How to log in to email on your iPhone

Check your email settings

When you set up your email account on your iPhone, it will automatically use the correct account settings for different email providers. You can check the settings in Mail to make your iPhone email work.

Step 1 Go to Settings Password and Account and tap your email account to check your settings.

Step 2 Tap the email address next to your account to check information such as mail servers.

Step 3 Check and compare settings using the online email setup tool or contact your email provider or system administrator.

Go to your Apple account ID and click “Forgot Apple ID and Password”. If asked to verify your phone number, use the steps for two-factor authentication instead. Enter your Apple ID, select the option to reset your password, and then select continue.

  • Log in to the iCloud using your Apple ID.
  • Open “Find iPhone” program.
  • Tap “All Devices” at the top of the screen.
  • Select the device you want to remove from iCloud.
  • Press “Erase [device].”.
  • Click “Remove from account.”.


Setting up email on your iPhone and iPad is easy. If you still have trouble with this, we recommend that you read this article, which will allow you to add a Yandex account.Mail”. Rambler and others in the standard “Mail” app on iOS.

Log in to your mail and go to its settings (the gear in the upper right corner).

In the window that opens, click on “All Settings.

Go to “Mail programs”.

Here you should put a tick next to “From imap should uncheck “ru via IMAP. Check the “From imap is better to uncheck “POP3” if you are not going to use this protocol. This makes it easier to set up your email.

Open “Settings”. “Passwords and accounts”. “Add account”. “Other”. “New account” on your iPhone/iPad.

Fill in the E-mail and Password fields according to your account, click “Next”. After checking, ‘Mail’ will prompt you to save your account.

Enter your mailbox and go to its settings (on the left side of search).

Switch the slider to “On” in the subsection “Access your mailbox with email clients”.

Confirm the action with the captcha, if it pops up.

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Open Settings. Passwords & Accounts. Add Account. Other. New Account on your iPhone/iPad.

Fill in the E-mail and Password fields according to your account, then click “Next”.

Fill in the incoming and outgoing mail servers as follows:

Node name: imap.rambler.Your mail name.: your mailPassword: your mail password

Host name: smtp.rambler.Name.: your mailPassword: your mail password

After checking, “Mail” will prompt you to save your account. That’s it, Mail is ready to go.

Open “Settings”. “Passwords and accounts”. “Add account”. “Other”. “New account” on your iPhone/iPad.

Fill in the E-mail and Password fields according to your account, press “Next.

Fill in the incoming and outgoing mail servers as follows:

If your Apple ID has been assigned security questions or if you do not have access to a trusted device or phone number, go to You can then unlock your account using your existing password or reset your password.

How To Set Up An Email Account On iPhone

make sure you enter the right email address on the site where the notification should come from; check if the email is in your spam folder; check if you have filters configured to delete incoming emails; check with senders to see if the email came back as an automatic server response.

How to access iCloud mail from your iPhone

Apple’s iCloud mail service lets you quickly, easily, and securely handle the full range of email. But before a user has the ability to send, receive, and systematize emails, the @iCloud email address must be set on an iOS device or Mac. Here’s how to sign in to iCloud mail from your iPhone.

Yandex.Mail, like most mail services, requires certain permissions for use in third-party client applications (both desktop and mobile). In order to provide them, do the following:

  • From the imap need to add a new mailbox in POP Yandex;
  • From the pop by the POP3 protocol.


With Yandex everything is a little bit more complicated. To add a new mailbox you also need to go to Settings. Mail, Addresses, Calendars. Add account. Now you need to select “Other” and then “New account”. Since Russian mail services are not included in iOS by default, you will have to add them manually.

The second step is not different from the same one in Gmail. You have to enter your name, mail address, password and description. Pay special attention to correct entry of password, because the device will create a box in any case, even if the password is entered incorrectly.

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The standard request is to create a mailbox using the IMAP protocol, but you must change it to POP. For this purpose choose the right tab from the two top tabs. Almost all other data will be filled in automatically. You only need to change the host name for the incoming and outgoing mail server.

Host name (incoming mail server).

Host name (outgoing mail server).

At this point, we confirm the data entered, wait while the device checks it and you can use the mail.

How to configure e-mail on iPhone through the standard Mail app

Using the standard mail application on your iPhone is as convenient as using SMS. You won’t miss any important mail and will be able to reply to it instantly. Unfortunately, the app does not yet know how to send photos. And at the same time, you do not need to install unnecessary applications. But you will need to delve into settings to make it work.

As the most popular email client of our users. it’s. in this article we will tell you in detail how to configure exactly For other mail servers the principle is the same. If you have any questions about other mailboxes, please ask, we will gladly help you with the settings.

And so, we take our iPhone in our hands and teach it to read and respond to our emails.

Open Settings and select “Mail, Addresses, Calendars”

Then choose the item “Other”. Yes, not an authority for Apple.

In the window that appears, fill in all the fields.

Name. the name that will appear in all messages in the “From:” field

E-mail. Your email, which is registered on the site We enter completely with @

Description. Description of the account, fill in

Press “Next”. automatic setting of your mailbox will begin

In the window that appears, click “Save”

Everything should be set up automatically. Close the Settings and go to the Mail app. Make sure you see all the messages from your mailbox and try to send an email to someone to check. If everything has succeeded, you have successfully set up your Mailbox on your iPhone.

If not, you have to go deeper and check the mail settings:

email, your, iphone

Let’s go to “Settings”. “Mail, addresses, calendars”. our created mail

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We choose SMTP under “Outgoing mail server”

If you have already configured mailboxes in your mail client. Click on smtp. in the section “Primary server” (if you have not configured mailboxes, click on “Not configured”, in the column “Host name” specify smtp., Click on “Save” and click on smtp again.).

Make sure that the “Use SSL” switch is set to ON and the server port is set to 465. As you can see in the picture. It works for me even with port 587 🙂

We press “Done”, “Back” and choose the tab “Advanced”

Check that the “Use SSL” switch in the “Inbox settings” section is set to ON and the server port is 993.

And now the best part, you can connect all the emails you have in the same way. And they will all be in the same standard application. You can easily switch between them in the Mail app itself.

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The instruction for connection looks rather peculiar. Without knowing the algorithm of actions, it is difficult to set up the mail by yourself. When setting up a certain letter and number combinations are prescribed.

The principle by which “Yandex” functionality is added to exchange emails between users, connecting options, is identical for all “apple” gadgets. Installing Yandex.Mail” looks like this:

  • It is necessary to go to the tab “Settings” on the cell phone.
  • Select “Passwords and Accounts”.
  • Add an account.
  • In the test menu that appears, scroll down to “Other”.
  • Click on the button to create a “New Account”.
  • Fill in the required fields: name or login, email address, password, “Yandex” will automatically appear in the description.
  • Verify the data you entered.
  • Click the “Next” button.
  • Wait until you finish setting up your personal e-mail box.
  • Save Changes.

The Yandex box will now show up when you enter the mail section, as well as your incoming mail: