How to make a brighter screen on a lanovo screen

Special change in the brightness of the monitor. The laptop changes the brightness itself! Why?

Question from the user


My brightness on my laptop began to change spontaneously: with a dark image, the brightness falls, and with a bright. Restored to the usual level.

How can you get rid of this problem, otherwise my eyes began to get tired of it? OS: Windows 8, count. Speaker (video card) Intel HD 4000 (built.In).

Such a problem began to appear more and more often after the Windows 8 OS (this OS has the possibility of adaptive brightness adjustment, depending on the picture on your screen ☝). Also, some laptops are equipped with special software and sensors, which determine the level of illumination in the room, and on it. Regulate the brightness of the screen.

There is nothing wrong with this, but in certain cases such a change does not allow us to work normally and interferes with the user. In the article I will tell you in detail how to turn off this spontaneous change in brightness.

How to increase brightness on a laptop through a special program

Another option, how to increase the brightness of the screen on a laptop. The use of additional programs and functions of the system. Manufacturers, together with drivers, offer to install software for their products. For example, Intel offers to use the special utility of Intel HD Graphics, you can find it, as a rule, on the taskbar near the clock. In AMD, these functions are performed by Catalyst Center, which gives a wide range of possibilities for making changes in the display settings.

If you want to easily, quickly add the backlight power on the monitor, you can use the built.In menu from Windows. For this:

  • Click the right mouse button to the battery image.
  • Select the “Mobility Center Widnows”.
  • In the window that opens using a slider, increase the necessary indicator.
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How to increase contrast?

Click the drawing for which you want to change the contrast. On the panel, working with drawings on the Format tab in the group change click contrast. For accurate settings, press the Figure Correction Parameters button and move the contrast slider or enter the number in the field next to it.

Open the control panel and go to the “System and Safety” section. Next, go to the “Power Power” section. In the left column, click on the link “Changing the power parameters from the battery”. In the window that opens, you can increase or decrease the screen backlight using a slider.

How to configure brightness on a laptop using a keyboard?

It is necessary to hold the functional button FN (located at the bottom of the keyboard near the left Ctrl, Win buttons), then press the keys with the arrows up or right to increase brightness, down or left to reduce. In combination with FN, the keys from F1 to F12 can also be used.

Open the control panel and go to the “System and Safety” section. Next, go to the “Power Power” section. In the left column, click on the link “Changing the power parameters from the battery”. In the window that opens, you can increase or decrease the screen backlight using a slider.

Possible problems

All changes made by the user must be maintained automatically. If this does not happen, then perhaps these data are not determined correctly in the parameters of power supply.

  • The most common problem is to automatically adjust the brightness. To change this option, you need to go to the additional parameters of the power plan and disable adaptive adjustment. To do this, select the item “Off.»In the drop.Down menu.
  • The second common problem can be incorrectly working drivers of video cards. Often this situation occurs after their updating. The problem is eliminated as follows:
  • Open the device manager on the control panel;
  • Find the “monitor” and go to this section;
  • Delete the monitors that the OS found;
  • Press the “Update Equipment Configuration” button.
  • After that, Windows will reduce the monitors found that are connected to the computer. It is recommended to use the latest video card drivers, for which you need to enable the automatic update function in the NVIDIA GeForce Experience or AMD ATI Catalyst settings.

If it is the new drivers that cause incorrect adjustment of the brightness of the screen by the laptop, then the early version should be installed.

How to increase the brightness of the Windows 7 screen using a keyboard?

The laptops have the ability to increase or decrease this parameter using buttons on the keyboard. It is required by pressing the “fn” simultaneously press the “Up” or “down” buttons (indicated on the keyboard with arrows). Sometimes there are models of laptops, where you need to press the buttons “to the left” and “to the right”.

  • Open Windows parameters by pressing the key combination Win I. Or click on the gear icon in the Start menu.
  • Cross the “System” → “Display”.
  • From the right, adjust the position of the “Changing brightness” slider to set the desired level of the screen backlight.

Adjustment of the clarity of text and flowers

Those who read a lot and work with documents, I highly recommend that Windows perform “thin” font settings.

The fact is that Windows has a special. CLEARTYPE text configuration (using it can be a specific laptop/PC. Configure the most “read” text option. After all, each of us has its own tastes and preferences, each of us sees the world in its own way. ).

How to run font display settings (calibration):

  • Press a combination of Winr keys;
  • Into the window “Enter” enter the CTTune command and press Enter;
  • Next, the text configuration tool should start (see. Screenshot below). Just click “Next”;

Make the text on the screen more convenient for reading

You need to choose the most convenient option for you

By the way, I also recommend looking into calibration with the color of the screen:

  • You also need to call the “Perform” window (combination of Winr);
  • Enter the DCCW command;
  • Next, go through a few steps of the master for precisely the adjustment of the image.

