How to make call recording on iPhone

How to record Viber calls on iPhone

For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users, you can use the screen recording iOS feature without any third-party apps. In other words, this built-in Apple recording feature can be directly used in the call recording app Viber for iPhone. Just make sure you’ve updated your iOS device to iOS 11 or later.

Open “Settings” on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Find “Control Center” and go to configure the controls. Select the green “Add” icon before “Record Screen. Since then, you can see the screen recording feature in Control Center.

Swipe up on the iOS screen to get the “Record Screen” icon. Tap it and start recording Viber calls on iPhone after counting down from three. When you see that the “Record” icon turns red, it means that the recording process is starting. This way, you can open the Viber app and call after the countdown. If you want to end the Viber call recording process, you can click the red status icon to stop it immediately.

You can also try this method to record Viber video calls on iPhone. In addition, you can use the screen recoding feature of iOS 11 / 12 to record actions on the iPhone screen without jailbreaking easily.

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REKK. Record Calls. the fast way

Probably the most convenient application to record conversations. REKK. Call Recorder is a multifunctional program that not only allows you to record conversations on your iPhone, but also allows you to save files, can convert audio to text, conveniently share recordings through popular messengers and much more.

  • The modern interface is convenient and understandable for any user;
  • Easy to use;
  • Record both incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Converts audio to text files (voice recognition);
  • Creating backups of your records;
  • Automatic synchronization with iCloud;
  • Easy sharing (sending records via iMessage, Viber etc.);
  • Automatic backup of records to cloud storage (including Google Drive and Dropbox of course);
  • Automatically creates a link to the recorded file for easy download.
  • The app can recognize voice using modern technology, but the correct recognition is highly dependent on the accent of the callers, the speed of the conversation and the quality of the connection.
  • Your carrier must support a three-channel connection for the program to work properly.
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How to record a phone call on iPhone: 5 ways to explain

Without detracting from the privacy aspect of recording any call, I’ve always thought there was room for a built-in call recorder for iOS for several reasons. Apple’s reluctance to equip iOS with the ability to record iPhone calls seems to have more to do with preserving its privacy-oriented image than with the practical requirements many (if not most) iPhone users face. Anyway, there are several ways to record phone calls on the iPhone. Here are 5 ways to record a phone call on an iPhone.

How to record a call on iPhone

Due to the limitations of iOS it is more difficult to record phone conversations on the iPhone, but there are still working ways.

Through a mobile app

In the App Store you can find programs that record calls bypassing the conference call. Here’s how it works: you connect a bot to your conversation with the desired person, and the bot silently records the conversation and sends it to you over the Internet.

Among such applications is TapeACall Lite. The app has detailed video tutorials in Russian, so it won’t be hard to understand.

TapeACall Lite gives you a free 7-day period, after which the amount specified in the app is deducted from your card every month. If you decide to sign up for a trial period and then decide to cancel the program, don’t forget to cancel your subscription.

With a special device

There are also special iPhone accessories designed to record conversations. For example, Call Recorder, which is suitable for recording both conversations in cellular networks and online calls via Skype, Viber and other messengers. Such an accessory will cost you about 115.

There is a more affordable solution. Koolertron headphones with call recording function for 32. Their 512 MB of built-in memory will be enough to record up to 16 hours of conversation.

How to record a call on your iPhone?

Recording phone calls is illegal in some countries. Apple is principled about user privacy. So it’s no surprise that the iPhone’s call recording feature isn’t available.

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But there is still a way out.

Using apps from the App Store

Most of them work like a conference call: you call not only the caller, but also a special bot at the same time. It’s the one that records your conversation and then saves it in the app.


Almost all iPhone conversation recorders are paid. Some offer a free trial. You can buy a weekly, monthly, or longer subscription.

We recommend downloading only verified applications from the App Store.

Using another iPhone, Apple Watch or Mac

You will surely have a device with a voice recorder. For example, the old iPhone X, 11, or 12 you had after buying the new iPhone 13. However, any device will work: a smart watch, tablet or computer.

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To start recording a conversation on your iPhone, activate speakerphone and then start recording on another device.

