How to lower the screen on iPhone 11

Alarm Clock

Setting a ringer from Apple Music

The ability to set your favorite song to your alarm clock is not a trick, but a basic iPhone feature that many people don’t know about. When creating a new alarm, click on the “Sound” tab. Scroll back to the very beginning of the list, find a panel with familiar names before the standard ringtones, and click on “Choose a song.

Postponing the alarm

To postpone the alarm clock to a later time, you do not need to look for the corresponding button on the screen. Press any button on the side of the screen, and your iPhone will wake you up again in nine minutes.

That’s not a coincidence: Older mechanical alarm clocks didn’t count down to exactly 600 seconds. They didn’t take into account the current minute and started counting down nine minutes from the next.

Screen time on iPhone

This is an insanely handy thing in the iPhone, which helps get rid of the addiction of sitting in the smartphone. Ideally. How it really is? I have noticed that many of my friends set artificial limits on social networks or YouTube, and then successfully ignore them. My friend and I often video chat on WhatsApp and every now and then she disappears.

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Screen time was supposed to fight evil, not join it

It turns out the time limit is to blame. It simply ignores it and calls it back again. Speaking of other cases, it really disciplines to spend less time on social networks or messengers over time. True, and affects battery life.

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How do I turn on picture-in-picture in iOS 14?

The magnitude of iOS 14 is truly hard to overstate. There are so many new features, modes and tools in the update, that you begin to think that Apple did something wrong by adding all these new features at once. After all, just a year ago the implementation of most of them seemed unthinkable, but today is our reality. Another thing is that, as practice has shown, many users have no idea how to enable and interact with even the simplest of functions. For example, picture-in-picture mode, which has made its way to the iPhone.

The PIP (Picture-in-Picture) mode does not work in all applications

PIP is a popular multitasking feature that focuses, at least on iOS, on watching video in a separate window while other tasks are running. In this mode, the clip runs on top of all other windows and processes, allowing the user to move it, resize it, and even hide it from view if necessary. PIP originally appeared on the iPad because it was justified by its large screen size, but with iOS 14, it also appeared on the iPhone.

How to use the iPhone‘s double and triple-tap feature in iOS 14

The first beta version of iOS 14 introduced a lot of new features, including the ability to invoke certain actions with a tap on the back of the iPhone. The list of actions you can assign to double and triple tapping on the back is quite large, but it can be made limitless with Commands.

Here’s how to enable and use the tap feature, as well as add gesture Commands.

What devices are supported and how does tapping on the back of the iPhone work

All devices from iPhone X and newer, with the exception of the 2020 iPhone SE, support the new tap feature. iPhone recognizes gestures on any iOS screen, the main condition is that it must be active.

Actions can be assigned to double and triple tap. The list of actions is quite large, there are scrolling gestures and universal access options. The most useful of those presented so far seems to be the ability to take a screenshot.

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How to enable double or triple tap on iPhone in iOS 14

You can activate and configure the feature by going to: Settings Universal Access Tap the back.

  • Open Settings Universal Access.
  • Select Touch, scroll down, and tap Tap from behind.
  • Go to the double tap and triple tap items one by one and assign the actions you want.

How to open apps by tapping on iPhone

By integrating touch with Commands, the gesture possibilities are endless: you can open apps or set up an entire Cascade of actions.

Any command you create on your iPhone can be assigned to a double or triple tap.

iPhone 11 Screen Replacement: Fix Your Cracked Screen!

If you don’t already have the Commands app, download it from the AppStore. It’s free.

How to create a command to open an app. like Instagram

  • Go to Commands, in the upper right corner click on the sign
  • Tap Add action.
  • In the search bar, start writing the word “Open,” and in the options offered, choose Open App.

The feature is really useful, but it’s unstable at this stage. Be prepared for false positives, especially when you put your iPhone on the table. for both double and triple taps.

You need to go to the menu and then double click on the mechanical button (Home), after that the dock bar will open. But this is a temporary fix. After that the dock bar should open, also if the above method didn’t help you. Back up and upgrade or roll back to another version of iOS.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select “Touch ID and passcode.”.
  • Swipe down to the “Access with screen lock” section, find the Control Item and click the switch next to it so it turns green.

If you have an iPhone 6, 6s, 7 or 8, in order to activate the “Easy Access” feature and bring the screen down, BOTTLE the Home button twice. If you have an iPhone X or newer, then swipe down to the bottom edge of the screen. To return the screen to its original state, click on the top of the screen.

  • Open the program.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Dock.
  • On the Dock, tap and hold the second program you want to open, then drag it outside the panel to the right or left side of the screen.
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Open “Settings” and go to “General”. You will see the following screen: Set the time format to 24-hour or 12-hour.

How to lower the screen (enable Reachability) on iPhone X

  • Go to Settings. Basic. Universal Access and enable Reachability.
  • Swipe down (slide your finger from top to bottom) the bar (gesture bar) at the bottom edge of the screen in any open application or under the Dock bar on the home screen.

The reason why the iPhone screen does not respond after touching your finger, can be moisture, dust inside, or mechanical damage. The main indicator of failure of touch screen display is a partial response of touch screen on pressing or random typing.

  • First we need to enter the settings of the smartphone.
  • Next, in the settings open the item “Screen”.
  • Under “Screen”, go to “Screen Zoom”.
  • And in this menu, move the slider at the bottom so that the interface adjusts to the most convenient view.

How to zoom out the screen on your iPhone

“Zoom”. iOS’s universal access feature that enlarges the content on the screen so you can make it easier to make out. If you enabled the feature by accident, you may find it difficult to turn it off. No need to worry. Below we will tell you how to get the screen back to normal and turn off the feature completely.