How to make a stretch screen in CS: GO

How to make a 4:3 screen without black bars?

Many of you have noticed that most of the “old school” players use a 4 by 3 resolution in CS:GO. How it’s better than that? Actually it’s nothing, it’s just that many people are used to it since the days of “square” monitors, which had such an aspect ratio. The wide format came to us much later.

This year it is 100% sure that your monitor is widescreen. But here you are trying to set the aspect ratio in the game settings to 4:3, and on the sides of the screen appear ugly black stripes, which do not have pro players. How to stretch the screen 4 to 3 in CS:GO? To do this, we need to get into the settings of your graphics card, namely in the Nvidia Control Panel.

Go to the “Adjusting the size and position of the desktop” menu item. In the tab “Scaling” we see a few options to fit the picture to the size of the screen. Here we need to check the box “Full screen” and voila. black bars disappeared, and we made stretch screen 4 3 in CS:GO.

How to stretch CS:GO 4 to 3 without black bars and full screen


Many professional players at a resolution of 4 by 3, so it is easier to hit the enemy, all stretched across the screen 16:9 and becomes wider. So put a headshot is easier, and the body of the opponent is also getting wider. But sometimes setting CS:GO to 4 by 3, the game is not always stretched and there are boxes on the sides. Below are ways to solve this problem and stretch CS:GO without black bars over the entire screen.

The first thing you set up CS:GO, in the game set the format 4:3 and the screen resolution you need.

To solve this problem, you need to go into the video card settings, because the frames appear because of the video card settings. Here is how you can stretch CS:GO 4 by 3 for Intel, AMD and NVidia cards.

How to unstitch your CS:GO screen

You’ve seen some pro gamers’ streams and their screens are stretched? You set the resolution on your widescreen monitor to 1024×768, but the sides of the frame?

This article is for you! Here you can find the solution to this problem. For Nvidia only.

  • Running the Nvidia Control Panel:
  • Select the tab Adjusting the size and position of the desktop and set the values as in the screenshot:
  • That’s all!

For everything to turn out correctly and 4:3 turned into a real rectangle, without any frames, the first thing to do is to set the right settings for the game.

All changes are saved and the base is ready. We can close CS: GO and go to Steam.

  • Start up Steam.
  • Go to the Library.
  • Look for cs go in the list and select it by pressing pkm.
  • “Properties”.
  • “Startup Options.”.
  • In the window that appears, enter.window and.noborder (2 commands).
  • Start the game.

There are no more frames, but this is not the end of it.

Using Intel, we can make changes that we need. To start a graphical effect, right-click on the main screen and select the desired item. When it opens, you need to find the tab called “Display”. Set the same resolution as in the game. As you remember, we chose 1024×768, and in the scaling section do not forget to check the full screen. All manipulations done, save and close all unnecessary windows.

The square is now stretched and we get our rectangle. Sometimes it doesn’t work, on 10 Windows for example. But you can separately prescribe settings for your video card.

How to stretch the screen in CS: GO

Many players in CS put different aspect ratio, non-standard extensions to improve their game. For many, playing with black bars is more comfortable, because once all monitors were with an aspect ratio of 4:3 and the habit remains. Some like to stretch the same 4 to 3, it was a great idea, because the ratio remains, and the picture is displayed full screen.

make, stretch, screen

In the era of widescreen monitors, everything becomes just a preference of players. And to try this or that resolution can be a couple of clicks in the settings of our video card. How to stretch the screen in CS: GO and other nuances we will consider in this article.

Laptops and Intel: In case you have an Intel video card, which usually means that you have a laptop, the procedure is as follows: Right-click on the empty area of the desktop. Select the item HD graphics Intel go to Graphic Features select the item Display in the field of Resolution select the value less than the maximum in the Scaling select the maintain aspect ratio and click Apply Now select the usual resolution back to us and again click Apply

Computers: NVidia Go to the NVidia Control Panel Adjust Desktop Size and Position Set the Whole Screen setting and apply the changes

ATI Radeon Right click on the Desktop and choose Personalization. Screen. Adjust screen resolution. and change the resolution to any resolution lower than ours. Apply changes. Go to ATI Catalyst Control Center. Graphics. Desktop Displays. Right-click on the display in the lower left corner and select Settings. Select Full screen and apply the changes. Return the desired resolution to the screen settings.

It is possible to stretch the screen without entering the game. In Steam, in the “Library” section, click on the CS:GO icon, choose “Properties” and in the window that will open click on “Set Startup Settings. This will open another window where you can set the parameters. To do this you need to type the command “-w 800.h 600”, where 800 and 600 are the screen parameters.

Sometimes, when the player picks up the settings, it happens that the image is too distorted, and it is not possible to return everything back. To fix the problem, go to the folder with the game and find its configuration (usually it can be found at \Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg).

