How to make a stolen phone find

What to do and what not to do if you have lost your phone? Typical errors

A smartphone is not just a gadget for a long time, but without exaggeration, a part of you: your contacts, your pictures, your memory, your preferences, your rhythm of life. It’s scary to lose this, and the gadgets, unfortunately, tend to slip invisibly. How many times have you “lost” a mobile phone at home, and an unpleasant chill ran inside? It is not surprising that a real loss of phone seems to many disasters. What to do in this case, what to hope for and how to avoid desperate mistakes. We deal with Anews.

Only at the request of the police as part of the criminal investigation. That is, you must submit an application for the theft and achieve the initiation of the case. Only if there is a resolution of the investigator, the operator transfers a report on the calls and movements of your phone, which is monitored according to the unique IMEI identification code.

IMEI is indicated on the device itself (depending on the manufacturer and the model, it can be under the battery, on the rear panel, on the SIM card tray, and the command # displays it on the screen), also on the box and in the documents.

IMEI’s search search is considered the most effective. According to the statistics that the media referred to, so about half the devices are found. Also on the network you can find the reviews of the lucky ones who managed to return their “jewel” in this way. Another question is how often the organs really use this opportunity to search for stolen gadgets. We will talk about this below.

What to do if you lost the phone

First of all, you need to understand as soon as possible whether you really lost it. To do this, you need to look around yourself properly. Check all your s, bag, boxes and look under the sofa. Of course, you should call him from another phone.

If you can’t find the device, look for a way to contact the operator and block the SIM card. And if you still have the phone, and you read this article “Just in case”, install the password on the SIM card.

Phone search apps

If for some reason you do not want to use the full-time search tools or you need additional functionality, you should pay attention to third-party applications to track phone. Often they are not free and work on a subscription board. However, it should be so. Otherwise, it is worth considering why the developers of such a useful application suddenly turned out to be so generous.

Sometimes you need to look not only a phone, but also a person

And they will also store all your data necessary to search for a phone on their server. It is worth thinking about it too. After all, someone will always be aware of your location. Be sure to carefully read the confidentiality policy before registration if you decide to use a third.Party application.

How to find out where family members are located

Again, before determining the location of another person, even a family member, it is worth finding out from him if he will be against. It should be at least aware of the tracking of its location.

Life360: Family locator, GPS tracker. A free application intended for families allows you to track where all your family members are located, determining the location of their phones. Thus, even if one of the participants loses his phone or something happens to him, others can instantly find out where he is.

This will be useful not only in the city, but also on the campaign, when something can happen to a person and you will have to come to his aid. However, to send the location, you will need to connect to the network, which can not often be found in the forest or in the mountains, but sometimes it will be much easier to find a person.

Phone protection application

Cerberus Phone Security created to prevent data from a stolen phone. If you are worried that your phone will steal or you will lose it, and someone will pick it up, Cerberus may be the best application for you.

It offers many security functions that allow you to get remote access to a lost or stolen device. You can turn on the sound signal, erase the data, block the device and even take photos from the front chamber to detect thieves.

This application can also be used as a family locator with various functions for adults and children. It is not free, but, as I said above, it should be. Otherwise, movement data can be used against you.

Where’s My Droid. Appendix for finding a phone

Where’s My Droid. Free application (but with paid functions) to search for your phone. He allows you to look for your device, send a command to make a sound, take a photograph of the area, track the location by GPS, set a password and, in the most extreme case, wash all the data.

This is a powerful tool, but not completely free.

Please note that most of these functions are available only for paid participants, so you will probably have to spend some money to get the maximum return from this application.

Do I need to attribute the found phone to the police

There are times when the smartphone simply does not turn on or there is no SIM card in it, in short, access to data is impossible. It is in this situation that it is better to report the find to the police department by writing a statement about the device found. Be sure to indicate the circumstances in the statement: how you found the thing where this happened, why it was not possible to contact the owner.

Report the find to the police is the best solution

Be sure to describe all the features of the device, including scratches, the absence of parts, a cover, etc avoid problems. The smartphone will remain with you. Employees will not be able to pick it up from you. The policeman will write down your contacts, and you just have to wait. The search for the owner is 6 months. If no one will show up during this time, then your smartphone is.

