How to install applications on a SD card Xiaomi


How to combine the memory of the phone and memory cards on Xiaomi Redmi 7a

The transfer process itself is much easier than formatting:

  • Go to the “Settings” section “Applications”
  • Open the application that you plan to transfer
  • Click the “storage” “external drive”
  • Ready: You transferred the application to the memory card

How to combine the memory of the phone and SD android cards?

Turn off the smartphone, insert a memory card (microSD). The phone should be charged by at least 15-20% (do not allow the discharge during the adjustment and association procedure!). Turn on the phone. If the memory card is clean, there will be a message about the detection of the SD card and you will be invited to configure it.

How to combine phone memory?

First you need to insert a memory card, and then go to “Settings” (depending on the version of Android, this item can be in the section “Additionally), where to select“ Storage and USB drive ”. Click on the “map”, then go to the upper right corner of the screen and select “Configure”. “internal memory”.

How to make the applications be installed on the memory card?

Instructions for the Android Marshmallow 6 version.0 and above

  • Insert the SD card, open the notifications curtain and click “Configure”. You can use the SD card as a portable storage, or as an internal storage.
  • After that, all data on the smartphone will be installed on the default memory card.

How to connect a memory card on Xiaomi?

Go to the menu and select the “Memory” section; Choose the function “extract a memory card” or “clean a memory card” and expect the process to begin; After completing formatting, the function “Connect the SD card” will appear.

How to download applications immediately on a SD card with Play Market?

Method 1. Previously bought in Play Market download to memory card

  • We go to the “phone settings”, select “Applications”, then “Applications Management”.
  • Next, select the right application and click “Transfer to Microsd”

How to combine the memory of the phone and memory cards Xiaomi?

Classical method of combining memory

  • Go to the “Settings” menu (on some devices in the “Additionally” menu) and find the “Storage and USB-drives” item.
  • In the new window, click on the menu item located in the upper right corner of the screen and select “configure”, and in the submenu that appears. “internal memory”.

How to make a memory card with the main memory of the phone?

How to format SD memory card as an internal memory (example for Android 9.0)

  • On your smartphone, go to the settings. Storage.
  • Click on the menu button at the top right, select the “Storage Settings” item, and on the next screen. “Internal memory”.

How to combine the memory of the phone and memory cards Samsung?

Classical method of combining memory

  • Go to the “Settings” menu (on some devices in the “Additionally” menu) and find the “Storage and USB-drives” item.
  • In the new window, click on the menu item located in the upper right corner of the screen and select “configure”, and in the submenu that appears. “internal memory”.

How to make an external memory card to an internal?

  • Install the SD card on the Android phone and wait for its recognition
  • Open the storage settings
  • Touch your SD card name.
  • Touch three vertical points in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Click “Settings”.
  • Select format as internal memory.
  • Click “Clear and format”

How to make a cater card with the main memory on samsung?

If you use the Samsung phone with Android 9 OS,

  • Go to the Internet application.
  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • Slide on the item “Websites and loading”.
  • Indicate the “place of saving files”.
  • Taping the “Memory Map”.
  • The settings are used.

What to do if the phone does not save on a memory card?

  • Make sure that there is free space on the external drive. Open the “Memory” section in the phone settings or connect the device to the computer.
  • If there is a free space, but you can’t write anything on it, check the file system file system.
  • Make sure the drive of the drive.
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How to increase memory on Samsung?

Free space can be expanded by deinstaling unnecessary applications: we go into the settings of the gadget. Select the “Applications” menu.Using built.In Android functions

How to transfer applications to Redmi 7a to a memory card through a phone settings in 2022

If you need to transfer applications from the main memory to the memory card installed on Redmi 7a, then this can be realized in various ways. For example, you can do this without a computer, forces of the smartphone itself.

install, applications, card, xiaomi

It is important to note that this does not work in MIUI 9 and later versions, so you have to use external software.

install, applications, card, xiaomi
  • We take a working microSD card and insert it into the phone.
  • We cross the path of “parameters”. “storage”. An icon with three points in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • We go into the “Storage settings” and select there the item “Format as internal memory”.
  • At the end of the formatting procedure, the carrier, which invariably leads to complete cleaning from all information stored on it, you can transfer current utilities.

