How to install Google Play on Nokia XL

Is it possible to use Google Play on Microsoft Lumia?

There are not many applications and games in Microsoft MarketPlace compared to Android and iOS markets, and therefore, many owners of Lumia smartphones and are wondering if you can download Google Play on Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile and install it from it Applications?

Unfortunately, download the Play Market on the phone with Windows will not work, since there is no such application.

To save your time, let’s say that we have already tried on the Internet to find the opportunity to download Play Market on our Microsoft Lumia 520 and 630, and as a result it was not found.

How To Install Google Play Services On Nokia X & X2 in Hindi by Happy for You

There is no paid or free version. Therefore, do not waste your time on search, but take the opportunity to install Android apps on your smartphone (with expansion.APK) that are written below.

How can we eradicate and install the Android Play Market on your Nokia X

Nokia X, published last month at MWC (Mobile World Congress) is the first Nokia Android smartphone, but the Android version is somewhat different from the standard versions are used by millions of users of this system, and this is because Nokia X works as an ASOP (Android Open project Source), which excludes SI APINO applications, include Microsoft Service API SI (this means users cannot install the Nokiakotye website, although it contains a reasonable amount of Android, compare with this one from Google).

If you are already holding a Nokia X smartphone or intending to buy one, and you want you to have access to Google Play and other Google applications on it, you can install these applications if the first root device, like a loader for Nokia X, is partially blocked and the device is not yet publicly available (than those who purchased MWC), there is still a version made to order for this, so the ROOTARE method is different from the usual one used for other android devices, so the Nokia X root, you need the Framarot application, I wrote about how to use here.

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  • To Framarot set the Nokia X, transfer applications on the SD card or a telephone memory, go to settings safety and mark unknown sources below the Admini-Steaming device to give the APK file application to install it (use the File Manager to go to the place where it is stored).
  • After installing Framarotb of the operation of gandalph in this, the root device
  • Then set the application root level Explorer (e.G. ES File Explorer or the root of the Explorer files that you can download the Google APC using the instructions here or here) and download the two use of Google packages whose download links are available at the end of the article (nokiax_gApps Postal SI Nokiax_SomeGoleApps)
  • Make the contents from nokiax_gapps and use the exploreracquis root copy the extracted catalog applications / System / Appendix
  • Then install permits for each of the added both in the screenshot (read for business owner, group SI other SI record only business owner) and RESTART there is a device
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  • After RESTART, the second package application extract (nokiax_somegoogleApps) and install them as usual (just as you installed Framarot and Root Explorern each of them (if you want to use the Google launcher, are now included between the application archive, open it immediately after installation)
  • Then the launch of the Play Market and enter the entry data for your Google account use the store

And ready. After above the instructions, there will be a root smartphone Nokia X and you can install and use them play the Google store, good luck!

How To Install Google Play. Services On Nokia X [Detailed]

Credit: @ XDA developers Kashmalaga

Stealth settings. How to ruin and Install Play Store on the Nokia X Android device

By cleaning the Play Market data

Sometimes an application store does not load updates due to malfunctioning. To eliminate it, you need to reset Google Play data according to the following instructions:

  • Go to the smartphone settings.
  • Open the “Applications” section.
  • Select Play Market in the list.
  • Click on the “Wipe the Data” and “Clean Cache” button.
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Please note that in the course of the operation, all previously saved information will be erased, which applies to the Application store. That is, when you re-launch, you will have to undergo authorization again, indicating the login and password of the Google account.

But to update Google Play on Nokia XL Dual Sim, you will not have to take any additional actions. When the store is re.Launch, the system automatically determines the current version and sets it, and you just have to log in.

How to delete?

I think there will be such users who go to remove the product from their phone. I note right away that it will not work without a root-right, you can only disable the already built-in software. It is important to remember that with Play deactivation, the market will be deleted all the user’s information in the application store, the icon from the list will also be removed.

Removing from shutdown differs only in that the installation file will remain in the gadget’s memory when disconnected. There is no need to receive a ROOT to remove Play Market, you just need to know how to deactivate it. To carry out these actions, the latest new version of the service is required, further actions are as follows:

The service will definitely not work without registration, you will not be able to go into it and download the necessary applications, so you still have to go through these steps.

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Many Nokia users also want to have an application store on their device in which you can find software software. There are not many suggestions in Microsoft MarketPlace, so there is a need to download a Play Market without android. It is easy to install it on Nokia X, this will help the Nokia X/XL Tools programs, as well as Nokia X2 Tools, it all depends on the model of the device. For nokia gadgets you need:

  • Launch and open the aforementioned program. Enter 1 in the window and click Enter;
  • The driver of installation of drivers will be opened;
  • Connect the device to PC, wait for the installation;
  • Turn off the phone and start the program again, enter 4 and Enter.

How to download Play Market on your phone? As you can see, it is quite simple to make it, you only need to perform all the steps in a certain sequence.