How to make a flashlight when calling on iPhone

How to turn on the flash on the iPhone when notifications come in

Basically, if you have already done this operation for calls, you have also activated the mode for notifications. Nothing special to do.

Once again, we remind you that you should always check if this function works. It happens that the settings do not work and you will need to reboot your phone, especially on older iPhones.

But if even after rebooting calls and messages are not accompanied by a light indication, you need to find out the reason. It can have both software and hardware roots. Here is a list of the most common problems related to mode inoperability and how to solve them.

The problem How to remove
On the components of the camera got water / moisture Since both the camera and LED are connected to a common cable, even if the LED-block has blown, you can not replace it separately, you have to change the entire camera module. But there is a positive moment. this repair can be done independently.
The work of the flash interferes with a protective film or cover Here’s an easy thing. you just need to remove the element that prevents the LED and install one that will not interfere.
Phone overheated This is what happens when you use your iPhone a lot. Need to turn off the gadget and wait for it to cool down.
The operating system was recently reinstalled In fact, this is one of the most common causes of failure of this function on iPhones since version 4s. Try to switch to an older version or wait until an updated firmware is released with a bug fix.
The flash is out of order due to the fall of your smartphone There is nothing to suggest except replacing the module.
Installing a third-party app If the flash stopped working after you installed the “left” software, simply uninstall the application and install another with similar functionality. If it did not work. reset to factory settings.
You used Jailbreak to be able to install apps from third-party sources, bypassing the App Store Such an operation leads to a loss of warranty service, but you can restore the previous functionality of the smartphone by doing a rollback of iPhone to the factory settings.
The flash doesn’t work for an unknown reason There are quite a few apps developed to diagnose the problem, such as Flashlight. If it turns out to be a working LED, you should perform an update of the regular Camera app. Otherwise. make sure that the settings are activated.

How to turn on the flash when you call your iPhone

In order to make your iPhone flashlight flash when you call, you only need to change one parameter in the settings of your phone.

First, open the basic settings of your phone, to do this, click on the Settings icon on the screen.

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Scroll down a bit and select the Basic menu item.

On the next tab, find the line called Universal Access and click on it.

Scroll down in the menu a little bit to the category called HARD (yes, in fact, the option to flash the flash on a call is positioned as an aid for the hearing impaired), and put the switch opposite the alert flash in the position Enabled.

As a result, your phone will flash when you receive an incoming call or message (even if it came, for example, in Viber). As looks flash notification iPhone in practice clearly demonstrates the following video.

As practice shows, many iPhone owners do not know that starting with iOS 5 on the phone you can turn on the automatic flash LED function for incoming calls or notifications. That’s why we decided to tell you how to turn on the flash on your iPhone.

Who will benefit from this feature? Especially for the hearing impaired. But also ordinary users flash on the call can be very useful. A visual notification during an incoming call will help you locate your device faster. Especially effective flash allows you to find the iPhone in a dark room. So, you will not need to be guided only by the beep, going into a dark room, you will immediately see where the phone is.

How to turn on the flash on your iPhone

If you’ve noticed someone else’s flash going off when you call or get a message on your iPhone, and you’ve decided to turn it on yourself, it’s easy to do: just enable one option in the settings.

In this short instruction. about how to turn on the flash on your iPhone, as well as a video, where the whole process is clearly shown. Also might be interesting: How to turn on the flash when calling on Android.

How to turn off and remove the flash on your iPhone?

Apple manufacturers provide many options on their devices designed to add comfort in using the device. One of these is the flash on the iPhone, which is designed to function not only when taking pictures, but also as a flashlight, as well as a light when receiving notifications and a light signal on an incoming call.

However, such a light wastes extra battery power. This article will tell you how to turn off the flash on your iPhone when you receive notifications and how to turn off the backlight when you make a call, as well as how to turn off the flash when you take photos when you don’t need it.

  • What devices the article is relevant for
  • How to turn off the flash in SMS
  • How to turn off the flash on a call
  • How to turn off the flash in the camera
  • Conclusions

What devices this article is suitable for?

The function of automatically turning on the led flash for incoming calls and messages on iPhones was developed with the release of iOS 5, respectively, this article will be relevant for all devices with iOS 5 and above:

  • iPhone 5/5S/SE
  • iPhone 6/6 plus
  • iPhone 7/7 plus
  • iPhone 8/8 plus
  • iPhone X/XS/XR/XS Max
  • iPhone 11/11Pro/11 Pro Max
  • iPhone SE2020

How to turn off the flash in SMS?

The led flash triggering feature, although designed for greater user comfort and to draw extra attention to calls and incoming notifications, is not to everyone’s liking. Also, it consumes a certain amount of battery power, and for many users this aspect is more important.

How to cancel the ice flash on incoming SMS and other notifications?

  • Open Settings, scroll to Universal Access, and press there. Then select the submenu “Audio-visual element,” and move the toggle switch next to the inscription “Flash alert” to the passive mode.
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We will also see the “Silent mode” checkbox, which allows you to turn on the backlight for the call when the iPhone is in silent mode. You can disable or enable the silent mode if you wish.

