How to make a screenshot on a Samsung laptop

How to take a quick screenshot on your laptop

Every owner of modern portable computers has probably at least once in his life faced the need to capture an image located on the screen of the monitor. If for experienced users this process does not cause absolutely any difficulties, then beginners sometimes do not even realize that it is possible to make a screenshot on a laptop by pressing just one button.

Clip2net software for saving screenshots

This utility has a small size of the installation file (about 6 MB) and an impressive number of built-in features. The main task of Clip2net is making screenshots of the whole desktop, single windows or areas of the screen. The professional (paid) version has a video recording function. It can be useful for saving screencasts. a step-by-step record of actions performed on a laptop. Photos and videos can be uploaded to a server and then shared with others.

The basic Windows version is free. It allows you to upload up to 20 screenshots per day to the cloud and have them automatically deleted after 30 days. Up to 100 MB of disk space for saving screenshots is allocated to each user. For 680 a year you can increase this volume to 1000 MB, as well as remove the limitation on storage time and number of downloads per day.

A screenshot, or as it is called a “screen shot”, is a very simple and useful tool for saving what is displayed on the screen as an image. With the help of a screenshot you can save a message about an error in software operation, an interesting frame from a video and perform other tasks. In Windows-family operating systems screenshots are created by built-in means, eliminating the need to download and install additional software.

We have already reviewed the process of making screenshots on desktop computers. This article will focus on the peculiarities of a similar procedure in laptops, as they often have keyboards with a limited set of additional keys that are combined with other keys and activated in a special way.

Creating screenshots on laptops Modern laptops can be equipped with two types of keyboards: standard and extended due to the number pad on the right. Both of them have a button that is responsible for taking screenshots and is indicated by the abbreviation PrtSc. Is most often in the same place. Above the Backspace key. Depending on your particular notebook model the PrtSc key may be directly above the Backspace key or above and slightly to the left.

Turning on the key itself may also vary on different laptops. There are two ways to enable it:

Fn. is a key which switches the keyboard modes in laptops to provide full functionality of notebook keyboards with a limited amount of keyboard space. The standard Fn key is located between Ctrl and Win at the bottom left of the keyboard.

Try both and you are sure to find a way to capture screenshots that works on your notebook.

After pressing the PrtSc key, the image of the visible part of the notebook screen is saved in the computer memory. To save it as an image, open the built-in graphics editor Paint and copy the RAM image into it with the Ctrl V shortcut. After that, you only need to save the image in the selected format.

Sometimes it may be useful to save not the entire screen image, but only the currently active program window. You can do this by pressing the Alt key on your keyboard before pressing PrtSc. In this case, ways to create screenshots on laptops will be as follows:

It is very convenient because there is no need to use Paint.

Today in this article I will describe how to make a screenshot on your laptop.

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This article will be useful for beginners in web development, because experienced webmasters have long used this method.

No matter what they say, but the world wide web. the Internet today is one of the most important components in our lives.

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Why does PrintScreen not work

When the screenshot button on your laptop refuses to work, and the clipboard remains empty, it is worth checking the activity of additional keys. The keyboard can be equipped with FLock key.

Important! The activation of this mode is indicated by the LED in the working area. Keys of this kind are not uncommon on laptops from “Lenovo” and “Acer”.

On some models, the function keys have several meanings, where the main or, conversely, auxiliary action is performed in tandem with the Fn button. The latter is found in almost all laptops: “Samsung“, “Toshiba”, HP, etc.д. That is, in this case we have a combination of Fn PrintScreen and then according to the instructions above.

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On past generations of Dell and VAIO laptops, the only way to take a screenshot is by pressing Ctrl PrintScreen. It’s also worth checking the Fn key activity in BIOS. It can be disabled or assigned to another function. When it is not possible to make a screenshot with PrintScreen in any of the above combinations, then most likely there is a third-party software, overriding this functionality.

