How to make a preview for a video on your phone

YouTube #Shorts: how to use the new feature for your channel?

YouTube like any other platform wants to be on trend and create products that are interesting to users.TikTok blew up the market with the short video format and YouTube wants its piece of the pie. As you already know YouTube has done its own response to TikTok and called it YouTube #Shorts

These are short vertical videos of up to 1 minute in length that have a separate feed in the YouTube mobile app. Initially this product was launched in India because TalkTalk was blocked there and since March, 18 it is launched in the United States. In the rest of the world it is in Beta test now, but will be available soon

Every time creating a new product, YouTube always gives it extra coverage and boosts promotion of authors who create such content.

There’s already an impressive case study of YouTube channel Jake Fellman, who created YouTube Shorts on his new channel and was able to gather 4.78 million subscribers in 7 months. So if you are a YouTube channel author or are planning to start in the nearest future, the YouTube Shorts format. This is an important part for organic promotion in 2021.

We are experimenting a lot with this format on the channels of our clients in CIS countries. So far, this format gives very mixed results, as it is in Beta test. Some channels get great organic views and new subscribers, but other channels get minimal views.

Either way, starting to shoot YouTube #Shorts today, you’ll be among the first to get the most results. This will happen when this format goes out of Beta test worldwide, as YouTube itself will be actively boosting your content

You might have a reasonable question:

– what kind of content is worth shooting and how to choose topics ?

Let’s look at a few approaches that have shown to be effective in practice in our work:

You notice that they are repetitive and sometimes the questions are insignificant to record a long video on them. It’s answers to simple questions like these that you can write down in YouTube Shorts.

If you’re interested in the practical side of running YouTube #Shorts. then go to the site to see the cases and the list of services.

Bonus. examples of successful (and not so successful) covers

Popular bloggers know exactly how to create a cover for a YouTube video that will hit the exact target. However, it took them years of practice and constant work on their mistakes. In this article we have described the most basic principles. they are more than enough to start trying! We suggest that you consolidate your knowledge by evaluating a few examples of ready-made previews. Maybe some of them will give you an idea for your own design.

make, preview, video, your, phone

    Maria Mogilko is a Russian businesswoman who lives in America and shares the secrets of success. All of the thumbnails in her channel follow a laconic style, with a personal photo as the base, and color Accent only in the header. Maria has created a recognizable image, and the minimalist design suits her communication style.
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How to make perfect previews for YouTube videos? 9 tips

The preview (or splash screen) of a video is the first thing that draws the eye as you browse your YouTube feed. The viewer only has a second to decide if he/she will watch what he/she stumbled upon. With a good preview it’s enough time to convince him to click on the video icon. A clickable splash page is one of the three elements of successful optimization. We wrote about the other two, internal optimization and SEO optimization, earlier. What rules should you follow to make perfect previews and avoid lower CTR?? Alina Dlotovskaya from the content department of Mediacube affiliate network shared her experience below.

Superfluous distracting details, “noisy” backgrounds, lots of small objects. all this complicates perception. The viewer does not understand what exactly is waiting for him, so there is less chance that he will open the video.

Different colors cause different associations. And it is important that the colors match the theme of the video and age category.

For example, for children’s content it is better to use “joyful” and bright colors. The audience of the CIS countries like neon, and the audience from Europe likes a more laconic solution. But these are details. It is more important to find complimentary combinations to make the image pleasing to look at. You can do it with the help of a color wheel.

YouTube itself does not recommend using white, gray and black colors, because the video with such a preview can merge with the background of the site.

If the composition is out of place, the viewer can’t understand what to look for. Too much free space at the startup or inharmonious filling of a frame decreases the viewer’s interest and makes him/her scroll through the clip.

Try to fill the background space evenly. Most often, bloggers place their face in the center of the cover and the text below it. Or, the second option, the text on one side and the face on the other, keeping a balance of sizes.

A blogger’s face in the preview always increases the number of clicks to the video. Show some vivid emotional moment from the video on your screensaver. It will attract users’ attention, intrigue them and make them click to watch the video.

If you understand that there is nothing to catch the eye, previews need to be refined. But it’s better to avoid red arrows and circles that strongly emphasize one object. Bloggers often use such tricks to “entice” the viewer with something not in the video, so YouTube can punish you for this by demonetizing.

Preview. a brief retelling of what will be in the video. Try to make the cover so that the approximate plot is clear even without a title. For example, in the preview of the video where the blogger is trying spicy sauces, it would be logical to put his face, pepper and milk, which the main character drinks to neutralize the spice. Whatever the title of the video, the viewer has already understood its subject. Remember, he only has a second to decide whether to look or flip through.

If you want to use text in the preview, choose a succinct word or combination It is important that it is not duplicated in the title, so it helps convey the message of the video in detail.

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Pay special attention to design: the caption should be short, and the font should be simple. pleasing, readable, and relevant. By the way, the fashion for fonts is changing rapidly, follow it carefully.

In addition, the text should be placed so that after publication it is not overlapped by the service icons and timecode.

