How to log into the router Asus rt n12

Прошивка роутера ASUS RT N12

router, asus

Before we get down to configuring Asus RT-N12 it’s necessary to connect it to the PC.

For this you will need:

It is worth noting that no additional software has to be installed for the router to interact with the PC.

The network cable that connects your computer to the router must be connected to any yellow (LAN) port. It is necessary to connect the cable, which comes from the Internet provider, to the blue (WAN) port.

How to enter the settings of the router Asus (login to the admin area)

In this article, we suggest you to read the instructions on how to set up your Asus router by logging into the router’s admin panel.

Some of the most popular and widespread routers of the manufacturer Asus, especially the models like RT-AC51U, RT-AC68U, RT-N12, RT-N16, RT-N11P, RT-AC3200, RT-N14U, RT-N66U, RT-AC87U, RT-AC66U, RT-N56U. The process of their setup is not much different from the setup of equipment produced by other brands, but there are some differences nevertheless. That’s why we decided to create a separate manual for Asus routers.

We set up the Asus equipment in a standard way:

Note that it is possible to enter and change the settings not only from a desktop PC, but also from any mobile device: tablet, smartphone. However, it is better to do it using a desktop or notebook PC. at the same time it is better to connect the device via cable, but if you use a wireless connection, please note that you will not need to flash the router via Wi-Fi.к. There’s a good chance you’ll end up with malfunctioning equipment instead of a working device.

Роутер Asus RT-N12 VP. Распаковка и инструкция по подключению. Замена старого на новый.

How to enter the router settings Asus RT n12?

In this article we’ll tell you and show you how to configure your Asus RT N12 router for working with different modern internet-providers, how to organize your work in a wireless mode, what to do to protect yourself from intruders, and also the ways to solve possible problems.

Overview of indicators and connectors

On the front of the router Asus RT N12 there are 7 light indicators, which inform about the state of the device at the moment.

The first light is a power indicator. Here it’s simple: it lights up when the device is plugged in and running. If it has stopped glowing. it means that the device is turned off or disconnected from power. This light will blink for a while when the router is turned on. Rapid flickering occurs when there is automation.

The second light signals the wireless transmission of information. If it lights up. access point is ready and available for connection, but no one from the connected users is currently using the Internet. If someone starts using traffic. the light will freeze. If the light is off. it’s either because the router’s power is off (and all the other lights turn off, too), or because the wireless mode of the router is off.

The third light shows the current state of the internet connection. If the internet is available. the lamp is on. If the light is off. it means that the ISP cable is not connected to the WAN port, or you have no more money on your account. In some cases there may be problems on the ISP side.

The other 4 lights tell you about the status of the remaining four slots of the local network. If the cable is plugged in. the corresponding lamp is on. If data exchange is going on. the light will blink. Empty port lights will be off. On the back of the device there are several connectors and buttons.

On the right is the WPS key, used to quickly connect devices to the wireless network.

  • Under the number 2 there is the WAN connector, into which the cord for accessing the Internet is inserted (the status of this connector is indicated by the indicator number 3).
  • Under number 3. LAN-ports for connecting local devices via twisted pair.
  • Under the number 4 is the socket for power cable. To the left of it is the button to switch the device off.
  • Number 6 is the RESET button, which is used to reset the settings of the Asus RT N12 router. To press this button you will need a thin object like a pin or a paper clip, because it is deep in this hole.

Setup ASUS router using Mobile | NETVN

Connection and setup input

Before you begin to configure the Asus router, connect the device to the mains, switch it on and plug the ISP cable into the WAN socket. After that, you need to connect the router to your PC by inserting one end of the twisted-pair cable into the PC network card and the other end into one of the LAN ports on the back of the device.

If your PC is already connected to the Internet right now, it is worth disabling this connection so that only the local network connection to the router is active. Otherwise you will not be able to access the menu of web parameters.

Almost all routers from any manufacturer have a sticker on the back or bottom of the case with information about the device, in particular, with the ip-address of the router itself in the local network, login and password to access web settings and (in some cases) with the network security key, set by default. The Asus device is no exception.

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In order to log into the router Asus you need to start any convenient browser and enter the ip-address indicated on the sticker (in this case it is Then you will be asked to log in by entering your login and password to enter the router. Type admin in both fields. This is a standard combination used in most routers, which is better to change yourself for security purposes.

