How to make a stretched screen in CS GO

Why do many gamers use a stretched screen format?

The answer to this question is as simple as possible. It is easier to play. Having such a format, players are much easier to do ordinary actions in the game. For example: to suggest, it is also much easier to “sprinkle”, because the models because of stretching become much wider and it is easier to get on them. Getting used to after 16: 9 will not be difficult, but the discomfort will be noticeable. Also due to reduction of resolution, the FPS is slightly increased.

The most important parameter of the monitor for CS: GO is the frequency of update. The usual frequency is 60Hz, this is enough to comfortably play CS: GO. But for a better feeling of the game, monitors from 144 Hz are recommended. If you have a monitor from the side of the sides 4: 3, then you cannot stretch the image physically. Most players have large.Format monitors, as this is a long.Accepted standard for a long time.

CS:GO play on stretched 4:3 on a laptop (intel new update 2021) Tutorial

How to stretch the screen in CS: GO: Go 4 to 3 on a laptop

Laptops are famous for their resistance to change in image parameters. They have a predefined resolution and without additional manipulations it will not change.

To change the resolution to the custom, on laptops with the NVIDIA video chip, you need to open the NVIDIA control panel and go to the menu “Size and position of the desktop” menu. In this menu, you need to install the setting of the scaling mode on “in full screen” and the “scaling” parameter on “GP”.

If your AMD chip, then you also need to go to Adrenaline, go to the “Games” section and choose CS: GO from the list there. In the profile parameters, you need to set the settings “Scaling the display” on the “full panel”. As in the case of NVIDIA cards, you need to enable scaling using GP.

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How to stretch CS: GO on the NVIDIA video card

  • Click the right mouse button on the desktop;
  • Select “NVIDIA control panel”;
  • Find the “adjustment of the size and position of the desktop”;
  • Put the parameter “for the entire screen”;
  • Save the settings.
make, stretched, screen
  • Similarly, click on the right mouse button on the desktop;
  • Select “Properties of graphics” from AMD;
  • Click on the “parameters”;
  • Find the parameter “display”;
  • Turn on “scaling GP”.
  • And also select the scaling mode “Full panel”.

We go to CS: GO and check if the game stretches. If there are any questions, we recommend watching the video how to remove black stripes in CS: GO.

make, stretched, screen

For nvidia and AMD

Depending on your vidyuha, you can put the required stretching for the game, both for one and for all at once. Here you also need to set the basic settings, as we did in the game itself, the parameters are the same.

make, stretched, screen

I do not want to ruin the picture, stretching for you is not an option, then we will only change the format and expansion.

The picture will remain the same, and the angle of view is wider. This will not affect the game, but 4: 3 will simplify the process, while you will not violate the rules.

Which resolution is better

As such, ideal resolution or any other configuration does not exist. But you can always see what e.Sportsmen use, because they are always sharpened for the result

But professional players share their choice:

If you take dry statistics, then most professional players use 4: 3 Stretched (stretched). The players’ models become slightly wider, which gives an advantage, but the horizontal sensation will also be faster. Why this happens is quite simple, you conduct the same distance with the mouse along the smaller game field, that is, you need to conduct less horizontally than vertically, as a result, this effect occurs.

CSGO 4:3 Resolution Tutorial [Stretched & Black Bars]

This effect can be fixed using the console command m_YAW 0.0165. I strongly do not recommend changing horizontal speeds. You can return to default value with this command m_yaw 0.022.

Details about changing the speed of the axis in this

If for someone this is a minus, then for others, it is a plus! For example for a sniper, where various flows are part of the gameplay. Leaving this, we can say that everything is perfect for 4: 3 Stretched, but this is not the case.

What to understand by the viewing area is his player’s vision field. For example, in Full HD it is large, it is simple to notice a passing player, but there are also plenty of details for which you can also be distracted. Based on this, you can only look for a compromise that will suit you personally.

Here is a photo of a visual example of how many playing space is visible on a particular resolution:

As we wrote above, the main plus 4 to 3 “fat” model model (their shape is wider than in a wide format). To see the difference, it’s enough to look at the number of pixels that the characters on the game field occupy. The most flat without surprises on Full HD, only 147 pixels, and the widest were models in the ratio of sides 5: 4, as many as 206 pixels. The difference is very huge for me. It remains only to test whether you will have time to put your heads, because the rivals will move much faster on your monitor.