And whether the protective equipment will work?

Ok, let’s say, could not find the phone. But we put the PIN code lock on the lock, there is a fingerprint scanner in the smartphone, and the manufacturer probably took care of our data. Well, let’s try to figure out whether this will help.

Pin code

In most cases, the PIN code and the graphic key by 99% guarantee the safety of the data, but only when it comes to iOS, Windows Phone or Android Apparate with a blocked bootloader, for which no means of detouring protection were found. In this case, even if the person who finds your Google unlocked the bootloader with legal means, the smartphone will be automatically dropped to factory settings. On the other hand, if the bootloader has already been unlocked, then no protection system will help. Remove the PIN code through the custom recovery-the case of two minutes.

Third.Party anti.War

The problem of all third.Party anti.Veins is that almost all of them are defenseless against hardware reset of settings or flashing. From the total mass, except a special version of Avast Anti-Theft for root smartphones is distinguished. In addition to a pile of functions, he has colossal survivability and not only prescribes himself in the system section under a harmless name (to withstand the reset to factory settings), but also places the script to restore himself in /etc /addon.D. Where do custom recovery automatically start scripts before/after flashing. In fact, this means that even if a person sets any other firmware through the custom recovery, then the anti.War will still remain in place.

Fingerprint recognition systems

It may seem that the protection system based on fingerprints is almost perfect in case of loss/theft of a smartphone. A thief or a found smartphone is unlikely to know you and certainly cannot have access to your fingers. However, there is another side of the coin. At the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, Tao Wei and Yulong Zhang from Fireye showed that fingerprint scanners on Android devices are vulnerable to the dumpling of the imprint itself.

In fact, this means that if someone “reveals” your lost smartphone, you can take possession of not only your data, but also with prints, but unlike passwords you will not change them anymore. The problem exists in the HTC One Max and Samsung Galaxy S5, but is absent in the iPhone. It stores the image in an encrypted form.

Sony My Xperia Theft Protection (Mxtp)

The latest models of Sony Xperia, starting with Xperia Z3, M4 Aqua, C4, Z4 Tablet, have proprietary protection My Xperia Theft Protection. It is integrated into the bootloader itself and, in case of activation, the smartphone intends to block. Even if after this flash the smartphone using PC Companion or FlashTool, when turning on, a password request from the Google account will still appear. It can be activated in security settings in the “Protection using My Xperia” section. But do not try to turn on the function after unlocking the bootloader, this will turn the smartphone into brick.

Apple’s Activation Lock, Samsung Reactivity Lock, Reset Protection in Windows Phone

  • Activation Lock is an additional option for Find My iPhone, which connects the device with the owner’s account. Innovation in iOS 7. The principle of action is simple: even after reset to the iPhone factory settings, it will not be possible to activate without Apple ID and the password of the previous owner (which are often used by robbers).
  • Reactivity Lock is a very similar function from Samsung. It is available at all the flagships of the company, starting with the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5. After its inclusion, the devices will require the password to re.Activate the device after rollback to the factory settings or even to start the very rollback (depending on the settings). Especially for Reactivity Lock, a special memory area protected from hardware reset of settings is highlighted in smartphones.
  • Reset protection. A protection system similar in functionality with described. As planned by Microsoft, she will not allow the attacker to get around the password by Hard Reset’s and/or the subsequent launch of a new custom firmware or lowering the Windows Phone version. Available from Windows Phone 8.1 gdr2 (update 2) and above. Located in “Settings. Search for phone “.
  • Qualcomm Safeswitch is Kill Switch, which works at the hardware level and activated while loading the device. According to Qualcomm, the system makes the smartphone as stable for hacking. Available from Snapdragon 810.

Phone protection from theft

Be careful in crowded rooms

Today it is well known that crowded rooms may pose a threat to the safety of your smartphone. The crowd is easier to lose attentiveness, and the result may be the disappearance of a valuable device.

The police warn you not to boast publicly with their smartphone and show it too frankly. It is difficult to put these tips in practice, because it may require a complete refusal to use the phone, so it is worth applying several other precautions.

In crowded rooms and places of large accumulation of people, try to carefully monitor the environment and control the safety of the phone. Bring the smartphone close to the body, and it is best to wear it in places that are inaccessible for unauthorized faces. For example, in the inner of the jacket or front of trousers. Avoid wearing a device in a backpack and do not leave it unattended, for example, on a table in a cafe while going to the toilet.

