How to make a memoji on iPhone 8

Part 1: 8 best meme makers to create memes

Since using emoji. Is a way to add fun and make any conversation more interesting, people are looking for good emoji creation software online. If you have a good emoji-maker, emoji creation. A matter of a few clicks on your phone. Below we’ve listed the 8 best memoji makers that are suitable for both Android and iOS users. (PC/Online) One of the best memoji makers that will save you from the boredom of using standard emoji icons in your communication. It will detect your face through the camera and then give you a variety of options for templates that match your face. You can also edit and customize it further.

  • Take new photos or choose from storage
  • Lots of accessories for creating face emoji
  • Save the emoji you create and easily share them on Snapchat. etc.д. (PC/Online) is an online memoji maker that makes it very easy to create emoji. Emoji can be customized according to the picture in your imagination, there is also an option to print if you want to save physical copies of the emoji you have created.

  • Many form options to customize your memoji
  • Options for adding text and easy loading
  • Large selection of accessories and backgrounds to choose from
  • Create an account and the ability to save your designs


piZap. Is an interesting emoji design program where you can create funny emoji that reminds you of yourself. The program allows you to customize all the facial features of the emoji to give it a similarity to your face and add more fun when communicating with people.

Create Animoji in any iPhone ����

  • Variety of design options for creating memoji
  • The ability to use it for free after logging in, as well as saving unfinished edits
  • Add filters, text, and masks to your memoji
  • Other editing features such as creating collages, etc.д.

Avatoon (Android/iPhone)

Avatoon. is the best app you can use to diversify your social networking a bit. It has powerful editing tools that help you create great personalized avatars. These avatars allow you to stand out among people who still use standard emoji icons and stickers.

  • Facial recognition feature that helps you understand your appearance from your photo
  • A photo editor to help you customize your memes even more
  • Avatar Snapshots feature to help you add expressions and poses to your avatar.
See also  How to clear iPhone 8 memory (Android/iPhone) help you create funny memes to social networks. You can create unique single or group memos in just a few clicks. This online maker will also help you add creative texts to your memoji for more appeal.

  • Manually create facial recognition options
  • Numerous outfit and style options
  • A variety of stickers for every moment you want to remember
  • Quickly publish in conversations on any social networks

Bitmoji (Android/iPhone)

Bitmoji. is the right app if you want to be more expressive when sending emoji. This online maker will help you create attractive avatars that look like yourself and edit all. From your facial expression to the clothes you wear.

  • Create funny and expressive cartoon avatars
  • Huge library of stickers to choose from
  • Use it on social media platforms like Snapchat, Messenger, etc.

Mirror Emoji Maker (Android/iPhone)

Mirror Emoji maker. is a free memoji creation app that allows you to create memoji and use them on any social network using a personalized emoji keyboard. This is a great app, its facial recognition feature captures all the details, making the memoji very similar to the user.

  • A selection wheel to help you choose one of the memoji
  • A built-in keyboard designed exclusively for memoji
  • Options to create animated gifs and stickers from personalized memoji

MojiPop (Android/iPhone)

MojiPop. is an online memoji maker that will help you create great memoji that can add some humor to your communication. In just 2 clicks you can access a large number of animated stickers and caricatures of your face, suitable for any situation.

  • Easy and quick access to stickers
  • Animated stickers personalized to your appearance
  • Stickers that are updated daily with new ones
  • Favorites options for grouping your favorite stickers

HOW TO GET MEMOJI OR Animoji On IPhone 6, 7, 8.!

How to Make Memoji on iPhone

To make a memoji, you need to go to the Messages app on your iPhone. Although you can use them in any other program that has the ability to send videos, this is where you and I will be making our own image.

To create a memoji on your iPhone, you need to:

  • Open the Messages app.
  • Click on the Write button in the upper right corner.
  • Next, tap on the image of Memoji, which is located above the keyboard.
  • Swipe to the right and click on New Memoji.
  • Customize appearance settings (eyes, hairstyle, etc.).д.).
  • Press ready.
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Creating a memoji is easy. Follow the instructions.