If there is no button PrintScreen in the working area, you can call the digital equivalent of the standard keyboard by means of the platform. This is a problem with older “Asus” and “Toshiba” laptops. Open the search box on the platform and enter “On-screen keyboard”. Select the application, and then click the PrintScreen button on the digital version. The utility is located in the “Special Features Center” section.

How to make a screenshot

How to take a screenshot. Screenshot) is a word you hear very often when it comes to taking a screenshot of your monitor, laptop, or mobile device.

In essence, a screenshot is a capture or a screenshot of the active area or part of the image that the user sees on the computer display. The need to take a screenshot appears mainly when you: create technical documentation of the work or any other document like a term / diploma project, playing computer games to capture the best moments and, of course, seek remote assistance from professionals to solve problems related to computers.


To make a screenshot on your computer, you just need to press a special key on your keyboard located in the upper right corner with the text “Prt Scr SysRq”/Print Screen. this is the function of making a screenshot. Once clicked, the screenshot will be stored in the clipboard until you paste it into the graphical editor Paint or Word.

Open the program you need. Paint or Word, paste the image with the built-in function in the programs as shown in the picture or use the “CTRLV” key combination to paste the image and save the document.

Thus, we took a screenshot of the screen on the computer as a whole. If we need to take a picture of one active window, for example, it will be a website page on half a screen, then you need to press the key combination “Alt Prt Scr”, make the paste and save the document.


Taking a screenshot on a notebook is as easy as on a computer. This procedure is practically the same, but there is a slight difference in case you have a special key “Fn” on your keyboard and it is used together with the key “Print Screen”.

The main purpose of the key. quick access to additional and multimedia functions. Usually this button is located in the lower left corner of the laptop keyboard. Using the key combination “Fn” “Prt Sc” you can take a screenshot on a notebook. After making a screenshot, save the result to an image of the required format or add it to a document for further presentation.


Strangely enough, but it is still possible to take a screenshot on Android, and the simplest way, which we will briefly describe at the end of the article “how to take a screenshot.

The most common way to take a screenshot on Android is to press and hold down the “volume down” and “power” buttons simultaneously until the characteristic sound. After the sound, you will be notified in the notification menu that the screenshot is ready and is in the “Screenshots” folder.


And finally, a few words about how to take a screenshot on Samsung. The above method does not work, so you must use a different keyboard shortcut on Samsung devices. To make a screenshot on your Samsung, you must simultaneously press and hold down the “power” and “home” buttons on your smartphone.

Now you know how to take a screenshot on different devices, and which keys must be pressed to do this.

How to take a screenshot on your computer, tablet or phone: quick and easy ways

A screenshot is a picture of any image on the screen. screenshot) is a photo of any image on it. This option allows getting a screenshot of your monitor or display of a device (it can be a PC or notebook on Windows or Mac, tablet or mobile device on Windows Phone or Android, iPhone or iPad on iOS) with its built-in functions or certain software applications. The main examples of such functions and applications and how to use them will be described below.

Print Screen button (PrtScr or Fn PrtScr key)

Usually after pressing this button nothing happens. But in fact the screenshot is already fixed and stored in the computer memory.

All you need to do after that is to open an image editing program like Paint or a text editor and use the “insert” function. This method is supported by any version of Windows.

It is worth adding: if you want to make a screenshot of one window instead of the whole screen, there is a key combination alt PrtScr.


It is a standard program on Windows OS version 7 and higher.

Accessed through the “Start” menu in the category of standard programs.

There is a “create” function in the upper left corner of the program. Once you press it, instead of the cursor, a cross target appears on the monitor, which can be used to select the area of interest in the screenshot.

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Browser extension

It is convenient to make a screenshot directly in the browser in online mode. Every internet browser has extension plugins. To install the screenshot plugin, you need to go to the browser settings and select the “extensions” group. Type the screenshot name in the search box in this group and choose from the available extensions. For example Lightshot.

After activating this extension, its saving will be sent by default to the “download” folder.

