How to install wink on your Samsung TV

Download Wink Wink Ultimate

You constantly write that the problem with this or that source, so I share as safe as possible links where you can download the original Wink application and modifications of Wink Ultimate

Устанавливаем Wink от Ростелекома на телевизор Самсунг 8серии.

Of. versions

Also, you can install Wink on LG and Samsung Smart TV. To do this, open the app store and search for.

Mod. Wink Ultimate version

Google Drive (for mobile devices):

Wink Mobile v1.25.1 arm32:

Wink_1.25.1 arm64:

Google Drive (for Android TV):

I recommend Wink-ATV-1.20.1_CMist_arm7arm64

All versions of the applications are easy enough to install and you can start watching. You don’t need to configure anything!

  • open the app store on your TV;
  • In the search box, type the name: “Wink”;
  • Install Wink on your LG Smart TV (or other TV that supports the app);
  • add it to the home screen (for further convenience);
  • sign in to your account.

If there is a search button (Lupa)-Enter the name of the app from the on-screen keyboard.wink. In the window that opens click “Install“. If the app is already installed, the “Open” button will be displayed After installation is complete, launch the app Wink.

Wink supports Samsung Smart TVs released between 2013 and 2014, as well as the company’s devices on the Tizen operating system, production of which started in 2015. In addition, LG Smart TVs with operating system WebOS version 3 or higher have full support.0.

To install the Wink app on your TV, you must use your LG account. Press the Domik button on the remote control and select the LG Content Store icon. After launching LG Content Store, select search at the top of the screen.

Subscription-based content available

Wink gives you several rates to choose from. Each includes a different content:

  • Starter. Access to TV channels only. Number. 160. Price of subscription is 320 per month.
  • Optimal. Also, only TV channels are open for viewing. There are 185 of them. The package price is 420 per month.
  • Advanced. Limited to TV channels, but their number is more. 210. The package is named for the expanded set of programs for entertainment and knowledge. Price 620 / month.
  • Perfect HD. User gets access to channels broadcasting their content in HD. Subscription price is 299 per month.
  • For Your Own. The most inexpensive way to watch popular TV channels. There are only 115 of them in the package. Price 199 / month.
  • Special subscription for TV channels, movies and TV series. The package allows you to watch channels where the main part of the content is films and serials. You can subscribe to a variety of videos.
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Content available by subscription

Consider the rates and content that is provided in each package subscription.


In this package the user has a minimum list of TV channels: 160. No other features are provided.


This tariff has an extended list of channels: 185 pieces. There are channels for all ages among them:

Monthly price of 420.


This Wink for Smart TV tariff is also limited to only TV channels, which are slightly more than the previous two: 210 pieces.

install, wink, your, samsung

Установка виджетов на тв Samsung SmartTV старых моделей не с официального сайта

As stated on the official website, the package has an increased set of entertainment and educational programs.

Pay 620/month for your subscription.

Perfect HD

Available for 299/month. Exclusive HD channels in high definition will be included for this price.

For Your Own

The most budget-friendly option for 199/month. Includes 115 of the most popular TV channels with movies and TV series for all tastes.

Special subscription to TV channels, movies and TV series

For movie lovers, there are tariffs that include all sorts of channels broadcasting only movies and serials, as well as open to subscribe to different movies:

  • For the holidays, 13,000 movies and TV series for 399 a month.
  • For movie buffs, 14,000 movies and shows for 599 a month.
  • For connoisseurs of 170 TV channels, 18,000 movies and TV series for 749 a month.
  • Amediateka Home of HBO over 100 TV series and 4 TV channels for 299 a month.
  • CinemaVIP 120 TV channels, 1400 films and series for 379 a month.
  • For entertainment 180 TV channels, 14,000 movies and TV series for 699 a month and more.

Some users try to unlock paid packages on their own, sharing their knowledge online. It is not recommended to do this, such actions are illegal and can cause serious trouble.

When the APK file appears on your phone, select ” Applications ” on the home screen, then open ” Samsung ” ” My Files “. Select ” Internal Storage “, then navigate to where to save the APK file. Click on file. You will go through the process of installing the application.

It remains to prepare it to install widgets on Samsung Smart TV. Open USB flash drive. Create a “userwidget” folder.Samsung

  • Connect the flash drive to your computer.
  • Open “Computer” and right-click on the drive.
  • Select “Format”.
  • Select the file system FAT32.
  • Press “Begin”.