The transfer of software is as follows:

  • Open “parameters”. “applications”.
  • Select the software that you want to move to a removable drive.

When there is little memory on the phone, removable drives are used. In the case of Redmi, you have to act in the same way

If for some reason you want to return the program to the main memory, we do this:

  • Open “parameters”. “applications”.
  • Choose the application that you want to transfer from the memory card to the main memory.
  • Click “storage”, then. “move into the main memory”.

After several seconds of waiting, the application will return to the place. At the same time, we note that this is far from the only way to solve the problem.

Three ways how to transfer applications to an SD card

Note! The editors of the site are not responsible for the procedures you done. There is a risk that the operations below can somehow harm the coordinated work of a mobile device. Further actions perform at your discretion.

The unification of external and internal memory is the official method

This function is called Flex Storage and is official. The user can format the diabeter as a permanent drive, as a result of which the volume for storing information will increase significantly.

However, not all manufacturers and not all devices models support such an option. Brands such as Huawei, Motorola, HTC and partially Xiaomi allow us to combine drives, but on Samsung, for example, this is impossible.

You can determine the presence of Flex Storage only at the time of the procedure itself, in the “settings”.

  • Open “Settings” and look for the item “Storage”-“SD-card”.
  • Click on the trotuality, where we select “Storage settings”.
  • Below there should be the tab “erase and format as internal”.
  • We agree.

Before that, we must move photos, contacts, backups to the computer, because after formatting all the information will be erased. We read a warning that too slow work of the storage can worsen the performance of the entire device.

Click “OK”. “move now”. The system will indicate what amount of information can be moved to SD at the moment. Click “Next”. “Ready”. The drives are united, and now you can use a memory card as an internal storage.

Using the Activity Launcher application. Only on miui 10

There is another good method that will be relevant on phones operating under the control of Miyuai 10 shell. On earlier versions (miui 9), this method will lead to the departure of programs.

  • We go to Google Play and look for a tool called Activity Launcher. Download and set the standard method.
  • We open the application, and on the main screen we see the item at the top: “Last actions”. “All actions”.
  • A list of games and programs installed recently has been displayed.
  • Next, click on “Documents”. Additional files appear from which we will need the latter: “Downloads”. Android. Documentsui. Launcheraactivity (name is together).
  • Tap on this file and a new download window opens again. On the left, in the drop-down menu, click “SD-card”. In the upper corner, we need a troete and tab “Memory”.
  • A new window “Settings of the storage” will open, where we pay attention to the section “Internal memory”.
  • There is a screen with a stage of formatting, as in the above version. We agree by clicking “Clean and format”. In advance, of course, we remove the necessary materials from the memory card.
  • That’s all, now the applications can be moved without problems to SD. To do this, we go to the page of a certain application and indicate the type of drive: external or internal.

How to move apps to sd card for redmi mobile phones in MIUI12.

Yes, the operation is multi.Stage and complex, but very effective. In addition, you do not need a root-right.

Special tools for optimizing and cleaning. Not 100% method

This method is already a little outdated, but some programs still help users transfer materials to an external drive. In particular, we are talking about Clean Master, Appmgr III and Link2SD. On previous versions of Android, such tools easily endured the applications, now they are functioning partially.

You can definitely try to carry in this way, but there is no guarantee that it will work. For greater efficiency, try to activate the “SuperPolizer” mode.

Possible errors and solutions

These are bugs associated either with the flash drive itself or with the phone. The third, as you understand, is not given.

You can save the data on the SD card if it does not have broken sectors, it is bought from a normal seller and there is a guarantee for its quality. A million cases associated with the “loss” of files, errors when playing and starting applications, are associated with damage to the memory card. We ruthlessly pull out.