Remember the features of the device

Another action that you can take to ensure a quick search for a phone in case of theft, study and remember all minor damage on the smartphone case, and some can even be created specifically.

How Does Police Track Your Stolen Phone Via IMEI Number | Hindi Explain

A device that is somehow marked, it will be easier to recognize the police and the bodies looking for stolen property. Currently, most phones are so similar that they are difficult to distinguish from each other and find stolen.

To increase the recognition of your smartphone, remember the color of its body, and, in addition, you can mark it with micro.Tsarapins or initials in an inaccessible place for the eyes. A good place. The entrance of the cable of the charger or the surroundings of the jack connectors 3.5 mm.

Set up the SIM card lock

The PIN code was once used as the basis for protecting access to the SIM-card of the phone. To access the screen, it was necessary to enter a four.Digit set of numbers.

Times have changed, and the role of the “guard” of the smartphone is now performed by fingerprint readers and facial recognition algorithms. However, Android still has the function of blocking a SIM card using a PIN code.

To configure this lock, go to the main settings of the smartphone and find the tab in the menu Blocking and safety screen. Then click the SIM card lock button.

Activate the SIM card lock function with a slider and enter a four-digit code that will need to be entered when you turn on the phone.

Write down the unique IMEI number

One of the most important principles on which the safety of your smartphone depends is to preserve the unique IMEI number of your phone. This is an individual code of each phone that you can check by entering #06 #on the smartphone keyboard.

IMEI can also be checked in the phone settings by selecting the information point, and then the information about the phone information about IMEI.

Earlier. To receive the identifier. It was necessary to open the phone and remove the battery. The numbers were under it. Currently, most smartphones have non-removable batteries, so manufacturers often print the IMEI number on a sliding slot for SIM cards and Microsd.

The resulting code should always be at hand, because in case of theft, it will be very important when contacting the police and will ensure the correct identification of the phone.

Protect your fingerprint phone

Currently, most of the smartphone produced has advanced access safety functions, such as a fingerprint scanner. To unlock the smartphone screen, you need to touch the scanner on the back or front panel of the case with your finger at the scanner. The scanner recognizes the imprint of the owner’s finger and will allow the use of the phone.

In order to configure access by fingerprint, let’s move on to the main smartphone settings. Select the fingerprint tab or find it using a search tool. Click the add fingerprint button.

Now follow the instructions on the screen of the smartphone and bring your finger to the scanner. Try to also change the angle under which you click on a reader. This will save a clearer image of your fingerprints. After proper tuning the fingerprint, the phone will be unlocked at each finger press on the scanner. A potential thief will not be able to do this.

Highlight the smartphone data

Phones are valuable data carriers that may be in the hands. Smartphones often store personal photos, messages, contacts, passwords of accounts and credit card numbers. All this information, if they find themselves in the hands of a thief, can pose a serious threat and be used against you.

However, you can protect yourself from the loss of confidential data by performing automatic encryption. This process will turn text files, multimedia and passwords into lines of incomprehensible characters, and access to this information will depend on the introduction of a password or fingerprinting to the fingerprint scanner.

Message to the one who finds a smartphone

Previous tips concerned the effective protection of the smartphone from getting into the wrong hands, as well as the protection of data in the memory of the device. After applying these rules, the device will become useless in the hands of a thief or found a person. But, the question arises of how to inform the person who found the phone about the possibility of returning the equipment? The main phone settings come to the rescue again.

  • Go to the smartphone settings and select the lock screen, and then configure the lock screen.
  • In the window that opens, click the Contact Information button. And in the text field enter the text of the message.

Create a backup

Not only theft, but also the failure of the smartphone system can lead to a loss of valuable data. On the principle of which it is better to prevent than to treat, it is worth creating a backup copy of the phone and save it on the Internet account (Google, Samsung, LG-where is more convenient).


Now. What is worth thinking about and setting up for the future. For example, I was very calmer from the fact that I had the following features tuned/active:

1) Both telegram and WhatsApp support the function of an additional password when starting. Communications are an extremely important part of life and should be closed with an additional password. Not so that your wife/husband could not read your correspondence until you sleep, leaning your finger against the Rider/Poking the sleeping drunk face, and just for cases of theft. Put another password.

