How to make a bold font on your phone

How to zoom out of the page

Work with the elements of the page and their size often involves increasing the size of text and images. The need to reduce text or images arises in several cases:

  • the user is the owner of a small monitor (less than 19 inches) with a limited choice of resolution;
  • there are large pictures on the page, interfering with the perception of the text;
  • The designer of the page on the site failed to set the original width or height for the icons or letters;
  • Sometimes it’s necessary to zoom out of the screen to put all the elements in view.

There are several popular browsers, each of which, in its own way, offers the ability to resize the displayed content. Dozens of similar applications with similar functionality are created on the basis of these programs, so this article only discusses frequently used programs:

To find out how to scale a window inside the browser from Yandex, use data on Google Chrome. This program was created on the basis of freely distributed source code Chromium, as well as the browser from Google. Less popular software products use similar content management schemes. The program sometimes provides the ability to change the hotkeys to be more convenient for working with the window.

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In the “Settings” menu

Use your mouse to click on the menu that opens at the top. This can be as a whole line with the inscription “View” among others, or single icons. In Opera it is the icon with the appropriate logo, and in Chrome such an item is located in the upper right part of the toolbar (the button with three horizontal bars). Open the menu using one of these methods, which will lead you to the desired item and the buttons for increasing or decreasing it. Press the item with a “-” sign until you are satisfied with the result.


An alternative to a series of clicks in the browser window is to use the hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts to change the size of icons and symbols. Most browsers use the standard “Ctrl-” combination, which resizes all items in the window by a fixed number of percent relative to the original value. The Apple Mac platform uses a similar keyboard shortcut, but with the correction of different character designations for the control keys.

About the big font in

In order to make a large font on our page we use the header buttons in the edit panel. H1, H2, etc.д. Another option would be to use the familiar CAPS LOCK key, but it should be remembered that such loud letters can both attract and discourage visitors to our pages.

We have disassembled the basics. It remains only to try and fantasize. Good luck!

How to change the font color on your Android desktop

The above mobile app HiFont has sorting fonts by color, but installing a theme will change the color of any text on your phone.

And here is a well-known program Beautiful Icon Styler does not know how to change the font on your Android phone, but can help transform your desktop icons. The application contains a catalog of free and paid sets of icons, with different colored labels, different design icons. Note that the application will allow a free desktop design change 3 times, then use the program will have to pay.

Increasing the text size on Android

Important: Menu item names may vary depending on your smartphone manufacturer.

It is necessary to download Font Installer from Google Play, as well as the required font in TTF format. Go to “Menu”, then “Backup/Restore” and “Backup. If you are prompted for root access, confirm it. Go to “Local”, find the downloaded font file, select it, and then the “Install” command in the popup menu.

To change the font size on Xiaomi, you need to: Open the settings menu, scroll to the “Personalization” category and click on the “Screen” line; In the “System font” column, click on “Text size”, select one of the options (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) and confirm the action with the “Ok” button.

The Android ways

Android creators have taken care of the customers who want to use their device to the full 100%. With the help of a few instructions and additional programs, users can change the parameters of the text.

Increase or decrease with internal tools

One of the available ways is to change the text settings using the default settings. User can change the default profile of Android, based on his preferences and the capabilities of the operating system version.

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Unfortunately, on most smartphones you can only change the size of the lettering. Additional functions to change the interface, graphics and text (FlipFont) offer individual manufacturers, in particular Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, etc.д.

  • Open the phone settings.
  • Find “Screen”/”Display”.
  • Press on item “Font size”.
  • Increase or decrease text size.

This setting affects absolutely all text items on your phone. Change: menu items, app names, contact list and so on. Change styles on these smartphones with “inflexible system” you can use additional programs and louncers.

With GoLauncher

Launchers allow you to change the display design to the smallest detail. One of them is GoLauncher. It provides thousands of possible variants of design. You can download the utility from Play Market. When you run the application for the first time will ask permission to access memory. approve for correct work.

