How to make a presentation on a Windows 10 computer

How To Create a PowerPoint Presentation

Apple Keynote

Apple Keynote is another heavyweight in the world of presentation software, which can safely compete with Microsoft PowerPoint on equal terms. Keynote contains a rich set for designing your ideas professionally: beautiful effects, themes, fonts, and versatile text editing tools. The project allows for teamwork via the Internet and is compatible with PowerPoint formats.

The main differences between the two products are the cost and the number of supported platforms. So, Apple Keynote does not have versions for Windows (although available through the website) and Android, but is offered free to all owners of iOS devices and Mac.

PowerPoint for Windows 10: installation, layout, use

Many PC users often use a Microsoft product such as PowerPoint. It is a program for creating presentations with the addition of text, graphics, video and music, as well as other auxiliary materials such as tables, charts, etc. However, when selecting PowerPoint for Windows 10, many users wonder which version of the program is compatible with the new operating system?

A quick way to create a presentation on a computer

Many have become viewers of all sorts of speeches or presentations that have been backed up by visuals and on-screen commentary. I want to emphasize right away that it’s not that hard, and you can even do this for a computer novice. Now I will tell you which program to use to make a presentation and how to format it properly.

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OpenOffice Impress

Besides the Microsoft Office suite, which is free for a thirty day trial period, there is also completely free software that is almost as good as Microsoft’s products in terms of functionality. One of such office software packages is Apache OpenOffice, which you can download from the official site of the developer.

Choose Windows operating system and click the button “Download full installation”

This office suite uses Impress to create presentations. After installing and running OpenOffice, select “Presentation”.

Then in the presentation wizard window that opens, choose the type of presentation: a blank presentation or from a template. To proceed to the next step of setting up a new presentation, click Next, and in the last window, click Finish.

Configuring a new presentation with the wizard

The OpenOffice Impress window opens. The application’s interface is intuitive and if you have experience creating presentations in PowerPoint, you will quickly get the hang of it.

The OpenOffice Impress interface is fairly easy to learn

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When saving your presentation (using the File menu to do so), you can select the file type.ppt window so that the presentation can be opened in Microsoft PowerPoint.

To make the presentation open not only in Impress, but also in PowerPoint, select the format when saving.ppt

How to make a presentation on a Windows 10 computer

Creating a presentation is certainly not the primary function that users use on their computers, but in some cases it is an important helper. Many people’s activities involve creating presentations, reports, working proposals, etc.д. For them, it is particularly important what will be the end result, how colorful and of high quality it will turn out.

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So, it is easy to guess that the program you use to create your presentation plays a key role in the following way. It is the program that determines how presentable and effective the result will be! In general, under the topic “How to make a presentation on a Windows 10 computer“, I will talk about the programs that you can’t do without in such a case.

make, presentation, windows, computer

How to install PowerPoint

Package Office is distributed on a paid basis, so owners of Windows 10 can buy it in the “app store” or use it completely free of charge by downloading the program from our website. It is worth noting that for a stable operation of the application on mobile devices requires a more or less modern gadgets with 1 GB of RAM. Changes you make to your presentations are automatically synchronized to all available platforms. Account allows you to switch between different interfaces and use the same toolkits. Constant updates make the program stable and scalable. The computer version is updated every two years, but mobile adaptations are added on a different schedule.


Download the stable version of Pover Point 2010 for OS Windows 10 for free. Download and install the build in Russian from our website or via torrent.

How to make a presentation on a computer: step-by-step instructions with screenshots

To create a presentation on a computer running Windows 7 or later, you must have PowerPoint installed, text written and checked for errors, good quality pictures, and video materials. It is worth noting that the PowerPoint program is available on all PCs on which the Microsoft Office package is installed.

Windows 10

Completed by: M. Rizvanov.K Student of 413 group of State Professional Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education

Windows 10 Installation Comparison with Windows 8.1 What’s new in Windows 10 Conclusion

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Installing Windows 10 The installation process hasn’t changed much since Windows Vista

Comparison with Windows 8.1 The test stand consisted of the following components:- EVGA X99 FTW motherboard;- Intel Core i7-5960Ch @ 4.2GHz;- 4×4GBKingstonHyperXPredator DDR4 RAM;- 240GB Toshiba SSD;- NVIDIAGTX Titan X @ 1076/7000 graphics card. Drivers:- Nvidia 353.30 Wn 8.1 64-bit;- Nividia 353.62 Win 10 64-bit

In test packs, a slight advantage was left for the new operating system. While the actual gaming applications performed slightly better with the old OS. But in both cases, the difference was so minimal that it was impossible to see it by eye. There were some problems with Windows 10 during testing. So some games refuse to run on it. So fans of new products should seriously think about whether to update now or just wait a little while for the new operating system

Personal virtual assistant Cortana

Conclusion Windows 10 will be free to update until 2025, Microsoft has promised. We hope that the company will have enough time to complete their system. It may be stable but 80% of its innovations are useless

With a well done presentation, you can attract the viewer’s attention and show him clearly what you are talking about. Nowadays presentations are so widespread that there is more than one professional program for their creation.