In the opened folder you should find the file called “video.txt” and open it with notepad. Parameters “setting.defaultres” and “setting.defaultheight” are responsible for the extension. These are the values you need to change to change the extension.

How to Get STRETCHED Resolution | CSGO 2022 (NO BLACKBARS)

How to expand the screen (I use a monitor)

In case you are using the monitor, the easiest way is to use it:

  • Go into the settings of the monitor itself (the “Menu” button on the monitor);
  • Open tab (or section) “Display”;
  • Select the display format (4×3). Some monitors don’t use a format, but a stretch. Simply expand the image by width;

Many monitors will remember such a composition and will automatically switch the format in the game. But be sure to do it with the game on.

Full guide on how to set the resolution in CS: GO

Setting the resolution of the game depends on a lot. I suggest you join me in reviewing the resolution and aspect ratio settings for playing Counter Strike Global Offensive. From the right settings of these two parameters depends on the overall smoothness and performance of the image in the game. What greatly affects your level of play. How you configure the resolution will depend on whether you will drag in the rinks or not.

Resolution of the screen in CS: GO

To begin, I suggest you go deeper into learning how to set the resolution of the screen. Some kind of ideal resolution does not exist, but you can always adjust it based on personal needs and preferences. Keep in mind and the point in choosing a resolution that each resolution will have an advantage and disadvantage.

Looking at the resolution settings of the players from the professional scene, there is a very interesting fact. Namely many professional players use HD resolution. This is the resolution that allows you to get a good picture, excellent performance and does not chalk objects in the game.

  • The pro scene players agree that each player should adjust the resolution to his own. For example, if you set the minimum resolution in the game equal to 800600 or lower, you will automatically get a soapy picture with which to play is not very comfortable and productive. Although it is a resolution that allows you to get the most productive images from which FPS flies just to space. But, however, if you are the owner of a weak PC or even a laptop, then the resolution will be an excellent solution for you in the game, which if not allow you to drag, then at least hold at some level of the game.
  • When you select Full HD resolution you get a very beautiful picture with sharp sharpening and a huge amount of detail. It seems to be all cool, but! If you play with this resolution, then first you need a very powerful video card, and secondly, many of the details will be greatly reduced, respectively, to play is not very comfortable.

From the above it should be concluded that you need to choose a HD picture with a range of 1024×768 1280×960. This resolution would be ideal for you solution which has just a lot of advantages. The advantages of this resolution: Setting this resolution allows you to maintain a very good level of FPS The picture will be of medium quality. It will allow you to comfortably play even on large monitors and televisions.

Aspect Ratio screen in CS: GO

Figuring out and configured the resolution of the game should solve the issue with the setting of aspect ratio. In this matter, most players agree that you should choose a resolution of 4×3.

  • With such a ratio of sides models of players are wider on the screen, and as a consequence of the hit on the enemy in this situation is much easier. No need to squint or move your body to the screen. With such a ratio shooting at the enemy has become much easier and easier, and the same head from a distance is a pleasure!
  • Setting the 4×3 ratio allows you to minimize the overall view in the game, which will reduce the total number of distractions to a minimum. You will no longer be distracted by unnecessary elements of the game that climb to the edge of your eye.
  • When you set the 4×3 ratio, the armor and health scales move to the center, so you don’t have to stop and check your health. Perhaps this will allow you to get a millisecond advantage over your opponent in the game.

Configuring graphics in CS: GO

Having considered the issues of resolution and aspect ratio in the game, I suggest you move on to a general configuration of graphics. Here any good player in CS: GO will tell you that to adjust the graphics need primarily to maximize fps, and later on to improve the overall picture.

make, stretch, screen

Once you understand approximately how you need to configure the graphics in the game, most likely there are some additional questions, the answers to which I propose to break down in the FAQ section.

How to stretch the image CS: GO in the laptop ?

If you are running the game from your laptop, you are probably looking for ways to stretch the image. To perform this operation you need to use the HD graphics panel of Intel. That is, you start your laptop, then right-click in the blank space on the desktop, then after clicking you select the graphical characteristics. After opening this section, go to the Display tab. In this tab you set the necessary settings and save them.

How to stretch the CS: GO image on your computer ?

Laptops are dealt with. Before stretching the image you need to know the brand of your graphics card. Because each video card is set up differently, according to its company.

First way. For owners of Nvidia video cards. Happy owners of graphics cards from nvidia, to stretch the image to go to the control panel videocard where the tab “size and position adjustment” you need to select the option to scale the image full screen. After done setting you need to save it.

Second way. For owners of Nvidia cards. The lucky owners of video cards from the company Ati Radeon need to do the operation, similar to that used by the owners of laptops. To do this, go to the control center of your video card, then select the option to set the display to full screen and apply this setting in the panel itself.