How to install IPTV on LG Smart TV

How to Download & Install IPTV for Smart TV (LG/Samsung/Sony)

What is IPTV. Features of connection

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a new broadcast format that is connected directly with the Internet. All modern TVs support this format. Broadcasting is carried out via the Internet without the use of traditional cable or satellite connections. Over, the quality of services is at a much higher level.

This is an interactive service transmitting via the Internet television signal to the user, as well as the possibility of feedback. When using the format, you can provide high quality image and sound, which is extremely difficult to achieve by traditional methods of connection. Do not forget about the possibility of expanding the functionality of the device. You can install additional applications for SMART TV for IPTV, increasing the convenience of using content.

Thus, the service provides not only television, but also unlimited access to the Internet, as well as the possibility of feedback. It is feedback that makes the use of an interactive format so attractive.

Image quality

Smart IPTV services can provide the user with the highest image and sound quality. There will be no problems find the desired content in HD or Full HD formats. However, the final quality directly depends on the speed of access to the Internet.

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Traditional methods of connecting through a cable or satellite plate cannot provide such high quality, since they are limited by the characteristics of those signals that go from the provider. IPTV also allows you to use content on any medium, whether it be a TV, tablet or smartphone on Android.

The capabilities of the viewer

High.Quality IPTV work is impossible without a good broadband Internet connection. The speed should be as high as possible so that there are no problems with the transfer of large file files. This is especially true for lovers of watching films in high resolution.

It is worth noting that the equating IPTV with full television is still quite conditional. This is not television in the literal sense of the word, but simply providing the user with the necessary content.

The data transfer method is most similar to the usual cable TV. However, the principle of action is different.

IPTV allows the viewer to use the following advantages:

  • The ability to record a broadcast and see it at another time;
  • TV show can pause, and then resumed from the right place;
  • No need to be attached to a pre.Installed list of channels;
  • The user independently forms a list of the desired content;
  • Free access to the main channels;
  • Wide selection of topics;
  • High image and sound quality.

No need to connect the TV separately using cables or antennas. Payment is exclusively for broadband Internet access. In some cases, you will need to buy additional equipment in the form of a prefix or router. However, these costs will quickly pay off.

You can use interactive television from any Internet device. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs. Favorite channels will be available everywhere.

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Channel management and services can be carried out in real time. No need to specifically contact the operator to connect a package. IP TV significantly expands the functionality of a regular TV, allowing it to make a full.Fledged multimedia center with the possibility of using browsers (chromium, opera, etc.), as well as the possibility of conducting video shifts.

Typically, interactive TV supports the function of providing the user with a program for each Russian channel. Any film or program has a detailed description that allows you to make an idea before watching.

Watching television channels on Smart TV LG

The main difference between Smart TVs of this popular South Korean company from previous models is the presence of a special digital block. This block allows the owner of the device to use all the advantages of Internet television if there is a network connection.

However, to watch ordinary television, the owner of a Smart TV can be safely dispensed with without installing an Internet connection. Currently, the territory of Russia is covered by digital broadcasting, and 20 free information and entertainment channels are available to all users living in this territory.

Owners of LG SMART Televisors will be able to view public channels if they are connected to the corresponding connector that supports the DTV-2 standard (if there is no such entry, you will have to buy a special TV setting additionally), on the back panel of the house of the house or small-about 6 inches-rooms-room The antenna will be performed by a simple setting using a remote control (PDU):

  • Open the “menu”;
  • We go to “Settings”;
  • Select “channels”;
  • We go into the “Search for channels”;
  • Select the source of the signal in the form of “etheric TV”;
  • We activate the “only digital” link, launch “Avtopoisk” and confirm our actions;
  • We expect the end of the process and leave the “menu” with a simple click on the OK button.

Before setting, it is recommended to select the integse language so that the notification on the TV screen is displayed in the user user. It is easy to do this. We just take a television remote control and go along the following path: “menu”. “settings”. Three points. “common”. “languages”. Select the tongue in all sections. “OK” (“Ready”). In addition, in the General section, it is recommended to set your region, as well as the date and time.

In such a simple way, the owner of the LG TV can connect to watching all.Russian channels. You can expand the list of broadcasts by connecting cable, satellite or IP-television. At the same time, cable and satellite TV (“tricolor”, “megaphone” and other operators) are connected according to a similar scheme, but the installation and configuration of IPTV is possible only if there is a sustainable and high-speed Internet connection.

Where to find IPTV playlists

To do this, go to Google/Yandex, who is closer and drive a search query, something like: “IPTV playlists” and the search engine will give you a bunch of links, choose anyone and download this playlist. At the first stage, it is not particularly important which playlist to download, the main thing is to understand how it all works, in the future you can download any lists without any problems and, if necessary, for yourself to make such a playlist that you like. After all, in fact, this is a list of channels, with Internet links. All. Nothing complicated. I think I’ll write an article later on how to create or edit IPTV playlists.