2) all particularly complex and confidential communications are best performed in special messengers. I myself recommend Threma. They are in Switzerland (and neutral jurisdiction is extremely important for privacy), and the implementation is paranoid, at the military level. There, the protection was made very high quality and no one will read anything even on the stolen phone, even if it was stolen unlocked.

3) banal advice, but do not need to trust electronic payments 100% by 100%. Have a small cache stag at home (the peasants do not need to have this- we all have it, and if not, then do not lie :)), at least a basic camp (as Abramovich is not necessary). It will definitely help for those 2-3 days that you can sit without a phone and a SIM card (during@RAMANTIN I had to wait 3 days).

4) I strongly advise you to have a spare smartphone at home and PAY AS You go SIM card-that is, a prepaid SIM card, which can lie idle for years and begins to spend its balance only when turned on. She definitely costs its 500r. You will save a mass of nerves. My second phone is usually always with me. But this time, according to the law of meanness, I left it at home. It’s a pity. For all important calls, including the police, could be done in the first 2 minutes.

5) have a credit / debit card at home that you do not use, which is not attached to Apple / Android Pay, and so on. Not illuminated, speaking on slang. This card is your thread of life if you stole a smartphone, and the bank blocked everything that was tied to wireless payments systems. Any bank allows you to make any cards today.

6) backups. Do not underestimate the importance of backup copies. Store a copy of the smartphone in the cloud. It costs money. As a rule, you will have to buy an expanded volume/gdrive volume. But this one is just the case when the stingy pays twice. Set up a cloud backup so that your smartphone every day, being at night on charging, sends new data to the cloud storage. This will allow you to return the phone in the case of theft as quickly as possible in the state in which you remember it. For example, I lost all chat messages per day, everything else was restored. For the copy was made automatically and every day.

7) Do not be lazy to come up with new passwords and change accounts (pairs of email/password) from time to time. It is clear that the basic reflex is to use the same password everywhere, we are not robots. But, alas, you can loosen a dashing for such an approach. For if your password is stolen and it is the same everywhere or differs with a kind of exclamation mark at the end-a thing that even children-hackers know Just imagine what a person can do with this whose task is to cause you maximum harm.

As one movie hero of the cult film “Hackers” said. “Man, there are a lot of things in the world is much worse than death and all of them are at my disposal”.

Beware of publicly available Wi-Fi networks

Undoubtedly, it is very convenient to check e.Mail and social networks waiting for metro or bus. This allows you to pass the time with benefit, and sometimes work while in a cafe or just on the street. But the entrance to the open Wi-Fi network can potentially open your device for hackers if you do not be careful.

What should not be done if you stole your phone

Earlier every time I saw reports that a person was stolen from a phone, I always wondered: why? Well, seriously why smartphones steal if:

  • It can be tracked by IMEI, and IMEI shift is clearly not free;
  • Blocks can be installed on the phone, which are also not free to remove;
  • There are applications with the Antivor mode that transmit photos, videos and audio;
  • Even the built.In Android capabilities (and, I believe, iOS) have the function of geolocation of the missing device;
  • The device may have special signs that are quite difficult to eliminate “free”;
  • Surely somewhere nearby there are cameras of video surveillance, witnesses, etc.P.;
  • When selling stolen ones, it will be difficult to help out a large amount of money.

Pay attention: all of the following reflects only my point of view and is not any instruction to action or inaction.

How to Find a Lost or Stolen Android Phone

A good lawyer would say that there was no theft, just this citizen found someone else’s property and wanted to transfer him to the police for responsible storage, but not immediately, but after returning from a business trip, referring to Article 227 of the Nakhodka Group of Companies, and he would have convinced him even better He is reconciled with me, but he does not have such a lawyer (I’m running ahead, I will say that at first it was not), but there are the following facts:

  • The phone was found in a closed private territory.
  • The entire territory is literally hung with video surveillance cameras, and they really write down (in good quality, by the way).
  • Owner (t.E. I) Within 20 minutes I called the phone and turned on the search mode for the phone (he started to call and write on the screen that the phone is lost and the number for communication).
  • I caught up with the defendant when he left our territory and told him all of the above showed geolocation on a laptop.
  • He interfered with the activities of police officers, exerted psychological pressure on me, and then completely threw the found phone “frightened by responsibility”.

