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How to connect the Internet on the telephone on the LG TV (on Webos) via Wi-Fi?

Good day. I have a question. I have a LG 43U640V TV, it supports Smart TV and management. But I would like me to endure the image and video for example from YouTube. But I have a problem in the village. There is no about the LALL. But I have a phone with megabizlimite. Tell me which device needs to be purchased to implement my problem? Thanks in advance.

Good afternoon. A TV like you wrote above (LG 43U640V) LG does not have. There is a LG 43UF640V model. I think you have just such. Yes, in this TV there is Smart TV on Webos and there is a built-in Wi-Fi module. And this is very good in your case.

So you need to connect LG TV to the Internet via a mobile phone. You have not written what your phone is with unlimited mobile Internet, but I suspect that this is a smartphone on Android.

So, in your case, connect the TV to the Internet and watch on it for example a video in YouTube, use a browser and other Smart TVs from LG, you need to distribute a mobile Internet via Wi-Fi from your smartphone, and connect to this network (which will distribute the phone) your LG TV. No need to buy anything additionally.

  • In the smartphone settings, start the Wi-Fi access point. Depending on the manufacturer, the version of Android, and T. D., This function can be called otherwise. She is in the setting, where Wi-Fi. For example, you can see the article how to distribute the Internet from the Samsung smartphone (Android 7.0) by wi-fi. After starting the access point, the phone will broadcast Wi-Fi Network. The phone will be like a modem (router). I advise you to put the phone for charging, as it will quickly sit.
  • Further, in the TV settings, in the “Network” section you need to connect the TV to the Wi-Fi network, which your phone gives out. Just select our network and indicate the password. It is installed on the phone when starting the access point.
  • The TV will connect to Wi-Fi, and in the Smart TV menu you can run applications. They should get access to the Internet via the phone.

Galaxy S10 / S10E / S10: How to Screen Mirror to LG Smart TV Wirelessly

I don’t have such a TV on Smart TV Webos, so I can’t explain in more detail.

Possible problem: many mobile operators block the distribution of mobile Internet in this way. Therefore, if your operator also blocks, then the TV may connect to Wi-Fi, but the Internet will not work.

Try. You can write about the results in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below. Good luck!


To broadcast the video from the phone to the TV, you need to carefully study the features of the devices. There are two main methods of data transmission: through the cable. Wired, or “cloud connection”. Through the Internet through a common access point. Both of these options are simple and understandable, they will not require complex network settings, and if the instructions are followed by the transfer of information on the TV screen, it will take only a few seconds.

To begin with, it is worth determining several points: all the proposed options below are suitable for all mobile operating systems (all versions of Android and iOS) and TVs of any brand, and not just LG. You can send videos and photos with both iOS and Android, and the principle of action will not be different.

Regarding the hardware and equipment, in most cases, except for special USB or HDMI cables, which are inserted into the connectors in the TV panel, no additional components will be needed. You may have to additionally buy a portable adapter for the phone (the so.Called OTG adapter). It costs inexpensively. In the area of ​​two hundred. Although, if the procedure is carried out by the user of advanced gadgets, the need for such a purchase will disappear. Most modern phone models are already equipped with built.In mobile switches.

There are more “complex” and advanced technologies, for example, WIDI, which requires a special part from Intel for cloud transmission of information. But it is considered outdated at the moment and is not recommended for use.

A wide variety of ways to translate the picture from a smartphone on TV, can enter into a stupor of a novice user. In this case, the choice of technology is completely on the shoulders of the user. It is advisable to try all the options and decide for yourself which of the methods are the most convenient and easy.

Now let’s deal with each way in more detail.

Connection of a laptop on Windows 10 via Screen Share to LG TV

To do this, your computer or laptop should have support for Miracast. She is in default in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. If you have a computer on Windows 7, and on the Intel processor (not older than 3 generation). Then you can try to configure through Intel Widi.

If you do not know whether your computer is Miracast or not, then see this article: Miracast (WIDI) wireless display in Windows 10.

How I connected my laptop on Windows 10 to the LG TV on Miracast:

How to view your Windows 10 Laptop on a LG TV Wirelessly

Additional Screen Share settings

There are no special settings of the Screen Share function. Unless you can change the name of the TV in the settings, in the section “Network” there is a item “Teale”.

