How to make a font on your Honor phone

Fonts for Huawei/Honor

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By default, the app prompts you to install any of the free fonts. This is done as follows:

Most often you want to make such changes to make it unique, or to facilitate the use of the device if the font is too small, dull, inconspicuous.

It is possible to change the text size through third-party software, but it is always better to use the system setting.

This feature is disabled by default in Huawei and Honor smartphones. The only thing you can do with it is change the size. You will need special programs to change it. They can be divided into 2 groups:

  • Launchers: Action Launcher 3, GO Launcher;
  • Font customizers: Fonts for Huawei/Honor, Tweaker for Huawei, FontFix, Themes for Huawei / Honor / EMUI.

Action Launcher 3

  • Find the Action Settings application in the main menu and launch it.
  • Go to Appearance = Font.
  • Click on any of available options.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to add your own fonts and settings might not work for some apps.

GO Launcher Z

  • Place own font in any folder of your phone memory. It is not necessary to do this, because the launcher can use the fonts installed with other applications. What’s App or PlayMarket, for example.
  • Open Go Launcher settings.
  • Select Font and Select Font.
  • Press Search for fonts and wait for the launcher to scan the memory.
  • Choose any of the options found.

This completes changing font on Huawei and Honor.


By default the application suggests installing any of free fonts. This is done as follows:

  • From the main application screen you may choose any font you like. The Preview tab will show the new lettering display.
  • Click on the brown arrow button and Install.

The font will be downloaded and installed. You can download several fonts. You can find previously downloaded ones by pressing the second button to the right of FontFix and selecting Downloaded.

If desired, you can add your own fonts. To do this:

  • Save the font in folder with Latin name at the root of internal memory or flash card. This way it will be easier to find it.
  • Press the c button in the app
  • Find the file with the font and press Select.
  • Press Install to install.

Fonts for Huawei/Honor

  • Launch the application.
  • Select any of the offered variants by single-clicking on the main screen.
  • Press on the new Download Font screen.
  • Press Open Theme.
  • Select My text styles in the menu that appears.
  • Find the downloaded font and press Apply.

Tweaker for Huawei

  • Download ZIP-archive with necessary font on PC.
  • Change extension of archive to.hwt.
  • Save the archive in the internal memory of the phone:
  • for EMUI 5.1 and older: Huawei Themes folder;
  • for EMUI 8.0 and newer: Hwtheme folder.

Themes for Huawei / Honor / EMUI

  • Save required font with extension.ttf to phone memory.
  • Launch the application and go to the Designer section.
  • Press Create font at the bottom of the screen.
  • Press Select font file and specify path to file saved in the step.
  • Press Next Step.
  • Enter any name for the new style. For convenience it can be named like the font itself.
  • Click Generate and press OK.
  • Launch the Themes app and go to the Me section.
  • Click My text styles and select the font you created earlier.
  • Tap the Apply button to change the lettering in menus and apps.
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To summarize, it is impossible to change the font on Huawei and Honor phones and tablets using the settings, as this function is disabled. But this flaw can easily be fixed by installing the Go Launcher EX/Z or one of the many apps. Fonts for Huawei/Honor or FonrFix, for example.

Open Settings and go to Screen and brightness.

�� How to change the font to Honor

Now open the subsection Text size and display.

With the sliders, you can change the font size and display by moving them to the right or left.


If you want to make the font on Honor bigger, move the slider to the right. In the far right position the displayed text will be huge.

How to make a beautiful font on your Honor phone

Some users want to not only use their smartphone or tablet for certain tasks, but also demonstrate their individuality with the help of a gadget. To do this, follow the instructions:

  • open the settings;
  • Go to “System”/”Language and input”/”SwiftKey keyboard”;
  • wait until “Gallery” appears where you can define available keyboard themes.
  • click on the appropriate one, press the “Download” button.

Once downloaded, click again on the keyboard and use it.

How to change fonts on your honor 8

Fonts for Huawei app for Honor and Huawei

You can change the language and font of any model of Honors with the special application. Algorithm of actions:

  • Download “Fonts for Huawei” from Google Play or AppGalery.
  • Launch the application.
  • Choose among the presented options that you like, click on it.
  • Detailed information about the font will open, you need to click on the “Download” button.
  • When the download is complete, the “Apply Fonts” button will appear.
  • The phone will activate the demonstration menu, where you have to click on “Open Theme”.
  • Select the item “My text styles.
  • Among the available options, you choose the previously downloaded.
  • It is set by clicking on the “Apply” button.

This method allows you to make changes easily, quickly and safely.

In addition to the above functions, the user can change the font on the phone. With the default settings, the smartphone is set to one system font, which is available for the entire operating system.

Individual applications can set their own styles. Changing the appearance in a separate program, will not affect the system settings. So, if the user changes the font in an application, the phone itself will remain unchanged.

In the settings of the smartphone

The easiest way to change the style for your Honor smartphone is to go to the system settings. Developers have given the user the ability to adjust the text for convenience. However, in the settings you can only change the size. The developers did not provide any additional parameters.

To change the text size, the user needs to:

  • Start the smartphone settings.
  • Go to “Screen”.
  • Go to the item “Text size”.
  • Move the slider to the desired position.

A total of five modes are available to the user. Each of them is located on the corresponding slider mark. Thus, the following sizes are available on the smartphone:

  • 100% standard, this size is used in the smartphone by default, so if the user has changed the text size and wants to return to the standard, you need to set this position;
  • 125% large, slightly enlarges the standard text, the text is easier to read, also enlarges the text of the shortcuts on the home screen, but the second row of text extends slightly over the edges;

The user can select one of the modes at his discretion. If enlarged text is no longer needed, the settings can always be returned. You need to go to the settings and select the default mode.