Go to Settings to deactivate the flash.

Navigate to Universal Access to access further settings for disabling.

Go to the Audiovisual item submenu. there we find the engine to disable the backlight mode.

Disable “Flash alert” and “Silent mode” if necessary.

Done. The notification light is now disabled.

How to turn off the flash on a call?

To disable the flash on your iPhone when you receive a call, proceed as follows:

If your phone software is iOS version 5 to 12:

Choose “Basic” in Settings, where we can turn off the flash on calls.

Select the menu “Universal access” to deactivate the flash.

Deactivate the backlight in front of the “Flash Alert” option.

If our device has iOS 12 or higher, the flash on call is disabled in the same way as notifications (see previous chapter): Settings. Universal Access. Audio Visual Element. Alert Flash:

The flash when ringing is also disabled under “Audio-Visual Element”.

How to disable the flash in the camera?

The iPhone camera flash allows to take photos of high quality, even in low light and not the best shooting conditions. However, sometimes it is not required, and it is very easy to turn off the flash:

Go into the camera to disable the flash.

Select “Off” mode.” of the suggested options.

Done! The camera will now take pictures without flash and you can just as easily turn it back on with a click of a button if you like.

As we can see, the flash or led light option can easily be deactivated when we don’t need it. whether it’s for receiving incoming calls and messages, or taking pictures. I hope the step-by-step instructions and video clips were helpful to our readers and you will be able to easily disable the flash and turn it back on when needed.

Why do we need this option??

As mentioned earlier, by default it is oriented to people with disabilities, but many users have appreciated its usefulness and also decided to actively use. It helps in those cases when, for example, the smartphone is lying with the screen down and it is not possible to hear the call or you put it on silent. Very often this feature helps you wake up, for example, if you have a silent mode and it’s very dark in the room.

Helps even when the device’s speaker does not work, and even worse, silent mode. This is the only way to understand that at the moment there is an incoming call if the phone is at a distance from you and there is no opportunity to look at the display.

But there is a small disadvantage. Since it uses a built-in diode, the phone discharges faster. And if we consider that the flash blinks as during calls, and at the arrival of notifications in the form of messages from different messengers, then you can expect a significant discharge of the battery.

Important to know! The flash when ringing can only be activated on iOS 5.0 and higher, respectively, available to owners of iPhone 4 and other more modern generations.

How to turn on and set the flash when there is an incoming call on the iPhone

The iPhone, unlike most other phones, does not have an event indicator light that lights up with an incoming call or SMS. But Apple has a special mode for the hearing impaired, which involves using the main camera flash to display incoming calls and notifications. If you want every call and message to be accompanied by a backlight, then you will need to turn on the flash when you call on your iPhone. About how to do this, and we will talk in our article.

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How to turn on or off the flash when calling on your iPhone

Unlike other smartphones, the iPhone does not have a special indicator for notifications. But the iPhone has a special feature for the deaf and hearing impaired that uses the LED flash to show incoming notifications and calls. If you want the flash to flash when you receive calls and notifications, turn on this feature, and read how to do it below.

You can activate the flash on your iPhone to notify you of incoming calls and messages. However, it will blink only if your smartphone is locked. And when the screen is active, there will be no flashing.

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How to turn off the flash on notifications on iPhone and Android

The notification flash on your smartphone often helps you not to miss an important call or message and is good to attract attention. However, over time it becomes annoying, especially at night. Today we will tell you how to turn off the flash in notifications on iPhones and Android smartphones. On iPhones this option is present immediately, as for droids, this function has been preinstalled in Samsung brand phones. I had to go through the settings to turn it off. As for the flash on an incoming call. there is a completely different setting that is not only in the iPhone, we will also tell you about it below. Let’s look at the process of turning off for some models of devices in order.

Your iPhone can flash when you receive notifications or incoming voice calls. This is useful if you often work with headphones that are connected to the computer. in this case, you may not hear the mobile device lying next to you, and do not feel its vibration.

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iPhone can accompany calls and notifications with its flash

Noticed that some iPhones flash during calls and incoming notifications? You won’t find this feature activated in the “Sounds, Tactile Signals” section of the “Settings” app. It’s hidden in the depths of the “Universal Access” menu.

Under “Hearing” there is an item “Audio-visualization”, which, among other things, is designed to visually accompany incoming notifications, as well as voice calls. It helps you quickly identify a new call or message, even if you can’t hear your iPhone nearby: for example, if you’re wearing headphones.

Among other things, you also have the ability to define when the Alert Flash feature will be active. It can either be always on or off when using Silent Mode. This is important to keep in mind when defining the parameters of this function.

How to make iPhone flash during notifications

Open “Settings.”.

Go to the “Universal Access” section.

Expand the “Audio Visualization” menu.

Move the “Flash Alert” switch to the active position.

You should also pay attention to the “In silent mode” switch that will appear after the above steps. If it is moved to the active position, the “Flash Alert” feature will work even when the physical iPhone sound lever is in silent mode.