GoLauncher has two versions. free and paid. The first version has enough different styles. Users can buy the paid version on their own initiative and expand the functionality.

To see other design options, click on the “Search” button. The display will show the design options that the user can apply to the smartphone interface. Add-on allows you to change the color of application names, text and background.

Even non-professional Android users can cope with the utility. No ROOT rights are required for use, which means that the smartphone owner will not be able to break the smartphone in any way, and the settings set through the Launcher can be reset at any time. Alternative program. Action Launcher.


Application requires ROOT rights, but developer warns that it is not safe. The program contains a variety of text styles (including calligraphy and other styles) that can be found on the Internet. We recommend to download iFont for installation from 4PDA. You may need to allow the smartphone to download files from third-party services, it can be done in the settings of the phone, in the “Security” section.

After downloading and installing, as well as allowing the rights:

  • Open the tab “Mine”;
  • Click on “Settings”;
  • then click on “Change font mode”;
  • Select “System mode” (necessary for further work with the program without notifications and efficiently);
  • enter the “Recommended” tab;
  • Select the item you like;
  • Use the “Preview” and “Preview” functions to see what the style will look like;
  • Click “Download” and after downloading “Install”;
  • Confirm the installation.

After that, restart the device. The user will see that some elements have not changed. In this case, some graphical elements, are tied to the factory Android system and cannot be replaced without ROOT rights.

Font Fix

Font Fix is a prominent competitor to iFont. Font Fix gives the user access to many different styles, which are collected from three reliable sources. However, you can’t set up a search by language, so it will take some time to find items in Russian. For stable operation, it is necessary to provide ROOT-rights, which can be dangerous for the system. This utility should only be downloaded from reliable and trusted sources, such as Play Market.

The app allows the user to upload their own masterpieces, but iFont is clearer and has more functionality. Owners of smartphones with built-in FlipFont (HTC, Samsung) do not need ROOT rights to use.

Via third-party liners

There are other programs with which you can change the text parameters of your smartphone. For example, Action Launcher. Downloadable from Google Play, safe for your system. To change the style, go to the “Appearance” tab. Under “Font” select the style you like and install it.

Samsung ways

Manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, Samsung, HTC have built into some models the ability to change the “system spelling” without installing additional add-ons. The technology is called FlipFont.

To change the text in Samsung brand devices:

  • Go to “Settings” of your device.
  • Find the “Display” section.
  • Choose “Font size and style”.
  • Click on the item of the same name.

You will see a list of themes that you can use as a system style. With the “Download Fonts” feature, the user can expand the list of available styles for a nominal price. Samsung Sans owners can enjoy this feature for free.

This method and the loungers work on Android 8.0. If the OS is higher than 8.0 (9 and 10), use the manual:

  • install the “Theme Galaxy” utility;
  • two icons will appear on the desktop: “Themes” and “Theme Galaxy”;
  • launch “Theme Galaxy” and give all necessary permissions;
  • launch “Themes”;
  • go down to “Fonts” section;
  • select the element you like, download and install it;
  • restart your smartphone.

After that, go to the standard settings of the device and set the downloaded style as the system style.

Ways for Xiaomi

To change the font on your Xiaomi smartphone, you can use several ways. For the average user this will be quite difficult, as the change is hidden in numerous tabs on the phone.

Changing the region

Russian users cannot change the text style with the “Themes” tab, as it is blocked for marketing reasons. Change the region, in order to access the functions of the program.

  • go to “settings”;
  • Open “Advanced settings”;
  • select “Region”;
  • set the default country as India;
  • change the style using the “Themes” application.
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To change the style, you need to open the tab that appears “Themes”. In the navigation bar, click on the button with the same name and install one of the suggested options. After. restart the device. Now you can put a custom system keyboard and change other elements of the interface.

