How to make a dark theme on huawei

Dark theme in Android how to enable or disable

On this page you will find information on how to enable or disable the dark theme on Android 10. Using a dark theme on your phone can make reading easier, as well as help extend battery life.

You can on Android smartphones and tablets change the color scheme for some screens and apps. When you turn on a dark theme on your phone, the screen background will turn dark and the text will turn white. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that if you have a dark theme activated on your phone, but you have not turned it on, then perhaps the following modes are enabled. “Power Saving”, “Grayscale” or “Color Inversion” mode. Below we’ll show you how to enable or disable the dark theme on Android 10 clean version. The settings may be slightly different on different manufacturers’ devices, but hopefully the information will work for your smartphone. Also look reviews below the article, maybe someone has already shared some useful information to your phone.

How to turn the dark theme on your phone on or off:. Open “Settings” on your smartphone or tablet In the settings, go to “Screen” In the screen menu, enable or disable the “Dark Theme” item. See the screenshot below where the right item is highlighted.

As we said above, if you have disabled the dark theme but it does not turn off, it is likely that the. power saving, grayscale or color inversion are most likely on. If your phone does not support dark theme, but you would like to have this mode in some applications, then look in the settings of the application itself to activate the dark mode. For example, you can turn on the dark theme on WhatsApp through the settings of the application itself and safely use. It also happens that the application does not support dark theme and even if the dark mode is enabled on the phone, the application will still have a light background.

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Hope you were able to enable or disable the dark theme in Android. Do not forget to leave your feedback and specify the device model and Android version, which suited or not the information from the article, so that others could get useful information from you. Thanks for the feedback!

Is dark mode available on Huawei?

Dark Beyond theme, known as dark theme for android, is available for all huawei and honor phones. Using this dark theme, you can enable dark mode on your phone, and we ended up enabling the launch style q.

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To use dark mode, you need to install an app called G-Pix [Android P] Dark EMUI 8/5/9 THEME. This is actually a theme that allows your phone to turn on dark mode.

How to disable dark mode on Huawei?

For the first one, tap Settings. Then go to Display Brightness. Now just tap on that blue dot to activate or deactivate dark mode.

How to turn dark mode on HUAWEI Y6s?

  • For the first one, tap Settings.
  • Then go to Display Brightness.
  • Now just tap on that blue dot to activate or deactivate dark mode.
  • Remember, the dark mode helps save battery power, enjoy it.

Turning on the dark mode with the button in the quick settings panel

The second way to activate the dark theme involves using the quick settings panel. In the “curtain” on Huawei and Honor phones running EMUI 10 by default, there is no item responsible for switching light mode to dark and vice versa.

To add the corresponding button to the quick settings panel, you need to perform several simple actions. The first thing to do is to open the “curtain” and click on the pencil icon. This will open a list of options divided into two parts: the first half consists of buttons placed on the notification panel by default; the second half consists of options whose icons can be moved to the upper section, after which they will be displayed in the “curtain.

Also any of the available functions can be activated without dragging its icon to the notification panel. just click on the desired icon. But it is inconvenient to do it every time, so it is recommended to move the button that activates the dark mode to the top of the screen.

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After that, the item “Dark Mode” will appear on the quick settings panel in the place set by the user. To activate or deactivate the dark theme, it will be enough to click on it.

How to remove the theme from android?

Open the Themes app, go to I Themes/Text Styles/Wallpaper, tap and hold the item to remove it.

In order to remove a theme from the MIUI shell, the first thing to do is to go to the “Themes” app and click on “Offline”. Opens the list of previously installed in the smartphone themes. Look for the ones you don’t need and long press to highlight them. If at least one theme is selected, the “Delete” button appears at the bottom of the screen.May 9, 2017.

Android apps that will help you move your notes

How to transfer the notes to another phone, will prompt the utility from the manufacturer of your smartphone. It will solve the problem of transferring not only small amounts of data, but also multimedia files: music, videos and photos. Many manufacturers have such utilities: Samsung Smart Switch, Sony Xperia Transfer Mobile, HTC Transfer Tool, Motorola Migrate or LG Mobile Switch. Separately, it is worth noting the developments of private companies, such as the CLONEit.

The principle of operation of all of the above utilities is similar. The user must have the program on both devices. In the settings of what acts as a datsource, you select the type of files to be copied. Then a generated copy is transmitted to the receiving device via the same application.

First of all, in order to transfer your notes, you need to download and install the CLONEit application on both devices. You can find it in the official store. It is specifically aimed at transferring information from one device to another. That is why CLONEit is loved by those who have to use two phones. corporate and personal, between which you often have to organize the exchange of data.

The transfer process through the CLONEit app does not require deep knowledge of IT technology. It won’t take long.

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Samsung Galaxy smartphones have the ability to share data via Smart Switch:

Samsung devices can share notes through the memory card as well:

To perform note transfer, you need to get both smartphones on the same wireless network.

Note that devices with Android 7 or higher do not support this technology.

How to transfer notes from your old phone to your NTS:

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How to make the curtain dark?

There are two methods to activate the dark interface in Android Pie. The first one is hidden in the advanced display settings and is called “Device Theme”The procedure is simple:

Choosing a pre-installed design theme on Huawei and Honor

  • In the menu “Settings” we find the item “Work screen and wallpaper”.
  • Selecting “Themes”.
  • We click on one of the suggested themes and then browse through all the screens, shifting them to the right or to the left.
  • If you like it. press “Apply” at the bottom.

How to make a dark theme on Honor and Huawei

It is free and takes a couple of seconds. Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to enable a dark theme on Honor and Huawei:

In a couple of seconds the display will change the color setting to the selected one.

In order to optimize the device you need to restart it. Then all the textures and stylized icons can immediately immerse. Phone design can be changed an unlimited number of times.

If this solution does not suit you, it is possible to put another third-party application for a black theme. But they all weigh a lot, and this will affect the operation of the phone. Especially the braking will be noticeable if the RAM is 3 Gb or less.