When you enter the web interface for the first time a window will appear with the automatic configuration of the device.

The first thing you will be prompted to do is to change the input data to access the settings. This is strongly recommended to do. Next, the device will try to detect the type of Internet connection (provided that the ISP cable is plugged into the appropriate slot). Once the Internet is set up, you can set up a wireless access point so that you can connect to the router over the air from other devices.

The procedure on how to connect the router to the Internet may vary slightly depending on the provider providing the connection. Also the automatic configuration may not always work. Below we’ll look at how to manually set up access to the global network using a few examples of the most popular carriers.

Setting up a Beeline connection

Step-by-step instructions on how to configure the router Asus RT N12 to connect to the Internet from Beeline:

  • Open the browser and enter the ip-address of the router, authorize.
  • In the main window in the menu on the left select “Internet”. This will open a page with a list of parameters that must be set yourself.
  • In the first line choose the connection type, by which Beeline provides connection to the Internet. L2TP.
  • In section “Setting the WAN IP-address” you have to enable automatic obtaining of the IP-address. Below you can also specify the automatic connection to the DNS-server.
  • In section “Account setup” write down data indicated in your agreement with provider. login and password.
  • In the “Specific requirements of the Internet service provider” fill in the line “VPN server”, typing there “”.

After filling in all the data it is necessary to save the modified settings. In half a minute the connection of the router to the Internet will already be active, and you can open any web pages. Also all connected devices can use the Internet.

Connection configuration of Rostelecom

To set up a connection to Rostelekom you have to enter Internet settings in the router web interface in the same way, but the further process will be slightly different. Detailed instruction on how to configure router Asus RT N12 for this provider:

  • Choose PPPoE connection type.
  • Specify automatic obtaining of IP-address and automatic connection to DNS-server.
  • Fill in the login and password fields, specifying the data issued by your ISP.

You don’t need to type in anything else, the configuration for Rostelecom is now complete. Unlike Beeline there is no need to specify VPN-server. After filling in all the necessary lines, save the settings and exit the web interface.

Setting up a Home

Router configuration process for working with the connection from Dom.It doesn’t differ in general from Rostelecom connection settings. Step-by-step instructions on how to set up a WI-FI router:

  • WAN connection type. choose PPPoE.
  • Also auto obtain IP and auto connect to DNS.
  • Enter the user name and password you got from Dom.Go to.
  • Save the settings and exit the router settings web menu.

How to configure WI-FI and change password?

After you have configured Internet on the router it is necessary to arrange the possibility of connecting other devices to it by air, so that you can use the Internet on them too. To do this you will need to configure the Wi-Fi signal distribution on the device itself.

Detailed instruction on how to configure the router for wireless mode:

  • Access the web settings menu with your browser by entering and authorize.
  • Select the item “Wireless network” in the left side menu.
  • The wireless access point settings window will open. The first thing to do is to specify the network name to search for it from other devices. Write it in the “SSID” line.
  • There is no need to change anything in the line “Wireless network mode” and in the settings related to the channel. Select WPA2-Personal security protocol in the “Authentication method” line. WPA encryption, respectively AES.
  • In the penultimate line to specify the network security key. It is a necessary step, because without a password unauthorized people may connect to your access point and use your internet. Think of a password of at least 8 characters, and do not use Cyrillic characters.
  • The last point is to save the settings.

Now you can connect to the router from other devices, including mobile ones, by finding this network in the list of available networks and entering the security key specified in the settings.

How to secure your router?

When using for the first time, it is highly recommended, as mentioned above, to configure a new login to access the web interface.

Also, when coming up with a network security key to connect to the access point, use letters in both cases, numbers, special characters. Do not write down simple combinations, like 12345678 or a1b2c3d4, as intruders will quickly figure them out.

Possible problems and their solutions when configuring your Asus RT N12 router

Sometimes the router can determine the type of connection to the Internet (L2TP, PPPoE, etc.) correctly during the automatic configuration. д.), but access to global network is still blocked. Sometimes the ISP is bound to the MAC address of the PC. In this case you can try to change the MAC-address in the router settings by cloning it.