So, they found a playlist, downloaded it to our computer and again return to the tab with the SS-IPTV website.Com. Press the “Open” button (1) and load the downloaded playlist:

A list of channels should be displayed on the page and right there, you can immediately edit it:

  • For example, to change the channels, just point the mouse cursor to the desired channel. The cursor will change to four arrows in different directions and drag it.
  • Or remove unnecessary channels by pressing the icon with the basket:

After editing, press save (2) (do not forget this)

Next, again we return to our TV, to the SS IPTV application. And in the upper right corner you click the icon “update” (also do not forget to update if you edited the playlist on the site):

And the program should be loaded earlierly downloaded and loaded playlist:

Click on the point “My playlist” and you will open a list of channels, this is how it looks like:

Next, just select the desired channel and see. True, not everything is so simple here, the lists are free, they are freely available, they often bath, often a lot of channels do not work, especially paid. Here either constantly download new ones, or look for another way out, here the choice is yours.

Also, IPTV television can be watched through FORKPLAYER, who does not know what it is, then here is an article how to install Forkplayer, and how to set up fork player for yourself.

Connection and setting for common TV models

The TB receiver model plays an important role when connecting IPTV without a prefix. Below are the options for installing and setting up IPTV digital television for different manufacturers: LG, Philips, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, as well as TV based on Android.

LG Electronics is a South Korean company, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of household electronics and equipment.

  • Go to the LG Content Store app store.
  • Download the SS IPTV program to the TB receiver.
  • Find on the Internet / take from our article any playlist with channels / films, download it.
  • Go to the settings → “General” → “Get Code”. Fix it on paper.
  • Go to the official service of the SS IPTV application-https: // ss-iptv.Com/ru/users/playlist. Enter the code received earlier in a special window, click “Add the device”.
  • Open the downloaded playlist on the main page of the application → “Save”.


Koninklijke Philips N.V Dutch transnational company. IPTV setting for Philips TV receiver is based on FORKSMART widget.

IPTV connection is as follows:


Samsung Group (Samsung groups). South Korean group of companies, widely known in the world market as a manufacturer of high.Tech electronics. The setting here is slightly different from the described above.

  • Download the archive with the OTT Player application to the computer. Safe download link. Https: // Disk.Yandex.Ru/d/zqneq.Iae4d0og.
  • Take any flash drive → Create a folder called “OTT Player” → Copy files from the archive folder → Place the File in the corresponding connector of the non-working tb.
  • Turn on TB. The application will automatically appear on the menu.
  • Create your page on the official website of the application by clicking on the link. Https: // ottplayer.ES/. Sweet the main page to the end, you will see a window for authorization / registration. Use the data of the created account to enter the TB application.
  • Find on the Internet or take any playlist with channels / films from our article, download it. Go to the specified site to “Playlist Management”. Make marks opposite devices for which playlists are allowed.
  • After that, load any playlists from the computer.

OTT Player is also suitable for TB LG. In the case of this model, you do not need to download anything in an additional order. You just need to download the application itself from the store (according to the same scheme as SS IPTV). And add a TB device through “Management”.


Android TV is a version of Android OS, created specifically for TB and multimedia consoles. It allows you to watch movies from Google Play, online broadcasts, video from YouTube, etc. P.

There is nothing complicated in setting IPTV on Android TV TVs:

  • Go to TV to the Google Play official store, download the right application (IPTV, Lazy IPTV, etc.
  • Set up a downloaded program on the principle of application on TV LG.

Sony Corporation (“Sony”)-Japanese transnational company with headquarters in Toky. Vintra applications.TV or SS IPTV will open the way to use IPTV on TB Sony Smart TV.

IPTV setting on LG TV using applications

View IPTV channels on LG TVs is easily carried out after loading one of the relevant applications. A corresponding Internet connection is required and access to LG Apps Store. What to do:

Following these steps, the user can enjoy watching a high.Quality video and choose broadcasts at his discretion. Sometimes to connect the service, you must conclude an additional agreement with the provider. You can find out if your IPTV provider provides channels on your website (or by calling their hot fishing line for a trimmer).

OTT Player

This method involves the installation with flash disk. First of all, you need to download the Webos OTT Player application to your computer (preferably from the official website). Then unpack the downloaded archive file for Smart TV in the main disk directory. Then insert the flash drive into the TV, enter your account.

When the system detects a new device, it is necessary to determine the path to the file by moving to the catalog. If everything is correct, then a new widget will appear on the menu.

SS IPTV application (Simple Smart IPTV)

Setting wired Internet connection (LAN)

One.1 Connect the LAN port on the rear panel of the TV to the LAN free port on the router using the LAN cable appropriate length.