Change the screen size through the CS: GO console

The console can be caused in the game if such an opportunity in the settings is activated. Select the game tab, find and turn on the console. Now to start it, select the Tilda symbol (~) on the keyboard.

If CS: GO does not start on the full screen, indicate the parameters through the console: MAT_SETVIDEOMODE 1920 1080 0. In this sequence, the number of pixels horizontally and verticals are recorded. The digit zero at the end of the command is to install a full.Screen mode. The parameters are written in the same form with spaces as in the example. The player can indicate his parameters. Unit instead of zero will launch the game in window mode.

Settings through the console are used only for the current session. When you visit CS: GO next time, the default settings will be used. Therefore, it is preferable to write down the parameters in the configuration file of the game so that they are preserved for each new launch. You can change the command and save it through the console. To do this, use the following parameters: Alias ​​Fullscreen “Mat_Setvideomode 1920 1980 0”.

Through the launch parameters of Steam

CS: Go is available on the full screen through the launch parameters in the Steam client. This will save the full.Screen mode during subsequent launches.

The parameter window takes other values ​​to change the game launch. For example, the player can turn off the viewing of the developer’s video “- Novid”.

How to make a stretched screen in CS: GO?

The settings of the game itself allow you to make a wide screen in CS: GO. But he simply adds an angle of view, although he removes black stripes on the sides. For many, this is not the best option. Therefore, you can use another method. Image stretching.

  • It is easier to aim-the enemy visually becomes wider due to deformation of the image;
  • The mouse begins to move faster to the side, while maintaining vertical speed;
  • Aesthetic pleasure. Black stripes do not distract, the entire area of ​​the screen is involved.

If this is what you need. Then we will begin to analyze how to make the screen in CS: GO 3 on 4 stretched?

make, stretched, screen

How to remove black stripes in CS: GO. Video card setting

If you use Intel in the game module

  • Book with the right button on the desktop and select the item “Graphic Characteristics”;
  • After that, select the “display” tab. Setting up our video parameters;
  • We set the same resolution as in the game itself (if you put 800×600), then accordingly we set the same;
  • And of course, in the “Scaling” section, we must “” on a full screen “;
  • We save all this business and go into the game.

Do all these points without the above launch parameters. Here we simply roughly indicate to our screen the value of the points with which it will work. Accordingly, the game will not display the side black stripes, since the number of pixels in width and height will coincide with the screen setting in the operating system!

Remove black stripes (NVIDIA settings)

If you cannot get to the monitor settings, and there are black stripes, then you must have the following changes on the video card of the NVIDIA family:

Disabling unnecessary effects and translating the settings of graphics to the average level, you get a solid increase in personnel, which will allow you to get a remarkable advantage over your opponents in the game. Do not disconnect the shaders and shadows in the game. It is better to leave these parameters, since the teals of shadows sometimes help to notice the enemy when you physically do not see him in the game.

Having understood approximately how to set up graphics in the game, most likely it has matured a number of additional questions, the answers to which I propose to disassemble in the FAQ block.

How to stretch the image CS: GO in a laptop ?

If you run the game from the laptop, then you are probably looking for ways to stretch the image. To carry out this operation, you need to use the HD panel of the intelligence graphics. That is, you launch your laptop, after which you click in the empty place of the desktop with the right button, then after click you select the graphic characteristics item. After the opening of this section, go to the display tab. In this tab you set the settings you need and save them.

How to stretch the image CS: GO in the computer ?

We figured out laptops. Before stretching the image, you need to find out the brand of your video card. Because each video card is configured in its own way, according to its company.

The first way. For owners of video cards from NVIDIA. The happy owners of video cards from Nvidia, to stretch the image, you need to go to the video card control panel where the “Size and position adjustment” recovery is necessary to choose the option with scaling images for the entire screen. After the setup done, it is necessary to save it.

The second method. For owners of video cards from NVIDIA. The happy owners of video cards from ATI Radeon need to undergo an operation similar to the one used by laptop owners. To do this, go to the center for managing your video card, then select the option with setting a full screen display and use this setting in the panel itself.

Failed to Initialize nvidia with error how to fix it ?

Failed to Initialize nvapi with Error 0xffffff a very common player problem. If you first encounter this problem, then most likely you managed to make a rustle. But do not worry! Eliminating this error Falling business, for this, do the following: go to “Steam \ Steamapps \ Common \ Counter-Strike Global Offensive” while in the folder along this path you need to find D3D9 files.FX and DXGI.DLL. Now delete these files and restart the game.