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WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication applications. In addition to standard functions that are characteristic of all other messengers, WhatsApp supports the function of publishing statuses. Let us continue to consider what this status is in WhatsApp, why it is needed and how this functionality of the messenger works.

It is quite easy to figure out what status is in WhatsApp. To do this, just try this option on your device. This tool is used to publish text or graphic content, with which you can inform other users from the list of their contacts about some kind of event or share news with them.

The user posts a short video, photo or animated image, accompanies the publication with text or other elements.

Some users mistakenly accept the status for general information about the user, which is displayed next to the name of the contact. In fact, this is not a status, but a brief information about the user that can be edited in the “Information” section in the account settings.

Information is displayed only in the list of contacts next to the owner’s name or in chats. This information is displayed constantly, while the status is valid only 24 hours. Then it is removed automatically.

WhatsApp Status is currently supported on Android and iOS mobile gadgets. Also, this option has recently been introduced into the PC version, but so far quite limited functionality is available on computers.

How to use

How to view the statuses of other users

Everything is quite simple: you need to enter the application and open the “Status” tab. There you can see the publications that users added to your contact list. Naturally, this works only if users placed something, and access to viewing was not limited by them.

On our example, you can see above that the status was placed by 2 users. To view the contents of the publication, you need to click by the name of the contact. After that, the content published by the user will be displayed on the screen.

In this status, we see a simple text. But in addition to text messages, it can also contain images, video, animation, audio files and other types of content.

The user who published the status will be able to find out that you looked through or preserved it. However, there is a method that allows you to view the story anonymously. It is necessary to enter the “Status” tab and, before opening the publication, turn on the flight mode on the phone. The Internet will be disabled, but the content itself will already be uploaded, so you can view it even without connecting to the network.

It is necessary to take into account the important point. Statuses are a relatively new function, and it is supported only in recent versions of the WhatsApp application. If you enter the messenger, but at the same time there is no tab with publications, it is necessary to update the application to the latest version. This can be done in the company store of your OS. on Google Play or in the AppStore.

How to put the status in WhatsApp

Having determined why the status is needed and how to see the publications of other users, we will learn how to place our own content. To add publication:

  • Click the icon with a plus near the inscription “My status”.
  • Select an image from a gallery or take a picture on camera. If necessary, you can add a signature, insert a link, or use other editor tools. Then press the round button with an arrow inside “Add”.

Statistics are displayed next to the publication. According to this information, you can understand how many people have already watched it. You can also see which of the users looked at the story in his WhatsApp.

Is it possible to see old publications

We found out earlier how to establish WhatsApp status. Users may also have a question. whether statuses in the memory of a smartphone are preserved. Information about the previously posted publications remains in the memory of the smartphone.

Considering the question of how to look at old statuses, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it works only on Android devices. On iOS gadgets there is no such possibility, since the data is stored in the system folder of the application, to which there is simply no access.

If you have a smartphone on Android, you can use the standard file dispatcher or use the file manager downloaded from the Play Market. Before you see the previously published content, you must enable the display of hidden files.

The default system system is in the directory/Android/Media/WhatsApp/Media/Statuses. Here you can see any status of the WhatsApp messenger, which was published earlier.

It is worth considering another important nuance. The extension of the file in which the status is saved may not be supported by a smartphone. In this case, it is easier to copy the file on PC and search for a program that supports reading such data using the standard Windows search.

Privacy parameters

There are flexible settings that are aimed at ensuring that the user can ensure the confidentiality of his personal data in. This applies to the function of posting publications. If the user does not want an outsider to look into the status, he can hide this content from him. This can be done immediately before placement or at any other convenient moment.

To put restrictions, we enter the application. Then we go to the “Status” tab. Next, open the context menu in the upper right corner of the display, and then select the “Privacy” item. Several options for publishing content will be offered to choose from.

  • “My contacts”. With this option, the publication posted in WhatsApp will be visible to every user who is in your list of contacts. Using such a publication, you can share the news or event with a large number of users.
  • “Contacts except”. The application will offer to choose one or more users from your list of contacts who will not see your story. Everyone else will be able to view the publication without restrictions.
  • “Share with”. The application suggest choosing one or several users who will see the publication. The rest of the contacts will not see your content.

