How to install apps on your Smart TV

TV capabilities for Samsung Smart TV: get the most out of your TV

Simply buying a new smart TV is not enough. Using the TV features for Samsung Smart TV means owning the right information. No matter what digital TV platform is used. Tricolor, NTV or another. Let’s find out what tools and widgets you need to get the most out of your smart device.

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How to download apps to LG Smart TV [including third-party apps]

When it comes to owning the best display TVs on the planet. The only brand that does this perfectly is none other than LG. LG offers a wide selection of Smart TVs for every price range, resolution and even screen size. Since LG Smart TVs run on a special operating system, they have many useful features. One of the best features of LG Smart TV is the ability to install apps. Here’s how to add apps to your LG Smart TV.

TVs are no longer used just to watch TV channels and their programs. Smart TVs have so many uses thanks to the addition of features such as Internet connectivity, smart audio, video, and even the inclusion of voice assistants to control the smart TV. But the most useful feature is support for apps that help run and control other Smart TV functions.

There are many apps available from different categories and for almost every platform. LG TVs in particular run their own WebOS software on all of their Smart TVs. The ability to install apps gives end users the ability to choose from a variety of content they would like to use. Read on to learn how to install apps on your LG Smart TV.

How to download and add apps to your Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Electronics has been making televisions for quite some time. From big old CRTs to LCDs and LEDs and now OLEDs and QLEDs, Samsung TVs have always been popular for two main reasons. The range of TVs and the quality of their TVs. Samsung Smart TVs run on TizenOS, which is different from Android TVs. So, everyone has the same question whether or not installing apps is allowed? Read on to learn how to add apps to your Samsung Smart TV.

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Apps do play an important role in our daily life. Whatever you want to do, there’s an app for that. To send texts, watch movies, listen to songs, check the weather, or find directions, there are apps for everything. And since Samsung TVs are getting smarter every day, it would be a big disappointment not to install apps on Samsung Smart TVs. There are several ways to download apps to your Samsung Smart TV, and we’ll look at those methods in this guide.

How to find a widget on your Smart TV

Through Play Market

Through the Play Market app store, you can download software for most TV models from different manufacturers. Android TV widgets used in Philips and Sony devices are officially available just on Google Play.

  • On the remote control, press the “Home” button and go to the applications menu.
  • Find “Google Play” or “Play Market” in the list.
  • In the search bar, enter the name of the apps you want to add.

Via Samsung Apps for Samsung

Samsung Corporation has developed its own widget store, Samsung Apps. It contains apps for the Tizen OS platform.

  • Press the button on the remote control to enter Smart TV menu.
  • In the Smart Hub interface, click “Samsung Apps” in the middle of the screen.
  • If there is no icon, update apps by clicking on “Service” and then “Update apps”.
  • Find the program you need in the search line or using thematic categories.

Through Game World at LG

  • Press the Smart TV button on the remote control.
  • Click on “LG Game World”.
  • Use the search bar for a specific app or explore the categories of games.

Samsung Smart TV: How to Download & Install Apps

Using the Fork Player for Sony

Fork Player is an adaptive application with which you can watch videos, create playlists, and all without installing add-ons. All information is taken directly from video content sites and converted into your player format. You can’t download any additional widgets from apps, but you can watch all kinds of movies online.

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LG Smart TV Apps

LG Smart TV is a true center of home entertainment. With it you can not only watch the news and live broadcasts, but also re-watch your favorite movies or new releases, find out the weather forecast or follow stock prices, play or chat with friends. The number of special apps for Smart TV is constantly growing. Choose what you want!

If you’re just starting to use LG Smart TV, the pre-installed apps will be enough for starters. In the future, we advise you to pay attention to these applications (some of them are already installed on your new TV):

  • YouTube. Please note that LG Smart TV allows you to use the famous site in full, to see its subscriptions, to put likes and so on.
  • Ivi.Go to. The most popular online movie theater allows you to watch movies for free, but with ads or without ads, but for money.
  • Online movie theater with a wide selection of local movies.
  • Partially free online movie theater.
  • Skype. Please note that for a full video call you need a special webcam compatible with LG Smart TV.
  • Peers.TV. Online television with a hundred channels.
  • Gismeteo. A handy application for those who monitor the weather in their city, as well as in other cities.
  • SS IPTV. An app for watching IP TV. Requires paid activation and purchase of channel packages from a special provider.
  • DriveCast. Application to manage cloud storages. A simple way to watch on your TV a movie that is stored on your computer.
  • 3D World. This application lets you watch colorful 3D videos on your LG Smart TV.

And here are the most popular games for LG Smart TV. They are optimized for LG Magic Remote control.

TV Remote

If someone from the house has proclaimed himself the lord of the remote control from the TV and does not give it to you, install the ” TV remote ” on your smartphone. As you guessed this app isn’t really for Smart TV, it’s for controlling it from your cell phone.

TV Remote supports over 200,000 different brands of TVs. Its design imitates the usual button remote control, so you do not have to get used to it. But in order for it to work, your smartphone must be equipped with an IR transmitter, which, by the way, can be bought separately.

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Different Widgets for WebOS

Widgets, designed for LG Smart TVs, increase the capabilities of the gadget, improve its functionality and are fully adapted to the particular user. But the built-in TV programs are not enough and you have to download and install them yourself.

All widgets are global and local.

LG Smart TVs have both global and local apps built in. But, in practice, people looking for an application don’t even think about what kind it refers to.

Therefore, widgets for LG Smart TV are divided into such varieties:

  • games;
  • social networks;
  • IPTV;
  • Internet telephony;
  • informative;
  • educational;
  • to watch movies in 3D;
  • search engines.

Installing apps and widgets on your Samsung Smart TV

Everyone knows the meaning of such a phrase as “smart device”, because today each of us widely uses the capabilities of tablets or phones. The turn has come to other devices. Next we will look at how to install the application on your Samsung Smart TV.

When you buy such a device, not every user knows all its functions, and there is a huge number of widgets for every taste. The main thing in installing the program is to know the steps of where to go, but it’s pretty simple. Samsung Smart TV will allow you to plunge into the world of all its features contained in the TV.

Installing third-party widgets on your Smart TV (using Samsung, LG, and Philips as examples)

Smart TV is good because the capabilities of the TV can be expanded with widgets. Usually they are installed from the built-in stores, but sometimes you want to add apps from third-party developers.

To make your Smart TV even smarter, install third-party widgets using USB flash drive, ForkPlayer, or IP.application addresses.