How to make a hidden folder on your iPhone

The 10 best secret apps for hiding photos on iPhone or Android

Smartphones are playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives. We may have secrets stored on our iPhone or Android phone, such as some personal photos that we do not want to show to others, including our friends and family.

In such a situation, it would be a good idea to hide the photos with a password, calculator or lock to protect your personal photos. Here’s a rundown of the top 10 best apps to protect the images on your phone that you can consider.

KeepSafe photo storage

KeepSafe. One of the most popular photo hiding apps for iPhone. The app can store personal photo and video files with an easy-to-use PIN code. importantly, you can also grant privileges to friends, colleagues or other people. Just learn more about the features as shown below.

  • Create your own albums and name them with the photo deletion tool.
  • Take photos right in Keepsafe with the built-in camera.
  • Provide full-screen viewing of photo and video files.
  • Set a limited time to share photos with the secure send feature.


KUMMS. Free app to hide photos and decrypt files in real time. Although the program looks like a working and stylish calculator app, it can hide photos on your iPhone as well as other multimedia files. You only need to click on the photo, it will start immediately and the decryption will continue in the background.

  • KYMS. Is an app for easy encryption of photos, videos and documents.
  • Import photos from multiple sources, such as iTunes, the Internet and more.
  • Set up a database to create a secure archive of PINs and passwords.
  • There are several integrated viewing functions.

Private photo storage

Private Photo Vault. Another app for hiding and protecting photos and videos. All photos you store in Private Photo Storage are private. Photos are only available on your iPhone. It will never be uploaded to your device’s server. It’s more than a photo hiding app, but it’s also a great photo manager.

  • Provide different password protection methods to keep photos safe.
  • Create albums, sync iTunes, transfer photos, and manage photos.
  • Intuitive interface, like the Photo app, for viewing photos in slideshow mode.
  • Browse the web privately or upload photos directly to the app.

How to Hide Files and Photos on iPhone

Spyware calculation

Spy Calc is an app for storing your personal photos, videos, documents and notes. You can also easily transfer media files to the app over Wi-Fi with your browser. When you turn on the built-in web server, you can open a browser at a specified address to easily drag and drop media files.

  • Behind the calculator work interface hides the photo hiding app.
  • Basic database stores copies of videos and pictures only once to save space.
  • The program can group images, documents and records.
  • It also provides keyword tagging and search.

Photo locker storage

Just like other photo hiding apps, if this is the first time or you don’t pay much attention to the icon, you can Photo Lock Vault as Apple’s calculator app. When you launch the program, you can find it in the app to hide photos and videos. Here are the features of Photo Lock Vault as follows.

  • Once the program backs up your photos, it will delete the photos from your iPhone.
  • Full-featured calculator to trick other people into trying to see your personal content.
  • Enjoy your photos and videos full screen.
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To protect photos and videos that no one else can see, you can use the Vaulty app to hide photos instead. Vault. Is a versatile photo hiding app with all the data on your Android, including photos, videos, SMS, contacts and even apps. You can add photos and password protect them instead.

  • It can hide photos on Android that no one else can find.
  • Use a PIN or password to protect your Vaulty.
  • The program can keep data safe in case of an accident.
  • Spread your pictures around and get your friends to see the Vaulty Vault. Each Vault uses a different password.

Hide It Pro

When you need to hide everything from your smartphone, this app for hiding photos, videos, apps, messages and other data. When you hide sensitive photos and videos from your photo gallery and easily access them with a secret PIN. Here are the features of Hide it Pro that you should know.

  • Allocate photos and other data to folders of your choice.
  • It’s an app for hiding photos as well as free cloud backup to Google Drive.
  • Built-in video player with support for VLC player, MPlayerX, etc. Д.
  • Keep your photos and videos safe, lock your folders with the best photo and video locker.

Lock Gallery

Gallery Lock has an intuitive interface and offers all functions in one package. Just like other photo hiding tools for Android, you can easily hide photos. When you use an app to hide personal photos and videos with password protection. over, it allows you to navigate through the media files within the application.

  • It can go into hidden mode to hide photos from your system that no one has access to.
  • Data can be backed up to your Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box account.
  • Easily add photos and videos to Gallery Lock using a variety of methods.
  • You can even add entire folders to Gallery Lock to make them easier to hide.

Photo Locker

Photo Locker. A good app for hiding photos and securing media. The program simply hides photos and other files in the program instead of uploading any data to the application server. Data on your smartphone is encrypted, so no one can see it, even if they gain access to your Android device.

  • Photos can easily be added to your locker in a variety of ways.
  • Get full control over your photos inside the app, like zooming, panning, and viewing slideshows.
  • It will also automatically lock if your phone goes into sleep mode.
  • The program can be annoying, but it will save you if you forget to lock the app.


FotoX. A reliable application for hiding photos on iPhone. It offers four types of locking methods, including PIN, password, pattern and face recognition. You can conveniently add photos and videos to your storage by taking a picture from the app, sharing them with Fotox, or searching the gallery.

  • When you use the app to hide photos and passwords, photos will be uploaded to cloud storage.
  • You can protect your photos with Pin, Password, Pattern and Face Detection modes.
  • Built-in search and share features from the photo gallery.
  • The uninstall process can also be locked, so no one can uninstall the app except the user.

In order to put a code on the iPhone folder you need to go to the phone settings, go to “Basic”, sub-item “Restrictions”. After that, you need to turn on the “Enable Restrictions” function, then enter the future combination of characters.

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How to hide photos on your iPhone or iPad in the Notes app and protect them with a password

  • Go to Settings → Notes and scroll down to the “Password” menu.
  • In this section we configure the security of the stored data.
  • Set the “Save to Photo” switch to Off.