Before placement, it is recommended to configure the confidentiality parameters individually for each publication. This will ensure the safety of personal data and exclude the likelihood that outsiders will see content.

How to add a video to WhatsApp

WhatsApp by default allows users to share video files. To do it is quite simple:

  • We go to the Gallery or any other section on the phone/computer where the necessary video is located. We highlight the video (one or more at once) and click in the upper right corner the “WhatsApp” icon, in some phones, actions may differ, after allocation below, click the “Send” item.
  • Then, in Votsap, select the desired contact from the list, which needs to be thrown out (sent) video.
  • Next, the video editing panel opens. Here you can add a note or name, as well as cut the video (the benefit of the editor perfectly cuts the video) and at the same time reduce its duration/file size.
  • When everything is ready. the video can be sent to the recipient by clicking on the triangle in the lower right side.
  • Ready, now you can see how the files are sent and the video will be displayed when sending a download scale.

How to add a video to WhatsApp status

WhatsApp, like any other modern messenger, gives each user such an attribute as status. WhatsApp status is not only a text message, but also a media file that can be safely downloaded. However, if the video is great, then the video in the status will be circumcised. Using the method below, you can fully upload the file. To do this, you only need to perform the following actions:

  • First you need to start WhatsApp, and then go to the “Status” section. In the paragraph “My Status” you need to click on the icon “”.
  • After that, the Gallery will open, where you need to select the right video.
  • Next, the editing panel of the selected video will open. It is worth noting in advance that the video, the length of which is more than 30 seconds, is not completely sent. Therefore, if the duration of the video (as in this case) is 60 seconds, then first you need to highlight the first half of the video and click on “Send”.
  • While the file is loaded, for the sent video you need to add a sequel (second part). Click on the camera icon, which is located in the lower lower corner of the “Status” section and select the same video.
  • In the editing panel, we highlight the second half of the video (as shown in the screenshot) and click send.

If everything was done correctly and accurately, then in status you will have a whole and full video.

How to download video from status in WhatsApp

The instructions for loading statuses in WhatsApp may vary slightly depending on the type of OS installed on the phone.

On Android

All WhatsApp statuses viewed on Android are automatically stored in the memory of a mobile phone. But they are not displayed in the “Gallery” folder.

How to access these files:

  • We go from the phone to the “Settings” section.
  • We connect the option “Show hidden media files”.
  • We return to the previous menu “Settings” and select the “Internal memory” section.
  • Next, we make the transition to the WhatsApp folder, then “Media”, “Status”.
  • A folder will appear on the screen where all the watches of the status of the WhatsApp messenger status are saved.
  • Select the desired file and save in another folder on the phone.

In order not to look for saved statuses using the “Settings” section on a mobile phone, you can install a special application on your gadget in advance, which allows you to quickly upload and share video startups in WhatsApp.

On iOS

IPhone users do not have the opportunity to view the statuses from Watsap stored in the phone folder. This is due to the lack of memory cards on devices of such models.

You can download the video files you like from the status of friends in two ways:

  • Record the active status (recording of the screen).
  • You can configure the “Media Preservation” option in the iPhone, moving to the settings menu and confirm the changes made. Now all the watches in WhatsApp will be stored in the Gallery folder, from where they can be removed and preserved to share with your friends through a popular application.
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Preservation on Android

On the Android platforms to save files that have arrived in Votsap messages, you can use several ways. The procedure can be performed manually or automatically.

In order for the preservation of the desired information to be carried out without additional intervention, it is necessary to perform such actions:

  • Open the WhatsApp application on the gadget and go to “Settings”.
  • Find the data and repository menu items.
  • Go to the “Media Automobile”. In this paragraph, it should be noted which files are allowed to automatically upload to the gallery by working through a Wi-Fi or a mobile network.

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For automatic preservation of media files on Android, it should be noted in the menu item “Automotive Media”.

You can download the memory of memory cards or other carriers in manual mode. To carry out the procedure, go to the WhatsApp folder, you need to find and open the “Media” inhabitant in it. Among the files stored in it, look for the right one and transfer it to the external device.

If the automatic loading is not installed in the settings section, you can simply press any video and choose the preservation among possible actions. This procedure is possible on iOS and other operating systems.

