How to install the app on your Smart TV

Standard installation

When an account has been created, all further actions will take place through the personal account from the TV menu. The list of available programs is quite large, but in each region it may be slightly different, because there are regional

You can install the Smart TV application, local channels, etc. Despite the diversity of TV models, the application installation algorithm is generally the same and consists of the following steps:

  • Register and sign in to your personal account;
  • Entering the application store with the remote control;
  • Sort your choices as you see fit;
  • Selection of the desired program;
  • Getting acquainted with its description and cost;
  • Agreeing to the manufacturer’s requirements;
  • Downloading, installing and launching.

Speaking of applications designed to watch TV channels and movies online, it is worth noting the presence of such programs that allow users to watch videos in 3D. TV channel packages depend directly on the provider.

How to Install Any App in Smart TV that is Not Available in your TV Store

In order to choose the best option for you, you need to spend a few minutes for a brief overview of the most current offers today.

Using LG App Store

LG Smart TVs use WebOS platform. Which includes app management. As with many other smart TVs, LG includes a bundle of pre-installed streaming apps that are displayed on the home screen.

You can add more apps to your selection by following these steps:

Press the “Home” button on the remote control.

Launch the LG Content Store from the home page.

In the LG Content Store, select an application category or search for an application.

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Select the application you want to download.

Select Install. The app will start downloading.

If the app requires a fee, there will be a notification and additional prompts for payment options.

Once the app finishes downloading, you can immediately launch it or access it via ” My apps.


Here you also need to click on the SmartHub button and then on the “A” button in red to register as a user. You will see “Samsung Account” in front of you. In the free field, enter the password that the TV will generate for you. After that press “Login” and go to installation. To do this, you must:

  • Log in under your registered name;
  • Go to the “Service” section. To do this, press Tools on the remote control;
  • Select “Develop (Developer)” by going into the settings;
  • Now select “IP address” and enter the desired IP in the blank field;
  • Update the list of programs by clicking on “Synchronize User Apps”, under “Development”.

How to download and install the YouTube app on your Smart TV

For some reason, the YouTube app on Smart TV can be removed. For example, in June 2017, YouTube was removed from TVs older than 2012. This happened because the old version of the widget (a small program that performs a certain function) of YouTube was no longer supported, which was no longer relevant due to the hardware capabilities of the TV. Other options are also possible when the software was removed, for example, because of the TV system reflash. Ways how you can download YouTube to the TV and install this application again, we will consider in this article.

Installing apps on a Smart TV

Each TV manufacturer has a different operating system on which the device runs. There are unique widgets developed for it that help control the interface. The rest of the applications can be downloaded from a special store.

You can download and install applications for Smart TV without the help of a technician. Stick to our guide, and you’re sure to get through it:

The search results will display the available versions to download. Select the latest one, that is, the one displayed at the very top. You need to choose the option that corresponds to the architecture of the TV processor. If you don’t know which one is suitable, download all of them. During installation, the system will determine which one is appropriate for your TV.

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Now you will see the APK file. Highlight it and press “OK” on the remote control to download.

The software installed this way will most likely not show up on the main screen as a nice tile. If you hold down the Home button on the remote control and open the menu with quick access to installed applications, they will not be displayed here.

How to install third party apps on your Samsung Smart TV

Any Smart TV comes preloaded with apps that make using your Samsung Smart TV convenient. However, Smart TV is not just a TV, but also a device with additional features. So sometimes you may need to install additional third-party apps, and most importantly, you can.

How to install third-party apps on your Samsung TV using a USB or flash drive

In this case you need to download the APK file via your computer and download it to a flash drive or USB stick. This is more convenient since you’ll be using the browser on your computer.

  • Use your computer’s browser to find the APK file on a reliable website
  • Download the APK file to your computer
  • Save the APK file to your flash drive or USB drive
  • Insert the flash drive or USB drive into your TV
  • Open files and folders
  • Select the APK file
  • Press install button
  • Confirm the installation
  • Follow the instructions on the screen

However, sometimes it happens that you do not have a flash drive or USB flash drive nearby, but you still do not want to use the Samsung Smart TV browser.

Can I Download and Install Play Market on Hisense, DEXP, Panasonic TVs?

The listed TV manufacturers have chosen to go their own way, creating and promoting an operating system of their own design. Hisense TVs use Vidaa, DEXP. Opera TV, Panasonic. Firefox OS.

  • DEXP. You can’t install apps from external sources on your DEXP TV, but you can activate apps that are already built into the memory, but are currently inactive. In most cases, we are talking about several browsers. To activate them, you need to open “Settings”, then “Device Settings”, go to “Applications”. In the “App Permissions” block you should open “Storage”. All that remains is to activate the disabled programs.
  • Panasonic. It is not possible to install Play Market on Panasonic TV if it is Firefox OS, but it is easy to do if the TV is based on Android. In this case the app store must be pre-installed, in a pinch you can download it as an APK file and install it. Firefox OS TV users can use the Apps Market.
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How to register

You can access the list of applications through your personal account, which you need to register for yourself. Without a personal account installation of additional programs is simply impossible, so you must create an account right away.

The sequence of actions when creating an account:

From the remote control press the Settings button;

Select the Quick section and the account management item;

Choose to create an account in the menu and click on all the items that appear;

After clicking on the button to agree to the terms and conditions;

Next, enter your email (which will later serve as your login), your date of birth, and come up with a password;

Log in from a computer, laptop, tablet, phone (it does not matter) and check the specified email, where you need to confirm the account registration;

Return to the TV and go to your personal account;

install, your, smart

Go to the applications menu and choose to install any application you like.

The procedure is not complicated, on average requiring from the user ten to fifteen minutes of time very slowly.