How to make a metric on the computer

How to print a metric?

Ask to print the file on the highest quality glossy or semi-glossy paper available. The colors are much brighter on glossy paper. Matte paper preserves the texture of the poster (for example, if you have a coated board style poster). The density of the paper should not be less than 200g/m2.

  • Go to Canva and open your favorite template.
  • Upload your photos, or check out the built-in gallery.
  • Add frames, sketches, silhouettes, and figurines.
  • Insert captions in separate blocks.
  • Download and print.

Baby tags. Poster online metric. Newborn baby metric.

Timetrics. 90

Baby Poster Baby Metric. Fill the form and we will change the text.

Read more Baby Metric. 91

Baby Metric Poster. Fill in the form and we will change the text.

MORE Baby Metric. 92

Baby poster metric. Fill in the form and we will change the text.

Baby Metric. 83

Baby poster metric. Fill in the form and we will change the text.

MORE Baby Metric. 89

Baby Poster Metric. Fill out the form and we’ll change the text.

FULLER Metric. 88

Baby poster metric from the series of products “Hello, baby!”

MORE Baby Metric. 82

Baby poster metric. Fill out the form and we will change the text.

MORE Baby Metric. 69

Baby Poster Metric. Fill out the form and we will change the text.

FULLER Metric. 64

Baby Poster Metric. Fill in the form and we will change the text.

Electronic 200 / On paper 440 / On plastic 750 / On canvas 1450

Baby Metric Poster

Baby tags posters excellent decoration of the nursery and a cool memorable gift. Preserve your baby’s birth details by capturing them on a named baby metric poster.Baby Metric for a newborn baby

How to configure routing in Windows 7 on a PC with two local networks?

Given: PC with two network cards installed with Windows 7 Through the first network card with IP address 192.168.5.xx is connected to the local network, which takes the Internet from the Gateway. Stores in different parts of the city are also connected to this local network.

Via a second network card with an IP address of a second local network is connected to the server which is broadcasting TV. The local network is used to pour content from a PC to a server for streaming.

Put a wi-fi router between the PC and the Broadcast Server. And enabled the DHCP server with an address pool of, turned off wi-fi function. I did it so that I wouldn’t have to write the Gateway on the NIC. Without a router and without prescribed gateway on the second network card in Windows 7, set up a homegroup to fill content is impossible, it is an unrecognized network.

I can not let the broadcast server into the network with the Internet gateway, because when you upload content to the server for broadcasting, the communication channel between stores and 1C server will be blocked and no one can work in 1C.

Please advise how to configure routing on a PC to work the Internet when the two network cards are on.

UPD. Removed the router from the link, connected directly to the ip prescribed, subnet mask gateway (Server IP)

In the cmd route.p add mask 192.168.5.xx let me reset, not all sites open, i.e. i need to add something in the Kerio rules?

On the first card. address 192.168.5.xx, mask, gateway 192.168.5.xx, dns 192.168.5.xx or, depending on whether you have your own dns server. On the second. address, mask, gateway no, dns no.

The general routing principle is: 1. First the explicitly defined rules are checked. If the destination address falls under one of the rules, the packet is sent to the gateway specified in the rule. 2. Checks to see if the address is on one of the networks directly accessible from the computer (in your case и, if so. the packet is sent to the corresponding network. 3. If nothing works, it is routed to the default gateway.

If you don’t put a gateway on the second NIC, then you can’t make a homegroup between the PC and the Server. they are in different parts of the city, the network was made not to move around the city with the content, and pour directly from the workplace, through the network environment. Leaving the second NIC without a gateway will result in an unrecognized network and manipulation of the unrecognized network is not possible in the network environment.

If the route is will be through the 192.168.5.xx, the second network card will not be used. When you write “local network connected”. The network must be local, i.e. the different Ethernet segments must be joined via a transparent bridge. If you are connecting through routers, you will need to set up routing and subnet masks on the routers. Your network is и are physically on the same Ethernet network?

Rsa97: the local network is arranged by the provider, yes computers are pinged, there is remote communication through realVNC, they see each other in the network environment.

Try then on both cards to set the gateway to 192.168.5.xx and remove unnecessary routes. Also, you specified a subnet mask of, it should not be, it means a single computer without a network.

How to print a PDF document as a poster?

Poster paper. poster paper) is a weakly bonded, medium ash, machine- or single-sided paper designed for printing posters, posters, and other similar promotional items.

How to print a poster?

Printing a poster or billboard To print a poster or billboard, click File Print. Select the printer and adjust the settings and then click Print. Note: To print the poster or poster on poster paper, you need a printer that supports this paper size.

If you try hard enough, a poster can be made on your own, even without the help of designers. See very convenient and multifunctional tools for creating posters Slightly inferior to Canva in the set of tools and templates. Nevertheless, it is great for quick creation of a simple poster.

Tips for decorating a birthmark

The baby’s metric can be designed as a fun, colorful poster. When working, use not only photos of the newborn, but also memorabilia. Scan a hospital tag or ultrasound scan. A great idea would be to place casts of the baby’s hands and feet on the poster, because babies grow so quickly and it will be interesting to look at it after 5 or 10 years.

The poster of the metric is not just baby data, it’s a memorabilia. When decorating the poster, you can use photos of the newborn or just a funny picture with a cartoon baby. The data itself can be fun to design, such as placing weight on a drawing of a weight rod and height next to a drawing of a giraffe. Often the sign of the zodiac is placed next to the date of birth. Poster for a girl and for a boy are decorated in classic pink and blue colors. And you can decorate the metric with drawings of different toys: dolls, cars, cubes.