How to install word on the iPad

How to Install Digital Certificates on an iPhone or iPad

Society is moving rapidly toward digitizing various online procedures, as well as eliminating visits to physical locations for other registration. To be able to authenticate online in front of any organization or company, you need to have a certificate verifying that it is you. This is similar to authentication with an identity document, but in the online world. In this article, we will explain how to set up a digital certificate.

Before you install a digital certificate, it’s important to know exactly what you’re going to enter yourself. iPad or iPhone. Below we will tell you what you should know about it.

What is a digital certificate

A digital certificate. is a computer file that has the electronic signature of a specialized service provider. We usually always refer to public key certificates, which are issued by a public authority that verifies a signature with a specific signer. These certificates have a key that is associated solely with your identity, as a kind of DNI. And the thing is, you can find these certificates in your own DNI, which you can update to ensure that it is secure and also authentic.

But they’re not limited to electronic DNIs, as other government agencies are also making this type of all-digital file available to users that can be stored and run on an iPad or iPhone. No doubt, if you need to identify yourself to the administration or any private company, this certificate should always be installed so that your identity can be verified.

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Basic use on your devices

Digital certificates are vital today, especially in contacts with public administration. It allows you to identify yourself online in a convenient and, above all, safe way to perform various procedures as if you were performing them in person. Your signature will have full legal validity for the various related procedures that usually force you to go to the office in person.

In the case of a computer, this system of procedures can always be done with the electronic DNI itself. It forces you to always have a reader at hand to enter it and digitally sign it. This is not possible with the iPad or iPhone due to limitations of the operating system itself. In these situations, you should always choose digital certificates that can be conveniently installed as if they were a configuration profile, such as a beta. It is always highly recommended that they be installed.

You can use an iPad or iPhone to perform any type of data management or query. During the initiation of the process at this point, you can detect the certificate at this point so that it can be conveniently identified. Obviously, you should also be very careful with this type of certificate because it includes all your personal information and can be used to impersonate your identity at any time. But it is not limited to government administration, but can also be used, for example in front of various private organizations to sign contracts.

How to turn on the speaking (reading aloud) text on the iPhone and iPad

To use the text-to-speech function on your iPhone and iPad, follow these steps:

Open “Settings” → “Universal Access” → “Oral Content”.

How to enable talking (reading aloud) text on iPhone and iPad

Activate the switches next to “Spoken Word” and “Screen Out Loud.

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Enable Speech Controller. Speech control buttons if you like.

You can change the voice of the voiceover there in the Oral Content section of the Voices menu.

Once you’ve followed these steps, just highlight any text and a new option. “Speak”. will appear in the pop-up context menu.

But that’s not all. The Speak function is able to read aloud entire screens and even turn pages in the Books app, allowing you to fully turn any text into an audiobook. On an iPhone or iPad, swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen. A special menu will appear, where you can specify additional playback (voice) options.

How to search in Notes?

Press CtrlF or F3 on your keyboard to find a word or word combo on your laptop or PC. This combination is standard on all browsers (Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, IE, Yandex browser, Safari). If you’re looking for it on a Mac, type the combination. ⌘ F.

Is Microsoft Word free on your MacBook?

Microsoft Office apps are also free for smartphones. On your iPhone or Android phone, you can download Office mobile apps to open, create, and edit documents for free.

Interesting fact: there is a version of Microsoft Office written specifically for Mac. So you can use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on a Mac just as you can on a PC. macOS also provides built-in support for the latest version of Microsoft Exchange Server.

How to open a digitally signed file?

Use the top control panel to go to “File” and select “Open. Navigate to the location of the SIG file, select it and click the “Open” button. To make the files visible, you need to change “Text Documents” to “All Files” in the “File Name” line.

Right-click the cell where you want to insert the underlined space, select Borders and Fill again, and click the Borders tab. In the Style group, choose the type, color, and thickness of the underline you want.

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How to change the text on an iPhone photo?

Enter a URL or search term in Safari. to find websites or specific informationYou can search for a specific word or phrase on the page.

Step two: get your sources

First, you need to find and download the font (or fonts) you want to install.

You can download the font from the app itself. In iFont, for example, you can click the “Download” tab at the bottom of the app to see a list of fonts. Google Font Library. You can then find any font in the library and click “Get” to download it to your iPad.

You can also download fonts from the internet. Go to the font download site in Safari and click the download link. If the font is available as a or.otf, you will see the option “Open in iFont” or your application of choice.

If you don’t see “Open in iFont” or a similar option for the font app you selected, click “” and select “Copy to iFont” or whatever app you’re using.

You will be prompted to import fonts from the downloaded file into the font app. You can also save fonts to a place like iCloud Drive and then import them from any font app you use.

How to change your Windows 10 user account name (login name)

Although file sharing has come a long way, there is still no single way or service that can.