How to make an iphone backup through a computer

How to make an iPhone backup in iTunes and icloud

Did you have a situation in your life when, after loss of the phone, you were tormented for a long time, trying to restore the phone numbers of your friends and acquaintances? Yes ah there was a time when this procedure took a lot of time and effort.

Personally, I additionally kept a paper notebook where I added new contacts. It was my personally-in-law “Backup Storage”. But that was in the past And today I will tell you how to make an iPhone backup and what it is.

Since then Apple gave users the ICLOUD service, the creation of the IPhone nasheral copy has become unbearably simple. Now the data reservation from your phone is automatically and practically without your participation (you need to configure everything once, of course).

All important information from your iPhone can be stored both on a computer and in a cloud, and you can restore it with one click. Today we will consider the two most common ways to create an iPhone backup copy.

Why make an iPhone

Iphone. Valuable property, and even lowering the fact how much it costs, for the owner he is a repository of memories, whether it be photos from events that will never be repeated, or valuable documents. Therefore, it is important to make sure that all these data are reliably protected from loss, theft or accidental damage.

In addition, Apple releases updates for iOS several times a year, and we strongly recommend that you make backup copies before updating in case something goes wrong. Well, if you purchase a new phone model, a backup copy is the best way to transfer data from an old device to a freshly cooled.

There are many ways to create a backup for the iPhone, both on the local PC or Mac, and online. Using various cloud services, from official iTunes and icloud to numerous third.Party.

In order to feel our data truly protected, we recommend using at least two available ways. If the worst happens, and the backup is damaged, then you will have a spare.

For one iPhone, it is better to have two backups

Creating a backup iPhone, iPad or iPod

It is not difficult to create a backup, and you can do this not only through the iTunes program, but also on the Apple Affairs itself, and the data can be saved both on the computer and in the ICLUD cloud storage.


Before you start creating a backup, start the iTunes program and connect your device to the computer using a complete USB cable.

    As soon as iTunes determines the connected device (in our example it is iPhone), click on its icon in the upper left corner.

The meaning of each of them does not need to explain. To ensure additional safety, we also recommend putting a check from opposite the “Add Local Copy” item. Having decided on the choice, click on the “Create a copy of now” button on the right ”.

Note: Backap, stored in iCloud, can be restored without iTunes, directly from the mobile device (via Wi-Fi). If you save the data on the computer, then for recovery you will need to use it and the program.

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If necessary, invent and twice enter a password to protect data.

Immediately after this, the creation of a backup will begin, behind which you can observe the program window in the upper region (filling out scale).

Ios girl

The possibility of using a computer and iTunes to create a backup is far from always and not all. Apple took care of this and implemented in iOS the ability to save data from the device in iCloud.

IMPORTANT: To form a backup, in this way you need access to the Internet, so if you have limited traffic, we recommend connecting to Wi-Fi. It will also require a sufficient amount of free space in iCloud.

How to create a backup iPhone in iSloud?

To form a backup in iCloud does not require a cable and PC at hand-just connect to Wi-Fi. The copy is done like this:

In the “Settings” find the “iCloud” section and go into it.

Stick down and go to the “Storage and Copies” subsection.

Make sure that in the “cloud” there is enough place for a backup. In the “storage place” block, there is a “accessible” item, which indicates how much free memory is left.

In our example, 4.5 GB of 5 GB are free.

Find out how much one of your backups weighs approximately. To do this, you need to go into the subsection of the “storage” in the block “Place of storage”.

It can be seen that the weight of one copy is 485 MB; About 2 MB in ICLUD spent on messengers and wallets data. By simple calculations, we determine that there is enough space in the storage for another 9 backup copies. We can also open the finished backup and analyze what type the data occupies the most memory.

In our copy 482 out of 485 MB are taken by photographs. You should carefully “sort” the album and leave only the most important pictures. Then it will be possible to significantly reduce the weight of one copy. You can generally exclude photos from a backup copy. For this you need to switch the slider opposite the “photophone” in an inactive position.

If the places in the “cloud” are enough, in the “Reserve Copy” block, activate the toggle switch opposite “Copying in iCloud”.

make, iphone, backup, computer

A confirmation window will appear. Click OK; So you will confirm that you want to start copying in iCloud.

Click “Create a copy” and wait for the completion of the process. Jealous: Backap is ready and saved in the “cloud”!

The “Create Copy” field will be inactive if the iPhone is not connected to a wireless network.

If there is a free space in ICLOUD, you can buy it here, in the “Storage and Copies” subsection through the “Buy more place” button.

make, iphone, backup, computer

Are very democratic: 50 GB will be available in just 59 per month, and for 1490 as many as 2 TB are an abyss of information!

How to make a backhone backup on Google disk

Google disc. One of the most popular and widely used cloud services for storage and backup of data. You can certainly make a backhone backup on the Google disk, as it supports iOS, is easily accessible and loaded. Now, through Google, you can conveniently and safely store and transfer any data from one device to another.

Steps on the reserve copy of the iPhone on Google disk:

How to Backup & Restore iPhone using itunes (Updated)in Hindi��

Step 1 First of all, install and run the Google disk on your iPhone. Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi or you have mobile Internet data throughout the process.

Step 2 secondly, tap the menu in the upper right corner. Subsequently, go to the settings.

Step 3 Finally, select the recovery then click start backup.

Why make an iPhone backup without iTunes

There are many reasons why you want to create a backup iPhone without iTunes. However, the most likely reason is that the backups of iTunes can be obtained and restored only by rebooting the device, which is inconvenient and impractical. In addition, itunes are not easy to install or use when your computer is not enough space or an earlier operating system.

