How to keep your iPhone from locking

Restrict access to your iPhone from the lock screen


Even a locked iPhone shows notifications and SMS, calendar events, and other important information. You can interact with all of these things right from the lock screen, and they are not protected in any way. It’s the same story with Siri. any outsider can get a bunch of your data from it.

There’s a whole section of settings that solves this problem, and it’s in the password settings.

Settings → Touch ID and password → Access with screen lock

There are five toggle switches for the calendar, notifications, Siri, and everything else. Turn them all off.

What else?

The less of your data iPhone shows you, the better. Unlocking it to read a message or use Siri is not that hard, believe me.

They say Apple will block iPhones in Russia, you need to disable system updates. It’s true?

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Rumors have been circulating lately in messengers, Ticktock and Instagram about the “imminent shutdown of iPhones” in Russia. Allegedly Apple will ban all Russians from using their smartphones. Devices will stop working or lose most of their functions after that.

Do not believe such information. I should say right away that this is a useless measure. it will not protect against anything, except the fact that it automatically downloads and installs the current version of the software.

Let’s run through the facts against the unprecedented wave of fakes.

▪ Apple has not said it will block its devices in Russia.

▪ U.S. and European sanctions do not imply or require a service shutdown for Russian users of devices and services. Foreign companies can still provide services to residents of Russia.

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▪ Apple has never unilaterally completely blocked its devices, with the exception of special versions of gadgets designed for show purposes in the company’s brand stores. and that only in cases of theft.

The reality is that the user is unlikely to be able to defend himself against such actions by Apple. And if it can, then temporarily, until the first exchange of data with the company’s servers, and not necessarily through the Internet.

Translation: none of this should happen. And if it does happen, there’s nothing we can do about it anyway.

How to enable and configure screen autolock on your iPhone and iPad

The main source of electricity consumption in modern smartphones is the screen. If it is running at full brightness, then the average mobile device will completely discharge in 3-4 hours. Autolock screen helps to avoid this. For example, if the smartphone owner forgot to lock the device in a hurry somewhere, thereby disabling its screen, the battery can be significantly discharged in a very short period of time. This can create an uncomfortable situation in the middle of the day.

In the operating system iOS in this case there is a function designed for automatic locking of the screen. To enable and configure it, you should launch the “Settings” application, and then go to “Screen and brightness” and select the menu “Autolock” here. There are several options for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners to choose from.

The most popular option. 3 minutes. This means that if you don’t do anything with your smartphone for three minutes, its screen will automatically turn off and the device will be locked. At the same time, a few seconds before the display will fade a lot, so the owner of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will have a few seconds to prevent auto-lock screen.

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If you select the “Never” option, the automatic screen lock will not work. Using such a setting is not recommended, because it can not only significantly reduce the battery life of the device, but also have a negative impact on the screen itself. As you know, the more and longer it is used, the higher the probability of its failure. Why try to tempt fate unnecessarily?

How to temporarily disable iPhone screen lock

Smartphones have become quite a part of our life and we have to work with them in different conditions.

Sometimes the iPhone serves as a hint or reminder of sorts, such as when opening a useful recipe in the kitchen or looking at the instructions while repairing something.

Your hands may be busy or too dirty to pick up your smartphone again and unlock it after a few minutes.

Of course, you can go into the Settings menu Screen and Brightness and disable Auto-Lock, but there is another way to quickly disable the display lock.

How to configure the autolock on iPhone 5

iOS 9 is energy efficient. It was in version 9 that the power saving mode appeared for the first time, which promises to extend the battery life of the smartphone by 3 hours.

If you frequently need to access the phone without having to enter your password every time or put your finger on the fingerprint scanner, you can increase the waiting period before locking or turn it off altogether.

iOS analyzes how we use our device and prompts us to do certain things depending on the time of day, location, and other context. If this kind of recommendation on the lock screen annoys you, do this.

Open “Settings” → “Siri and Search” and under “Siri suggestions” disable the “On locked screen” toggle switch.

If you want, you can disable the recommendations of the virtual assistant not completely, but only for individual applications.

Just find the right one on the same screen, open its settings and disable the “Suggestions from the app” toggle switch.

  • Tap the “Timer” tab.
  • Set the duration and the sound that plays when the countdown ends. Tip. If you want to fall asleep during audio or video playback, you can set a timer that stops playback.
  • Tap “Start.
  • Go to “watch” on your iPhone.
  • Open the “Timer” section.
  • The item “On completion” is set to sound as standard. It can be selected at your discretion.
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Open “Settings”. “Screen lock and security”. “Advanced”. “Screen lock” (in Android 9 Pie and higher, this section is called “Security”). Now just turn on this option and you will be able to lock programs.

First enable AssistiveTouch, if you haven’t done it before: open Settings. Basic. Universal Access. AssistiveTouch. Next, in the AssistiveTouch menu, find the 3D Touch item. From the list that opens, choose Lock Screen. Done!

Auto-lock iPhone screen and power saving mode

Separately, we need to tell you how the screen autolock function works when the power saving mode is active.

Reminder: When the user activates this mode, the battery icon in the upper right corner of the screen turns yellow.

In power saving mode iPhone activates all functions that can reduce the load on the screen. Accordingly, the screen autolock is set to the minimum value of 30 seconds. You will not be able to change this setting.

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