How to make collage on Instagram on Android

How to make a stylish collage for steris on Instagram

The social network of Instagram has a wide range of tools, graphic elements and functionality that will make publication much more colorful and attractive. Thanks to the built.In editor, the service gained great popularity around the world. Only here you can brightly and interestingly tell other users about yourself and your lives. In the article let’s talk about displaying several photos in one entry. Consider the ways of designing the image using the affiliate program, as well as convenient third.Party services to make a collage in Storis on Instagram.

Registered users on the social network Instagram have the opportunity to publish their photos and videos, tell about themselves in Storis, no more than 15 seconds long, as well as communicate in a personal chat with other subscribers. The service has a wide range of functionality and built.In graphic tools that will help decorate the recording and draw the attention of the audience to their page.

First you should figure out what is a collage. This is a unique and interesting way to display content, images or videos, when several photos are placed on one entry at the same time. This method of publications significantly unloads the news feed and makes your story much more attractive to read.

To combine several pictures into one can be useful in the following cases:

  • You have passed the solemn event and you want to share an event with other users. The collage will make publication as simple as possible and informative for viewing.
  • With this function, you do not have to clog your news feed with several images. After all, all of them can be combined, especially if they are one topic.
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It should be borne in mind that the functions of creating a combined photograph in the standard list of tools of a social network are not provided for. Therefore, you will have to use third.Party services, an Instagram partner application or manually copy. Below we will consider the simplest ways to create a collage.

Instagram collage application: layout

Instagram itself caught the mass trend of collages and released its own collage application (separately from the official Instagram application).

The layout is perhaps one of the most beautiful and intuitive applications. With automatic preliminary viewing and 10 different styles of layouts that can be used for nine photos. Unlike several collages applications that make you pay a higher price to open more collages options, Layout is absolutely free.

You can easily access the layout when you are preparing to publish photos on Instagram. When you open the photo on Instagram, find the collage icon in the lower right corner of the photo. Click on it, and you will be redirected to the Layout application, where you can create your collage.

Android applications:

1️⃣vidstitch free. Video Collage

Free application that will create photo and video collages for Instagram and other social networks.

Light and fast unloading of the created videos to social networks;

The ability to turn the image at different angles.

The application is paid, but allows not only to create video collages, but also to edit images, videos and texts.

An exclusive and unique set of photo and video effects created specifically for this application;

A large selection of texts that can be imposed on the video;

The ability to change size, cut and move images and videos.

Another paid Android application that makes it possible to create collages not only from video and photo, but also from GIF files.

Add to one collage up to 6 photos, videos or GIF;

A convenient and easy to use paid application, with which you will quickly become a real professional in creating video collages and slide shows.

With the help of special tools, you can easily learn to edit the videos, caress them, cut, combine them;

Special effects will give your collages expressiveness;

You can add music from a smartphone or Internet.

Professional paid application for creating video collages, at the same time quite affordable and understandable even for lovers.

The ability to create several layers, adding a large number of videos;

The function of adding text, stickers and imposition of special effects;

Filters for regulating sound, shade and brightness of the image;

Adding various styles for animation;

make, collage, instagram, android

The ability to share the created videos on YouTube, in Dropbox and on

So that your videos on Instagram and at other sites watch and revise, not only the quality of shooting and processing is important. No less, and sometimes more important is how you present your videos. That is why today applications for creating video collages are becoming increasingly popular.

As you can see, if you already know which applications will help you create a video collage on the iPhone, iPad and Android, then test those that are suitable for your operating system and choose the best. Use your knowledge and my recommendations for creating video collages, and you can attract more spectators and subscribers not only on Instagram, then on other sites. It is better to act together together and at the same time those people who already have experience and results. Come to our programs, at the same time and earn more!

Be sure to download:

If the next 5 minutes you can invest in self.Education, then follow the link and read our following article: Services for checking the text: 7 Popular

Collage option to add photos on Instagram

Instagram functionality contains the collage option. Allows you to place up to six images. Instagram instructions for adding photos:

Popular style of history. Often used by photographers, lifstail bloggers, shops.

How to Create Photo Collage in Instagram Stories

Storis collages are dynamic, constantly change the rhythm-the user does not get tired, does not miss the monotony. Therefore, interest in your blog will be held longer. Marketers and SMM specialists recommend adding collages in history-they are considered more attentively, revise the screen of history. This leads to an increase in the position of the blog in the issuance of recommendations. Monotonous photos make subscribers get bored, scroll through the screen.

If you can’t choose the best photo shoot photo. Make a collage. The photos of the same type look harmonious with this design.

