How to make a screen screen on the iPhone XR

How to take a screenshot on Phone

How to take a screenshot on the iPhone X is one of the most frequently asked questions in 2019.

With the advent of the new line of the Apple Site X series. And these are Phone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS phones, significant changes have occurred in managing the iOS operating system integrate.

The change in iOS and applications integrated a change in the iPhone X design. When the developers from Cupertino decided to abandon the physical button home.

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Such a move was dictated by the need to implement a new design, when the display occupies almost the entire available area of ​​the frontal surface of the gadget.One way or another, this article is designed to give an exhaustive answer to the identified question.

How to create full.Page screenshots (long screen pictures) in the browser

Creating a full screen of the screen in the iPhone browser.

The easiest way to create long shots of the screen on the iPhone works only when using applications for browser. Having taken a picture of the screen, touch the pre.Viewing image that appears in the lower left corner of your iPhone screen. At the top, select the “Complete page” tab to view the desired picture of the screen with scrolling.

Now you can edit and comment on this screen of the screen if you need. When you finish with this, click the “Ready” button in the upper left corner and select “Save PDF in files”. You can save this long picture of the screen in PDF format, or in the iCloud Drive folder, or select “on this iPhone” to save it in the local storage of your device.

This method works with most browser applications on the iPhone, but not with all.

How to make screenshots on the iPhone by tapping the housing

Starting with iOS 14, the operating system got the opportunity to interact with the user through light tapping on the iPhone body. Among the many options, there is also the creation of screenshots. Here’s how to configure it:

Open the “Settings” application and follow the path: “Universal Access” → Touch → Touch of the rear panel.

Open the triple touch menu (recommended) and select the screen image option.

Now, after light tapping on the rear panel of the iPhone, the system will create a screenshot of the screen.

How to do without creating screenshots (screen shots)

In most cases, you can not resort to the creation of screenshots (photography of the screen), thereby without clogging the photophone, but to maintain the appropriate content more acceptable for it in ways.

For example, if you just want to copy “for later” text information from a web page (correspondence), then it can be selected by touching your finger and then select an option to copy in the context menu that appears in the context menu. After that, the text copied into the exchange buffer can be inserted in the same way in any application (notes, instant messengers, etc.D.).

It is not necessary to photograph the website of the website with an interesting article, if you can save the Safari browser links to the page. To do this, click the button to share at the bottom of the screen (if it is not visible, then tape the page below) and select the icon add the bookmark. We talked more about synchronization of bookmarks between iOS devices and computers of the MAC in this material.

If you need to save on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch any image posted on the site or in the Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.D.), then it is not necessary to take a screenshot of the screen, t.To. Another unnecessary information will fall into it. In order to save the picture, you need to touch it and choose an option to save the image.

How to use a Back Tap on iPhone?

To enable this function, make sure that you have been updated to the iOS 14 operating system;

Go to the “Settings” “Basic”;

Scroll down and press “universal access”, and then click the “Carry” button.

“Tap” hidden in your settings application.

Then scroll down to the Back Tap function button.

When you go to the submenu, you will have a choice to include a “double touch” or “triple touch”. Whatever slippers you choose, the control possibilities will eventually get the same.

The owner of the iPhone may assign actions that will be performed by double and triple tapping on the lid of a smartphone.

By default, the function is disabled. To activate it, you need to add certain options to each “tap”.

The list of functions is wide, click on one of the options to get acquainted with them. Click to see what functions you can now control the double or triple touch of the rear panel of the phone.

The list includes: the creation of screen images, increase or decrease volume, increase, scrolls and many, many other additional opportunities like turning on a magnifier and so on.

For example, if you want to use a double touch to create screen images, select the “double touch” option, and then mark the “screen of the screen”/“screenshot”.

Now you can take a picture of the screen, just twice touching the rear panel of the phone with your finger:

Remember that this function may not work if your smartphone has a thick cover

To switch the control elements into the Back Tap function or turn it off, you must perform the same actions described above.