Also in the window of the Screen Share program you can disable the “listening mode”. By default it is turned on. If I understood correctly, then when this mode is turned on, the devices can always find the TV, even when the Screen Share application is not running. If you turn it off, the TV will be available for connecting and duplicating the screen only when the application is running.

It is also recommended to turn off the “listening mode” if the connection via Wi-Fi is unstable.

If you have any problems with duplication of the screen on the LG TV, the phone or laptop does not connect, does not see the TV, then describe the problem in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Well, do not forget to share your solutions and other useful information on this topic.

How to connect iPhone to LG TV

There are also wireless and wired methods to connect the iPhone to the LG TV. TV receivers of this company are equipped with built-in support for AirPlay, which makes it possible to transmit data from the iPhone screen directly to the TV display.

Some earlier LG TV models are not equipped with this option. In this case, you need to additionally purchase Apple TV prefix.

For synchronization through AirPlay, you need to do the following:

  • Connect TV and iPhone to a common Wi-Fi network.
  • In the status bar of the smartphone, select the screen duplication item.
  • In the list of devices available for broadcasting, indicate your TV and put a checkplace opposite it.
  • After that, a code will appear on the tv receiver display, which must be entered on the phone screen.

Instructions for connecting the iPhone to the Samsung TV owners of Apple’s smartphones of the Apple brand often need to connect it to Samsung TV. To do this, there are several fast and simple methods of wired and wireless synchronization.

look, phone

After that, the automatic data transfer from the phone to the TV will begin. To finish the broadcast, you need to turn off this function on the smartphone itself.

If there is no way to use the wireless way, you can use the Apple TV prefix. To do this, you need to pre.Purchase the device and connect it and the iPhone to the home router or local network and make the following:

  • Go to the smartphone settings and go to the “Control point” section.
  • Select the option “Repeat of the screen”.
  • In the window opened, indicate your LG TV and confirm the conjugation.

Next, the automatic transmission of content will begin. Thus, you can open the application on the large screen, use a mobile browser and play games.

Another way is the wire connection through HDMI. In this case, you will need not only a standard cable, but also an adapter. For older iPhone, this is Digital AV Adapter, and AV Adapter Lightning will need an iPhone 5 and older.

To configure the connection, you must connect both devices with the cable and wait for the automatic completion of their pairing. The image itself will begin to be transmitted from the smartphone screen on the TV display, without additional settings.

If a TV without Wi-Fi

In this case, you will have to use a wired connection. It is most convenient if your smartphone is equipped with USB-C-it will be enough to purchase an adapter on HDMI or VGA (depends on available connectors on TV) and connect a phone through it. As a rule, modern TVs are equipped with HDMI. This integration allows you to broadcast the picture and digital sound and is well suited for output to a large screen of games and cinema.

You can also find MicroUSB adapters on HDMI on sale, but they are already less common than with USB-C.

After you physically connect the devices with a cable, go to the TV settings and change the signal source to the desired HDMI port-then the picture from the phone will be displayed on the big screen.

Without over and cables

The display broadcast function is most often laid down by the developer of modern smartphones. Each manufacturer calls this function in different ways. For example, Screen Mirroring. Function on Samsung devices. The principle of operation is to transfer the image from the phone screen to TV via Wi-Fi.

Obvious advantage. The lack of the need for wired connection. The disadvantage is the possibility of interruption of communication, as well as the delay of the picture or audio. Important criteria are the qualities of the Wi-Fi module on the TV, the speed of information broadcast and the power of the phone.

As an example, we offer Samsung smartphone.

  • In the phone menu you need to find a point with connections and select “Other networks”. Among them is the function Screen Mirroring. On the TV itself, you need to activate the function of broadcasting the picture.
  • The connection is made. The image on the phone and TV coincide. Using this function, you can not only view videos, images, but also start games installed on your smartphone.

We talked about five different options how to watch a movie from a phone on TV. Each method has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Check out each of them and choose the most convenient and suitable for a specific situation. Progress does not stand still, programmers are developing the latest ways to transmit information.

Perhaps in the near future we will be offered new opportunities for connecting a smartphone and TV. One thing will remain unchanged: the ability to broadcast the phone display allows you to watch films or photos not on a small screen of a smartphone, but on a large TV screen. Leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the article if questions appear.

Wireless connection

Those users who have Smart TV can watch movies from the phone on TV by wireless.

Important! This is feasible only through Wi-Fi. Bluetooth, NFC, IR are designed for other purposes.