Save the video from WhatsApp to PC

To copy video files from WhatsApp to computers, you can use a smartphone on which the application is installed. For this, the video that is saved in the gallery of the device is sent to PC using Bluetooth.

Another method is used to transmit video to the computer. If the gadget has a slot designed for an external medium, you can download a video on a flash card. Then it can subsequently use it on other devices.

How to maintain the quality of video in WhatsApp status

WhatsApp is the most popular message to exchange messages in the world today. Very often in our chats in the application, we send photos or videos to other people. When we send a photo, it is important that it does not lose quality, and this can be solved using a simple trick, including in the case of the video, we want it to not lose quality.

Also, when we are going to send a video in WhatsApp, we can do this without compression so that another person gets an initial video with his source weight and quality. The way to do it is really simple, so you will not have problems with this.

How to send a video in WhatsApp without compression

As in the case of photographs, there are times when we want another person to receive an undecided video, because he needs to edit it or evaluate it in the initial quality. WhatsApp allows us to send a video without compressing it, although for this we must send it in another way. To do this, we must take the following steps:

  • Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • Go into the chat to which you want to send a video without compression.
  • Click the paper clip to add a file.
  • Select the document.
  • Find the video in the gallery.
  • Send this video.

After this, the video will be sent in a non.pressed form and with its source weight. It is also worth noting that this method allows you to send a video without loss of quality. The person who will receive it can, for example, edit the video or watch in the original quality.

A person who received a video will have to use any third-party application to open it. Since we have chosen sending in the form of a document, WhatsApp does not recognize the video as a multimedia file. Therefore, we will be invited to open an application on a smartphone that supports it. You can choose applications such as Google photos or any other that will allow us to play this video.

Reset the application settings

The reset of the application settings will not lead to the removal of your personal data. However, all WhatsApp applications will be reset. Therefore, if some parameter is responsible for the fact that images and videos in WhatsApp are not loaded, the resetting of the application settings must correct this.

Actions may vary depending on the model of your device. However, in most cases, you need to go to the “settings” “Applications” of WhatsApp “Storage and Cache”. Then click “Reset the Appendix Settings” or “Clean Data”.

What video format supports WhatsApp

WhatsApp messenger allows you to exchange different types of media files. To understand why there are problems with sending, it is necessary to determine which video format supports WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp app, designed for Android and iOS, supports the most common MP4 video files, created using video codecs H264 or MPEG4. The sound in this case is encoded according to the AAC standard. The size of the objects does not exceed 16 MB.

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If when trying to send a video file via WhatsApp appears a message about an error or incompatibility, the format can be changed. For this, an application transformer or online converter is used. To change the video format on the computer, the Format Factory application or the Online Video Converter service is suitable. When using this software in the transformation settings, the following parameters are selected:

  • container. mp4;
  • Video codec. H264;
  • The height of the frame for short rollers is 360 or 480;
  • The same attribute for long videos. 240;
  • Sound format. AAC.

Online Video Converter service to change video format.

Format Factory application uses FFMPEG code coder. The video files created by him are completely compatible with WhatsApp. This messenger may not recognize files created by some non.standard codecs, for example, in the Windows Live Movie Maker application. This program creates MP4 rollers using another compressor, which is why an error message will appear when you try to send. To solve this problem created in a non.standard program, the file must be transcoded using Format Factory or Online Video Converter.

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The procedure for solving the problem with the unsupported format on the mobile device depends on the application used. If Vidcompact is used for the Android operating system, then in the main window you need to click on the conversion button and select a file of memory on the smartphone or a memory card that must be converted for compatibility with WhatsApp. Then a suitable resolution from the list is selected.

The application will also allow you to cut the video if it has a large duration, so that the size does not exceed 16 MB. To start the transformation, a button located in the upper right corner of the application is pressed. The video can be immediately sent to the messenger or saved in memory of the device for the delayed shipping.

IPhone users can contact the ICONV application for the same purpose.

Another way to eliminate the problem with the unsupported video in WhatsApp is to download the clip into a file organizer, cloud storage or service “Google Photo” for Android users. After that, a public link to the video is created, which must be sent through a mobile messenger or web client. The advantage of this method is the ability to bypass the restriction on the size and format of the video.