How to install third-party apps on your Samsung Smart TV

Any Smart TV comes pre-installed with apps that make using your Samsung Smart TV convenient. However, Smart TV is not just a TV, but also a device with additional features. So sometimes you may need to install additional third-party apps, and most importantly, you can.

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Installing Samsung Smart TV widgets from a flash drive. The fastest way

Hi there! Today will be a short post. And we will talk in it about installing widgets from a flash drive on our favorite Samsung Smart TVs. This is a very easy way, takes no more than a minute.


Actually, installing Samsung Smart TV widgets from a USB drive, while simple, has one big advantage. In this way. The previously installed user applications are not deleted. That’s very convenient.

So, in order to install the application from the flash drive, you need to have NstreamLmod already installed. Now go here and download the applications you need. There’s so much to choose from.

Then move the widget archives you want to install to the USB stick. I draw your attention once again to the fact that it is necessary to download the archives. That is to do with the downloaded files in general nothing, and this is good:

Now go to your TV, turn it on and plug your flash drive into the USB connector on the back:

Pay attention to the marking of USB sockets:

Keep that in mind. Because if you connect a USB flash drive or a USB-HDD to the USB connector (5V 0.5A). They are not detected in the system.

At this step, enter the Smart Hub menu and run the previously installed NstreamLmod widget. In its start list, select the item “USB Scanner”:

Click on any of them to start the installation:

At this step the installation of Samsung Smart TV widgets from USB flash drive is completed! Now exit the Smart Hub menu and turn off the TV.

Then turn your TV back on and enter Smart Hub. The new apps will appear on the home page, or on the ” apps” tab in 2013 TVs (F-series):

Note that all apps installed this way are labeled “User”, which means custom.

Now let’s talk about the nuances of installing widgets on Samsung TV from a flash drive.

First. If you have an evaluation version of NstreamLmod application installed and the free trial period has already expired, you won’t be able to install the applications using the method described above.

However there is a way out and it is very simple. To do this, start Lmod and select a playlist from “Tsnakemana” in the start list:

Then click on “USB Mass Storage” and repeat the whole procedure above:

Second. Sometimes an error message is displayed when installing widgets:

Do not worry, as a rule, the installation process goes to the end. After turning on the TV again, the application appears in Smart Hub.

Well, we’ve understood how to install widgets from flash drive.

And now let’s look at the example of the author of the article, what kind of applications were installed and whether they can compete with NstreamLmod playlists.

install, wink, your, samsung

So, from the archive, the link to which was given at the beginning of the article, the following widgets were downloaded and installed:

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First: music Clip You:

A lot of quality video clips. All content is divided into categories and sections, navigation is convenient. A good app, for sure.

Second: View 3D volumetric photos

Third: Master Karaoke. The name speaks for itself:

This is, as they say, for the soul. Quite a wide selection, there is something to sing:

This will connect a microphone to the TV and go. The author himself has not yet tested in the work of this application, but over time, be sure to do so.

You will need to see how to connect the microphone to the TV, invite your friends to visit for a beer and hang the neighbors.

That’s it. About the most interesting and useful told. Now installing widgets Samsung Smart TV should not cause you any problems. But if anything, please comment, we will discuss.

Here’s a look at the technology of the future these days. Car is parked without a driver.

How to set up a wink

To watch IPTV you need to download the application Interactive TV. Then you need to do the following

  • Set up (if not configured) the Internet connection on your TV;
  • Go to Samsung Apps;
  • Find and download interactive television (currently available only in Wink widget);
  • Once installed, the program will be on your desktop, you just need to launch it to use.

In order to configure Rostelecom on Smart TV, you need to register after downloading the application. All you need is your email address and password. You can also log in through your social network account on. Odnoklassniki, or MailRu. After confirming your registration, you will need to specify your region. No additional settings are required, everything is very simple and accessible.

In any case, if you have any questions or difficulties, it’s best to call the toll-free number 8 800 100 08 00. But sometimes the following problems can occur with the application:

  • The program does not start or freeze. Your TV’s hardware resources may not be sufficient. In this case you need to close other open widgets. You can try to update the firmware version of your TV;
  • channels are not displayed. This could be the time zone; you’ll need to check the appropriate time and date setting;
  • Failure to open some channels. The problem could be the time zone. Also make sure that you have paid for the package.

If the problems occur frequently, it is recommended to reinstall the application. Resetting the TV to factory settings can also help. Also check the quality of your Internet connection.