Creative ways to edit your Instagram stories | IG story ideas tutorial ✯

Ideas for Storis with several photos

One.Before after”. Show yourself before and after starting sports, face without makeup and with it, room before and after repair. Among bloggers, the analysis of the photo processing using filters or graphic editors will be popular. “correct/wrong”, “yes/no”.

Eight.Download the PGNs Pularoid, insert them with the pictures and place them on the screen in random order-you get the effect of photographs scattered over the surface.

Nine.Typically, to create visual compositions, users of social networks are enough phone and means of Instagram itself. If there are still not enough functions, use third.Party applications (canva), graphic editors (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma). Graphic programs are needed to create complex works.

How to create a collage on the phone: TOP. 7 applications

Beginning social networks, looking at other people’s pages, wonder how to make a good collage on Instagram. Applications help to create beautiful photos on the phone. They are downloaded in AppStore and GooglePlay. TOP 7 applications include:

  • Layout. With the help of this program, photographs are dragged, easily change places, increase and decrease. Mirror image turns pictures. The application is downloaded for free.
  • Jane. The program creates nets of pictures, one photo is superimposed on another, text is added. Used for posts and for steris. The program is paid. Full package costs 350.
  • Unfold. The application is like jane. It combines photos and videos, inscriptions are added. Disadvantage. Most templates have to pay.
  • Photogrid. The program is suitable for Android and iPhone. The appendix has a large assortment of functions: change in color and size of the framework, text imposition, notes. Downloaded for free.
  • Picsart. The application is characterized by a large number of functions: vertical and horizontal nets, division into parts, honeycombs and rhombuses. Downloaded for free.
  • Picjointer. Standard but stylish templates. With their help, divide the page into parts and upload a photo in Cuba.
  • Mixgram. Appendix for those who love delights. Photos here are posted in hearts, rhombuses, circles. It offers romantic persons flowers and crystals. The program allows you to change the axis of the image.

Applications work in the iOS mobile operating system.

Association of images

To combine several photographs in a single image, you will have to resort to the collage tool. In this case, there are only a few standard templates that determine the number of pictures in the framework of the publication, but without individual settings, not counting the modes of filtering when creating photos on the device camera.

    Open the Instagram application and use the “Your History” button on the home tab. You can also go to the editor using the icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Create a collage from the photo on the phone

Both smartphones with Android and the iPhone contain in their basic arsenal a set of applications necessary for their comfortable use, including a simple graphic editor. True, the functionality of the latter is not enough to create full.Fledged, high.Quality and memorable collages, and therefore to solve the problem voiced in the title of the article, you will need to contact the Google Play Market or App Store.


There are quite a lot of graphic editors in the pre.Installed application store, with which you can create a collage from photos. Among them there are solutions for both inexperienced and advanced users. The first to pay attention to Snapseed. A belonging Google product in which there are unique frames, effects and sets of filters, as well as the possibility of manual processing of pictures. Those who want to do work on a professional level should use the mobile version of Photoshop. There are also applications in which the process of processing the photo in order to combine them and/or impose on each other as simplified and automated. You can learn about the intricacies of using each of them in the article below the link below the article.

If, after familiarizing yourself with the above instructions, you could not choose the appropriate application for creating a collage, with our review of photo editors. They are also endowed with the necessary tools (frames, effects, filters, templates).


Iphone owners are also available to choose a large number of image editors with which you can create a collage. Firstly, the iOS has already mentioned above Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop, which more than adequately cope with the solution of the existing problem. Secondly, the App Store has many other applications containing many frames and template inscriptions in their library, sets of effects and filters that allow you to process and glue pictures manually or fully automatically. The most popular of them, as well as how to use them, were previously considered by one of the authors of our site in a separate material, the link to which is later indicated.

The instruction above gives a general idea of ​​how to combine photos, but the procedure is shown on the example of a small number of applications, which significantly limits the possibility of choosing. At the same time, you can create a unique collage using almost any photo editor for iOS, and a separate article is devoted to them on our website.

Online services

In addition to individual applications requiring installation, you can limit yourself to online services, sometimes providing at least a number of capabilities. As an example, we will pay attention to only one such resource that allows you to create collages for Instagram using many free tools and templates.

make, collage, instagram, android
    While on the main page of the specified website, in the upper right corner, open the main menu and use the link to enter or register “.

Specifically, in the case of the Canva online service, it is also possible to use a full-fledged mobile application that supports direct export of coffee files on Instagram. In general, when using this client, there will be no special differences from the presented instruction.