How to create your memoji-stickers

Memoji stickers are automatically generated, so you only need to add a character to create them. Here’s how to do it.

If you want, you can create as many avatars as you like in different looks, and then use them in your messages depending on the context.

  • Open the Messages app and tap “Write. to create a new message.
  • Tap the Memoji button. then swipe to the right and tap the “New Memoji” button.
  • Customize your Memoji image settings (skin color, hairstyle, eye color, etc. д.).
  • Tap “Done.”.

Open any messenger (for example, “Messages” or open Direct in Instagram) and go to message creation mode. Click the Animoji button and then the monkey image. Swipe to the right. You’ll see “New Memoji”.

How to make a Memoji on iPhone

The success of the animated memoji avatars that came out with iOS 12 came as no surprise. The technology has been successfully tested in Snapchat, so the crazy popularity on iOS did not surprise anyone. The ability to create your own personalized and animated facial avatar that you can use in messages, FaceTime, and other apps has attracted quite a few users. They appreciated the funny functionality and fun nature of such avatars. Below we break down how to make your own Memoji on your iPhone. And also what we need for this.

make, memoji, iphone

Use where?

Now we know how to make a memoji to look like you. Where to use them? On any social networking sites! Not yet available in some apps if you have older versions installed. But memes work well in these applications:

IMPORTANT! If you don’t see an option to send memes in an app. Then make a slight swipe to the right. They should appear to the left of frequently used emojis.


Memoji can be posted in Instagram storis. It’s pretty simple. They are inserted in the same way as the usual emoticons.

How to create your own emoji on iPhone?

These days online communication in messengers and social networks has become even more attractive thanks to the numerous interactive options of gifs, memes and emoji emoticons, among which animoji and memoji have become particularly popular. Our article is dedicated to emoji we will tell you where the term came from, what is the difference between animoji and memoji, and give detailed instructions on how to create your own emoji on iPhone!

What devices this article is suitable for

Create stickers (static) is possible on devices with iOS 13 and later versions, that is, these instructions in the article will be valid for the following iPhone models:

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Separately, note that to create and use a live, animated memoji sticker you can on iPhones starting with the iPhone X model and newer.

Animoji and memoji: what are they and what are the differences

So everyone knows that simple emoji (emoji or emoji) are common bright emoticons with expressions of emotion and a set of everyday pictures, located in the keyboard of our iPhone, to which everyone has long been accustomed when writing messages in social networks.networks and chats. Progress doesn’t stand still, and with the arrival of iOS 12, Apple introduced Animoji (animoji or animoji) are animated, animated emoji that replicate a person’s facial expression. These stickers work thanks to facial recognition software, so they can clearly see and repeat your facial expressions and transmit the mood. When the user wants to convey his feelings and emotions in the correspondence, using animated animals and characters giraffe, cat, puppy, monkey, panda, robot and others he can send a wink, doubting face, laughing and so on. That is, a correspondence will display a selected animeji character with a specific emotion. This animation plays for 30 seconds.

make, memoji, iphone

How to create Mimoji stickers on iPhone

Mimoji (Memoji) are animated, personalized images, introduced in iOS 12. But in the next version of the operating system, Apple has expanded Mimoji’s capabilities by adding a tool that lets you use pre-made and create your own stickers. Here’s how it works.

Stickers Mimoji give the opportunity to easily and quickly use their own avatars, as well as to attract for this purpose ready-made sets of images of animals, unusual creatures and characters. Stickers are integrated into the standard iOS keyboard.

Memoji and Animoji On Older iPhones. iOS13 Update!!!

Is it possible to install emoji on Android as on the iPhone

Android users have begun to find workarounds to install the same emoji on their phone as on the iPhone.

Indeed, it is possible to install emoji the same as on the iPhone. Immediately understand that these are unofficial emoticons. You will have to install additional utilities and programs. There are two ways:

Both methods are effective, but each has its advantages and disadvantages. It should also be said that rooted rights are something that users must set up on their own.