How to know the Mac address of a Windows 10 computer

How can I get a list of all the MAC addresses on my network?

There is a utility called Wireless Network Watcher. It gives a lot of information about network-connected devices. Although, this is for wireless networks, it displays all devices on the network, whether they are wired or wireless. Wireless Network Watcher provides extensive information about each network device, including the IP address, device name, MAC address, and the company’s network adapter.

How to see the MAC address in the properties of a network connection

If you don’t like the options menu interface, you can use the old interface used in previous versions of Windows. To do this, open the “Run” menu (Win-R shortcut) and type the command “ncpa.cpl “.

This will open the window “Network Connections” with a list of all the network connections available on your computer. To view information about your network connection, double-click on it, or right-click and go to “Status.

Next, click on the “Details” button to open detailed information about the connection.

This will open a window with detailed information about the selected network connection. Here the ” Physical Address” will be the MAC-address for the connection. To copy the data, use the Ctrl-C key combination.

How to find out your computer’s MAC address in Windows 10

Each network adapter in your computer or other device has a unique Mac address, also known as a physical address. In today’s article we will look at how to find out the MAC address of your computer in Windows 10.

With the Mac address, your device’s network adapter communicates on the network. That is the Mac address sends packets into the network, and receives packets out of the network. When the network adapter receives a packet, it compares the destination Mac address in the packet with its own, and if the addresses match, the packet is processed, if not the packet is dropped. We’ve previously looked at how to change your Mac address to the right one on any device, today we’ll only look at how to find it out in Windows 10.

How to find out the Mac address at the command line.

1.Open the Command Prompt: Right-click on the Start Menu and select Command Prompt.

2.Type ipconfig /all and hit Enter.

You will see the parameters of all network adapters in your device, search by name to find the one whose mass address you want to know, and below it, in front of the Physical address it will be written.

How to find your Mac address in Network Connection Settings.

How to know mac address of laptop windows 10 | mac address kaise pata kare

1.Open the Network and Sharing Center: one way in the search bar or in the Run menu (execute is invoked by the Winr keys) type the command control.exe /name Microsoft.NetworkAndSharingCenter and press Enter.

Left-click on the active connection on the right side next to Connection (you can also enter the Change advanced sharing settings and then open the desired network connection).

In front of the Physical address you will see the Mac address of the selected network adapter.

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MAC-address is a unique network identifier assigned to any network device router, Wi-Fi adapter, network card of a PC or laptop by the manufacturer. This identifies the sender and the receiver of the frame. That is, when you connect a new computer to the local network, the identification of its network card ID is done automatically.

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Note: if your computer has two network cards, each one will have its own MAC-address.

This network identifier consists of six pairs of characters separated by colons. It allows each node in the local network to be uniquely identified, and only sends data received strictly to the destination address. This is the principle by which network switches and hubs function, the basis of which is based on the OSI data link layer.

The abbreviation “MAC” in the name of this type of address means “Media Access Control”. It represents the network adapter number that is assigned to each such component. The ID consists of numbers and letters, not more than 6 bytes in total. For example 60-EC-69-19-85-3C.

From the Mac Address you can see the manufacturer name and serial number of the device. In addition, the ID may be needed to activate the filtering function of your router so that only certain gadgets can connect to it. In particular, your computer. Information about MAC-address will not be superfluous for anybody, therefore here are the ways to determine the unique number of the equipment.

How to find out the MAC address of your Windows 10 computer or laptop

If for some reason you need to see the MAC address in Windows 10, you can easily do it in several ways at once: some are unique to this operating system, some were present in previous versions of Windows.

This tutorial details how to find out your MAC address in Windows 10 and additional information that may be helpful for the novice user. On a related topic, it can be useful: How to change your computer’s MAC address.

How to find out your Mac address

Mac address is a unique identifier of network equipment, which allows you to identify each point, node connection to the network. This unique number is necessary for the correct transmission of data to a particular network node. Is a hexadecimal system, written with a colon or hyphen. Where the first three combined values are the unique vendor code, and the second three bytes are the unique network node/point address for each equipment. Why you need to know your MAC address:

  • In the case of connecting a new computer or laptop to the Internet. You can use Internet one by one or continuously on several gadgets without connecting router. it’s enough to install old Mac address on newly connected device.
  • If you need to set MAC address filtering to connect to the same Internet source.
  • After reinstalling the operating system.
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Here’s a look at how to find out your Mac address for your computer or laptop in different ways with step-by-step instructions.

How to find out your Mac address

Mac Address is a unique identifier of the network equipment, which allows you to identify each point, the node of connection to the network. Such a unique number is necessary for the correct transmission of data to a particular network node. Is a hexadecimal system that is written with a colon or hyphen. Where the first three combined values are the manufacturer’s unique code, and the second three bytes are the unique network node/point address for each equipment. Why you need to know the MAC address:

  • When a new computer or laptop is connected to the internet. You can use the internet alternately or continuously on multiple gadgets without connecting a router, just set the old Mac address to the newly connected device.
  • When you need to set up MAC address filtering to connect to a single Internet source.
  • After reinstalling the operating system.

Here’s how to find out your Mac address for your computer or laptop in different ways with step-by-step instructions.

You can do it with standard operating system tools. We will consider all possible options, including the use of some third-party tools.