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Therefore, it is advisable to make an iPhone backup without iTunes. Continue to read to the end to find out about the best methods of backup iPhone without iTunes using alternative, but much more effective methods.

Fonelab allows you to back up and restoration iPhone / iPad / iPod without data loss.

  • Backup and restoration of iOS data to your PC / Mac is easy.
  • Pre.View the data before restoring data from backup copies.
  • Backup and restoration of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch data selectively.

How to BACKUP your iPhone with iTunes on your Laptop

Contact synchronization

You can synchronize contacts on iPhone/iPad with Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook accounts. To do this, go to the settings. Contacts. Accounts.

Select a suitable account among already added or add a new account. Log in it.

Activate contacts to turn on synchronization.

But in this case, the data from the Gmail account will migrate in unilateral mode only at the iPhone.

For normal synchronization, you should turn off the standard migration method by going into the settings. Apple ID. ICLOUD. Contacts (OPL).

Now all new contacts will be added to the Google account.

Is it possible to make a backup iPhone on a computer through iTunes and without it

It would seem that it is difficult to backup-use iTunes and just. But what if your PC is not on your PC? Consider all possible cases.

What is backup and when it needs to be carried out

This term refers to the creation of a direct copy of the data from a smartphone, which is stored in an encrypted form on a computer or in a cloud. Such a procedure is necessary so that you can restore old contacts, photos, files and folders.

The backup will be useful in several other cases, among which:

  • Loss of iPhone or its breakdown. If you have a backup, you can restore data from a lost or failed device on another smartphone.
  • Problems in the work of iOS. In rare cases, they can occur when iPhone updates when the smartphone refuses to turn on, requiring restoration.
  • Buying a new iPhone. A backup copy will allow you to quickly and without unnecessary manipulations to transfer the previously created content and applications from the old device.

You can create a copy of files in iTunes and in iCloud.

These two main methods are slightly different among themselves, having their own characteristics and nuances.

It is also worth knowing what kind of information is saved when copying:

  • Smartphone settings;
  • Application settings and data about them;
  • The history of messages, including Imessage;
  • Media text;
  • Ringtons,
  • Shopping history in App Store and iTunes Store.

Apple incompatibility with Windows OS. Only a stereotype. In this case, synchronization is possible both through iTunes and without it

How much space will be needed on another disk

Apple mobile devices cannot simultaneously save copies of settings in iTunes and iCloud, although there is the possibility of switching between them without removing previous images. Typically, the final “file” takes up a lot of space, so the old data when recording new as it is best deleted.

If you configure copying through iTunes, then the data will be stored on the PC hard drive unlimited amount of time.

A copy cannot take more space than smartphone memory allows. In the case of iCloud, the backup image is stored for 180 days, after which Apple removes it. Cloud storage offers 5 GB of free space.

make, iphone, backup, computer

Create a copy through iTunes

With this method, the size of the backup is limited only to the volume of the drive on the computer itself. And it is best to save the data with its help when a lot of media files and folders are stored on the device.

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For this, it is recommended to adhere to the next algorithm:

  • We connect the iPhone to a PC or laptop by means of a USB cable and start iTunes. If it is not on the computer, you can download the latest version from Apple website.
  • In the iTunes window, select the right device.
  • When opening the “Overview” tab, we put the flag next to the “This computer” item.
  • From the list, select the “Create a copy now” tab “. Before this, it is possible to configure encryption of a local image in order to install a password on the backup version of the data.

It is important to remember the access key, otherwise it will not work to restore the information.

The actions performed are simple and do not require additional knowledge or third.Party software.

No iTunes

The most common way to create a copy for Apple laptops is to use iTunes. However, starting with MacOS Catalina and in later versions, the developer decided to abolish the aforementioned application.

For a backup, you need to adhere to the following instructions:

  • Find and open the Finder window.
  • We connect the iPhone to the laptop by means of a USB cable.
  • When a request appears, assign the computer trusted and enter the password for unlocking the smartphone.
  • In the side menu Finder, select the connected iPhone.
  • In the “Basic” section, you should not forget to encrypt the data, otherwise the copy will not include saved passwords, information about the already familiar Wi-Fi networks, the history of the browser, calls, etc. D.
  • Enter a memorable and reliable password for recovery.
  • Choosing a point with the creation of a backup right now.
  • We wait for the end of the process without turning off the smartphone from MacBook.

When copying is completed, it is necessary to check how successfully it has passed. The window displays the date and time of creating the last backup. The window marks the date and time of the creation of the last backup.

How to manage backups icloud

ICLOUD backups are good, but their free storage is limited to 5GB. You may not have enough space, especially if you have several iOS devices and you use iCloud to store documents.

Step 1 Go to the settings. Icloud. Memory. Control of the place (iCloud. Storage and backup. Control of the place for the earlier version of iOS). You will see the size of the total storage and accessible storage.

Step 2 click on the control of the place to free the icloud space.

For those applications that take up a lot of space and you really do not need to make backup, you just need to turn off these switches. After that, he will stop backup and delete the backup data from iCloud, but all that you delete. This is data from the backup icloud. The application and its data will be stored locally on your iPhone.

Of course, if you want to make a backup copy of all data, you can buy more memory in accordance with your needs. Iphone data backup with iCloud. Easy work for iPhone users, although you are not familiar with her.

However, he also cannot reserve and restore data selectively, like iTunes. If you need a convenient and safe tool for backup and restore iOS, Fonelab iOS backup and data restoration will be a good choice for you.

Why not download and try to backup iphone data now?

Fonelab allows you to back up and restoration iPhone / iPad / iPod without data loss.