How to make a screen recording with iPhone sound

How to record video from the iPhone screen

Sometimes there is an outcome of video recording from the screen of a smartphone. Due to the peculiarity of Apple technology, many owners of such gadgets as iPhone and iPad are found with some difficulties in the implementation of this task. IOS models up to the 11th version for recording video from the screen required additional software or connection to PC.

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Modern versions allow you to record the video from the iPhone screen without additional software, standard tools of the smartphone operating system. The user can fix what is happening on the display, accompanying his sound recording from the microphone.In addition to the full-time screen-recorder, they retained the performance and alternative means of fixing the video. They will help if the standard tool for some reason did not fit. In the proposed article, we will consider the main existing ways to recording video from the iPhone screen.

How to record a video from the iPhone screen. Instructions for beginners

In the process of working with iPhone brand phones, it becomes necessary to record what is happening on the screen. It can be actions with a home screens, flyers, setting up an application or an important broadcast. This will require specialized software, which just cannot be found. Now I will tell you about the best applications to capture the video from the iPhone screen.

Vidyo. Application for shooting video from the iPhone screen

Using the Vidyo application, you can record a video in MOV format from the iPhone and iPad screen with a frequency of up to 30 frames per second. The utility supports work in any application and allows you to simultaneously record sound from a microphone.

The main difference between Vidyo and analogues is that the program works on devices without jailbreak. According to the developer, during the recording, it has practically no effect on the productivity of the gadget.

In addition to recording from the iPhone and iPad screen, the application allows you to make a post.Cutting material. The user can add his sound track, import audio recordings or videos from the library, record his own Комментарии и мнения владельцев from the microphone. The unique pruning function allows you to accurately adjust the sound accompaniment.

Vidyo application. For recording for

How Vidyo developers managed to release their application is unknown. Applications for recording from the screen are prohibited by the rules for developers. Perhaps the release took place only by the oversight of the Appn Store moderators. In this case, in the near future, the program will disappear from the Apple online store.

For the possibility of recording the screenshots on the iPhone and iPad you will have to pay 300. The developer appreciated the application, compatible with any devices on iOS 9, appreciated.

Reflector application for video recording from the iPhone and Mac screen

You can also write a video from the iPhone screen using third.Party applications. One of them is Reflector. Immediately note that this utility is on the two most popular desktop platforms. Windows and OS X. And has a free version with some restrictions.

Simply speaking, Reflector emits AirPlay receiver. And thanks to the video of the Video Enterprise, users can display on the computer screen everything that happens on the iPhone. Also in the application there is a recording function.

It is worth noting separately that Reflector does not have its main window. After starting, users can make some settings associated with the quality of the resulting image, if necessary, set the password when connecting and t.D.

ITOOLS. A program for video recording from the screen iPhone

If there is no connection to a wireless network, computer owners based on the Windows operating system can use the third way. In this case, you will need iPhone, cable and ITOLS application.

ITOOLS is a rather popular utility from developers from Asia. The application is an alternative to the apple mediacubine iTunes.

But unlike the program from Apple, Itools has wider functionality. For example, allows you to record screoners with iPhone and iPad.

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Sound recording

If you need to record the screen with sound, you can go in two ways. Sound can be recorded exclusively from your iPhone or another external sound from a microphone.

Iphone 12/12 Pro Quick Tip! Screen Recording!

Internal and external sound

This method is usually used when someone, along with the process, explains it.

Only an internal sound

If necessary, record the sound exclusively with the iPhone, you need:

One way or another, to complete the recording of the screen, you need to click on the red strip in excess.

Every day with the help of new opportunities, Apple simplifies our life, and recording the screen. Once again this confirms. It will be useful for articles, presentations, instructions and a lot more.

How to make a screen record on old iPhone

If you have an old iPhone and you cannot update it to iOS 11, then you can make a screen with alternative methods. For example, you can record the iPhone screen using AirPlay technology. As you know, AirPlay allows you to transmit an image from the smartphone screen to other devices. And if you transfer the image to the desktop computer, then it can be recorded already on the computer using any program. The only difficulty is to ensure image reception with AirPlay. To do this, you need to put a special program on the computer. For this purpose, you can use programs such as Reflector, Airserver or Lonelyscreen Airplay Receiver.

