How to make a paragraph on Instagram on iPhone

How to create a paragraph on Instagram

Many faced the problem of dividing the text into paragraphs on Instagram. After the publication, the editor glues everything into one heap. The text is not readable and is poorly perceived by the reader of your post. That is why you should break the text into paragraphs. These are a kind of staircase of the stairs that bring your subscriber to the essence of what has been written.

Particularly relevant to divorce the text into paragraphs for business accounts. For example, you lay out a photo of the goods, and below you describe its characteristics, manufacturer, price, etc. How here without paragraphs? The buyer will simply confuse.

In this article we’ll talk about the ways to create an paragraph in the Instagram editor and not only.

Copy the symbol

Do not want to use various applications and services? You can copy the paragraph from our site and insert on Instagram. Instructions:

  • Here, in quotation marks, copy the void “⠀”, highlight it, and click “Copy”.
  • They wrote one paragraph, click Enter on the keyboard, insert a sign, clap Enter again and continue writing the text.
  • Ready.

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If you did everything according to the instructions, you should get a beautifully designed post.

How to add paragraphs on Instagram

There are several ways to make paragraphs in the post and description of the page. You can choose any that will be convenient for you.

Without third.Party tools and life hacks

Just click Enter and write the text from the new line. Yes, it works like that. Over, not only on the iPhone, but also on Android. But to leave the indentation for the red line will not work. If desired, you can also leave an empty place to structure the text more clearly: for this you need to write a gap in a line.


Although we know how to make the transfer of lines on Instagram, sometimes you need to make a signature more interesting. We can make a new indent, divide the blocks written into blocks and change the font of what was written.

make, paragraph, instagram, iphone


Space. An application that allows you to change the appearance of the written. The main functionality is aimed precisely at dividing the post or bio into structural blocks. In general, you do not need to download this: this functionality is in the official Instagram.

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And another application that will help to figure out how to make paragraphs on Instagram on the iPhone: Postme is both on iOS and Android.

make, paragraph, instagram, iphone

Using symbols to separate paragraphs

Just put points for structuring. Often people use emoji smiles corresponding to what is contained in the written.

make, paragraph, instagram, iphone

The use of third.Party editors

You can use third.Party text editors, and then insert written on Instagram. Some simply take screenshots of notes in the smartphone and post them like pictures in post.

Text4insta telegram bot

Another way to write on Instagram from a new line is a bot in telegram @text4instabot. Just write him the text in the format in which it should be, copy and insert it where you need.

Service Instrobel

Instaprobel.Ru. A relatively new site in order to stylize the text for the Inste. It has only two windows and two buttons, so you will not get confused.

Invisible (secret) gap

In the description, the listed methods of how to divide the text on Instagram into paragraphs will not work. Therefore, you can use an empty space that will be taken into account by the social network. Highlight what is in quotation marks “⠀” and insert for a red or empty line.

Web version

Another answer to the question “How to write on Instagram from a new line?”-editing the page and fasting through a computer, with a web version.

GRAMBLR. Program for Windows

This is software. Which allows the use of a mobile social network from a computer. Its Inte Wee is not very similar to what we see in the application, but in order to post a record, it will be enough.

How to make paragraphs on Instagram? If you do not need to leave the indentation, you can simply leave the strings translations in the official application for Instagram. It is simple and is done in any standard keyboard both on Android and iOS.

If you just need likes, you can use one of the boots of type DOSMM. But use this method wisely: if you overdo it, you risk preventing advancement and catch a ban. But a small wrap for going out in the recommendation can be very useful.

If you complain about you, the post will be blocked. If you repeat plagiarism often, you will be banned. But when indicating the author, you can avoid such sanctions.

Until the moment when the profile has 10,000 subscribers, you can add links for the pile only to IGTV in the story.

Use a special symbol of the gap to go to a new line

The third method is to use a special gap symbol, which is placed after each paragraph. Open your text on Instagram, delete the gap at the end of the previous paragraph, and instead insert a gap located in the following inscription in front of the dash:

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⠀. Here, before the dash, there is a specified gap.

Then click on the “Entering” button on the keyboard to go to the next line, again insert the specified symbol of the gap. Then go to the new line, save the record and look at the result.