This time the situation was different and the phone was not returned to me either immediately or later. After 10 minutes of the search, the wife suggested that he was stolen, after 20 minutes many already thought so, and after 30 minutes the mark on the map began a confident movement, and she began from the place where we had wagons in the yard on loading. Have we seen a mark there? Yes, they saw, but the guys often go to us (forwarder, not a driver), they take the goods for several million, where they are this phone for several thousand? This is the number one error. It was necessary to approach them and everyone should ask, we suggested that the phone is in stock and the geomete is erroneous due to wall shielding.

Realizing that the phone “made my legs”, I made an error number two, having gone one, error number three without calling the police and not reporting the theft and error number four, without taking a spare phone for calls to the same police. Arriving at the place and accurately convinced that the label on the map corresponds to the machine of the alleged kidnapper, I made an error number five, going up to him and asking him if he had a telephone, and after the bickering made an error number six and showed him a laptop with a geomete (he needed whether to say that then the phone suddenly turned out to be turned off).

It’s not very interesting, I went to the office, took my wife’s phone, went back, called the police, blocked the exit from a large shopping center before the police arrived, went to write explanations, went to the police many times, etc.P.

And what mistakes I made more? For example, I did not take a quit that I had accepted a statement. I handed over photos and video materials on a flash drive (the fact that they lost it and will not find it personally not good for me anymore, but if they had lost the disk really anyway), I incorrectly appreciated the damage (when the police ask “how much do you evaluate the damage »They are not interested in how much you can buy the same phone on Avito, they are interested in how much do you evaluate this damage). Gave the originals of documents to the phone and many more small errors.

The last mistake (hereinafter I learned not to make them) was that I did not ask the interrogator to choose a preventive measure. Ideally, house arrest would be, but there would also be enough subscriptions about the wonness (I want to note right away that I couldn’t say it would be affected or not, but perhaps it would be easier). The fact is that I live in the same city, and the accused of another, 100 km from me, and he also works as a driver on intercity transportation and, accordingly, has a traveling nature of the work. Well, so, time goes on and in the middle of the May they call me from the court and ask if it is convenient for you to come to the court for so many hours to the court. Of course,- I say,- conveniently, I will come. Great, ”the secretary tells me,“ I’ll send you SMS now so that they don’t forget. Days go, I come to the court to the appointed time and now we are already sitting a five of them: judge, secretary, representative of the prosecution and the lawyer of the defendant. But the defendant himself is not, he did not come. They called him, to which he said that he was 2500 km from us, on a business trip and would not come to court. We sighed and scheduled us the next meeting a few days later so that he could return. And he did not come again: forgot. Then the judge began to swear that a person did not come, and she could not do anything, he is not under subscription. Hope remained that after 2 weeks he would not appear again, then the bailiffs would be found and placed in jail, from where they would take it to meetings. But everything turned out easier: he came. I came, met me on the street and declares: let’s sign the world?

make, stolen, phone, find

Here I will make a lyrical digression: I bought the phone for 7500 on credit (installments), glass for 600 and a case for 400, which means about 9,000 (maybe less, but not the point). I also bought a cover, glass to the new phone, all this is less than 1000, and I also went to the police many times (I spent gasoline, and the flash drive is not 10). Minus my time, which I did not evaluate so as not to impudent (of course, 5-10 thousand could be thrown “for moral suffering”, but a person is frankly dull and hardly understood the calculation, and the court would not appreciate) I appreciated the damage at 12,000, he returned to me 5000, and the examination said that the phone costs 4700, t.E. Formally, I should have been to him.

Well, so, he asks, it means to sign a settlement before the court, and I stand, clap his eyes and tell him: you do my brains for two months, you can’t give 7,000 to transfer to the map, on the basis of which I will sign something? And he makes the cat’s eyes from Shrek and says: within a week I will give everything. But his misfortune was that I made the last mistake three paragraphs above, so he said dryly: in the morning the money, in the evening chairs, and for you I will also transfer: we will go to the courtroom before we go to the courtroom. And left.