This method requires no additional software installation, but has two significant downsides:

  • Most likely, the person will realize that he/she is on speakerphone;
  • The method is not convenient if you need to record a call when you are in the street or in a noisy office.

by hooking up special devices to record

If you need to regularly record phone conversations on your iPhone, look out for special devices. They are compact adapters that connect via the Lightning connector. Supports not only cellular calls, but also messengers. And some models are able to transcribe audio into a text file.

Of course, you can also try to record a conversation on your iPhone in other ways. For example, after a jailbreak procedure. hacking the firmware. But needless to say, this method is the most dangerous for your device? A jailbreak voids the device’s warranty and leaves it open to potential vulnerabilities. Is it worth the risk if you can use less risky methods to record iOS calls??

How to record an incoming call on iOS?

All of these methods are suitable for recording incoming calls. The only difference: if you record via conference call, you can ask the speaker to wait on the line, then enter the application and create a conference call.

So what to do?

There are many ways to record a call on your iPhone, but hardly any of them are universal. If you often take phone interviews. it makes sense to subscribe to the app or buy a special adapter. And if you need to record a conversation only once, it’s easier to find a quiet place and use the recorder on another device.


Jailbreak is a hack of the operating system of a smartphone, which removes any restrictions on its use. Since the brand has not previously blocked devices because of this, users could easily bypass various bans from the manufacturer. But now hacked iPhones can be disconnected from any services through the Apple ID lock, which makes it impossible to use the company’s products.

In addition, any tampering with the software component of the device can lead to numerous malfunctions and cause serious damage to the iPhone. Hacking into the system, when you can download a suitable application from the App Store for free, is impractical.

How to record a WhatsApp conversation on your iPhone?

Some people use a voice recorder to record a WhatsApp conversation and switch it on during the conversation. Only when listening it turns out that the voice of the interlocutor is too quiet. After all, the program only captures sound from the device’s microphone.

The way out of this situation is to use a second smartphone. From his iPhone, the person makes a WhatsApp call, activates the speakerphone and places it on the table. Next to it, he places another smartphone, including any dictaphone app.

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This method has two obvious disadvantages:

Top 1: IntCall

  • Make and record domestic and international calls at different rates.
  • Record the entire phone call and save it on your iPhone.
  • Transfer your iPhone calls to your computer by using iTunes file sharing.
  • Your carrier must be GSM with support for hold and conference calls.
  • IntCall iPhone call recording app can’t work without Wi-Fi connections.

Top 2: TapeACall Pro

  • Record incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone with no time limit.
  • Upload your call recordings to Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote.
  • NoNotes per minute frees up.
  • Your carrier must support recording in 3 before using the TapeACall Pro call recording app. (Not including EE in the UK.)
  • Not available on SimpleTalk and H2O Wireless in the US.

Top 3: Call Recorder Pro for iPhone

  • Start recording a phone call that is already in progress.
  • Phone recording price starts at 30 minutes for 1.
  • Download and share your iPhone call via SMS, Dropbox, email, etc. Д.

Top 4: NoNotes Call Recorder

  • Record phone calls on your iPhone and save files to the cloud.
  • Free iPhone call recording app offers 20 minutes a month to record calls.
  • Playback iPhone call recordings by scanning a QR code.
  • It’s hard to stop recording a call and then go back to forwarding in small increments of time.
  • Unable to add a description to the iPhone call recording file.

Top 5: iRec Call Recorder for iPhone

  • Call and record domestic and international calls in iRec Call Recorder app.
  • Manage, play, and delete audio recordings freely.
  • Record phone calls.

Rating of the best programs for recording phone conversations on iOS

Call recording is a necessary feature in your phone that allows you to save phone conversations in a convenient format. By creating audio files with conversations, you can listen to recordings with important data at any time.

Despite the variety of ways to save a phone call and the availability of the standard function, which became available with the release of the fourth generation of smartphones, the most popular option remains the download of programs from the App Store. You don’t need to use any other gadgets or computer to do so, and the work can be set up in the background.

To answer the question of how to record a phone conversation on iPhone, let’s look at some of the most convenient and feature-rich programs.