Why WhatsApp compresses the photo

By default, the WhatsApp messenger compresses photos and other images when sending if their size exceeds the permissible. It is impossible to disable this uncomfortable function, so many people think about how to get around it so that the interlocutor can get a picture of good quality. It is easy to do this, you just need to know the little tricks.

Messenger WhatsApp.

The permissible size of the sent photos in “WhatsApp

A few years ago, the WhatsApp messenger received an update, thanks to which users have the opportunity not only to change the font size, but also to share different types of files with each other. However, the developers limited their size, setting the maximum permissible limit that cannot be removed or raised. So, iPhone owners can send files a size of not more than 128 MB. For smartphones based on Android, the maximum is 100 MB, and for a web version-only 64 MB. You can of course change the photo in WhatsApp smaller, but this is not a solution.

Reducing size spoils the quality of the photo. Such pictures can be viewed on a mobile device, but for the subsequent printout they are not suitable. There are two ways to share photos in WhatsApp without harm:

Both options are easy to perform and do not require special skills. If the system gives a message that the selected file is not a photo, then carefully check the file type for possible restrictions.

Document sending system.

Through the system of sending documents

First you need to make sure that the application is updated to the latest version. In order to send a picture or photo through the “Documents” section, follow the algorithm given below.

  • Open the WhatsApp application and go to the chat with the person who needs to send a photo.
  • Click on the “investment” button. It is depicted in the form of a paper clip in a line input.
  • Go to the “Documents” section. Here, most likely, different files that are on the phone, but not photos will be shown here. Therefore, you need to click on the “View other documents” button.
  • In the list that opens, select the “Images” item, and then the desired image.
  • Click “Send”.

This option helps bypass the compression system that worsens the quality. If it is not suitable for some reason, you can use the second method.

Archives of photographs

Another advantage of this method is the ability to share several pictures at once. In this case, you will not have to highlight one time each time, especially if there are several interlocutors.


You can archive not only on a smartphone, but also on a computer followed by loading the archive into the phone, which is even more convenient. For archiving, special applications are used, some of which (for example, Winrar and Winzip) can already be preinstalled on a computer.

Select the files that need to be sent, with a mouse and click one of them with the right button. In the context menu that appears, select “Archive” item. After that, a program will open where you can choose the path to save the archive. When the archive is created, throw it to a smartphone in any convenient way, for example, through a USB cable, Bluetooth or cloud storage (download to disk, and then download to the phone).

To make archiving via the phone, you will also need a special application. Having opened it, you need to select photos and add them to the archive.

The created archive is sent to the interlocutor through the “Documents”, as described above. True, this option is not suitable for iPhone users. Due to the restrictions on the operating system, the IOS phones on the basis of iOS must first download the picture in ICLOUD as a file, and then share this file with the interlocutor through the messenger.


If you prefer to work on a computer, the ability to compress a video for further use in WhatsApp correspondence you have many. There are more than a few dozen programs with which you can solve this problem, but we will only consider options with the maximum simple intese that do not require special skills.

Free Video Converter

The first we recommend that you pay attention to software, which requires minimal actions to install and use in the future. Free Video Converter is a free tool for converting a video from one format to another. In the process of installing various parameters, you can also set the settings to compress the video to the dimensions available according to the rules.

Movavi Video Converter

MOVAVI Video Converter is a more advanced tool for working with video materials than the previous solution. The editor has many useful functions that make it possible to comfortably compress the video with almost no loss of quality, but with a significant reduction in size.

The main disadvantage of this program is that for using its full version you will have to pay. However, if it is important for you that the rollers do not lose quality, as well as if you use compression for professional purposes on an ongoing basis, most likely the waste will be justified. details about the installation and use of MOVAVI Video Converter in the article below.

Online Clideo service

In addition to applications requiring installation on a smartphone or computer, there are also special online services to compress video. A huge plus of this method is that you do not have to download anything first, take up a place on the device or spend money on software. Services support most of all common formats and do a great job of their main task.

We will consider compression through the Clideo website. the most popular tool for reducing the size of the video online with minimal loss as. Clideo also guarantees the safety of downloading personal media materials, which is most important when working with cloud services.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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