How to install the application on Android qr

QR code reader for Android

QR code (Barcode) is a kind of coding, analogous to barcode. True, you can encode absolutely everything with it and it doesn’t matter where it is pictured. For example, it can be read from paper as well as from a regular monitor or TV. Quick Response is, roughly speaking, the same barcode, only matrixed. two-dimensional. It was developed by the company Denso Wave. Let’s find out what Barcode is used for and how to read a QR code on Android gadgets.

The area of application of the matrix code is much higher than that of the bar code. It can be used not only for goods, but also for websites, pictures and sculptures, entire cities, applications, and even your social page. In general, absolutely everything can be marked with such a cipher. But why do you need it??

So, let’s understand how to use a QR code on Android. For example, in the store you are interested in a product. You direct to a matrix picture of your tablet, with a pre-installed program, and you’ll see how it begins to scan the image. Then there will be an automatic redirect to the producer’s web-site. You can find out everything about the product: the country of production, positioning in the product range, etc.

Also the Quick Response encryption has proved itself in tourism. Now you don’t need a tour guide. Point the camera to QR near the work of art and you’ll get comprehensive and reliable information about it.

The matrix designation is widely used in advertising as well. So, reading a review article about a game or product, you can go straight to the manufacturer’s resource to download the application or buy the product.

How to scan QR code on Vertex Impress Lightning

QR code is a kind of barcode in the form of a square that is used for transmitting information. Nowadays such codes have become extremely popular and have started to be applied in all spheres of life. In order to get the information encrypted in this simple square, you need to scan the QR code on Vertex Impress Lightning. It is possible to perform this operation in several ways, each of them will be considered further.

Direct scan QR code on Vertex Impress Lightning

First, it is worth distinguishing between direct scanning, as well as reading the information from the photo, which is a QR code. In the first case we are talking about this type of scanning, where the image of the code is located on another object (such as a piece of paper or a stand). The second type of reading. decoding information directly from the phone, where the QR is located. To begin with we suggest talking about direct scanning, as it is used more often.

Through the Camera app

With a high degree of probability your phone already has a special reader, which is available through the application “Camera”. True, everything will depend on the firmware version. The more relevant it is, the higher the chance of finding the desired function. Scanning in this case is performed in the following way:

  • Start the “Camera” application.
  • Go to the QR code scanning section (may be located deep in the settings).
  • Point the viewfinder at the code so that it fits into the virtual square.
  • Press the shutter button.

If you have followed all the requirements of the instruction correctly, the result will be displayed on the screen, encrypted in a QR code. It will be a link to a page on the Internet or a short text.

Via Google Lens

The code reader is also integrated into the Google Lens app, available in Play Market. It can be used in cases where the “Camera” does not have the functionality we need. Google Lens is available by default on all Android smartphones, so you can run it on your Vertex Impress Lightning without downloading additional software:

After completing the last step, you will be redirected to the page encrypted in the code, or you can read the author’s registered text. The same awaits those who decrypt the QR through a separate Google Lens app.

Third-party software

The functionality of the code reader is not only available in the standard app or Google Lens. It is also found in third-party apps. For example, you can decode the code through the “QR Barcode Scanner”. The program is available for download on Play Market. After installing the additional software, all that remains is to follow the steps outlined above when considering Camera and Google Lens.

Pay by QR through the bank app

If the QR code reader is needed to pay for goods or services, then the best way to decrypt it will be to use the application of the bank. Let’s consider the implementation of the technology on the example of online banking Sber:

  • Launch the program.
  • Go to the “Payments” section.
  • Select “Pay by QR or Barcode” option.
  • Point the viewfinder at the subject.
  • Press the shutter button.
  • Review the transaction details and confirm the payment.

Scan QR code on Vertex Impress Lightning from a photo

If the code is not located on a separate object, but saved on Vertex Impress Lightning in the form of a photo or PDF file, you can also decrypt the information. You will need to:

  • Highlight the photo (PDF file).
  • Go to “Send.
  • Choose as the recipient of the app to read.
  • Confirm Send.

Choose carefully the program for sending. If it is a link encrypted in QR, you can use the usual “Camera”. If you need to pay for any product or service, it is better to send a file directly to the bank application. Also, the ability to download a ready-made image for scanning is available in many programs.

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Lightning. Paxful Help Center

Lightning is a system based on the Bitcoin network, with which users can send BTC instantly and with low fees.

When you send or receive funds via Lighting to Paxful your Paxful bitcoin wallet balance is used. You can use these BTC for any transactions you normally make on the platform.

install, application, android

Note: The Lightning network is currently only available on the web version of Paxful, but we are working on making it available for mobile devices.

Lightning is supported by many BTC wallets and exchanges and is typically used to send small fractions of bitcoin (micropayments).