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The following errors: the smartphone writes that it is impossible to install this application.

Helps in each case different.

If the reason is improperly working firmware, then for complete confidence, the development version should be established to exclude the option associated with the absence of a Root-right. Many are experimenting with custom recovery and firmware, where the procedure for pacing and gaining the rights of a super user is greatly facilitated. It is included in the phone settings.

It is also important how they prepared the flash drive for work, performed formatting and marking the sections. The same restless ones with Castom can reap the fruits of their work: flash drive marking is possible not in the computer, but right on the phone from under TWRP or CWM of the recovery. These functions are all spelled there, just insert the memory card into the smartphone.

The transfer of data to the Xiaomi card today has become much easier, the paths appeared in the settings of the smartphone itself, the new applications learned to solve problems with the transfer. I think that it will not be difficult for you to understand the simple issues related to changing the amount of memory in the phone.

Possible problems and ways to eliminate them

Difficulties may occur depending on the selected method when transferring applications to a memory card:

  • Applications icons disappear from their old place. To prevent this from happening, in the settings of the desktop, the option “Protect from changes” should be activated;
  • The volume of memory shows inaccurate information in the “Storage” menu. Many complain about this problem, but it is impossible to solve it in any way. The fact is that the proprietary shell does not support the unification of the internal and external storage at the system level, which is why a similar visual effect appears;
  • The phone does not see the external drive before or after the combination. To fix this, repeat the process of combining memory.

How to move applications to the Xiaomi SD card via phone settings

On Xiaomi phones with Miui 8 or earlier versions of this shell there is an integrated option for transferring applications to a memory card. To use such a function, you need to go to the list of installed applications (through “Settings”), select the required application and, by moving to the program menu, click on the “Move to the SD card” button. Using this method, you can move most of the applications to the memory card. If any applications cannot be transferred (this happens), then you will have to resort to other transfer methods.

If MIUI 9 or later version of the shell is installed on the smartphone, then the presented method will not work (approval is relevant at the time of writing). To achieve the goal, you will need to download special programs or use the functionality of computer software designed to transfer files on mobile phones.

Methods of transferring applications

Immediately note that you need to start the process by inserting micro SD in Xiaomi, if you suddenly decide to configure first, and then insert you nothing to come out. There will be no necessary options in the settings, since the mobile gadget, without seeing the alternative, will not offer anything. The same thing is touched on the installed programs, it will not be possible to transfer. Since you will not see anything there. The application installed in the internal memory of the application, so it will remain in it.

The method is carried out on the example of Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro, enough “old” device. There were mention on the network that Miui does not allow you to configure the movement using system settings, but this is not that the truth. Links were given only to separate latest flagships, where, they say, this algorithm was spelled out. Now see the opposite.

We go to settings. All applications. Sorting by name. Documents.Documents in Xiaomi settings

In the application, we include documents. In some firmware, nothing needs to be done, everything is already included there.Appendix Documents for Xiaomi

We make all the necessary settings already in the application itself. To do this, click on the location you set and select a memory card.

On the last screen you can see where to click in the end so that the applications are installed on the SD card.

Sometimes something is not going according to plan, many complain that they do not have one option, then the other, then the application gives nothing to do or change anything. I ask you not to rush and double.Check again.

Transfer applications to a memory card to Xiaomi using programs possible, but almost always you will need a Root-right. This must be installed by developing firmware on a mobile gadget and there already in the settings of the device itself to enable permission to Root-right.

First we mention an application that, according to reviews, does not require special resolution. His name is Appmgr III (App 2 SD): set on the phone and go into the program itself. The only thing to do is move the application. True, the list of files allowed to move will be incomplete, something may not be enough. This is the fee for the lack of the rights of the super sex. All of the above is suitable for the simplest solution. Clean Master. Will move without problems, but again, not all. That of course we are not quite suitable for us.

