here.

Default reset. Returns all settings to the initial form.

Favorites. Common for TV shows and films, quick access from any section. For TV channels separately in the section itself.

Tags in the series. Installation of the label on the series, as well as a quick launch from the mark, by the button. When choosing a series, if the label was previously installed, an appropriate message will be displayed.

install, widget, smart

Each section in the lower panel shows available buttons and their functionality.

How to add applications to LG Smart TV

Since there is no Android SMART-televisors, it may be difficult for you to download and install applications on LG Smart TVs. But do not worry, having got acquainted with this leadership, you will no longer be a specific user of LG TV. There are two ways to install applications on the LG Smart TV. These methods should work with almost all LG Smart TVs. So, let’s start with the first way.

LG Content Store can be defined as PlayStore for all LG TVs operating Webos. The store has many applications that you can install and choose from them. To simplify the task, these are the steps that you can follow to add applications to LG TV from the LG content store.

  • Make sure your LG Smart TV is connected to the Internet.
  • On the TV remote control, click the “Home” button.
  • It will open LG Content Store.
  • At the top of the screen you will see the category “Applications”.
  • Select it to open a list of applications available in LG Content Store.
  • Select the application you want to add and click the installation button.
  • Then you can start the application on your LG Smart TV after it is installed.
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What will happen if your memory is LG? You can always connect an external drive, such as USB, to store your applications on it. Please note that you cannot install applications. Sometimes there may be applications that you want to install on your LG TV, but are not available in your country. So you are doing? Well, the only way to get these applications is to change the country of LG services to your LG Smart TV. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the settings on your LG Smart TV.
  • In the settings, go to all the settings, and then to the general.
  • Select “Location”, and then “LG country” LG “.
  • Now choose the desired country.
  • After you have chosen the country, you will be invited to accept the agreement. Read the agreement and click yes.
  • Now your TV will reboot to make changes.
  • After restarting the TV, just go to LG Content Store, and you will see new applications that you can view and add to your LG Smart TV.

How to find a widget on Smart TV

Through Play Market

Through the Play Market app store, you can download software for most TV models of different manufacturers. Android TV widgets used in Philips and Sony devices are officially available in Google Play.

  • On the remote control, click on the “Home” button and go to the application menu.
  • Find in the list “Google Play” or “Play Market”.
  • In the search bar, enter the name of the applications that you want to add.

Via Samsung Apps for Samsung

Samsung Corporation has developed its own Samsung Apps widget store. It contains Tizen OS platform applications.

  • Go to the Smart TV menu using the button on the remote control.
  • In the Smart hub integer in the middle of the screen, click “Samsung Apps”.
  • If there are no icons, update the applications by clicking on the “service”, and then. “update of applications”.
  • Find the desired program through the search line or using thematic categories.

Via Game World with LG

  • On the remote control pan, click Smart TV button.
  • Click on “LG Game World”.
  • Use the line of searching for a particular application or study the categories of games.

Using Fork Player for Sony

Fork Player is an adaptive application with which you can watch videos, create playlists and all this without installing additions. All information is taken directly from sites with video content and converted into its player format. Additional widgets cannot be downloaded through applications, but you can watch any movies online.

Apps for LG Smart TV

About the same way, the Smart TV is installed by the LG application. The whole difference is only in the location and names of the menu items. To enter LG Apps, we use the “Home” or “Smart” button on the remote control-on different models it can be called differently.

Next, scroll through the arrows to the “LG Store” item.

We find ourselves in a similar samsung catalog. We are interested in the item “Appendix”. We go into it

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Everything is the same. Information about the application. For installation, press the corresponding button on the screen.

In the event that you do this for the first time, the service will ask you to make your account in LG or enter from under

This is done simply, as in any service. Prescribe a real email, Adaite password for entering, indicate other data. All according to the list.

After that, confirm the registration with the specified mailbox, enter under your username and password and return to the TV widget installation menu. Once again, we start the installation and at the end we rejoice in the launch of the program.

How to connect the Internet to LG TV

In order to use the application store from the manufacturer’s company, you must first register your own account. This operation is carried out on the official website of LG. For registration, you will need an email address to which a letter will come with a request to confirm actions.