  • Create a Lightning account. You can do this in the wallet you are sending BTC to, or the owner of that wallet can create an account for you. Make sure the app or exchange supports Lightning transactions.
  • Go to the Lightning tab in your Paxful Wallet.
  • Press Send.
  • Paste the bill you received or scan the QR code.
  • Confirm the amount to be sent and click Pay.
  • Your transaction will be processed in seconds. Please note that all Lightning transactions are irreversible.
  • Go to Lightning tab in your Paxful wallet.
  • Click Receive and enter the amount you want to receive.
  • Transfer the created account to the wallet you want to receive the payment from, or scan the QR code.
  • You will receive BTC within seconds after transaction start. You don’t have to wait for a confirmation, and all transactions are final.

If you send BTC via Lightning to Paxful, you will be charged 1% commission of the amount you send. There are no fees for receiving funds at Paxful via Lightning.

If you received the funds through a Lightning transaction, they will be credited to your Paxful Wallet balance. When you send or receive funds through Lightning, it uses your bitcoin wallet.

Is there a built-in scanner in Android 7 and 8?

There are two ways of using the scanner function in Android 7 or 8.

Google Screen Search is an underrated feature that few people use, and for good reason. To use it to read codes,

Google Lens app

This utility works in Android 6,7 and higher. It only makes sense to install it separately until version 9, where Google Lens is already installed initially.

Using third-party qr-scanners.

There are many third-party applications allowing to read and process graphical code. Among them, we would like to mention:

How to download the Piastrix wallet app on Android and iOS

We recommend to download Piastrix Wallet mobile application from official website only, to avoid downloading cracked applications with viruses that can lead to losing access to your account and funds on your account.

From Piastrix payment system there are official applications for such operating systems as:

To download the official Piastrix wallet application to your phone you will need

  • Login to the personal cabinet of your Piastrix purse (you can do it from the phone using the official web-site, so you can install the application on it).
  • In the menu click on your profile icon and select “Application” in the drop-down menu.
  • On the page that opens follow the link and download the application for Android or iOS, and then on the same page generate a unique QR-code or a secret key with which you will tie your Piastrix purse to the mobile application (the code can be scanned through the application or entered directly in the application at the first start using a secret key instead of a QR-code).
  • After tying the application to the wallet set the unique PIN-code, which will be entered when you log in to the application.
  • That’s all! The Piastrix Wallet application has been successfully installed.

Important: The QR code or the generated secret key can only be used on one device (phone) and cannot be transmitted to third parties.

How to save a QR code to your phone on your iPhone

If you have an iPhone and want to know how to save a QR-code in your phone, know that even in this case you can save corresponding codes both manually and automatically via applications designed for this purpose.

Manually saving QR codes

If you want to save QR codes manually you can take a screenshot or save an image containing the code.

In the first case, to take a screenshot, do the following.

En iPhone with face ID, you must simultaneously press the side power button y el volume up key ; in iPhone with home button, instead you must simultaneously press the start button and the volume up key.

If you want to save an image containing a QR code in the gallery, tap and hold your finger, select Save Image from the open menu and voila.

Later, you can read the saved QR codes by framing them with another device or by importing an image of the code into a QR code application, such as those listed below.

Barcode scanner and QR

If you want to scan and save QR codes on your iPhone at the same time, I recommend using Barcode Scanner and QR, the same Android app I talked about in previous lines, also available for Apple smartphones.

The app’s interface and operation is a bit different than what we’ve seen for the Android version, but I guarantee that it’s still very easy to use. As for the price, the basic app is free with ads that can be removed for 4.49 euros.

With this installed and running QR and Barcode Scanner, give the app permission to access the camera from your device and scan the QR code to read it and save it in your history.

To find it later, all you need to do is tap the history tab (top right) tap the URL corresponding to the QR code you are interested in and open or share it using the Open y Share buttons, visible on the new screen that opens.

Other QR code applications

There are many other applications for reading and saving QR codes on the iPhone, which are worth considering. Listed below are some that I hope you find useful.

How to download via QR code?

Externally, this is a square barcode that has been used as a way to store information on a machine-readable label. It is possible to “save” absolutely any data in the code: from a link to a website to a whole text fragment of up to 4000 characters. QR codes are quite simple to create with the help of special applications and online services.

Engineering Codes for Android

No matter why you need matrix encryption. As mentioned, you can encode your account, other contacts or a photo and, for example, print it on a business card or make a print on a t-shirt so that anyone can read the data through your device.

If you read the code quickly and easily, it takes a couple of minutes to create it. The generator is used for this purpose. The easiest way is to use the qrcoder There’s nothing hard: select “What you need to encrypt” and follow the instructions step by step.

When the service presents you with a matrix image, you can save it for later use or download a link to it. Now you can read the code with your tablet, share it with your friends and do what you want. it’s yours forever!