If you have set a new login and password to log into the web interface and have forgotten them, you can reset the router to the factory settings by pressing the RESET button. It should be held for 10 seconds, after which the device will restart and you can log in by entering the old admin/admin combination.

router, asus

How to log in to the router Asus rt n12

Asus RT-N12 router has all the necessary features for high-speed Internet connection, high speed data transmission within the local network via Wi-Fi (up to 300 Mbit/s) with the creation of up to 4 wireless Wi-Fi networks. In this article, I will describe the basic settings of this router step by step, namely :

  • Router connection diagram;
  • Update the Asus RT-N12 firmware;
  • Internet settings;
  • Wi-Fi network configuration;
  • Changing the password to connect to the web interface.
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The general connection diagram of Asus RT-N12.

  • 1 Plug router’s power supply into router’s socket and into 220V power socket.
  • 2 Using the supplied network cable, connect the computer/laptop to any LAN port (there are 4).
  • 3 Connect the ISP cable to the router’s WAN port.
  • 4 Press the ON button to turn the Asus RT-N12 on.

After this simple procedure, let us have a look at the meaning of the indicators on the router’s top lid.

  • Off. Power supply is off;
  • Lights up. Router is working;
  • Slowly blinking. Restore mode;
  • Rapidly blinking. WPS mode enabled.
  • Off Off. No power or physical connection to the port;
  • Lights up. There is a physical connection to Ethernet network;
  • Blinking. Data transfer is taking place.

Now you can set up Asus RT-N12, but first you need to configure the computer/laptop, from which you will set up the network settings.

Updating the firmware of the Asus RT-N12 router.

For safer and more stable operation of your router you need to update its firmware. Open any browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE) and enter IP address 192 in the address bar.168.1.1. Using the standard login admin and password admin, connect to the web interface.

Pay attention to the installed firmware version in the upper right corner.

In addition to knowing the firmware version, you need to know the revision of the router, this information can be obtained from the sticker on the router. Download firmware only for your revision.

Select the Driver Tools tab, then specify the operating system on the website.

Click Firmware and download the latest firmware for the router.

Return to the web interface router, go to the tab “Administration”. “Firmware update”, click on the “Browse” button and specify the path to the firmware file and click “Send”.

Attention. Do not turn off the router and your computer when updating the firmware, as it can damage the router.

Firmware update will take not more than 3 min, after that you will get to the router web interface with updated firmware.

Internet Setup on Asus RT-N12.

To configure the Internet, go to “Internet” on the web interface. “Connection”. In the line “WAN connection type” choose a type of connection you are using, more detailed information about the connection type and additional settings you can find in your provider agreement or in those. your provider’s support. Depending on the type, specify your login and password, and then click “Apply”.

To setup Wi-Fi network on Asus RT-N12.

To set up a Wi-Fi network on your router go to “Wireless Network. “General”. I recommend leaving all the defaults, except the SSID. type in the network name and the WPA Pre-shared Key. type in the password to connect to your network, I recommend using a complex password, containing letters, digits and special characters (!@#%). It is also recommended to define a free channel for more stable and fast Wi-Fi, read how to do it in the article How to choose/change the wireless channel on the router/router. At the end do not forget to click “Apply”.

As I have mentioned earlier, Asus RT-N12 router allows you to create up to 4 wireless networks, so if you are satisfied with only one Wi-Fi network, please go to “Guest Network” tab, and click “Enable”.

router, asus

Now you need to configure the second Wi-Fi network, specify the network name (it should be different from the main network), specify the Authentication Method and Encryption if they are required. You can give or restrict access to the Intranet (local area network). Among other things you can set the time of Guest Wi-Fi.

Changing the WEB interface login password on Asus RT-N12.

Changing the WEB interface password is a very important step to increase security. To change the password on the web interface, go to “Administration”. “System and in the “Change router password” field enter a new password.

In case you forget the password to reset to factory settings, by pressing Reset on the router body, then you can log into the router with the standard username and password. Please note that a factory reset will reset all settings. Internet, Wi-Fi, etc.д.

First, about the most common wireless router in our country: D-Link DIR (DIR-300 NRU, DIR-615, DIR-320, and others). The standard way to enter the D-Link router settings:

  • Start the browser
  • Enter 192 in the address bar.168.0.1 and press Enter
  • Enter login and password to change the settings. by default in D-Link routers use admin and admin login and password respectively. In case you have changed the password, you need to enter your. Note that this is not the same password (although it could be the same password), which is used to connect to the router via Wi-Fi.
  • If you do not remember the password: You can reset the router to its default settings, then it will definitely be available at, and the login and password will also be standard.
  • If nothing opens at go to the third part of this article, there are detailed descriptions of what to do in this case.