For iOS users, the “Entry” button is available when switching to the keyboard page with a digital block and symbols (button “123” in the lower left corner).

Invisible symbol

If you write a post on the phone, just copy this symbol. “”. Now insert it with the place of Instagram.

This is an invisible smile, an invisible symbol-insert it into the places where you want to make an indent in the text of Instagram Past.

If you write the text on the computer, then just click the Alt key, after which on the side Numpad enter the code 255. After that, your cursor will move to the left, and an invisible symbol will appear in its place. Well, or copy the symbol from the text above 🙂

How to add spaces to Instagram Captions & Bio (EASY!)

Or any other symbol

You can use absolutely any symbol for breaking your paragraphs: emoticons, bulls, special symbols.

An example of a post from my account @arseniygruzdev


So, what options do you have to add a gap between the paragraphs on Instagram:

  • Remove the gaps between the sentences and immediately after the point (or another punctuation mark) twice click “Entering”.
  • Divide the paragraphs using emoji and symbols.
  • Use a secret empty gap, here it is ⠀
  • Format the text in third.Party editors.
  • Seek special tools for help.

Everything, now the problem of paragraphs on Instagram no longer concerns you. Prepare cool content, make it out beautifully and delight readers, without wasting extra time on war with the editor of the social network.

Speaking of lines

Any text looks much more attractive if the paragraphs retreat from each other at some distance. To make a gap between the paragraphs on Instagram, go to a new line. This will be enough. If you need a large indentation, any symbol is inserted into the line. Most often use a point so as not to spoil the appearance of the text.

To beautifully draw up posts, you need to know how to make a paragraph on Instagram. When recruiting through the service integration, the text in most cases moves away. The post is unreadable. This happens, despite the fact that when recruiting, the user uses the Enter key to transfer the line.

The rules for registration of publications on Instagram have several features. One of them, if, after the punctuation mark at the end of the paragraph, there is a gap, then when sending the text is united. The paragraph can end with a emoticon, but the rule of the absence of the gap must be observed. To be guaranteed to break the post, it is advisable to use an invisible gap for Instagram. So you can be sure that the labors will not go to dust.

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A convenient way to solve the problem of sticky text is the use of a third.Party text editor. The message is typed in a notebook and copy. When inserting the workpiece on Instagram, formatting, as a rule, is preserved.

How to make a paragraph on Instagram on iPhone

Start creating a post on Instagram as you are used to doing it, that is, select a photo, process it, etc.D. After that, write the textual part.

Put a point, exclamation/question signs at the end of your extreme sentence. But in no case do not press the gap. When pressing the gap, all the corrected material will be dropped.

When you edit the text, the indentation will be visible, but after publication. They will disappear!

To create paragraphs, go to the keyboard with numbers and various characters. You will see the “Introduction” button. Click on it twice. And voila! Your text is highlighted by retreats.

Space for Android and iOS

On mobile operating systems, keeping tabs with sites for formatting text is not very convenient in the browser, and therefore a special SOF.Adapter Space tool has appeared in the APP Store and Google Play digital stores, facilitating the preparation of the text before publishing on Instagram.

Of the additional advantages. Unlimited access to functionality (without subscriptions and payments), predictable intese and pop.Up tips. Of the shortcomings. Rare technical problems and departures.

Text is an important part of social promotion. Even bloggers and authors on Instagram, accustomed to publish mainly visual and entertainment content, began to more and more often supplement photos and videos of meaningful Комментарии и мнения владельцев and descriptions. But the trouble is. Conveying the thought on Instagram is more difficult than in the same VK either interfere with the problems with the design of the text (even the paragraph on Instagram and one cannot add), and with the presentation of the materials. We have revealed for you some secrets how to design the text so that it is easily perceived visually.

Start the design of a new publication, go to the field with the text, write a sentence, at the end of the last word (semantic part requiring separation). Click on the “Enter” button on the keyboard, and then insert the secret indagram index.

To do this, you can use a telegram-boot, an application for your smartphone or online service. Previously, we published a whole article on the intricacies of using beautiful fonts for instr,