To create a good preview, you need to know your audience, their average age, geolocation, and hobbies. When doing previews, consider her preferences and focus on visual elements that she would like.

A quality still photo made especially for a preview (not a frame cut out of a video) is 50 percent of success.

Many bloggers turn to the Mediacube affiliate network for help in creating previews. The author saves time and gets a bright and clickable cover on his request. And if the author doesn’t know exactly what he needs. designers help you to refine your ideas and give you competent advice.

The popularity of the video depends on a number of nuances. YouTube algorithms evaluate the title, “listen” to the sound and the text pronounced in the video, analyze the description, watch the visuals. CTR and monetization are determined based on these parameters. A good preview does not guarantee the popularity of a video, but it helps to squeeze the maximum number of clicks and, consequently, views.

Cover size for your YouTube video

The optimal format and size of the cover art for YouTube videos are as follows:

  • the aspect ratio of the cover for YouTube videos is 16:9. is the accepted standard of this social network;
  • YouTube video cover size 1280 by 720 pixels (you can make it larger or smaller, but keeping the aspect ratio and width no smaller than 640 pixels);
  • YouTube video cover format jpeg, png, gif, bmp ;
  • image file size not exceeding 2 MB.

Moving on to how to make a cover for a youtube video online. Specifically, with the Canva graphical editor.

As a reminder, you can find all the lessons on this graphics editor online at “Canva com”

YouTube previews designed for clicks

In VistaCreate, it is easy to create great designs for YouTube previews in just a couple of minutes.

Add your own style

Preview design in a different format

brightness on YouTube

A sea of photos

There are 50,000 free photos in VistaCreate. and another 80 million images can be borrowed from the built-in Depositphotos library.

Choose from 680 built-in fonts in Latin, Cyrillic and Hebrew or upload your own.

There are 30,000 impressive design elements in the VistaCreate library. the field for creativity is endless.

make, preview, video, your, phone

Font for previews

On the Internet you can download a million fonts with your own style and features. But not every font is suitable for a cover on video or a hat on your YouTube channel.

If you look at the bulk of covers, you will notice that most covers use sans serif fonts like Impact, Gotham Black, Helvetica Condensed Black and the like. Serif fonts such as Times New Roman should be avoided. Another category that doesn’t fit is decorative fonts.

When choosing a font pay attention to its readability on the background for the cover of YouTube videos. Do not choose too light a font which will be barely distinguishable from the background. The text must be of a color that will look contrasting against the background of everything else. Keep in mind that the preview will be reduced, so the text should occupy at least 1/3 of the image.

You should not put a large amount of text so that it does not displace the rest of the image elements. You can adjust the distance between the letters in Photoshop to get more text on the picture.

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Basic requirements for the preview on YT: size and format of the cover

Before you put a cover image on your YouTube video, make sure that the image parameters meet the system requirements of the video hosting service. Otherwise, the image will not look harmonious, and there is no point in making a thumbnail if part of it will be cut off? The picture must correspond to the following characteristics:

  • The minimum resolution of the cover image is 1280 by 720 pixels;
  • format: standard JPG. PNG or GIF are also acceptable;
  • file weight not more than 2 megabytes;
  • An optimal aspect ratio of 16 by 9.

Copy the link to the preview or your YouTube channel

In order to download a preview, avatar, or channel header from video hosting, you first need to launch a browser on your computer, tablet, phone, or any other mobile device. Next, you need to open your favorite video or YouTube account, and then, in the address bar of your browser will appear a unique link. Copy this link, you will need it at the next step of saving the images.

How to Make YouTube Videos on Your Phone (Beginners Tutorial)

Downloading pictures from a YouTube link

Once you have copied the link to the video or YouTube profile, you need to go to the online image parser. paste it into the site address field and start downloading by clicking on the “Download Photo” button. This will start retrieving photos from the video site, which will find all the pictures, and with different sizes. The thing is that YouTube not only saves images in the original, but also makes thumbnail copies of them.

Save the pictures you like

When the photo upload is complete, you will only have to save it on your PC or phone. Choose an image of your favorite size. As a result, the browser will open an additional tab with the photo in its real size and original quality. If you’re saving it on a PC, press the “Ctrl” “S” key combination or select the “Save As” option by right-clicking on the picture.

make, preview, video, your, phone

Top 12 BEST FREE Tools for Creating YouTube Covers

Video covers are extraordinarily important for your videos to gain more views. Many successful YouTube bloggers have made truly compelling previews that have garnered huge amounts of views and, as a result, subscribers.

If you’re looking for software tools that could help you with creating covers for YouTube videos, then you’ve come to the right page, as below you’ll find full details of the top 12 top rated YouTube cover creation tools for both PC and mobile devices. Creating YouTube previews is completely free in some, but in others you may have to pay to access more advanced features. In addition, I’ll also show you in detail how to create a cover in the Filmora video editor.

Before we get started, here are some tips from our team on how to create a cover for YouTube. To make a good cover, you can use Filmora as it provides various effects, presets, templates, and even includes some intro templates for YouTube. Download Filmora and try it yourself.