How to make an avatar on your phone

How to make an avatar on the phone

A user’s avatar perfectly characterizes the person himself and allows other people to understand who they are communicating with. On YouTube, as on most sites these days, users can identify themselves through a nickname and avatar. If you no longer like your image on the site, the best option is to replace it. We will consider how to implement it with smartphones on different operating systems.

In spite of the fact that YouTube today is not a social network, many people use video hosting to get acquainted with interesting personalities. In addition, if you are blogging or putting up some training videos, a properly chosen avatar is an extremely important component of the channel.


If you no longer like your previously installed profile picture, or if you just want to change the default image, follow these steps.

Keep in mind, that YouTube uses your Google account for identification. If you change your avatar on YouTube, your avatar will automatically change to your Google profile. If you actively use other branded services of the company like Gmail you need to keep this fact in mind.

    Open the application and authorize with your username. Find your avatar at the top right and press on it.

make, avatar, your, phone

When you complete these steps, your avatar will automatically change on your Google profile and YouTube profile.


You can also use the YouTube app for iOS to change your avatar from your phone. To do this, we recommend downloading the desired image to your phone in advance or you can take a photo with the camera.

    Open the app on your smartphone and log in.

It may take a few minutes for your profile picture to change.

Choose round or square photos for your avatar. This allows you not to edit or severely trim the image.

At any time you can re-create a new beautiful avatar for yourself and upload it to this video hosting. We have tried to cover the topic as much as possible and free you from having to deal with the settings yourself.

We are glad that we could help you with the problem.

make, avatar, your, phone

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Hi, in this guide we are going to explain how to make an avatar for YouTube. The image known as the YouTube avatar, also referred to as the channel icon, is uploaded first. The icon defines the identity of the author.

Avatar is a small image that appears next to the channel name and number of subscribers.

On YouTube, as on. the icons are round.

How to change the channel avatar

Let’s look at how you can put a branded avatar in YouTube, from mobile gadgets or from your home PC. In advance, move the future profile pictures to a convenient location on your device.

Method for your phone

For devices with the Android or iOS operating systems, the procedure is the same, i.e.к. YouTube utility interface is identical for all gadgets.

How to replace an image on your computer

  • Click on the (still old) picture of your YouTube profile.
  • From the drop-down menu select “My Channel”.
  • From the page that opens, go to the “Customize View” section.
  • To continue, you will be asked to go to the Google page or open the “Brand Account” (depending on which profile you want to change the icon). As confirmation, click “Change” in the window with the request.
  • Now using your computer explorer, find the image that will become the new avatar. We highlight it with a single click and select “Open”.

How to change the avatar in WhatsApp on your phone. all working ways

WhatsApp remains a popular messenger, communication in it is regular. If numbers are not signed, interlocutors are recognized by profile photo. Without an avatar, the contact is assigned a gray, impersonal picture by default. It interferes with communication, you can’t see who’s on the other side of the screen. So let’s understand in detail how you can change your avatar in WhatsApp and put a picture on your phone.

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How to put a photo on your avatar without losing the likes?

In the right bottom corner find the “Update” button (it is invisible until you hover your cursor over it). Now click on the “Browse” button. Choose the photo you want to change the current image to. After that, the picture will change, but the date of publication, Комментарии и мнения владельцев and likes will remain unchanged!

To change the avatar (photo) that appears in your profile, go to your “personal profile” by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen. On the page that opens, hover your mouse over your current profile picture and click on the “Change avatar” link that appears.

How to open Epic Games in the game?

Right click on the Epic Games launcher shortcut, then click Run as administrator. In the Epic Games launcher, click Library. Launch the game you want to play.

Epic Games will launch with administrative privileges. You do not need to do anything from the launched application. Collapse it and move the cursor to the collapsed application in the taskbar. Right-click the Epic Launcher icon and click “Exit” to close it.

How to open Epic Games in-game?

Right click on the Epic Games launcher shortcut, and then click Run as administrator. In the Epic Games launcher, click Library. Start the game you want to play.

Epic Games will run with administrative privileges. You don’t have to do anything from the application that’s running. Collapse it and move the cursor to the collapsed application in the taskbar. Right-click the Epic Launcher icon and click “Exit” to close it.

Where you can download ready-made?

If you’re too lazy to bother, the easiest way is to find ready-made avatars in Google or Yandex search engines.

In Yandex at your disposal a great many drawn and cartoon, fictional characters. These avatas are good for kids, teens, and gamer channels.

In Google, you already have to spend time searching and selecting, because the search pops up a bunch of stuff, from animated characters to names, captions, and lots of ads. You can see for yourself at this link