Mac OS

Laptops and mac OS computers invoke the image capture function via the CmdShift command combined with the numbers 3 or 4, where:

using a rectangle. Its size and position are changed by the cursor

Saving takes place on the desktop in the format.png.

Save the screenshot to the clipboard. additionally hold down the Ctrl key.

How to take a screenshot on your laptop and computer

You have information to show from the computer screen? You do not want to bother with the camera of your phone or camera, adjusting the level of light and sharpness? The special function Screenshot will help in this situation. a snapshot of the screen of the device. It will solve technical problems, create a picture, save the correspondence in social networks or an important reminder. You can screen the entire area of the monitor or some individual part. How to take a screenshot on your laptop using built-in and third-party applications? Let’s study the existing ways together.

How to take a screenshot on a notebook computer

Working in a program, sometimes you need to make a screenshot to save it in a file or send to friends by e-mail. Let’s see how to make it on a laptop using the keys and means of Windows.

There is a special key for taking screenshots. There are different names for this key: Print Screen or PrtScr.

On Samsung this button is on the top right.

On the Acer keyboard the right button at the top right.

Press “Print Screen” to take a screenshot. In this case a screenshot of the whole screen is made. Sometimes you may need to press “Print Screen” and “Fn” at the same time.

If you need to capture not the entire desktop, but only the active window, then use the key combination “Alt” and “Print Screen.

Then you will need to open any graphical editor, for example, “Paint.

Press the Ctrl and V keys when the program window is open to paste the screenshot from the clipboard. Then go to “Menu”. “Save As”. choose the format of the image, we recommend JPEG.

Specify the path and file name and click “Save.

How to take a screenshot on your laptop with the help of programs.

On the Internet you can find a huge number of programs to create screenshots. Unlike standard tools of Windows, they have more powerful functionality and allow to make not only the pictures, but immediately edit them, and often even upload to the server of authors to share them with friends and acquaintances.

Now we look at a couple of the most popular programs and peculiarities of working with them.


The first and most popular and convenient program for screenshots is “Lightshot”, from the creators of no less popular picture hosting

After the program is downloaded and installed, it will be automatically added to your system tray and its icon will appear in your system tray.

Now it is always ready to “fight”, and you only need to click on the “Prt Sc” key to create a screenshot, and then click the left mouse button to select the desired area.

You have highlighted the screen area, what to do next?

Let’s understand the basic settings “Lightshot.

  • Cancel taking screenshot.
  • Save the screenshot to your notebook.
  • Copy the resulting image for subsequent insertion into the same “Paint”.
  • Upload your screenshot to prnt and get a short link to it, which you can immediately share with someone.
  • A drawing panel, thanks to which you can make any marks.

This is how easy it is to take screenshots with Lightshot.


The application attracts first of all by its simplicity and ease of use. The program hangs in the tray and consumes almost no RAM. With its help, you can not only make screenshots on your notebook, but also record video from games in high resolution.

Many people use Fraps as a frame counter (FPS). You can use the assigned buttons to capture the whole screen, a single page or a part of it. The finished screenshot is saved to a specified location on your hard drive in one of 4 formats. This utility is completely free of charge and supports all platforms, including the old Windows XP.

What it can do. Takes a picture of a fragment or the whole page. Supports keyboard shortcuts. Allows you to save the screenshot to your computer or publish it in the cloud and get the link right away. Convenient that you can quickly share a screenshot on social networks.

Editor has many tools. Draw with a pencil; add straight lines, arrows, shapes and Комментарии и мнения владельцев; hide unnecessary things with blurring. Joxi editor even has a sequence of steps.

How to take a screenshot on a PC or Laptop any Windows

You need to register to have access to the history of screenshots.

Joxi can share a picture to 40 social networks


Easy-to-use and powerful utility that lets you take screenshots with a single click, process them and share them with friends on social networks. Great and efficient software that does not take up much space on your laptop.

  • Supports keyboard shortcuts for control
  • Sharing functions in the social networking service. networks
  • Edit the image
  • Support for popular image formats
  • Launches at system startup
  • Compression feature
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What can he do. Captures screenshot of selected area, visible part of the screen, browser window and the entire page. There are hot keys for capturing the entire page.