Xiaomi Market

You can change the fonts using the applications downloaded from Xiaomi Market. They can be downloaded from Google Market, we talked about them above. Font Fix, iFont, Action Launcher, GoLauncher.

  • Download QuickShortcutMaker;
  • after installation, go to “Settings”;
  • In the list, find the font options;
  • Click on the name to change the name;
  • After clicking on the “New” button on the desktop, a shortcut to the settings will appear;
  • Then you need to click on the created shortcut and choose the design to your liking;
  • After clicking on the button “Themes”, agree with the terms;
  • choose the mode “Offline”;
  • click on “Import”;
  • find and open a file from the list;
  • open the shortcut you created earlier, click “Default” and select the font you want;
  • Reboot Android.

If error occurs, you need to set your account to Designer status (step-by-step instructions below).

Install Google fonts on MIUI 8/9

Chinese versions of MIUI differ from each other. Below will be the instructions for versions 8 and 9.

  • Download font file from trusted sources, place in phone memory.
  • Download and open MIUI Theme Editor.
  • In it go to “Themes” and then to “Import”.
  • Select the downloaded file.
  • Restart your phone. The changes will take effect after turning on the device

Get designer status

To access the designer status, you need to create a Mi account, next:

  • Click on the designer, log in to the account;
  • Register as an individual designer;
  • Fill in all the information;
  • it is necessary to provide bank card information;
  • Wait for confirmation.

Administrators review applications within 1-3 business days.

TWRP to help

If you already have TWRP on your smartphone, you will not have too much trouble.

  • download the font, place the file in the memory of the smartphone or on the SD card;
  • Reboot your smartphone;
  • Follow this path Backup System Install in the program;
  • find and select a file from the list;
  • Reboot your device after installation.


A radical way to change the scale and graphics of the interface: flash your Android device with custom firmware.

How to change the font on Android

How you can quickly “transform” your smartphone without buying a new one? It is possible to set a new wallpaper for your home screen or just change the ringtone. But there is a 3rd way. to replace the standard fonts in the mobile operating system.

In most cases the Roboto font is set by default in Android. It was developed by Google and introduced to the general public in 2012.

Most often it suits everyone, it is loved for its neat flat lines and clarity. But there will always be those who want to stand out from the crowd.

If you count yourself among these people. this article is for you. A huge advantage of Android as an OS is full “customizability”. The system allows the user to change the built-in fonts. However, the ability to change fonts is not always an easy task. This often requires additional knowledge. In this article you will learn two ways to install fonts on Android: with and without root access.

The “stock” Android, unfortunately, does not have a built-in function to change fonts. However, many smartphone manufacturers make improvements to the firmware and allow users to change fonts. These include Samsung, LG and HTC. Typically, the default setting for changing fonts is in the “Display” section.

For example, Samsung pre-installs several fonts to choose from. If that’s not enough. additional ones can be downloaded via Google Play. But you’ll pay for it most of the time.

To change the default font you need to go to Settings. Display. Font. Font style.”.

Simply tap on the font you like in the list, then confirm your choice. You will change your font in no time at all. You don’t even have to reboot your phone. New font will be displayed everywhere: in the system menus, in SMS and even on the status line.

Go Launcher

The first way to change your fonts without getting root access is to install a third party Launcher. The most popular Android shell, Go Launcher, is great for this. It has the widest range of features. It has a font-changing feature, among other things.

To change fonts in Go Launcher copy the fonts you want to use to any folder on your phone. Then launch Go Launcher.

Go to Settings (of the shell, not the phone). Then go to “Shortcut & Fonts”. Choose the font that we need, or use “Search” to install third-party fonts.

Changes will take effect immediately. This is how you can quickly and efficiently change the Go Launcher style.