Advantages of FORKPLAYER over a standard browser

There are several main advantages of FORKPLAYER:

  • Fast work compared to the browser TV built into the operating system.
  • Lack of advertising before and while watching a video.
  • The presence of a much larger number of services than can allow the official store on Smart TV (for LG it is LG Content Store).
  • To expand the functionality of the TV, it is often necessary to install many additional applications. For example, an application for viewing channels through IPTV playlists. FORKPLAYER in many cases additional television programs are not needed. A lot of popular services and functions are already built into the Fork player. Everything is in one place and works much more manufacturing more than official applications.
  • Forkplayer navigation is performed without a mouse and complex control of the cursor with a conventional button remote control. Control resembles moving on folders, starting the desired content. There is no cursor on the screen, and all actions can be performed with arrows and button “OK” on the remote control.

In addition, you can conveniently configure the starting screen of the multimedia player. So, immediately after starting the application, it will be possible to open the desired service in a matter of seconds and start viewing content. In a constructed Internet browser, this cannot be done. Yes, on the main screen of the web browser there is a tile with the most opened sites, but the data can be regularly replaced.

A pre.Installed browser is demanding on the resources of the TV, so it can slowly work, start to slow down over time, freeze. With a lack of memory, spontaneous closure of the browser is not excluded.

Forkplayer for LG Smart TV allows you to get rid of the problems described above. Viewing becomes much simpler and more comfortable.

How to establish, procedure


Since the installation of applications without an account is impossible, it is necessary to create an account. To log in to the system, you need to perform the following actions:

  • The Settings button is pressed on the remote control.
  • In the “Quick” section find the “Account Management” button.
  • Create an account.
  • At the end of the registration, the “agree” button is pressed.
  • To enter the system as a login, it is recommended to use an email address and a password is entered.
  • The next step will be an email confirmation and registration is completed.

In order to make it convenient to create an account, it is recommended to connect a computer mouse to the TV. Then it will be easier to enter the text.

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To confirm email, you can use the browser on the TV, but the best option would be to use the computer. To do this, go to your mailbox and follow the specified link to the LG Smart World website. There will be an inscription confirming the completion of registration.

After all manipulations, you can enter your account on TV. To do this, an email address and password specified during registration are entered into the login window for the login. If the data is entered correctly, then information will appear on the screen notifying the successful entrance to the account. After that, you can start installing APK on Webos.

Как устанавливать и удалять приложения на Смарт ТВ LG | Топ 5 приложений

Installation with LG Apps Market

If the LG Smart TV TV has an Internet connection, then you can start installing programs for Webos. Do this as follows:

  • In the list of applications that appeared as a result of the manipulations, they find the right;
  • Be sure to get acquainted with information about the program and clarify its price;
  • At the next stage, you need to click the “Install” button;
  • To install a paid application, they fulfill all the indications that they will appear on the TV screen;
  • All operations are confirmed by the OK button;
  • After the program is installed, it is opened by going to Smart Home and clicking on the folder

If the application does not work, then possible errors should be corrected. And it can be:

install, widget, smart
  • Lack of connection to the Internet;
  • The application is not suitable for this model;
  • The TV lacks memory to install a new application;
  • The user did not enter the account.

If, after correcting these errors, it is not possible to install the program, then you must definitely contact a professional. With insufficient amounts of memory on the device, you can delete applications that have not been used for a long time. To do this, enter the section of the installed services and click on the “Delete” button near the selected program.

Connecting a new device

In the lower right corner of the window, we go to the Target Configuration tab and click the New Connection icon.

In the window that appears in the Device Type field, select LG Smart TV, in the IP Address field, indicate the address from the Developer Mode application and press Finish.

Press the right button for the added device and select Properties.

In the window that appears, in the Passphrase field we enter the value from the field of the same name in the Developer Mode application. Press the Apply and OK button.

Next, click again with the right button for the added device and select Connect.

install, widget, smart

We send the application to the TV, click the right button to nam the project. Run as. 2 Webos Application.

In the window that appears, in the Target line, select the previously connected Webos_TV TV and click the Apply. Run.

We are waiting for the application to be installed on the TV and automatically start.