How to make a photo like an iPhone application

How to make Android look like an iPhone?

You want the functions of the Android operating system to be combined with the appearance of the iPhone? Android can be made similar to iOS using a combination of applications, launch tools and some techniques.

Therefore, if you want to have iPhone or simply use the capabilities of Android customization, then continue to read to find out how to make Android similar to iPhone or iPad.

Photo editors for processing photos and color correction

There are many interesting moments in our life: holidays, travel, meetings, corporate parties and all of them want to capture. Take pictures of the events of your life and process them through the best photo editors for iPhone for free. So, let’s move on to the top of such applications.

Photoshop Express. Free photo editor for professionals

This photo editor for the iPhone will help you quickly and just edit photos. In it you will find many tools to improve pictures. This best photo editor has a simple and understandable integration, due to which the creative process of adjusting personnel will be exciting and easy. In this free photo editor for the iPhone you will find effects, filters, frames, different fonts for imposing text, settings of color correction and much more.


  • Application effects.
  • Various color filters.
  • The ability to create collages.
  • Flash color adjustment.
  • Automatic and manual image processing.
  • Alignment and detailing of pictures in one click.
  • About 50 filters to choose from.
  • Than 15 frames in the photo editor.
  • Correction of perspective.
  • Change of image size.
  • The ability to add text to the picture.
  • Point removal of defects with a photo.
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Adobe Lightroom. An intuitive photo processing application

This is one of the best photo editors for the iPhone, which offers a lot of tools for processing pictures for free. Want to make a photo more vivid and expressive? Use styles and filters for this. In the application for free there is the possibility of setting up the exposure, styles, lenses, color correction. Paid functions are also available that expand the features of the application.

make, photo, iphone, application


  • Fonian adjustment.
  • Using different styles.
  • Professional camera.
  • Color correction.
  • Clear intuitive management.
  • Mass editing photos in one style.
  • Selective adjustment.

Picsart. Free photo and video editor

The top of the best photo editors for the iPhone also includes Picsart. This best application will help you creatively come to editing images on the iPhone. You can use the following tools for free in the program: collages, filters, stickers, retouching, color correction. In the premium version of the photo editor for you will be open video editing opportunities.


  • Many collages options.
  • Selfie editing.
  • Background cleaning, adjustment of irregularities.
  • Adding layers, frames, effects.
  • Drawing brushes.
  • Creation of animated stickers through the camera of the best application.
  • Video editor.
  • Challengi.

Ultimatte is an excellent iphone photo editor for your work.

One of the best photo editors that allow you to adjust the pictures for free is also Ultimatte. The program has a beautiful design design. It contains a camera with manual settings, a wide range of tools for editing, textures and presets.


Application for working with flowers photos. Her chips are a point whitening of the image and the ability to remove objects accidentally falling into the frame.

The editor gives users many tools: masks, effects and filters, sharpness settings and color rendering. Added automatic editing pictures.

Add the HDR effect, the picture becomes more voluminous.

The application is free. A compromise is a limited number of filters, only 27. Alternatives with paid versions have much more of them.

Pros: a completely free application without advertising HDR settings

Cons:. Small filters

Android 11 was in the shade of iOS 14, but it has its advantages

Blogger Julia Christ recommended Canva. It is designed to create logos and processing photos. There is enough her tools to independently generate the icon.

In particular, it is loaded with mock.Ups of icons of popular applications. If there is no branded, you can choose the icon for its intended purpose. For example, a gamepad-for a game, a note-on a streaming service, film-on an online cinema, package-on the App Store. However, this can be done using any graphic editor like Photoshop.

To monetize pictures for the iPhone, you need to create either a nostalgic design, as with the old version of Windows and iOS 6, or unique work with a recognizable style. What price to put on the icons cannot be determined. People have just begun to create topics for iOS 14, the market has not yet formed, the attitude of users is also unclear.

The market interferes with free access to the icons after their sale. The buyer will easily share them with another person or completely place them in the public domain. In this regard, the store would be perfect with the ability to create your own icons for designers. In the meantime, around icon chaos. For designers plus. The lack of a commission, for the first time in the history of Apple, the company does not take 30% from the product used in their ecosystem. For ordinary users, this is the possibility of momentary entertainment or the long.Awaited option, to which iOS had to evolve almost 14 years.


The Pixlr application is a powerful and high.Quality photo editor with a huge set of tools for processing images. In particular, with its help you can combine two photos into one.

How to make iPhone from Android

First of all, you need to understand that all the actions that you will perform will be at your fear and risk. There are no guarantees that everything will work efficiently and correctly, since this is only on the conscience of the developers who decided for themselves how to optimize a particular tool.

Personally, some of the above funds led to the fact that the phone began to work normally only after rebooting. On the other hand, many users wrote that everything works fine. For myself, I realized that I was playing a little and I no longer want to do this, but you can decide how to relate to this.

Iphone lock screen

The main thing is what every user of the smartphone sees when it turns on it is the lock screen. It displays basic information. Time, date, notifications and quick functions. For the iPhone, this is a separate flashlight and camera, which have been available for several years from the lock screen.