How to change the font on your Huawei phone using the Launcher

In the smartphone with the Android operating system the standard design theme is installed. The user can change it using a special Launcher. It is an application that is downloaded from the store and contains many different themes.

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In addition to the design itself, you can also change the font in the Launcher. It is not necessary to change the theme, which is stopped on the smartphone.

Action Launcher 3

One of these programs will be Action Launcher 3.

It provides a limited number of styles. The disadvantage of this application is the limited number of provided fonts.

GO Launcher

Users can also download such an application as GO Launcher. It is considered the most functional among all the lunchers. Here is a wider choice of styles and different themes.

Despite the fact that in this way you can easily change the font on your device, the lunchers have significant limitations. So, they are able to change the design only within the shell. The style will not change in the system settings, such as the notification panel.

How to change the font on your Honor phone using third-party apps

If the user needs to change the style not only of the shell, but also of the system settings, it is necessary to use special applications. They are available in the Google Play store. The user just needs to download the program to the smartphone and choose the right font to install.


iFont is considered the most popular application that is used to change the style. There is a directory with a large set of available types. With the program you can change the font not only in the shell, but also in the system settings.

To find the right one in this application, you need to browse through their catalog or use the search. This is an undoubted advantage of iFont. The user can search by language.

The application has a large number of built-in fonts. But often the user does not have enough of them. The developers have foreseen this moment. The program allows you to add your own fonts.

To set the style the user has to select the ones he likes. This will open a window with a preview. After that it is enough to click on “Install” to make the font you like function.

Another advantage of this program will be the possibility to set the style for individual applications. The user should select the program for which the design changes, then specify the appropriate parameters and save the changes.

Before changing the font, the system creates a backup copy and saves it on the memory card. In case of malfunction or other problems, the user can always return to the default settings.


FontFix will be another reliable app for changing the font on an Android smartphone. The program provides the user with more than 4 thousand free styles. This is possible because the system loads them from three different sources, among which:

You can use sorting to find a font you like. The font search is based on tags and popularity. However, you cannot quickly find a style that supports Cyrillic. This will be a disadvantage of the application.

Depending on the model of smartphone, the installation of fonts may require Root rights. This point must be taken into account before downloading the program to the smartphone. In case the built-in fonts will not be enough for the user, he can add his own font at any time.

How to change the system fonts

The user can change the system styles manually. In this case the user will need Root-rights. Without this you will not be able to replace the system fonts. The sequence of steps is quite simple. The main rule here is to follow the instruction.

The Android operating system uses several types of fonts. In the smartphone they are presented in the following form:

The name of the fonts themselves can be changed. But they will all begin with Roboto. Before changing them, it is important to know how they are represented in the system. Also, the user will need any file manager, such as ES File Explorer. It can be downloaded from the store.

Also, you need to prepare the font itself. There are also certain requirements. The format must match the TrueType Font, which means the extension of the style must be.ttf. Once everything is prepared, you can proceed directly to replacing. Here it is enough to follow the instructions:

  • Start your file manager and go to “/system/fonts” folder. In the open window look for the font Roboto-Regular.ttf. It should be copied to another place or renamed.
  • Copy the prepared style to this folder and rename it. The new name should be “Roboto-Regular.ttf.”. This way user replaces the system file.
  • Set permissions for new file 644 (rw-rr). After that, save the changes.
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For changes to take effect, the user must completely reboot the device. In some cases the user may notice that the font has not changed for all items. In this case, you should do the same steps for Roboto-Italic styles.ttf and others.

  • Download the font in “mtz” format.
  • Go to Theme Settings Import Theme.
  • Select the downloaded font in “mtz” format, it will import instantly.
  • Then it only remains to apply it either through the Fonts Screen Settings or through the Fonts Profile Themes app.

Change font size on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

  • Select “Settings” “Universal Access” and check the “Display and text size” checkbox.
  • To select an enlarged font, click “Enlarged Text”.
  • Drag the slider to select the desired font size.

How to change the font on your Honor and Huawei phone

Here you have two options. either the standard Android “Themes” or a skin for your version of EMUI. The only difference is that the themes are already preinstalled on the device, and additional wrappers will have to be downloaded from the store.

Search and download

To download presets for the EMUI shell, type “change font on Android” into Google or another search engine. Among the suggested items we can find a TTF file. Note that only this format is suitable for changing the design. Download the selected component.

Conversion to install

Continue with the Themes app. In a licensed and uncorrupted version of Android it is already there, and is located in the main menu. Open it and then follow the instructions:

  • Go to the editing section;
  • Click on the “Create Font” button;
  • then select the TTF file format which you have previously downloaded to your device;
  • Before installation, a preview of the letter design that you will have will be available;
  • agree;
  • click on the word “Generate”;
  • confirm the operation;
  • Then go to “Open Huawei Themes App”.

These copyright designs are saved in the internal memory of the device by default, so you won’t have to download anything. The only drawback is the small selection. The system will offer you from two to four variants. They all have different color, font, size. Their undoubted advantage is relatively low memory usage. That is, they do not have a negative impact on the processor and do not slow down the applications.


The next step of working with the downloaded letter theme is to install and apply fonts for Huawei and Honor. Do it all in the “Themes” utility. Go to the “I” section there, then enter the “Text Style” line, then find the one you want. Just click on it to apply it.

Fonts for Huawei and Honor are simple to download from the EMUI brand store or using the “Themes” app, which is located on the home screen.To do this:

How to return the standard font on Huawei?

  • On your desktop, locate the default “Themes” application. Tap on it and hold for a while to open an additional menu
  • Select the “Text Style” item there. And already here, you will be able to install the standard font or some other, previously downloaded by you.