One.2 Press the Smart button on the TV remote control and go to the menu. Select the setting menu item;

One.3 Go to the Network tab and select the Setir Connection subparagraph.

One.4 Press the “Configure” button “. (Configure Connection).

One.6 In the window that appears, select the Wending Network and click “Update”.

One.7 wait until the TV connects to the network.

After connecting to the wired network, press the “Ready” button.

Input and registration on the portal

2.1 Press the Smart button on the remote control of the TV and go to the menu. In the upper right corner, click the “Enter” button.

2.2 Create an account on LG Apps by clicking the “Register” button.

The LG account is an account that allows you to register once, and then use one account and password to use all services on LG sites, namely: LG Smart TV, LG Cloud, LG Smart World (Mobile), LG Smart ThinQ, LG Smart AirCon.

2.3 The user must read and accept the “User Agreement” and “Privacy Policy”.

2.4 Enter the name of your email address in the Email field. By clicking on the “authentication” button, you need to check the possibility of registration in a mailbox.

2.5 Make a password for your LG Apps account. Enter the password from 6 to 12 characters, it must contain both letters and numbers. Then click the “Register” button.

2.6 You will receive an email with a request to register, open it and click the “Fill Registration” button. You will automatically get to the LGAPS website. The registration is completed on this;

2.7 Return to the TV and click on the “No” button in the hint, click the “Exit” button on the remote control. Press the Smart button on the remote control and go to the menu. Press the Enter button in the upper right corner.

2.8 Enter the data provided during registration: email address and password.

2.9 A request for entering additional data appears, click “No”. Automatic return to the main menu.

Installation of the SS IPTV application

3.1 Press the Smart button on the remote control of the TV and go to the menu. Select the window “Intellectual World”.

Preparatory stage

So, you brought home a brand new Smart, turned on, attached a cable, and he broadcasts ordinary channels in ordinary quality. What’s the matter? Deceived in the store? No, this is not a deception. To watch IPTV, you need 2 things:

  • An agreement with the operator to connect the service (it is not free, but affordable). By the way, after its conclusion, you can access free content.
  • Special application for viewing IP TVs. Installed on the TV. The bulk of such programs does not require payment.

On the first point, I think there is no explanation, but with one of the popular and freely distributed IPTV programs-Simple Smart IPTV (or SS IPTV), we will get to know each other better. On her example we will master the installation of IP-television.

SS IPTV player installation and configure on LG TV

Previously, the SS IPTV application on LG TVs could be installed in two ways: directly via TB and using a flash drive. But today it can only be taken from the LG app store.

Installation of the application through the store from LG

In order to install the program on TB, you need to go to the LG Content Store store. It is present on modern top models of LG TVs with the Web OS operating system. On TVs with NETCAST OS (most often, this is TB produced before 2014.) the store is called LG Smart World.

The integration in two these stores is almost the same, so we will consider only one of them. The installation procedure is shown on the example of the LG Content Store store.

After the installation, you can proceed to the loading of the playlist.

Loading an internal playlist (by code)

To download your playback list, you need to take such steps:

  • Go to the settings (in the upper right corner of the gear icon).
  • Go to the “General” section (left in the column). Next, so that you open access to the connection, click on the “Get Code” button.
  • Remember or write down a one-time code, and follow the link-http: // ss-iptv.Com/ru/users/playlist
  • Enter the resulting code in a special window and click on the “Add device” button.
  • Next, select the desired file on your computer and click “Save” so that it is downloaded.
  • After that, an icon with the name “My playlist” will appear in the appendix.
  • Next, you can download any playlists.

Only one internal playlist can be loaded, and it must correspond to the officially adopted M3U format. The loading of a new internal playlist automatically leads to the grouting of the old.

How to run HOMEIPTV on Smart TV LG

Polelists from OTTCLub

Ottclub provides many channels in good quality to connect it, you need to go to the site. Register, confirm mail. Immediately after the activation of the mail, you will have a free trial period. To get a link to the playlist, log in to your personal account. On the main page, click “How to watch” and follow further steps: if suddenly, you have not installed SS IPTV, OTTCLUB will also provide you with instructions:

On some TVs LG brands may arise problems with IPTV reproduction. These are models on the Webos platform, they do not support multicast. This is a form of broadcasting, in which IPTV works. Additional measures are needed to work in this case. The solution will be a proxy server that will allow you to convert UDP protocols to http. T.E. After starting the server in its settings, it is necessary to note a checkmark opposite the “converting UDP to HTTP”. Additional information will also be required. IP address and port.

Using IPTV for LG SMART TV is making the TV more comfortable. Now you can choose the playlist you like and do not waste time leafing on uninteresting programs. Downloading and installing the application does not cause difficulties, you can understand the intricacies of playlists the first time. If there are problems with reproduction, you need to check the settings of the router.