To make the lock screen, and at the same time the control center of your Android smartphone is the same as on the iPhone, you need to download a special application. For example, Lockscreen Phone Notification.

The application intenses is simple and Russified, but you will have to distribute all conceivable and unthinkable permits. There is little good in this, but if you are ready to take a chance, you can try.

How To Resize Photos With a Shortcut On Your iPhone Or iPad

You can do it, but the camera in the hole spoils everything

You will be offered several wallpapers, the possibility of setting control and the two phones. Iphone X and iPhone XS settings. There are more advanced tools, but this is precisely the most pleasant reviews. Although, it worked for me, to put it mildly, so so. I could only turn on the flashlight, run the camera, open notifications and pull the control panel. The rest was inaccessible. Over, in order to turn off such a lock screen, it was necessary to restart the phone.

But everything looks like the present and on some phones will be displayed very cool. I had a strip from a regular lock screen on top. As I understand it, this is due to the tool not optimized under the camera in the hole. You must also remember about it.

How to install iPhone launcher on Android

The installation of a third.Party launcher allows you to fix the most important discrepancy between operating systems. Home screen (desktop). So that all the icons, their arrangement, wallpaper, official icons, and even the way they control were, like on the iPhone, you also need to download one application. It is called Ilauncher. At this request, many proposals are issued, but I used it, since it has more positive reviews than others. Many other launches work worse, and it is difficult to advise them, since they are often removed by censors.

Such a change in the appearance of the screen will not give a big advantage, will drop after working with the application and will not show many of your applications. But the appearance will be very similar to iOS and you can feel how the competing operating system works. It is also worth noting that the launcher is not demanding on resources and works very furiously. Therefore, it will not tense almost any smartphone.

IOS notification panel on Android

In order to separately replace the notification panel or just make it more similar to the present, you need to install another application called Inoty OS. It will make the status base the same as in iOS. True, so far only the appearance of iOS 11 is supported.

But it will be possible to configure everything you need and at the same time change the name of the network operator. You can write 14 characters that will be displayed instead of the name of your operator.

The minus will be that I also worked on the screen with a hole so.So. There are not so many permits for the application of the application, but they are still needed. There are no special complaints about resource intensity, but the panel also works so often just fluid.

Well, a very dubious similarity. Again, the question is in the cell

Installation of a keyboard in the style of iOS 15

Developer: n-hstudio file size: 8 MB Link in Google Play: Keyboard iOS 15

This third.Party application has a good rating, but still keep in mind: any third.Party keyboard can, in theory, intercept everything that you are typing on it, including passwords and data data. So set this element at your own peril and risk.

Download the iOS 15 keyboard, then go to the settings of your smartphone and write in the search “Keyboard”. Find the menu parameter “List of available keyboard”, go into it and activate our new iOS 15 keyboard.

Third.Party applications

The main advantage of applications for obtaining the effect of the blurry background is optimality, since with their help you can get the desired result, regardless of the model of the smartphone from Apple, the version of the operating system and other factors. At the moment, more than a few dozen programs for post.Cutting images are available in the App Store, but we will consider only the most convenient criteria for different criteria and do not require the acquisition of a mandatory paid version.

Blur Photo Effect Background

Blur Photo Effect Background is one of the simplest applications for obtaining a bluer effect on the background, however, despite the modest functionality and not too high quality of the result, it has a huge plus for owners of old iPhone models. A double camera is not needed to use it. In addition, the installation and use is absolutely free, but if you wish, you can use additional built.In purchases.

  • Launch the application and slip in the upper left corner to close the proposal to purchase a subscription. It will be useful only if you need to get many professionally processed photos with a side effect. For other purposes, the free version is also perfect.


The Snapseed application is one of the most popular photos among universal editors. With its help, you can perform almost any desired processing, including blurring the image background using various options. The “blur” tool does not create a very contrasting and quite high.Quality effect on the side, but without the possibility of independently highlighting the boundaries of the object. The application cannot be used normally on very old models of Apple smartphones, since it requires constant updating of the operating system.

    Open the application and slip the plus icon to add an object.

Bonus: Sun Surveyor. Instant definition of the position of the sun

As a bonus, I propose a unique application that is designed to determine the position of the sun in the sky. It will make it possible to determine which side will be specifically the sunset and where is the sunrise. This will help to make amazing shots in a particular place.

Yes, this application, to a greater extent, is necessary for shooting in an unknown location. Imagine that we came to the shore of the Bosphorus and want to take the most interesting picture of your dark silhouette on the roof during sunset. But what place for this you need to choose so that the treasured strait gets into the frame? Here is the answer.

The application is oriented by the current location. Among other things, it also gives out the time of sunrise and sunset in order to easily get on them into a specific location. Over, it will make it possible to choose a more correct time for shooting in a particular place: without overwhelming and granular frames.

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? So that the iPhone is comfortable in your hand, hold three excellent covers:

How to Edit Photos on iPhone Camera Roll (FREE No Apps!) (Tutorial)

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