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Another Link2SD program. Has full functionality and will do everything. If there are already mentioned ROOOOT-right and properly divided into 2 sections of the flash drive. Otherwise, get the following picture:

In the first figure, you can see that the program is launched and ready to “send” the “Compass” application. But where will it be exiled? In a correctly configured flash drive, at the very bottom of this Link2SD window, an inscription will appear. On the SD card. It is not at all here, moreover, the system asks you for some action with the SD card, without which it is simply impossible to complete the movement procedure.

So there is a flash drive, but we cannot move anything to it. The free Minitool Partition program will help in this. Town link is taken from the original site.

After the completion of all preparatory work, it will easily be able to move everything you want to the flash drive to the flash drive.

Transferring the cache of the game to the memory card

For our purpose, namely, to move the entire heavy cache to the SD card will help the FOLDERMOUN T program.

Modern games and so they take up a lot of space. But it is especially worth paying attention to the fact that the cache, the necessary component of all games and “weigh” even more. The question of moving arises quite sharply, it is not for nothing that the flagships are supplied with inconceivable phone numbers. Reaches a quarter of Terabayt.

Install the APK file downloaded from the Play Market, and run. Next, the configuration procedure takes place. Indicating and moving specific folders with a cache from the folder from the inner memory to the folder on the external medium. For different games, the names are different, but the meaning is clear.

Transferring the cache of the game to the memory card

As can be seen from the screen, there is source of cache, and there is a destination folder where you need to adjust the data package. To start the setup, you need to press a small plusik located in the upper right corner of the program.

Only a minus-the program is conditionally paid and after three mounts, he simply refuses to work. For full operation, Pro version will be required.

Other possibilities of manipulations with a cache are associated with downloading the game itself and the cache itself. Having downloaded the right one, we insert the folder with the cache on the memory card and forget about it.

Some games show a hint during installation, ask to indicate where to mount the cache. Indicate the optimal path.

We get to work

We need a smartphone working on Miui 10, since the steps described below will only work on this version of the shell, and on Miui 9 they will lead to the collapse and departure of the “Storage Settings” application ”. Android version does not play absolutely any role. The method does not require a ROOT-right, third-party recovery, etc.D. All actions are carried out by built.In means of mobile OS.

Attention! Before starting all the described steps, all data from the memory card must be copy to a computer, laptop, unloading to a cloud. In a word, you need to save in a safe place all the data stored on Microsd, as they will completely and irrevocably deleted.

How to install the application forcibly

Sometimes failures occur when installing the application on the phone or through the computer. In this case, ADB command can be used. To carry out the work, you need to follow several recommendations:

  • First of all, include USB debugging in the smartphone menu.
  • Download fastboot and install on a computer, also put Adb.
  • Do not forget to save the files on the computer that must be put on the phone.
  • Connect a mobile device via a cable to a computer and allow the connection if the phone requested it.
  • Enter the command line of the computer, where to enter “CMD”.
  • Go to the directory in which the ADB file is located.EXE.
  • To check which devices are attached to the PC, enter the Adb Devices command, quotes are not needed.
  • To install the desired file on a smartphone, use the “Adb Install” command, do not print quotes. After checking the correctness of the entered file name, click “Entering”.
  • Then the installation process will begin, which can occupy different times, it all depends on the computer model and the features of the connection. If everything is completed successfully, the message “Success” will appear on the command line.

By the way!

If “Waiting for Device” is highlighted on the command line, you need to allow installation on a smartphone. There will be a pop.Up window on its screen, and which you need to check the phrase “Always Allow from This Computer” and also click on “OK” at the bottom of the page. After that, the installation process will continue.

You need to remember a simple rule-the application APK file must be moved to the same folder where the ADB file is located.EXE.

You can install the application on the Xiaomi phone in different ways, for this it is not necessary to use only a smartphone. Often they use a computer through which different methods are suitable. Both with the connection via cable and via the Internet.

install, applications, card, xiaomi