The finished FireShot image offers to save, mail or print. The paid version also exports snapshots to OneNote, and Flickr.

Big disadvantage. the free version has no editor.

How much does it cost? Free with no editor. There is a lifetime license. about 3000

At first glance, the paid version of the service has many tools. However, there is no blurring or sequence of steps. Also, I was not comfortable using it, and the design seemed outdated


One notable feature of the program is the ability to capture a scrolling window. Thus it is possible to combine the whole page from the browser into one graphic file. This functionality is found mainly in paid solutions, while PicPick is distributed under a free license.

Among graphical tools there are a handy ruler, adjustable crosshair, angle meter, magnifier, as well as the ability to determine the color code value, by analogy with the dropper in Photoshop. In addition, there is the standard functionality for such programs: arrows, footnotes, dashes, etc.

Microsoft Snip

This screenshot manager is free. It can be downloaded from the official site of Microsoft.

It lets you take photos of individual windows and the entire screen, as well as selective portions.

You can even use it to record video with different markings.

It is very useful for creating training videos and all sorts of presentations.

You can add a soundtrack to them.

Microsoft Snip working window

FastStone Capture

The application offers the creation of any screenshots: windows, desktop, individual items, followed by adjustments. The editor has an impressive set of tools: arrows, dotted lines, footnotes, tabs, etc. The resulting image can be cached, saved on your hard drive or directly printed.

It is possible to place a watermark on the screenshot, which is rare for this kind of software. Hot keys can be reassigned at your discretion if you want. In addition to the classic screenshots you can capture video from the desktop. The software is distributed by the conditional free license, where you have to pay for the advanced functionalities.

Ashampoo Snap

This is a powerful program to capture screenshots of anything and everything. The local functionality is almost as good as that of Photoshop. Here you can make collages, 3D-animation, apply all sorts of filters and watermarks.

Important! The program is quite demanding to the system resources, so on weak laptops freezes and freezes may occur. The utility is available with a free license, where the basic version has serious limitations.


Simple and clear utility in Russian with a variety of functions. The program allows not only making screenshots and processing the resulting image, but also recording video from the screen. There is an option to recognize printed text, which gives the user text that cannot be copied. The application allows you to automatically save screenshots, capture a specific part of the screen with pixel accuracy, copy the picture to the clipboard, send the file by email and send it to print.

There is a large variety of other applications such as Hardcopy, Joxi or Monosnap. Try several different programs and decide which application is best suited for your personal tasks. Screen Capture is helpful when you need to send a financial report, drop a funny message, or remotely fix system bugs. Use modern features to save your time.


Despite the abundance of features, the program is free. The utility is a graphical editor through which you can easily edit the picture: make footnotes, highlight markers, place arrows, etc.п.

Captured images can be easily exported to social networks. For your convenience, there is a fine selection of presets: screenshot area, window, whole screen, last page, as well as the possibility to designate hot keys by yourself.

Screen Capture

A very popular and efficient utility with many features, especially convenient that it has a search history of the images created. You can view them anywhere from cloud storage and share them with your friends straight away.

  • Snapshot history
  • Embedded in the context menu
  • Easy to use
  • There is a good built-in editor
  • Saving to Cloud Storage
  • Text can be added to the picture

To make a screenshot, just click on the PrtSc button. Unfortunately, the button might not work on many laptops. This is because a number of service keys need to be enabled. For this you need to click on the Fn PrtSc button combination.

As for Toshiba laptops, the developers have not provided similar keys. To take a screenshot on this laptop, you need to press the FnEnd key combination. After that the image will be placed in the buffer.

When the picture is taken, you need to save it to any type of image. It is recommended to use any graphic editor. Even Paint will do. You can use Photoshop if you want. After creating a new document, it is necessary to extract the snapshot from the clipboard. This can be done in several ways:

When the photo is inserted into the document, you only need to save it in any graphic format.