How to make a screenshot on the Sony phone

How to take a screenshot on the Sony Xperia Pro phone

Modern smartphone has a number of useful functions. For example, the owner of a mobile device at any time can take a screenshot of the screen. Performing such an operation will help when the user finds interesting information and wants to capture it. In such a situation, you do not have to take pictures of the screen on another device, since it will be enough to take a screenshot on the Sony Xperia Pro phone.

How to Take Screenshot on SONY Xperia X Performance. Capture Screen Method

The phone manufacturer does not limit the owner of the options for creating a scree. You can take a screenshot at absolutely any moment: while watching a film, gameplay or correspondence in the messenger. The main condition for obtaining a picture is the smartphone should be turned on and unlocked.

General ways

There are simple ways that allow you to perform a screen picture on any Android model.

Important! Methods of creating screenshots on different versions of Android can be coordinated.

Using buttons

On gadgets with Android OS above 4.0 versions, you can take a screenshot with one button, sometimes two. Key combinations may differ depending on mobile devices models.

  • Open the area that needs to be filmed,
  • Set the “inclusion” key for a couple of seconds,
  • The menu will open where you need to select the “Screenshot” tool. The software button will be slightly lower than Restart and Power.

Through a notification curtain

The fast settings panel contains almost all basic, often used functions. Using a notification curtain, making a screenshot is not a problem, but not on all models. In some versions of Android, this function can be disconnected by default. Will have to use the XRCORDER program. More on this below.

  • Unlock the mobile device.
  • Then draw a finger from above-down (perform the pile). The notification area will open.
  • Find and click the “screen of the screen”.
  • The screen will automatically remain and hang for a couple of seconds so that you can choose the following action, for example, edit the resulting graphic file.

The method is available on the following smartphones: Samsung, Xiaomi, LG (via Quick Memo), Lenovo, Asus, Meizu, Honor.


Some phones have the “photographic” contents of the display with gestures. But to use this option, you must in advance in the phone this function. Users with the installed version of Android at least 8 can use this method.

Back button

Detailed video instruction for 24 seconds:


It is enough to draw a palm with an edge of the display and you will get a screen.

You can take a picture with a gesture on Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei phones.

Program methods

How to take a screenshot on Sony Xperia without pressing physical keys:

  • Bipe from top to bottom to open a quick access menu;
  • Tap an icon with a screenshot icon;
  • The system will take a picture of the display and save it to the gallery.

The disadvantages of the method include the fact that the creation of the picture takes a little more time (pressing physical keys is still faster, and if you make a screen of a living video, then this time difference can become critical), and there is also a risk of converting a smartphone into a flight mode. Slipping the wrong icon.

If the Xperia notification curtain does not need the need for the icon, the system allows you to add it manually:

make, screenshot, sony, phone
  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Additional Functions” menu.
  • Select “Movement and gestures”.
  • Turn on the slider near the string “screen of the screen”.
  • Open the quick access menu again. Now the desired button will appear in it.

If the listed methods are not satisfied with the screenshot on Sony Xperia (or more functions and capabilities for controlling the screen images are required), you can install additional applications from Google Play on the smartphone.

How to make a long screenshot with scrolling

Sometimes it is required to save not only the visible area of ​​the site, but the whole page is entirely. The most obvious way to take a screenshot on Sony Xperia to capture all the information is to remove the screen several times, gradually promoting it down, but this is not a very convenient option, besides, it takes a lot of time.

It is easier to make one long screenshot of the entire contents of the site. This is how all the information will be in one file, and you will not need to scroll through the screen several times, remembering where you stopped. There is no own means for creating such a photo on the Sony Xperia phone, but this “gap” can be easily replenished by installing third.Party software (for example, LongscreenShot).

Many applications for creating screenshots of the screen are not translated into Russian, but it is not difficult to understand them: the Inteiis is intuitive.

Where are the created pictures in the memory of a smartphone

After you indicated the mobile device to create a screenshot, it saves such a photo in memory of the smartphone. The finished image of the screen can be found among the pictures in the phone gallery.

Where are the rest of your images and videos. The system creates a separate folder for screenshots in the gallery. And they are also displayed in recently created files that pop up in the upper part of the screen. So that they can be easily and quickly found.

After the screenshot was made on Sony Xperia, there is also a control unit, which we have already recalled. You can see the finished image immediately through it. By pressing the “Open” button in the block.

How to screenshot with Sony Xperia Phone

Creating a screenshot on Sony Xperia 1 III using keys

The easiest way to create a screen screen is to use a specific key combination:

  • Open the section of the menu that needs to be captured.
  • Squeeze the power button and the lower swing of the volume control button at the same time.

After performing these actions, a graphic notification of the successful creation of a screenshot will appear at the bottom of the screen. The resulting frame can be opened immediately by pressing its icon after clamping the volume drop and power button.

If the screen of the screen on the Sony Xperia 1 III is not done, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the alternative combinations of the buttons that are given in this material. In addition, there are other ways to create a screen without using the phone keys.

A way to create a screenshot through a notification panel

This method will be the best way out of the situation when the smartphone buttons do not work for any reason, and the screen is not created. As an alternative option, it is proposed to perform the following actions:

  • Unlock the smartphone.
  • Go to the menu section where you need to take a screenshot.
  • Lower the notification curtain with a swipe from top to bottom.
  • Click on the SCRENSHOT or SCRENT INFORMAL icon.

As in the case of a picture through hot keys, a notification of the creation of a screech will immediately appear on the screen of the Android smartphone. The resulting screen can be opened or made another frame from this or other menu.

make, screenshot, sony, phone

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung phone

Samsung Galaxy smartphones work on Android. For all models on this operating system, the instruction will look like. If the phone has a frameless screen without buttons, then use the combination of the power button and the volume reduction. This method will also help to take a screenshot on the ZTE phone, Vivo, Oppo and others.

If the Samsung smartphone has a mechanical button at the bottom (“home”). Then you need to simultaneously squeeze it and the power key (side).

On some Samsung smartphones, you can also take screenshots with a gesture: by running your palms over the screen (the direction does not matter, from left to or right to the left). To enable this chip, open the gadget settings and go to the “Additional Functions” menu. “Movement and gestures”. “Skart of the screen with your palm”.

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Possible errors when creating a screenshot

Frequent problems that do not allow you to copy the display image associated with the smartphone file system.

make, screenshot, sony, phone

When resolving HD or Full quality, the pictures are obtained by a large volume. If the smartphone has a small volume of built.In ROM, and the user often takes screenshots, then the place on the drive quickly ends. Solving the problem. Regular cleaning of the Xperia memory and the use of cloud storage.

There are times when the owner accidentally removes the directory for screenshots, and the system cannot assign a new automatically. In this case, it is required in the Pictures catalog to create the SCRENSHOTS directory. In most cases, it helps.

The ability to create screen images is a demanded innovation in a smartphone. They have them in t.H. Budget versions. In the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and Z3, the function is realized in the most convenient way.