How to make a screenshot of the screen on the iPhone SE, 8, 7, 6

Screenshot of the screen on the iPhone SE, 8, 7, 6 and earlier models to make it easier than on modern versions of a smartphone. Press the Home and Blocking key simultaneously.

When the screenshot of the screen is made, its preview is in the lower right corner, and the process itself is accompanied by the sound of photography.

How to take a screenshot on the iPhone Se 2020, 8, 7, 6s, 6, SE and on older models

To create a picture of the screen, you need to simultaneously press and then release 2 buttons: “Home” and the lock key (on the iPhone SE, 5S, 5, 4S and 4, it is located on the upper face, on the iPhone Se 2020, 8, 7, 6s and 6. On the right).

You will hear a characteristic sound similar to a click of the shutter of the camera, and the screen for a split second will become white. After that, a miniature of the created screenshot will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.

If you click on it, the built.In graphic editor will open. You can trim the screen, add a drawing, text or frame, as well as send an image through any messenger or using the “message” program. To save the edited image, click on the “Ready” button, located in the upper left corner, and select “Save in the photo”.

If you do not need to edit a screenshot, do not click on its miniature. In a few seconds, it will disappear from the screen.

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In both cases, the screenshot will remain in the memory of the device and will be available in the “Photo” application in the sections “All photos” and “screen pictures”.

In addition, the function of touching behind works with fasting users with quick commands. The function makes it possible to assign one of two options for touching the case to launch the assigned action. Both double and triple touches are available, and they can be used at any time, but only on an unlocked iPhone.

Question answer

Below are answers to the most popular questions.

Finding a stored screenshot is very simple. To do this, just go to the “photo” and click on “albums”. There you will notice a special folder with the name “screen pictures”, and frames will be preserved in it.

For the owners of devices on iOS 11 and above, the built.In screenshot editing function is available, with its help you can take the desired notes and marks in the pictures.

You will need, just click on the miniature of the frame and you will have a special editor on your screen.

In it you can cut part of the picture, add a comment with a marker, pen or pencil (six different colors are available), highlight the element that requires attention. This greatly simplifies the work, since all the necessary editing can be done conveniently and quickly.

You can open the screen in the album and edit as a regular photo (so you can cut off the excess). If you need to mark something by a marker, you will have to use third-party applications. They were mentioned above.

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Sometimes there is a need to make a long screenshot. But often the entire page on the Internet browser does not fit on the visible part of the screen.

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Apple developers, starting with iOS 13, gave the owners of the iPhone and iPad the opportunity to easily take a full.Page, continuous picture.

  • Open the desired web page
  • Take a screenshot in the usual way
  • Click on the pre.Examination of the picture (miniature that appeared in the left corner)
  • In the editor at the top there will appear the “Complete page” option, choose it
  • At the end, click “Ready”
  • A picture of a full page will remain in your gallery.

Sometimes there is a need to capture only some small fragment from a web page. For this, the built.In editor will help you again.

  • Make the Printskrin in the usual way.
  • Click on the pre.Examination of the picture (miniature that appeared in the left corner).
  • In the opening editor in the upper right corner, next to the “Ready” will be the caption icon.
  • Click on it and highlight the desired area.
  • At the end of the work, click “Ready” to save photos.

Iphone camera allows you to take very high quality pictures. However, good photos can take too big in the memory of the phone because of their impressive weight.

Therefore, sometimes there may be a need to squeeze a photo without loss of quality.

  • You need to go to settings,
  • Find the “camera” in the list, select “formats” in the options,
  • Put a box for “high efficiency”.
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For devices with the old operating system (iOS below 11):

Fixed Screen Rotation Not Working on iPhone X/XR/XS/MAX/11/12 | Apple info

Owners of older models will have to use third.Party photo editors. For example, app from the App Store. Photo Compress. In the options, you can compress photos without losing its size and configure the degree of compression of JPG. To do this, install the editor on the phone, upload the right photo and select the appropriate item in the application options.

On modern smartphones, you can not only take a photo, but also shoot videos from the screen. The so.Called, moving screon can be written in different ways. This will be discussed in article 7 of ways to record a video from the screen on any iPhone with sound and without.