How to make a video with music on iPhone

iPhone XR: 10 pro tips on how to shoot video for social networks

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Don’t shoot video in stories

If your goal is Instagram stories, shoot the video on the built-in camera app rather than through Instagram, since the social network disables the stabilizer in the camera and lowers the frame rate.

Find your iPhone XR’s camera settings and change the video recording setting from 30 fps to 60 fps. The video will be much smoother and higher quality.

Many people before making a video in stories, first turn on the track and start recording in parallel, you should not do so. Take 30 minutes to learn iMovie or Filmmaker Pro and add your own audio. That way you can choose the right moment for the track, and the video will have a better atmosphere and quality.

Vertical or horizontal?

Always shoot videos for stories vertically. Don’t be like those who post videos horizontally in stories and spoil the whole view with the frames at the top and bottom. A vertical picture will be much more effective.

iPhone XR camera has excellent color rendering, but if you want to add an unusual mood to your video, use ready-made filters. You can find them in VSCO cam app for iOS. Filters set the mood of your video and can give you a very cool picture or visually support the storyline.

Focus is the clarity of the main object in the frame.

Always use Focus and exposure, which is very easy with the iPhone XR camera. To specify the focus point, tap the object on the screen to be in focus. If you want Focus to be locked on one subject and not to change it automatically during shooting, hold your finger down on the focus point for a while.

Exposure determines how dark or bright the image will be.

To manually adjust the exposure, swipe up or down when you are shooting.

It doesn’t matter if you are a traveler, or if you are shooting your own personal vlog, or if you want to videotape your girlfriend for uploading to Stories. Always try to shoot people as straight as possible or from above.

Rule of alternating close-ups

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Many beginners face a problem with editing: you make a lot of pictures, but they can’t stick them together. This is something you can figure out quite easily if you remember the rule of alternating close-ups. According to this rule, you can’t mount two close-up shots together. With the exception of details and long shots, they mount well with close-ups and general scenes, respectively.

How to Edit Video on iPhone (COMPLETE Beginner’s Guide!)

Experiment with timelapse, hyperlapse and slow-mo

A timelapse feature that takes photos at intervals and then stitches them together into an accelerated video.

Hyperlapse is the same function as timelapse but with camera movement. Slow-mo feature, which you can use to slow down your video.

In addition to the flagship camera, the iPhone XR has:

Liquid Retina HD Display. Splash, water and dust resistant (can be submerged up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes). Autonomy up to 1.5 hours. It’s longer than other iPhones. A wide range of colors: (Product) Red, yellow, white, coral, black and blue.

It’s always fun to watch videos from your Android or iPhone with music of your choice in the background.

But sometimes you may want to play the music of your choice while filming the beautiful places you’ve visited, or any major celebrations you’ve attended.

In this case, you would like to know that there is a way to help you record the video along with the music you have chosen as your background.

Let’s discuss these ways or methods here, as well as apps that can help you do the same on your Android or iPhone.

How to record video while playing music on your Android and iPhone

It’s always fun to record video from your Android device or iPhone with your favorite music playing in the background. But sometimes you might want to play music from Spotify, SoundCloud or YouTube, capturing the beautiful places you’ve visited or any important celebrations you’ve attended.

By default on iOS and Android, when you try to record a video with music playing in the background, the system automatically stops playing music.

Would you like to know what we have created Together. Record video while playing music (For Android) E Together: create video and music (For iPhone) an app that helps you record video with music playing in the background.

In this post, iStaunch will also show you alternative ways to play music while recording video on Android and iPhone.

Extract Audio on Mac

On Mac, this is very easy to do with QuickTime Player.

1) Open your video in QuickTime Player.

2) Select File from the menu bar.

3) Choose Export, and then choose Audio Only.

4) Name your file, select its location and tap Save.

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How to record video on iPhone with background music?

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In order to record with the song on your iPhone, you need to follow these steps:

  • You need to turn on the player in any music program installed on your phone.
  • Then you need to open the Camera program on your iPhone.
  • Next you need to go into the Photo section.
  • You will see a picture of the upcoming photo, click on the start button.
  • Then swipe to the right.
  • Now you can shoot, and it will record video with the composition turned on. There are 3 easy ways to do this
  • To stop recording, you need to tap on the button again.

This option works only on devices with iOS 14 and later. This means that on phones released before the iPhone XR, you will not be able to perform this method of recording video with music in the background.

The Apple Camera app is nice enough to work with, but it’s not designed to record the highest quality video. So it is better to use third-party solutions for premium video recording. For example, Filmic Pro (available in the App Store). One of the most valuable features of Filmic Pro is the ability to select a high video bitrate. In FP, you can select a value of 50.0 Mbps. This is much better than the default 24 Mbps of iOS Camera. You can get a higher bitrate simply by not using the standard application. In addition, Filmic Pro lets you record video at different frame rates, control focus, exposure, and other settings that directly affect video quality.

Despite the fact that with each new generation the camera in the iPhone is getting better and better, it is difficult to take pictures in low light. However, on other smartphones cameras have the same problem. If you are not shooting outdoors in sunlight, do your best to record with additional lighting fixtures. This will avoid video graining (noise), and is generally good for video quality. Where to start if the budget for purchasing additional equipment is small? Firstly it is better not to use household lights. Floor lamp with fluorescent lamp from the living room and an old incandescent lamp in the chandelier will give different color shades. For example, tungsten lamps will give your subject an orange tint, fluorescent lamps will make the color greenish. And “to the eye” it may not be noticeable. A good option for newcomers is the continuous fluorescent complexes. These sets, as a rule, are cheap, practically do not heat up, give a sufficient amount of light. Often light kits come complete with a softbox, a device for properly diffusing light.

Slide show on iPhone

Create and save a free iPhone slideshow with photos and music, you can do it right now. On this site. Choose a cool design and upload your photos, videos, music. Very quickly we can make you a great video, which would not be ashamed to give your loved one.

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Anyone with an iPhone can turn all the photos you take with it into video footage. It’s not only convenient, but also effective option for the presentation of photos after a trip or event. There are many solutions for creating a slide show on the iPhone from photos with music. In addition to the built-in “Foto” in Google (for Android) and Apple (for iOS) stores are available utilities with different functionality.

Functionality of the built-in “Foto” app

This app is available starting with iOS 10. Photo slideshow on iPhone is done automatically, no user participation required. You can choose the tune, the duration of the clip, the speed of the photo swipe. Google extension differs little in terms of functionality.

Convert audio files online, and create ringtones for iPhone with Switchr

Click on the “Convert” icon. To select a pre-recorded video or make a new one. Since there are many good video camera apps for iOS, I would suggest choosing the “Gallery” option. Select the video and tap the “Convert” button on the next screen to start the extraction process.

You can then name the audio file and listen to it in the “Converted” tab.

The app also supports the YouTube audio feature, which is available under the “For You” tab. For 3, 99 you can delete all ads and unlock topics. Not necessarily, but they look cool.

Top 5 simple and effective apps for creating videos from photos on iPhone

If you own an iPhone you can turn photos stored on your device into videos. You should use special apps for this. There are many applications for the iPhone that allow you to do this.

The most popular apps for creating videos from photos are:

Quik utility is free, recommended by Apple. Has many tools to create slideshows and video clips from photos.

It has a simple interface that allows you to use Quik to create video clips from photos without spending a lot of time on it.

The app supports 27 styles with different themes and transitions that you can use when creating videos. Videos created with the application from photos can be automatically published on social networks.