The next way to change fonts without a root access is the iFont app. It is available on Google Play and more than 10 000 000 users have chosen it. “Enjoy life, enjoy the fonts” is the unusual motto of this app.

iFont can replace fonts on certain Samsung, Meizu, Xiaomi, Huawei phones. It’s easy to update fonts on Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note, Note II without root access. With other models. depending on your luck. Fonts can be replaced on HTC, Sony, Motorola. but with root access. The following pattern is interesting: the older the Android firmware on your smartphone, the more likely it is to change fonts without getting root access. For example, on Galaxy S6, S7, S8 smartphones with Android 6.0.1 installation of third-party fonts is blocked by Samsung.

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Before using the application, do not forget to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources in the “Security” section of your smartphone.

After launching the app, you need to select the font language. Choose “RU (Russian)”. Then click on the style you like and press “Download. Fonts usually weigh about 150 Kb. Then click “Install”. We go to phone settings and see the new font. Choose it and enjoy.


FontFix is a similar app to iFont, but with more intrusive ads. It has many fonts to choose from, and there are several ways to replace them.

make, font, your, phone

There are over 4000 fonts available for installation. Some of them are paid. Supported, as always, not all smartphones, but only Samsung. But, with root access rights can be installed on almost all devices!

Root access

Root access on your phone is the administrator rights, which allows you to edit even the system and files hidden from the average user.

Usually you get these rights by reflashing your smartphone. This is not a secure process, but if you have root access, you are probably an advanced Android user. And the instructions below are for you. Remember that you do everything at your own risk!

The easiest access is to run Total Commander file manager and manually copy and then replace the fonts you want. Go to /system/fonts folder and replace Roboto-Regular.ttf. This is the most common font in Android. Just take your Arial.ttf and copy it to /fonts folder with the name Roboto-Regular.ttf. Don’t forget to backup all fonts in this folder. Then you have to reboot your smartphone and enjoy the new font.

There is an easier variant. you just need to choose the installation mode of the fonts. root in iFont or FontFix. application will copy and install everything by itself.

P.S. And where to get fonts you ask? We recommend several locations:

Here you can access a large library of free fonts from Google. There are more than 800.

To download the font you like, choose it and click on it. Then click on the dark bar at the bottom of the screen, and then click on the “Download” icon. As in the screenshot below.

Also recommended to visit the good site with free fonts. Choose Russian, and then click “Download” in front of the font you like.


Why do you need to change fonts?

  • For convenience and to customize the device to personal preferences of the user;
  • In some cases, to preserve vision. For example, when recommending an ophthalmologist to make the main colors of the interface more tranquil: blue or gray;
  • For comfortable use of the phone.

Where to download fonts for Xiaomi

Usually it is a file format “.mtz” for MIUI shell. You can download both on official websites and other verified sources, such as here.

How to create a personal style

With the MyRealFont application, the user can create his own “masterpiece”.

How To Get iPhone Bold Font on Android | San Francisco Bold Font

make, font, your, phone

How to restore the standard design

In order to get the standard look back, you need to consider the way the font was set. If the style was changed via the standard Android or iOS menu, you will need to go to the settings and undo the changes in the appropriate section.

In the case of specialized applications, rollback the changes through them and delete the utility from memory.

How to change in the programs

To change the size of the inscriptions in applications, such as browsers and messengers, you need to go to the settings (usually three dots in the upper right corner) and find the “Text”/ “Font” etc.д.

  • For example, in the official VK app, the user will only be able to change the size of the letters.
  • In WhatsApp. it will not be possible,
  • In Telegram. following the standard way, via Appearance (you can even adjust the corners of blocks with messages),
  • In the classmates you can change only the color scheme, but not the scale.
  • Instagram. you can’t,
  • Viber. you can choose a theme and change the default background,
  • messenger. you can’t, only through the system.

How to install and change the font on Android: color, size, style

Some users of mobile devices running the Android operating system would like to change the font or its color.

Most often you want to make such changes to make it unique, or to facilitate the use of the device if the font is too small, dull, inconspicuous.

Because of the open structure of the platform, there are no problems with how to change the color of the font on Android. However, most gadgets do not have this feature.