Here we finish with the D-Link router. If the above items have not helped you, or your browser does not enter the router settings, skip to the third part of the article.

Manual for router connection

To configure the router properly you need to have the following connection type data. It is prescribed in the contract, which is signed with the provider.

It is also important to determine whether or not to bind to the physical address of the device. In the case of Point to Point protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE)/Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)/Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) connection, you will usually need the IP address and other personal data. All these data are available in the contract.

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First of all, you need to read the router‘s manual. Then you need to plug the device into the network. For this a power supply is used. When you turn on the indicators may not light. In this case, you need to press the button on the back of the router. It starts the device.

The back panel for connecting the router to the network and cable looks like this:

The router has a WAN socket, to it you must connect the cable that your ISP has. In the package there is a cable, with the help of which the router is connected to the PC. For this purpose, the device has 4 LAN ports.

The router can be set up through a wireless network. However, it is better to use the cable from your ISP. It can always be pulled out of the network.

The required network cable must be plugged into the socket. If your PC or other devices are connected to the wireless network, you can detect it immediately after turning on the router. It will be displayed as Asus. Also a wireless network with the designation Asus can be seen in a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Where you can see the name of the wireless network, see the picture:

Important! Sometimes the network name appears to be something other than Asus. It is even possible to set a password. This usually happens when the router is already connected to the network. In any case, you must perform a factory reset before accessing the settings. For this purpose there is a special button on the back of the router. It should be pressed and held for 10 seconds. All settings will return to their original state.

To reset your router, see the following

How to configure Asus RT-N12 router

Asus RT-N12 router is a standard device with the usual average characteristics, which will be enough for a home or work network. Thanks to the price-quality ratio, this model is in high demand. Use RT-N12 as a portable 2.4GHz Wi-Fi access point. This router can connect a tablet, desktop computer, smartphone, and even a TV, if it has a wireless connection module. Many inexperienced users don’t know how to configure the home router Asus RT-N12. In fact, the network equipment is now configured more than easy, which will be discussed in this article.

Connecting and preparing to work

Even a novice user will be able to connect the device and set it up.

This process includes the following steps:

  • Choosing a location for the RT router. Place it in the middle of an apartment or private home is optimal. The place should be chosen so as to minimize interference from neighboring electronic equipment. If you have thick walls, it is recommended to put the router RT under the ceiling.
  • After removing the packaging connect the ISP cable to the WAN port.
  • Connect power to the appropriate connector.
  • Connect one end of the patch cord to the appropriate LAN port on the router.
  • Plug the second connector into the network card slot on the PC.

Turn on the device using the button located on the back panel. After that we can proceed to hardware setup. Laptops and tablets during the first connection are connected to the router via a wireless Wi-Fi network. This network name and access code can be found on the information sticker on the bottom of the RT router.

Router setup: manual, via control panel

A quick router setup was covered above. Consider 2 more settings. It is up to each one to decide which setting suits him or her. If you are not able to configure it by one of these methods, you can try another one. One of the methods will definitely help you.

Manual: For this purpose, in the menu of settings of the router find the tab Internet. It is located on the left in the Advanced Settings block.

In the Internet section you can make all the settings of your Internet. Each provider has its own settings, you need to check with technical support data on the settings and make full manual settings.

Do not make a mistake with the type of connection. After selecting it the list of settings will change. If everything is done correctly, it will be set up easily and without problems.

Below in the screenshot, there is a setup for Bilain.

Through the control panel: Type in the address bar of your browser

In the settings panel click on the Go to button.

Next, the system will ask you to create a password for the control panel. It must be specified. First do it in the main input field, then in the additional input field and move on to the next window simply by clicking Next.

In the appeared window of network parameters find the field Network name. Enter the name of the used wi-fi network. On the Network key field type in a new key, it will be used for connection to the network. After you have entered the parameters in all the fields, click Apply.

You will have to wait for a while.к. The router will reboot. After the reboot a new wi-fi network will appear in the network connections field instead of the old one. When you connect to it, you will be prompted for a new password.

After connecting, go back to the Control Panel. Open the page with the connection information. Click Next and the system displays a new window.

In the window that appears, you will see the Sign in button and you will be prompted for the password and login. They must be entered in these fields.

At this point, the configuration via the Control Panel is complete.