There are several technologies so that users can watch a movie from the phone on the TV:

This is a technology in which a local network is used for synchronization. It is always organized with an intermediate link. A router. The disadvantage of the DLNA is that it is quite difficult to transfer the film to the TV: you need to install special applications on TV or on a smartphone, create a network between them, and only after that you can broadcast the film.

The advantage of this method is complete access to the phone‘s memory. You can manage directly with TV or on the contrary. Organize in the application for working with DLNA folders that can be launched on the device, watch on the television screen.

Advice! The most convenient program to watch movies via DLNA. VLC. This application can solve many problems, including viewing IPTV, which is also relevant for TV.

Wi-Fi Direct/Miracast/Widi

Another way to bring movies from a smartphone to the TV screen is to use the duplication method (broadcast). It is based on Wi-Fi Direct/Miracast/Widi technologies, which, despite different names, work according to a single principle and successfully interact with each other.

Technically, they also use local wireless connection with the difference that they do not need an intermediary in the form of a router. The convenience is that the Internet may not be held in the house at all, but you can still broadcast films.

Content can already be downloaded on a smartphone, or the user watches online films through 4G, but uses a large diagonal TV instead of a small smartphone.

This method implies complete duplication of the desktop from the gadget to TV. For example, you can launch a film in VK and not look for it on third.Party resources. The user, sitting on the couch, turns on the viewing on the mobile phone, controls content, volume, and he does not need to get up or stretch behind the remote control.

Some modern brands have a pre.Installed software for performing these tasks, for example, Screen Mirroring from Samsung or broadcast from Xiaomi. But even if a special application is not preinstalled on the Android phone, you can download third parties. At the same time, the Play Market has a software for a full.Fledged duplication of the screen or video players with broadcast support.

The following programs are good software:

Wireless connection

This is the most convenient type of connection. You do not need to think about where to put another wire, you do not need to approach the TV for connecting a smartphone. The only unpleasant moment concerns that your TV should support Wi-Fi. If this is not the case, then you will have to take care of the purchase of additional accessories.

To connect a smartphone to the TV, you will need to buy a chromecast media player. Fortunately, it is not worth it and cost you only 3500-4000, and if you add about 3 thousand more, you can purchase Chromecast with Google TV. In this case, you will not only be able to broadcast content from a smartphone, but also get a full-fledged TV setup that turns your TV into Smart-TV.

And so, you bought Chromecast, what’s next? Connect the prefix to the TV via HDMI and install Google Home for Android or iOS on the smartphone smartphone. After that, switch the source of the TV signal to the HDMI port of the console and make it setting up, following a simple and understandable step-by-step instruction.

Why connect the phone to the TV

When the user connects the phone to the TV, he can automatically:

  • Play various videos, photos or audio, project them on a large screen, which is much more convenient than doing everything through a small screen of a smartphone;
  • Run various applications, including games, messengers, social networks and so on;
  • Visit the Internet, different sites and resources;
  • Make project presentations, shows, read even literary works through the TV;
  • Talk on Skype, while seeing the interlocutor on the big screen so that other people see him.
look, phone

Important! The best connection option is through Wi-Fi, since in this case all the necessary information is transmitted through the air. If there is no way to use the Internet, then a special cable will be required.

There are specialized applications that will help make the phone with a remote control. With it, it will be possible to control the TV, while the remote. Special program from the company. LG Remote will help the user. You can download it both through Google Play, and through the AppStore.

How to use LG TV Plus?

Immediately after connecting in the application, different ways of managing the TV will be available. There is a page with a digital block and buttons for quick switching channels, volume adjustment and sound turning off.

A joystick for navigation on TV menu is available on another tab. There is also a SMART TV button, buttons for managing file playing, etc. D.

In the upper right corner there is a switch to the touch panel. This is when a cursor appears on the TV. How when connecting the Magic Remote remote control. You can move the cursor using a touch screen on your smartphone.

If you click on the “TV menu”, then you can turn off the TV, start the search, application, open the program, select the entrance on the TV, or open the settings.

In the TV settings, if necessary, you can disable all the connected smartphones and applications. You can do this in the “Network” section. Select “LG Connect Apps” and click on the “Release” button “. Confirm the removal of all connected devices.

After that, if you need it, you can again connect to the TV in the LG TV Plus application on your phone.



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