How to password protect a secret photo

First, let’s prepare for this step and configure the “Notes”. Open the “Settings” menu (gray gear on the main screen). Navigate to the section dedicated to notes and turn off automatic loading of media content in the photo. Be sure to activate access to “Notes”, with a password or through fingerprint scanning:

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Now let’s move on to the placement of the photo hidden from prying eyes. Open the note editor and use the “Add Data” option to attach a photo. Select the “Take a photo or video” menu item and take a photo.

To restrict access to this note, select the item “Share”, click on the link “Lock Note.

The system will ask you to enter a password, which must be done. Now you just need to click on the lock icon on the top right.

This method is more reliable, because you will have to either enter the main password from your device to view photos, or unlock access via the Touch ID sensor. Photos from the note can be freely downloaded or saved after opening access.

If you want, you can also put a password on the gallery on your iPhone.

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By default, Telegram saves files in the Telegram Desktop folder in the system’s Downloads folder, which is normally located at the following path: c:UsersnameDownloads. You can also always change where the files are saved by going to Settings Advanced Settings Save Path in Telegram.

  • Open the Chrome app. on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Navigate to the page with the desired file.
  • Tap on the file you want to download.
  • Click Open in. If you don’t have Open To, click Download Open To.
  • Select the location or application you want to download the file to.

You should go to Settings. Notes and change some settings. The most important thing is to disable the option Saving media to photos, so that our endeavor makes sense. Here, in the Password section, you should specify the code that will protect your notes and enable or disable the Touch ID sensor unlocking option.May 27, 2016.

Tap on the icon that you plan to hide and hold your finger until you switch to the Edit mode (trembling icons). Without releasing your finger, drag the icon to any other folder, thus creating a new folder. Release your finger while inside the folder.

  • Launch Settings and go to the “Notes” section. Disable the item “Save in Photo”.
  • Then specify the code in the “Password” section.
  • Create a new note and add the necessary photo;
  • In the “Share” context menu, select the “Lock” option;
  • Confirm the lock on the note using the “lock” icon.

Here’s how to hide hidden albums in iOS 14:

  • Go to the settings of your iPhone.
  • Then you need to open the “Photos” tab of the application.
  • After that, we go down and tap on the Hidden Album checkbox.

How to hide a photo on iPhone in the Hidden folder

Next, let’s look at the method without using a password. Since iOS 8, users can set the photo or video mode “Not for everyone”. This creates a special album of hidden files, or just a hidden folder on iPhone.

Your pictures and videos disappear from the main screen, they are moved to the folder Hidden and you can be calm that no one will see the private files in the public gallery.

  • Open Photos, select the target picture or video;
  • Press the Share button to select the hide option;
  • the system will immediately alert you that the selected files will be removed from your media library, but will remain in range.
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In the future, you will go to Photos and select Albums, where the Hidden folder with your private files will be located.

Tap on the icon you plan to hide and hold your finger until it goes into Edit mode (shaking icons). Without releasing your finger, drag the icon to any other icon, thus creating a new folder. Release your finger when you’re inside a folder.

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How to hide photos on your iPhone or iPad in the Notes app and protect them with a password

  • Go to Settings → Notes and scroll down to the “Password” menu.
  • Use this section to set up protection for your data.
  • Set the “Save to Photo” toggle to Off.

The 10 best Photo Vault apps for iPhone or iPad

Top 1: personal photo storage

Private Photo Vault. a great photo storage app for iPhone that can protect your special photos and videos. In addition, you can also easily find filters and features for photo management and browsing.

Top 2: Lock Photo Secret Vault

Lock Photo Photo Secret Vault is not only a photo storage app for iPhone, but also available for audio files, videos, text messages, notes, documents and more. What’s more, it can quickly lock entire albums.

First place: Keepsafe

KeepSafe. Is a photo vault for iPhone that lets you keep your photos safe with a variety of storage methods, such as PIN protection, fingerprint identification, and even military-grade encryption.

Top 4: The best secret folder

As another photo storage app for iPhone, Top Secret Folder lets you hide your photos from the app’s fake icon. Intease looks like a bank vault and fools someone to run it.

Top 5: HiCalculator

HiCalculator. is a photo storage app for iPhone that hides your confidential photos behind the calculator from view. It’s even available for contacts, personal videos and other file formats.

Top 6: Secret Album

Secret Album is another recommended app for hiding photos and videos. In addition to the standard encryption of personal photos, this photo storage app for iPhone provides a PIN and fingerprint.

  • Support advanced encryption modes.
  • Capture intruders with built-in camera.
  • View hidden photos as a slideshow.

Top 7: photo safe

Vault Lock Photo Safe. Another photo storage app for iPhone. This is the best and most private gallery app to hide your photos and videos, with a secret camera for silent photography.

Top 8: Sanctuary

The vault masquerades as a camera app, but not an iPhone photo vault. It can protect and hide your private photos and videos in a cloud service with strong personal privacy protection.

Top 9: My Photo Safe Pro

If you’re looking for an intuitive photo storage app for your iPhone, My Photo Vault Pro. A good choice to easily hide sensitive content on your iPhone and manage it in its original quality.

Top 10: Hide secret personal photos

Hide a secret private photo. Another iPhone photo vault that hides and locks an unlimited number of photos. What’s more, you can also add unlimited videos and notes when you upgrade to the Pro version.

  • Hide unlimited photos in the photo storage app.
  • Use a pin or graphic lock to hide photos.
  • Supports all files of photos, video formats and notes.