How To Make Any Laptop Touch Screen!

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Adjustment in Windows

In order to configure brightness in the operating system, you must enter the screen settings. For Windows 7 and 8, you should open a “control panel” in the Start menu and select “screen”. Next, it remains to find the slider of brightness, which can increase or reduce the brightness.

You can go to the Windows 10 OS by clicking on the notification icon in the Treie. Here you need to choose “all parameters”, after that “system”. “screen” and change the brightness settings by moving the runner.

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On a note! An interesting feature of Windows 8 and 10 is the “Night Light” mode, which does not just make a dull screen so that it does not cut his eyes, but inverts all the colors in a yellow shade. It is believed that it is he who, in the absence of lighting, is as safe as possible for the eyes. Smartphones have a similar function. The advantage of the regime is the ability to set it up so that it independently includes in the time set by the user.

In old OS, Windows 7 and XP there is a brightness adjustment on the laptop in the Windows Mobility Center menu. To find it, just press PKM in the tray and select the desired point. Several windows will open in which you can not only make a lighter screen or reduce the backlight, but also choose power options, sound volume and perform other actions.

Another option to add brightness on a laptop is to enter the power supply settings. Run to make the screen darker, located below. In the same menu, you can click on the “Setting of the power supply circuit”, the screen of the screen will open. Depending on whether it is connected to the network or not, below you can see the adjustment of the brightness on the laptop for both cases. That is, the user may set that in the case of disconnecting the gadget from the network, the backlight will remain at the level of 100% or will decrease to 50% (any convenient option), and with a power supply, the level should remain unchanged.

Important! You can add brightness through software, which is installed to video cards from manufacturers. “Catalyst Center” for AMD and “NVIDIA control panel” for GeForce.

What to do if brightness is not regulated

1) Update the drivers to the video adapter // not to roll back the old

make, screen

In most cases, it is not possible to change the brightness due to the fact that the system does not have an actual driver for a video card.

This can happen if, for example, after installing or updating the system, you did not download them from the official website (as a result you have a driver that Windows itself set. He, of course, is a worker, but some options are not available!).

Here you can do as follows:

  • Go to the official website of your device, download the driver on the video adapter, and update it. About how to do all this procedure. See. This article;
  • Try to roll back the driver to the old one (which could stay in the system, for example, after its update). I recommend that you try this option first, and if there are no other versions in the system, then it is already the first, see. The link is slightly higher

How to try to roll back the system to the “old” working driver:

  • Go to the device manager (to open it, click Winr. Enter the DEVMGMT command.MSC and click Enter);
  • Next, open the “Video.Adapters” tab. Select your video card and click on it with the right mouse button. Select “Update the driver” in the menu;

In the vast majority of cases, after updating the driver to the video adapter, you can easily change the brightness using the Windows control panel (for example, through power supply settings), or through the Driver control center, and even in cases where other methods do not work!

2) Check if the functional keys are working

Also, what I recommend to do is check if you have functional keys on the keyboard. It is possible that you are all right with the drivers, just, for example, in BIOS, these necessary keys are disabled.

You can learn about how to set up and turn them on from another article on the blog (link to it below).

To help!

What to do if the functional keys (F1-F12, as well as FN) do not work, you can’t change the brightness, volume, turn on/off the touchpad or Wi-Fi adapter.

3) Disable adaptive brightness adjustment

On some laptops, special light sensors are installed and by default they regulate the brightness of the screen depending on the level of lighting in the room (called: adaptive adjustment of brightness).

In most cases, this option does not provide the optimal level of quality of the picture on the screen and it is recommended to turn it off.

To do this, open the Windows control panel and go to the following section: Equipment and sound \ power supply \ Changing the parameters of the scheme

You need to open additional settings of your power supply circuit.

Change add. Power parameters (Windows 10)

WINDOWS 10 | Brightness Control Not Working | QUICK FIX | NO RESTART

In the tab “screen/enable adaptive adjustment of brightness”. There will be a cherished setting. Just translate the modes into “Off.”. In some cases, you will need to restart the laptop.

Turn off the adaptive adjustment of the brightness of the screen

By the way, I will pay attention to the fact that some laptop models are equipped with additional settings centers (for example, Sony VAIO, Lenovo, etc.).

They may have some options that affect the quality of the picture on the screen (an example below). Just go to a similar settings center and turn off all the options that are associated with brightness and adaptability sensors.

Sony VAIO control center. Image quality

4) try changing the OS (or install the second for testing)

Well, the last thing I can recommend with this problem is to try reinstalling Windows OS (and drivers with it), or create another subsection on the hard drive, and install another version of the OS.

I immediately note that it is extremely desirable to go to the official website of the manufacturer of your laptop before this, and see what OS there are drivers.

As a help!

I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the article on how to choose the right Windows for a laptop or PC.

We check on the official website of the laptop manufacturer, for which Windows there are drivers