Connection Properties

You can access your Internet connection properties and find out your current MAC address using them by following these instructions:

  • Open the “Settings” window in any way you like. For example, you can quickly do this using the WinI shortcut. If this combination does not work, open the “Start” menu and there use the gear button.
  • In the “Options” window, go to “Network and Internet.
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System Information

This is a built-in tool in Windows which allows you to quickly get detailed data about the operating system. Unfortunately, the System Information window is more complicated for the average user than the previous one. However, you can view additional information there if you need it.

How to find Windows 10 PC MAC Address

  • To begin, you will bring up the System Information window. This can be done from the “Run” line, which can be opened using the WinR shortcut.
  • Type the command: msinfo32. Press the “OK” button or the Enter key to apply.
  • This opens the “System Information” window. Open the “Components” section in the left menu.
  • There, switch to “Network” and then to “Adapter.
  • Among the lines presented, look for “MAC address”. Opposite this inscription will be the current MAC-address of the computer.

“Device Manager.”

Each system component is entered into the “Device Manager. There you can quickly view the properties of. Here you will need to look through the properties of your network adapter to find the MAC address information.

  • Right-click on the “Start” icon and select “Device Manager” among the available options.
  • This will open the “Device Manager” window. There you will need to expand the “Network Adapters” node.
  • Among the list of available devices, find the device you are using and double-click on it. Usually the device used is on the first position, plus its name corresponds to the name of the motherboard of your computer.
  • This will open a window with the properties of your network adapter. Switch to the “Advanced” tab there.
  • In the “Properties” block, select “Network Address”.
  • On the right side of the window check the box next to “Value”. It should display the current MAC-address of the device, and therefore your computer.

Unfortunately this option does not always work. For some network cards the Task Manager does not detect the “Network Address” property, or does not let you select it at all.

“Registry Editor

The data related to the MAC address of the computer can also be viewed in the computer’s registry editor. This option is not recommended for users who do not know much about computers.

There is no need to edit anything while following the instructions below!

  • First of all gain access to the Registry Editor. This is easiest to do through the same “Run” line. Write there the command regedit and press Enter to enter.
  • While in the registry editor window, use the address bar to quickly open the desired directory. Enter there: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\ 4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318Hit Enter to go to the inserted address.
  • In the root of the folder you will find several more directories, numbered consecutively. Open them one by one to find the one that stores the data of the network equipment used.
  • As a result, you need to find the parameter “DriverDesc”. It can be located in any of the directories. The search will require opening each directory number in turn.
  • Double-click on the desired “NetworkAddress” parameter. It must be in the same directory as the “DriverDesc”. In the window that will open pay attention to the “Value” field. This will show the MAC address of your computer.
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“Command Line”

You can also use special commands, which you can enter at the “Command prompt” to get the information you need. The instructions for interaction in this case are as follows:

Find MAC address on Windows 10

  • Open the “Command Prompt”. You can do this in several ways. The most convenient way is probably the search box. Open it by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the taskbar or use the WinS shortcut.
  • Type the name of the object you are looking for in the search box or just cmd. We recommend that you run it as an administrator using the appropriate item, although in the context of this manual this is not required.
  • Type ipconfig/all or getmac /v /fo list. Both list your computer’s MAC address and only differ from each other in terms of additional information displayed. Press Enter to apply the command.
  • Find “Physical Address” line in the list of displayed data. The MAC address of the device will be shown next to it.
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Router settings

You can access it through the web interface with the settings. This does not require an internet connection, just a web browser. However, to log into the router settings you will have to enter your username and password. Often leave the standard pairs: admin-admin or admin-1234, but some ISPs require to change the standard values to custom or their own, so it is not certain that the given pairs will work for your router.

To view your computer‘s MAC address through the router’s settings, follow these instructions:

  • Type 192 into any web browser’s address bar.168.1.1 or These are the addresses most routers use to access their settings, but there are also some models which use a different address to access the. If so, see your router’s documentation and specs.
  • You will see a pop-up window asking you to enter your login and password. Enter the requested values and press the “Login” button.
  • In the left pane, select the “Wireless mode” section.
  • Now switch to the “Wireless Statistics” subsection.
  • A window will open with a list of MAC addresses of all the devices currently connected to the Wi-Fi network. Now you just need to find out which computer is yours, so you can see its MAC-address. You can disable other devices or rely on the number of packets sent and received.
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This method is not the most convenient, because you may have a different interface router settings. It is also more complicated if you have more than one device connected to the router, since they also have their own MAC addresses.

Find MAC Address

This is a third-party program with which you can also find out the MAC-address of your computer. Also with its help you can see MAC-addresses. This is much more comfortable than going into the operating system settings or network properties, but you will have to install a separate program. This program is distributed on a paid basis, but you can use it for free for 10 days.

  • Go to the official website of the program’s developer. From there, click on the “Download” button to start downloading the installation image to your computer.
  • Next, start the installation by running the executable file. The installation process is standard. The only thing is that if you run the installer as a non-administrator then the system will ask you to do it in a special window.
  • After completing installation go to the main window of the program. Pay close attention to the left part of the window. There, in the “Target” field click on the button “IP-address range”.
  • A context menu will appear that asks you to choose “Local Computer“.
  • Start the task by clicking on the magnifying glass icon with an arrow in the top menu.
  • Read the results in the right part of the window and copy the address you need. There may be several options. Among them the one with the “Vendor” field matching the name of the motherboard of your computer is the MAC address of your computer.

These are basic ways to determine MAC-address of your computer. It is worth mentioning that there are other programs that allow you to do this, but the sequence of actions in them is approximately the same as in the instruction in variant 7.