How to know how much a video weighs on iPhone

How to know the size of any file on your iPhone or iPad

One of the major innovations of iOS 12 is the “Quick Commands” app. The new program allows users not only to create a chain of actions to automate daily and routine operations, but also to perform actions that were not originally envisioned by iOS. It’s also convenient that you can activate scenarios with a single button or voice command. Using this article as an example, we will look at how to create a script with which we can quickly find out the size of any file. Although Apple has brought many improvements to iOS 12 and 13, some important features have never been added by developers.

know, much, video, weighs, iphone

Take the built-in Photos, Music, or Books apps as an example. For some reason, users still can’t determine the size of files stored within these apps. it’s simply not possible.

You can only find out the size of the files within the Files app, so users often resort to the procedure of importing photos, videos or documents. And it’s really very inconvenient and time-consuming.

Fortunately, there is a much simpler way to determine the file size. You can even do this without leaving the built-in applications or going through the import procedure. The “Quick Commands” app will help us with this.

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How to free the RAM of the iPhone from Instagram

An application can occupy not only the device internal memory but its RAM as well, which has a negative effect on performance. If the user notices that there are lags, hangs when Instagram is open, it is necessary to clear the RAM.

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Get to know the Health app on your iPhone. Apple Support

Even if the app is not used, it can be running. It can be closed in a few steps.

  • Press the Home key and hold it down until all active utilities open.
  • Find the one you need or that uses a lot of memory.
  • Close with a flip down.

After all power-consuming utilities are closed, the phone should work without interruption. Just check what applications you’re running a few times a day. This way you can save power and clear the RAM.

  • Download Photo Investigator from the Apple Store.
  • Open Photo Investigator.
  • Click on the photo icon (bottom left corner of the screen).
  • Click OK to let Photo Investigator access your photos.
  • Click All photos.
  • Download the free Video Compress app from the App Store.
  • In the settings of the application choose the format of the clip to be saved.
  • Specify the video and the desired output file size.
  • After you save a new video, don’t forget to delete the old one, and empty the folder with the recently deleted files.

Specify the “Get File Details” action and click the “Detail” option. Select the type of data to display “File Size”. Press the “” button again and add the “Show Message” action. To see the file size, open the file and click “Share”.

  • On your desktop, find the Files program icon.
  • At the bottom, go to the “Browse” tab (a button shaped like a folder with files).
  • Next, in the Places tab, choose “iPhone” to view folders in your smartphone’s memory, or “iCloud Drive” to view the contents of your cloud storage.
  • Open the picture in the Apple Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Click the share icon below
  • The Files app will open
  • Open the Files app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the image in step 3.
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Press Albums. This option is located in the lower right corner of the screen. Scroll down and tap Videos. This album stores clips recorded with the iPhone camera.

Open the photo or video you want in the iPhone gallery, then tap “Share. Select the “Save to Files” option. A popup window will appear, asking you where to save the file. The file name will also be displayed here.

Open Image Resizer on your iOS device. Click on the Photos button and select an image from any photo album stored on your device. Once you’ve uploaded your picture, swipe right down the screen to access the Image Size Edit menu.

To see the weight of a photo saved on your computer, just look at its “Properties. Right-clicking on the image and choosing the appropriate item in the context menu will bring up an appropriate window containing information about the width and height of the photo in pixels.

Press the Photos button and choose a photo from your album on your phone. After uploading a photo, swipe your iPhone screen to the right to access the editing tools menu. The app will ask you to change the resolution in percent or pixels.

So one minute of raw video is about 1GB. So FullHD will take even more. But after editing, you can transcode to anything, MPPEG-FullHD takes about 10GB/1 hour (that’s the maximum quality). And if full HD (1920×1080) takes 120 MB/minute.

“According to the information Google has provided, every minute 15 hours of video are uploaded to the resource, the equivalent of 86,000 DVDs a week. Given that each videoweighs” an average of 30-40 MB, YouTube now “weighs” at least 5 petabytes.

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Open the photo or video you want in your iPhone gallery and click “Share. Select the “Save to Files” option. A popup window will appear, asking you where to save the file. The name of the file will also be displayed here.

know, much, video, weighs, iphone

Now open the “Files” app and navigate to the saved photo. Press it long or hard, and select “Details. After that, in the box that opens, click on the text “Show more” and you can explore the metadata presented: Alas. there’s no way to edit them: we’re waiting for this feature in iOS 14.