How to keep your iPhone charged. How long does the battery last on Android?

Why do you need to monitor the charge cycle indicator on your iPhone?

The batteries are the most vulnerable point of a modern smartphone. While previously the button phone only needed to be charged 1-2 times a week, the smartphone needs to be recharged almost daily.

Unfortunately, even using it correctly and following all the company’s recommendations can’t guarantee that the battery in your iPhone won’t eventually need to be replaced. But it is important to understand the condition of the battery so that you know whether you need to replace it or not.

Like any other modern phone, the battery in the iPhone tends to age and wear out. And when the situation reaches a critical point, the user is sure to notice it. So, for example, your smartphone can randomly shut down or charge very slowly. But luckily there’s no need to expect a critical condition thanks to the iPhone‘s ability to check charging cycles.

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Quick commands

Switching to iOS 14 the new version of the mobile operating system, which is regularly updated, compatible with Apple products, is only a matter of time. In addition, after the upgrade of the operating system the user of the mobile device gets a lot of interesting widgets, which allow you to personalize the gadget as much as possible.

  • In iOS 14, there are brand new widgets that can be added to the home screen.
  • Widgets will be displayed in standby mode at the exact moment when you need them.
  • Widgets differ in size, as there are small, medium and large widgets.
  • Interactive widgets can be placed on the Home screen and repositioned on the Home screen according to the interests of the phone’s user. For this, the developers suggested using the rotation feature to change the placement of widgets on the main screen.
  • To add completely new widgets, you just need to use the icon. which is at the top of the screen on the left. Hold your finger on the blank screen to change widget placements and add new ones. This is one of the most effective ways to personalize the iPhone home screen.

Updated widgets include Weather, Calendar, Maps, and Quick Commands. Thanks to Quick Commands you can automate quick commands and add them to the “Home” screen and group them into thematic folders. Quick commands can also be launched quickly without having to close other applications the iPhone user is working with.

The team at the American company, headquartered in sunny California, has introduced a fairly new feature for the cell phone market. to change the sound of a charging device when it is plugged in. Although brand connoisseurs are rather ambivalent about such changes, comparing such a way of personalizing a mobile device with Android capabilities. For some users, even the classic sound of the phone when the charger is plugged in is a demonstration of commitment to the brand values and developments of the Apple team.

How to charge your iPhone correctly to preserve the battery

Some helpful tips published by Apple for properly charging and conserving battery capacity.

Apple tells you how to charge your iPhone to get the most out of your battery.

Any lithium-ion battery will eventually need to be replaced. It is designed for a certain number of charge cycles. Plus, battery life depends on how the battery is charged and operated.

A standard battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity after 500 charges.

To see what is the maximum capacity of your iPhone‘s battery, see “Battery Status” in the settings. “Maximum Battery Capacity. This indicator is the ratio of the current capacity of the battery to the original 100%.

keep, your, iphone, charged, long, battery

Some useful tips published by Apple, for proper charging and preserving the capacity of the battery:

  • Apple recommends removing covers while charging, as they provoke heat, and this, in turn, negatively affects the capacity of the battery.
  • For the same reason you should not use your device in freezing temperatures.
  • If you want to temporarily store your iPhone, it is better to charge it halfway, turn it off, and then feel free to put it away for a long time.
  • Only original accessories. Yes, it’s important. By the way, it is not necessary to use cables and power supplies from Apple, it is enough that they were just certified. You can identify them by the inscription MFI (Made For iPhone) on the box.

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Should you change the battery on your iPhone, and when should you do it?

If one of the above situations arises, do not panic under any circumstances. It is necessary to take into account all the points and if the situation has not changed to contact a workshop. Battery replacement is a frequent service provided in service centers.

You should not worry if the battery began to work poorly after 2-3 years of continuous use of the phone. After all, like anything else, the battery has the ability to wear out and almost always after 3 years needs to be replaced. Of course, the user can carefully use the smartphone and the need for repair may not arise so quickly. But if it has already happened, there is no need to worry. After replacing this component, the phone will continue to work perfectly.

How to save the battery on your device?

There are several methods that can help extend the life of these devices. Among them are:

  • Do not allow the smartphone to be completely eliminated when the battery will be completely discharged. The peculiarity of Apple products is that they have no so-called memory effect. Given this point, it is recommended to put the phone on charge before it turns off. Connect the device to the electricity when the ostensible: not less than 10-20%. And even more useful, but not always this recommendation, charge already at 50%.
  • Do not overcool and overheat. The biggest enemies of lithium-ion batteries are cold and heat. That is why you should not keep your phone in bad conditions. Without damage you can use your smartphone at temperatures from 0 to 35 ° C. They should be kept switched off and stored at.20 to 45 ° C.
  • Only use the original charger. When using the iPhone this point is especially important. It is better not to risk and immediately buy a quality charger. You should not choose a device according to its price, but only trust a trusted manufacturer.
  • Charge your smartphone without the case. The battery may overheat in its protective case and should be removed. To estimate how badly the phone is affected by the protective accessory is quite simple, you should touch the phone during the process of charging. If it is hot it is necessary to free it from the cover immediately.
  • It is necessary to completely discharge the device every three months. If the user is going to follow the first rule, it should also mean that chaotically charging the phone is also harmful. This is why experts recommend that once every three months to fully discharge the smartphone. And it is necessary to carry out all this only according to a certain instruction. After the phone is completely eliminated charge it to 100% for 10-12 hours. This trick will help reset the bottom and top charge levels.

As for improving battery life, there are also some recommendations. In particular:

keep, your, iphone, charged, long, battery
  • It is necessary to use the power saving mode;
  • reduce the brightness of the display;
  • Set a minimum time for locking;
  • exclude background application updates;
  • Completely disable all application themes;
  • Set ad blocking in Safari;
  • it is necessary to turn off the automatic Wi-Fi network search mode;
  • turn off AirDrop;
  • Disable the ability for apps to track geolocation in the settings;
  • prohibit iPhone from keeping track of your last visited places.

Do I need to discharge my new iPhone 11?

Don’t charge or discharge the battery completely on your device. it’s best to charge it about halfway. If you store your device fully discharged, the battery can go into a deep-discharge state and lose its ability to hold a charge.

Depending on how much time has passed between the date of manufacture of the iPhone and when it was activated, the displayed battery capacity may be slightly less than 100%. The standard battery is designed to hold up to 80 percent of its original capacity after 500 full charge cycles under normal circumstances.

What’s draining the battery on your iPhone??

Only widgets that actively interact with the network or geolocation discharge the device. Even these informers waste power while they are displayed to update data. If you don’t open the widgets bar on your desktop or lock screen every five minutes, their impact on battery life will be minimal.

If you want to extend the battery life of your iPhone or iPad running iOS/iPadOS 14, use as few apps as possible in the background. Turn off Bluetooth if you do not need it at this time. While Bluetooth is on, it is constantly looking for other devices to connect to, which drains the battery.