Computer users with the MacOS operating system have another option. Recording the screen using the QuickTime Player program. To do this, you need to connect the iPhone to the computer and allow access to it by confirming the request “Trust this computer?””. After that, you need to start Quicktime Player, open the “File” menu, go to “New Video” and enable “Record of the screen of a mobile device”.

You can also record the screen using the ITOOLS program. This program is a whole set of utilities for working with iPhone and other Apple devices. Among its capabilities there is a function of duplication of the screen on a computer. To turn on this function, open itools, connect the iPhone via cable and enable Real-Time Desktop on the Toolbox tab. After that, to turn on the iPhone screen recording, click on the Record button.

How to record a video from the iPhone or iPad screen via Quicktime on MacOS

If desired, you can record the screen with the help of Mac. In this case, earlier IOS versions are also suitable. In addition, the status line will not be painted in red, and the time and indicators of the network on it will be like in all presentations and Apple advertising. To record the iPhone or iPad screen via QuickTime on the Mac, you need to do the following.

Connect the iOS device to the Mac using a cable. Launch QuickTime and select the “File” menu → “New Video”.

In the window that opens, press the arrow next to the recording button and indicate as the iPhone camera. Here you can choose a sound source and video quality.

To get started, press the red button, and at the end again press it and save the video on the disk.

This material was first published in August 2014. In April 2020, we updated the text.

Instruction How to record iPhone screen

To turn on the built.In recording function, you need to perform only a few simple steps:

    Unlock the iPhone, go to “System settings”. “control point”. “set up control elements”. A window will open with a list of activated and inactive options. Find the “screen recording” and click on a green plus on the contrary to turn on;

So easy, without long torment, you can record the iPhone screen with or without sound. We hope this material was useful for you! And we want to remind you. If you are faced with an iPhone breakdown, you need to repair or set it up. We will be happy to help you in our service center Apple Pro.

Options for new smartphones

When using more modern phones, you can do without installing third.Party. Owners of models with the iOS 11 and higher system, on which iPhone iPhone can work, just use built.In functions. For the video, the following are performed:

  • Open the settings of control elements.
  • In the list “ control elements” select the screen recording item, pressing the plus icon.
  • Come out of the settings and launch an entry from the “control point” of the phone.
  • Perform all the actions that need to be recorded, and turn off the work of the built.In utility with repeated click on the same button.

Quick pressing on the beginning of the recording allows you to include the preservation of the screon without sound. With a strong press on the screen, the menu will open in which you can turn on the microphone. Rollers are stored in MP4 format with a high frame rate (up to 50 to/s/s and higher).


The application from the creators of INSHOT is perhaps the most convenient video editor for Android. XRECORDER allows you to shoot screenscars and screenshots in HD format, record video calls and streams viewed. Pleasantly free: does not put any watermarks on the video, does not limit the recording time, does not require root.

Screon with third.Party software

If you have an old iOS and system updates are no longer available, there is an alternative solution. To download special software. Some tools allow you to make simple editing the created videos.

IREC 2.0

Used for the screon of games, applications and any other actions. This recorder does not require jailbreak, but its latest version is installed on mobile devices using a computer. IREC offers four resolution options: 480p, 720p, 1080p and real size. A simple application integration is very similar to previous versions.

Du Recorder

This tool will be especially useful for people who would like to stream gameplay. It allows you to not only record the screen, but also broadcast high.Quality images to the selected platform. This is conditionally paid software, therefore, if you want to get rid of a watermark, you will have to pay.

Apowersoft IPhone/iPad Recorder

The tool allows you to project the device screen on the computer with Windows or MacOS OS and record all the actions performed. Thus, you can broadcast music, films, photos and other types of content and display them on a large monitor. While other similar applications require physical USB, this software uses AirPlay technology.

As for the screon itself, the tool works very well and allows you to record high.Resolution video. In addition, he also simultaneously records the system sound and the microphone track.

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Quicktime Player

Than a media player is also an iOS screen, unique to Mac users. You can find this tool in Mac applications or download it from the App Store. Free to use and understandable in navigation.

Record it!

If you want to expand the functionality of the system tool a little, you should contact the Record it. This application allows you to easily edit the video immediately after recording, for example, add your own Комментарии и мнения владельцев. The program is compatible with iOS 12 and above.